11 September, 2011

I'm a warrior

So just like I promise in my post before, in this post I’m gonna talk about me, and my 3 years of blogging! 3 years! Whoaaa! Crazy eh? It feels like just yesterday. Seriously it really is. (note yourself this gonna be long and emotional post, hehehe)

I never think how far this simple blog can take me, I never tought that three years since that first post I will have three thousand and more readers, who ? me? Three thousand? Really? Seriously? Just so you know one of the reason I made this blog is because I don’t have any friend to talk to, and now here I am with you my three thousand readers. I am blessed, so blessed. Thank you, seriously thank you. And forgive my bad habbit, I know I neglected this blog so many times, but really blogging is like painting for me, I need the right mood, the right moment. And trust me I wish I can update my blog as many as I can, but with school and everything that thing is not quite possible right now. So, My salute goes to those bloggers who can always update their blog, because I know it ain’t easy. Ain’t easy at all. Once more, please forgive me, but I only blog when I want to, not because I have to. Period.

I read your emails, messages, direct messages, tweets, every single one, I swear I do, but I’m sorry if I’m not reply most of it, I wish I can, I do not mean to brag or anything, but I got so many and I just don’t know where to start. Or sometimes I’m busy crying because I’m so moved by your letter, so many letter flattering me too much, many times I feel I do not deserve it. I’m just weird kid, a very shy one.

One time someone asked me, until when you will continue your blog? I answered “until is not fun anymore” because for me my blog is one my playground where I can write anything I want, I can post everything I want. I’ve been asked about 5 times to make something what so called ‘professional’ blog it’s not like sending me products to wear, but they will have control of how many times I have to blog and the contain of my post , which means I will be told what to write and what to wear. I said no in an instant and oh yeah I will get some kaching , but uh no thanks. It’s sounds cool, but it sounds not fun. If you want to write something, just make your own blog, don’t use mine.

Other offer I’ve got, to fix the layout of my blog so it have more (again) professional look. Hey, I like it this way, I made it with full of struggle, hair is everywhere because I’m pulling them off because of frustrated with those html code who makes my head feels like spinning ( you know I’m just being drama queen right?) hahaha. Oh me and my tiny brain. So no matter how I wish I have that clean look blog, if I can’t make it my own, it’s better this way. The way I like it. So if one day you see my blog with cool layout it means I just raised my html skill ( which is seems like a dream right now). I’m a bit traumatized. Hehehe.

If I was asked what the best thing that my blog gave me, I will answer : I’ve a lot of new experiences! And oh my, I even just being on the list 10 of the most influential kid and teen blogger ! along with so many cool people, you can read it in here I even have my own brand called Little Nuh , I’ve been told that I also inspire some people to start they own blog, that just so wow! And ehm of course free stuff hehehe…

And top of all that, this blog gave me new friends! I have 3000 more new friends, and for me that is something unbelieveable! Me the one who start this blog because I feel so lonely. Ugh I love you all my new friends! The funny thing is one of my old friends message me, that someone telling her that now I’m change, now I become snob and don’t want to be friends anymore. Well all I can say to her. I do not change, even a bit. I never do, you the one who change, somehow now she’s calling me a friend while back then you don’t even want have nothing to do with. Since when we were friends? Seriously since when? I know who my old friend was, and you are not one of them. You never were. Ah drama. So there there my so called old friends. But if you happen want to be my friends now, I'll accept it with open arms, but please don't making up stories about me, that just won't do.

Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait for the answer.
~Author Unknown

A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.
~Grace Pulpit

A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked.
~Author Unknown

There’s some low moment in my blog life, when people doubt me, when people say I‘m not pretty, when people say I’m too mature and all that. Sometimes I have to admit that it did bring me down, but do you know what makes me still want to go on and continue blogging without thinking about that negative comment? The answer is your emails! Your messages, your comment, your tweet, your everything! So many letter that makes me a stronger person, and thousand thank you and kisses for that! So if one day I stop blogging it will never gonna because negative comment or those negative person. Don’t worry I’m a warrior. You guys make me one, remember?

Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.
Karl Von Clausewitz

So here’s one of email who makes me break down in tears, this is letter is from Marc due to respons of this post I'm a creep. So, do I creeped you out? Thank you Marc.


----- Original Message ----
From: Marc A. Wilms <>
Sent: Fri, November 12, 2010 5:33:36 AM
Subject: your blog

Hi Evita!

I'm following your blog from time to time, I guess I don't have to say, how
impressed I am.

But today, I'm a little sad. I know, your love your dad, so don't misunderstand
me, please.

