06 September, 2011

I'm alive!

Holla everybody, yes I'm not dead or anything (shocking right?) I was actually abducted by alien and they kept me from two month and they was threaten me not to blogged for some unexplained reason. ( this is maybe the most ridiculous reasons someone can give, but I can’t find other reason for my missing, hehehe) So yeah I’m pretty much alive, the real reason for my missing is I’m really really freaking busy, cliche right? But I’m swear that’s true. I just starting my Junior High school life, and it’s not that easy to adapt with new enviroment. I’m struggling here. Homeworks, exams and everything is killing me, and I’m not getting better with my time management . sigh. So super sorry! *teary eyes. So what do I miss? Hmm let’s see…. Happy Independece Day for my country! ( we’ve got so much to fix ,I know, but I’m sure someday we’ll get there ) and Happy Eid Mubarak! Please forgive my mistakes, I have a lot.

And ohI just realize something, it’s been 3 years since I start blogging! Cool eh? Three years!!! So many things happen in these past three years. It’s funny, in one of interview I’ve been asked, ‘how does is it feels like to be you? There’s so many people watched you grow, how does it feels like?’ seriously I never thought about that, and now I realized about it, many of my reader watch how I grow, and it’s scared the hell out of me. Seriously. Ahh… More bla bla about my 3 years of blogging in next blog post. I promise it will be fast!

So for now I will share some of my pictures when I was invited by kak Iwet Ramadhan, he’s the owner of TikShirt and I adore him and the way of his thinking. He loves Batik so much and try to make Batik more wearable for young generation and from what I see, his done a great job. I love how he make colorfull batik, with such a fun pattern. Instant love! I couldn’t be more proud! So it was instant yes, when he invited me to come to Tikshirt birthday event. God knows it’s a rare moment that I said yes in a second to any invitation, but this time is different! I can make my own batik! I’m so excited.

The event turn out to be so much fun! Super fun! Everybody laughing and smiling. And there's Mrs Indra ( e very beutiful and elegant lady) who explained to us about batik! Buuuuut about made my own Batik it’s sooooo soooo hard! It ain’t easy at all. Note this : ain’t easy at all! I’m quite perfectionist and it’s making my heart cry everytime I dropped a stain in my handkerchief ( we made a batik handkerchief) so this is a big note, if you buy any batik please please don’t bargain to low, it’s hard to make, and trust me it’s not only need a high skill and patience to make it. It need love, and you already know that love is priceless right? And for kak Iwet and kak Nasta thank you so much for having me! (and that oh-my-good-delicious chocolate cake)

So like always, pictures speaks a thousand words so here’s my thousand words!


just arrived,so please mind my - just wake up face



the game is on, hehehehe....







Did i forget to mention I met super cool kak Ario Achda and super fierce kak Cindy there?



just want to show how cute the back side of my dress, hehehe many people said that I my dress is so cute *blushing!

Dress : Little Nuh (one of my favorite dress from Little Nuh)
Necklace : Marc Jacobs (colab with maripol) spike necklace
Gold gladiator sandals : mellisa jelly shoes
Blue bag : louis vuitton

PS : please mind the low quality of the photos, my sister took the pictures with my camera, and it’s clearly that she doesn’t know how to use it. Sigh.

another PS : I was in 2 whole page at girls magazine! go get it! hehehe and read my interview with the blanc notes in here


s e l l y w e e j a r t said...

heyyyyy.. i'm so excited when i read you blog, where you come from ?
Indonesia asliiiii ?

s e l l y w e e j a r t said...

hey, i'm so excited when i read your blog, where you come from ? Indonesia asli ?

Juliana Wina Rome said...

This is a great time for you,Evita.I myself have spent 3 years to learn batik when I was at Senior High School.Yes,u're right....don't bargain too low, as it's very difficult of making batik.I remembered when the candle dropped from canting on my thigh.So hurt.Anyway,I really appreciated that moment,I could make batik.
PS : I like your sandals very much.

Unknown said...

alhamdulillah ya allah akhirnya d post juga *mungkin mas iwet juga akhirnya menghella napas dan menyebutkan kalimat yg sama* hahahaha. it was indeed a very fun day and reaalllyyy glad to finally met u!!!! i wish we could meet again and talk some more!!! pls give my best to ur lovely sister!!!!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Such a gorgeous dress! You sure are very lucky! Must be very exciting!

Dika Abriyan said...

hello COOL KIDS >,<
i really love your blog,
indonesia must proud of you . ya you're amazing.

Unee said...

Kamu ketemu Tasha (@myartasya) kan di acara ini, Cha? Aku ketemu dia malemnya trus cerita kalo dia ama Rahne ketemu kamu.

Tinggal aku nih yang belum.
Belum ketemu kamu maksudnya.


Anonymous said...

thanks for inspiring me !
i'll go to the tailor soon

Unknown said...

Hi there, yes you are alive! We miss you. Cute dress as always, and you're really tiny in this pict! Can't wait to read the next posting about your 3 years blogging :D


dunia kecil indi said...

chaca! ya, ampun.. i miss you! syukurlah alien sudah kembaliin kamu dan bisa blogging lg, hehehe. nice post. fotonya baik2 aja kok, yang penting kan cukup jelas dan "bercerita" :) aku sudah baca tentang kamu yang membatik ini dari blog teman2mu, syukurlah akhirnya bisa baca dari sudut pandangmu sendiri.
oya, maaf aku baru kasih kabar sekarang karena ada kesibukan yang gak bisa dihindari (hff, keliatannya bukan cuma kamu yg diculik alien :p). publisher pengen novel ke 3'ku terbit desember. it's getting close ya, cha? tapi kemungkinan aku mau keep sampai januari karena di taun ini novelku yg sebelumnya sudah terbit duluan. kalau kamu ada waktu, please, please come to my meet and greet desember nanti. tempatnya di jakarta :)

oh, oh, 1 more thing: aku suka detail bagian belakang dress kamu. SO CUTE!! :*

Marie said...

VERY cute dress, welcome back.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Mustika Hayati said...

after all time waiting for your blog posts, and now I can read it!
so happy :)

Karina Dinda R. said...

You're so cute! Really ;) I adore you ^^

Karina Dinda R. ♥

Anonymous said...

Huhu sedih liat posting blog mu yg ini. Ceritanya seperti biasa bagus lah. Cuma fotonya itu gak kayak biasanya. Iya, aku tau ini kakakmu fotoinnya pake kamera kamu dan dia gak bisa pakenya. Tapi selain itu ekspresi kamu jg kurang idup :(. Bukan Chacha banget deh yg ini. Kamu kehilangan ciri khasmu.

AuL Howler said...


seems fun there!

Bang Aryo lcu2 bgt pose nya kalo deket kamu :)


Veren Lee said...

I love your dress there! :D
when will you open little nuh's online store? I always want to buy little nuh's collection but I don't live in jkt so it's a bit hard to get it :(

Naura Alifa Rania said...

hi chacha, finally a post from you ! ah, already drooling for that dress, can't wait to buy it hehe ! and I made a post about you, actually I had made it a long long time ago but got no time to tell you, so you can check it here : and if you're feeling generous enough please insert it to your 'featured on' hehe that will make my day ! thank you !

Pramudita Puspita said... had so much fun! I have ever did it too, making batik. It's so super exciting plus tiring haha.
And, it's nice to see my drawing in your blog page, awww....!! :D :D

indie belle said...

you´re awesome, Evita!
congratulations for the interview and the magazine appearance! ^o^

keep being so unique!!

Anonymous said...

you know what ? I've been waiting for your post :( please please please leave your bad habit about posting . make your fans glad , am really waiting for your next post , this post is short . i am crazy bout you , lil gal !

Mitha Komala said...

oh my God, finally you posted something! been waiting for long. do love your dress and necklace <3

p.a.n.d.a sajowk said...

hey,i just love reading your blog,its so trueeeee when people said that u is more matured compared to you age;)
im a fashion student from malaysia and i like n cant wait to read ur next entry bcoz ur style really inspire me :)

Nadya said...

I love your brand.. Really !! It's awesome..
(Nadya, Bandung, Indonesia)


Agnes Setiawan said...

lovely blog!! i do always love the sexy back dress and i like the way you mix and match the bright color. necklace makes me die!!

Agnes Setiawan said...

lovely blog!!! i do always love sexy back dress. i like the way you mix and match the bright colors. necklace makes me die!!!

anny said...

waw .
so excited . 12 years old ? hard to believe that haha lol
anyway i like your dress ,i like your style .but can i know what song that appears in your blog ? i love the song ..

Blue ocean said...

nice dress and necklace ,kak ^_^

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