And I also know about the horror and the pain of the people in Indonesia, this
is nothing to be ignored.

And I guess, your thoughts was with the victims as long as you heard from the
things happened there.

So, my point: it is ok to party, also ok to have new dresses... the world we're
living in is full of bad things, everyday bad things happens to people all over
the world.

You are not responsible for any harm happening on this planet, you're giving
people a few good minutes reading and watching your blog.

So, these little things you're doing are you way to make the world a better
place right now.

Maybe, when you're older, finished school and maybe university, you'll work in a
position to make this world a real better place. And even if it is fashion,
something to let feel people better, than it will be your way.

But don't let these sad thoughts overwhelm you.

I respect your dad, I expect you're loving him forever (even when you think
about shooting him to the moon from time to time :) )... but he was not right
telling you his pain in this way.

So I hope, you'll enjoy your life again, noone will be better if you're not
doing this.

And I'm not sure, if I should like your black phase or not ... but it looks
amazing. And if I had to choose, I would vote for these last two dresses (maybe
called 'Addams family style') :) .

Best greetings from Germany!

Marc A.

-- Marc A. Wilms

worldwide personal training - coaching - supervision

Belvederestr. 23
50933 Cologne


And this not gonna be a perfect post without pictures right, so here another many pictures of moi,(after three years with me, I hope you all get used to of my habbit posting hundreds of thousand pictures hehehe)





















Neclaces : I cute gift from Nefertiti Jewels

Blue dress : Anez

Bracelet : Massimo dutti

Rings : It's so many I couldn't remember hehehe

Sandals : melissa jelly shoes

So that’s all I guess, I have to go now, I have to call people from The world of record t register this post as the longest blog post ever made. Seriously. ……..Hahahaha no no just kidding. No seriosly.

And oh for you who lived in Italy, there’s a 1 page article of me in Grazia Italy magazine on August issue (on Junior section) do get it! Hehehe. Kisses!


Anonymous said...

What's the meaning of the mail?Really,I dont understand :/

devi natalia said...

WOW, you've grown up so much since the last time i read your post! and to be honest, you really are growing into a very beautiful girl! I love your first picture, you look different in a positive way. :D

Irvina Lioni Alias Mpok Pina said...

so cute :3

Dinda Nayaredhanty said...

evitaa itu beli topi indiannya dimanaa, aku pengen :)

hanny arianty gultom said...

de caca kamu cantik bgt.. ahh like your expression as always and your make up make you naturally beautiful.. hehe.. selamat masuk ke jenjang smp yah de.. the phase is getting harder.. i know you can through it.. semangat yah dee.. :)

Juliana Wina Rome said...

I like you more, Evita. And you look cute with that Indian hat.

Mitha Komala said...

One word: Inspiring!!!!! you rock.

Aisy KD said...

Yeah, you're the best warrior in war and fashion. Haha.

Aisy KD said...

Yeah, you're the best warrior in war and fashion

Anonymous said...

AuL Howler said...

ooouuw evita...
you're my mood booster. you gimme motivation, and inspire me. seriously.

you know what? I often think to stop blogging just because some people atttack.

but, after reading this post I think I'll forget it, and keep walking. I mean, keep blogging. hehe...

love you.....


D. Isnaini Fadhilah said...

Who said you're not pretty? I see you grew up with that pretty personality, and well trust me, most of cute kids don't grow up to be pretty women. (It happens). And you're a great great warrior to manage your blog for these 3 years and still have a strong character (uhm..what should I say it?).
Please don't stop to blog even if it'll be not fun anymore, cz we're the ones who'll become unhappy bcz of that. Ganbatte dek! :]

thelazybaker said...

hai nuh, if someone dislike u its mean u doin great things n that person just can't do that. theyre jealous.
but since u a warior, i believe u can through it.

eniwei, ur dress realy cute. i love it.

Silmi Sabila said...

THIS. this post is definitely my favourite. keep rawkin, evita!

Popi said...

looks great! what's your name in that dress? Dancing in the Cloud? :D

Mayang said...

hai cutie, siapa yang ambil foto2 kamu sih..? bagussss... profesional banget cara foto2nya :)

Ujang Arnas said...

Awesome !

preety cool :D

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Great photoshoot! You look amazing! x

rana musika said...

crazy pictures, very stunning

omg you are really damn pretty

Ari Suci Rahayu said...

You're great warrior, cha :)
And those indian hat was amazing
Love you <3


Women in Dress said...

never give up dear :)

i gave u an award and u can check it out :)

indie belle said...

happy 3 years, Evita!! wow, that´s quite a lot, uh? hope you keep blogging many, many more =)

the pics are genius, seriously

have a great week!

Karina Dinda R. said...

Love love love! ^^

Karina Dinda R. ♥

IzzahSazahly said...

Wow!!! Superb pictures.. love them all!!

Della said...

You are adorable. I have a 3 years old daughter. Really wished she will be as bright and as pretty as you are ^_^

Miy said...

You've grown and looking really really pretty, dear.. and this photoshoot is super fabulous, it feels dangerous! I simply can't stop looking at them and dream about playing indian warior myself.. oh my.. you're so inspiring.. seriously! I think I kinda forget how to have fun with the outfits. :)

The Picnic Girl

Sarah said...

You're amazing :)
I love your blog!


Stacey said...

Oh, dear girl, you are absolutely beautiful. I always look forward to your pictures. Godspeed!

Mustika Hayati said...

love your photo!

Lisa and Kirana said...

Those photos are beyond cool!!!!

dunia kecil indi said...

ada award buat kamu. cek di blog aku ya, cha :)

Candela said...

You're as adorable as always!!
Yang motret siapa sih?? Bagus banget loh... And who said that you're not pretty?? Yeah, she/he is right... you're just a SUPER ADORABLE girl + the incredible fashion sense... I always adore you!!

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

you always look fabulous in every post! great shots

<a href=">natzcracker</a>

GMW said...

Love your new post as well as old ones... I had my blog years ago, and this week I'm relaunching it. I love your blog, your blog is one of my goals I want to menage. :) Come by sometime.. new post's should come any day now!

btw. what do you think, should i change my blog name? :) thanks..

Teo ( , xoxox

michelle_ said...

hi evita ..
thanks so much for telling me about the balmain belt :) earlier today , they had it on but in red & gold (boo.. if it was black id buy it straight!)

anyhow.. you look uber cool with that indian style headpiecee <3 <3 great photography as well like always ;)


Rahma said...

you're beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Ca, katanya Little Nuh nyari model ya? Udah agak lama sih aku denger. Kenapa gak kamu sendiri aja modelnya? Selain lebih hemat krn gak hrs bayar org lain, juga image Little Nuh sendiri itu kan ada di kamu. Mnrt ku konsep yg akan ditampilkan Little Nuh itu ada di kamu, jd yg paling cocok jd modelnya ya kamu. Intinya, Little Nuh tuh kamu banget, hehehe.

Aeidy Thomerson said...

this post is so inspiring :)

Pramudita Puspita said...

OH YOU, my little sister! i love your photos, ehm..awesome! and you look pretty :)

Pramudita Puspita said...

OH YOU, my little sister! i love your photos, ehm..awesome! and you look pretty :)

Nay said...

many thumbs up for your picture <3

Sita said...



Anonymous said...

dear evita, i always love your blog the way you write :) sepertinya blog ini jadi saksi hidup km bertumbuh ya. now you already more mature ,aku bakal penasaran bgt klo km besar kaya apa ya? :D but i know you always wonderful.

Ceaecilia said...

Your photographer is magnificent, including you. I'm amazed by your expression than can be so natural. Good luck with your dream, Evita! I'm inspired by your blog. Thank you!

Indy said...

Wow, what a gorgeous headdress...where is it from?

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

you look awesome evita... i love this themed outfits photos! you look cute with that indian's hat :) and i love the mood on this photos! i really really love it :)

Hei Echa!

Diva Zhu said...

inspiring dear :)


LOLA FINN said...

These pics are so fantastic! Love your style, cute girl :)

ratri purwani said...

One of the best photographs i ever saw. inspiring :D

Meg | Picture Contest said...

The photos are amazing. I'm quite impressed with you blogging and modeling like a pro at such a young age. Keep it up!:)

decimal shoes said...

great pics evita :D
Decimal Shoes

hijjaz said...

I was juz so surprised when GNFI linked into this blog,then indeed surprisingly U do great as awesome,,,talented too young girl is uncompensable reason to prove the way of yours becoming much greater someday,,still be humble, girl :-)
wish all luck U

Unknown said...

I love the blue dress! it makes you look more mature but in a good way :)

L.O.V.E.FASHION. said...

this post is really really inspiring me ;D how amazingg and awsome you, Evita :0

visit my blog

Lutfi Fadhila said...

you've grown up girl! :)
keep shining

Anonymous said...

wow! that's an amazing shoot!:)

Cako said...

Love these pics! :)

Skolastica Lala said...

where the location of the place?

Anggi Astuti said...

awesome suits <3

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