16 December, 2016

Believe in your #selfie

07 November, 2016

Choose People Who Choose You

I received a question in my inbox several days ago, it’s still left unanswered until now. The question is so simple, I know what my answer right away, but the thing is I don’t know how to answer it without sounds like a pathetic and sad person. The question is “Do you have achievement that is so special to you but you consider it as something ordinary for others?” The answer is, friends, I have friends now. My Squad. Hehehe see? I already sound pathetic right? But trust me I’m not, don’t see me as one, well I used to. I’m a very happy person right now, I have people that I can proudly call as my best friends, and in my language you call it “Sahabat” they are more than just friends, much much more than that. They are your people, people that only one phone call away. You can cry all you want for the silliest reason and they will cry and laugh for you.  With you. I have those kind people in my life now. They are not related by blood with me, so they don’t have to, they are there for me on their on will.  

Back in the days, I was a lonely kid. People don’t get me, they see me as an alien so it’s natural for them to alienated me, I used to hate them for doing so, but not anymore. They don’t get me and I totally get that. It’s not their fault or either mine. It’s hard for me, considering that I’m growing up reading so many books about friendship and their adventure, how they stick together no matter what. I basically learn how to be a good friend from Enid Blyton’s book and also from Tom and Huckleberry Finn from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It’s hard because there’s so many book I’ve read Romanizing friendship so much.  I remember reading The Famous Five and how I wish I had friends like Dick, Julian, Anne and Georgina, thinking it must be fun, thinking they might be never feeling lonely. Growing up another book do the same thing, I still recall how I read Hamlet by Shakespeare and all I can think of how lucky Hamlet to always have Horatio who’s for him endure the pain being the last survivor just so he can tell Hamlet’s story to the world, yes I just call Hamlet lucky.  I also recall reading Wuthering Heights and wonders how can people missing the point and only focus on Heathcliff and Cathy love story, not like Romeo and Juliet who just met and somehow falling deeply in love (God knows how and why?) Cathy and Heathcliff is best friend before they are lovers. They grow up together and no wonder they have such intense love for each other, I mean who want’s to lose a best friend? The list goes on and on, most of books containing friendship, the best one and movies do the same thing too. Like maybe… Harry Potter? Don’t you wish you had friends like Harry, Ron and Hermione? No wonder I feel so miserable.

People often thinks that it’s just how I am, that I like being left alone, what they don’t know I want to scream “Please be my friend, please try to understand me, please bare with me, because it’s difficult for me” at the top of my lungs. I watch how my sister’s friends come to our house stay all night, having sleepover or how on every weekend there will be bunch of kids coming to get her and she will running outside and all I can is watching it from my window asking myself why can’t I have that? I ask my sister once, how do I get myself a friend? She said “I don’t know… be  less weird maybe?” How the hell I’m supposed to do that? Then I start to learn how to make friends like I learn science, it’s all about observing, observing, observing then imitate. I observe how my sister smiles, laughing, talking with her friends. I start to mold myself; I call myself a great pretender, because I’m a top-notch imitator. You know what? I finally have friends. I put all their birthday date on my calendar, and I’ll be the one who say congratulation first. I laugh on all kind of jokes. I’m the nicest friend ever; I’m the best one you could ask for. But I grew tired. I’m tired. I don’t like being around them, I’m not me, what I am none other just a perfect imitation of my sister. Maybe I am somehow different. Maybe I am weird. But can I be weird and still have friends? Can I just be me and somehow they still love me?
But you know what? The answer is yes, I can. Well the numbers of friends who being around me are of course thin out. Not that I’m blaming them, it’s hard to deal my stubbornness, my sharp mouth, my mood swing, my meltdown, my unrelated ramblings. But those who stay are the keepers. They are those kind of people who coming to my house wants to play and then I tell them to go home just because I hate they are coming without telling me first and I’m not in the mood to play (no, I don’t have anything to do, I just don’t want to play) and they are okay with it. They are kind of people I can call in 2 A.M just because I feel like to. Whom I can comfortably be mad at just because they are 5 minutes late from our appointment, those who on the same class with me but totally understand when I said I don’t need a chair mate because I like to sit alone and not act weird about it, they are those kind of people who know that I am sad and need my alone time they words are “Do as your wish, cry, yell… or just be silent all you want, when you need us we are here.” Those who keep me safe from so called “normal people” by telling me when to shut up and talk when I’m in public.  I cherished them beyond words and they fully aware of it without me have to telling them.  Turns out you don’t have to change (but I do learn how to tolerate people, little by little) when you are somehow “special” God also set you with “special person” who can accept you no matter how ridiculous you are sometimes (or most of the time? Hehehe) I’ve read somewhere that “You are not for everyone and that’s OK.” It’s true, it’s okay. I’m okay.  
I dedicate this post for my squad (You know who you are…) and those who are in journey to find their own special squad. As for my squad, I know our adventure maybe not as challenging as the famous five, but for me it’s just as fun. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for being there despite all of my shortcomings.

PS: Making this set, inspired a lot by Netflix series Stranger Things and also Korean drama Reply 1988. Both show us a priceless friendship and how each member is different than the other one and that is what makes it interesting and fun. Also, inspired by all the colorful Exsport bags that I’m using, it’s always fun playing with colors.

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31 October, 2016

On a Bad Day There's Always Lipstick

I believe there's actually 3 seasons in my country. The dry, the rainy and the wedding season. We clearly having the last one right now, this is my fifth bridesmaid duty in the past two months. Super tired because of the entire fitting, meeting, plus so many ceremonial thing to remember, but since I’ve been doing this a lot lately, I’m a bit pro now. Hehehe, and again looking at the bride’s happy face is everything, I’m glad I can give a little help. For my last duty the theme is gold and since I’m running out of time to make one (usually bridesmaid wearing a custom made dress) plus the bride don’t want us to look all the same, she just ask us to wear a gold dress. So, it’s my Tadashi Shoji gold dress come to the rescue, only wore it once for dinner party few months ago and now it’s another perfect moment to wear it again, hohoho. So here you go…  


Other than compliment about the dress (well of course) I also received a lot of compliment on the lipstick that I use that day. They are wondering because they are noticed that my lipstick is stay on from morning till afternoon (while I keep munching snacks, because well… I’m always hungry) they think I’m wearing lip gloss because it’s glossy like lip gloss (as you can see on the picture above) What I actually use is none other than my YSL Vynil Lip Cream. I’m using number 402 called Rouge Remix, I like it’s a bit pink-ish and also a bit red. You may ask what’s the different with any other lipstick? Hmm.. I’ve tried some lipstick before and I can say I never tried this kind of lipstick before, it’s liquid and give you that stain (like a lip tint?) but more pigmented so it’s covers my lips perfectly, the texture is soft and not dry and on top of all that it’s give you a shine like a lip gloss so you look fresh all the time. And oh, to add another coolness to it, you can engrave your name (initial, or anything) on this lipstick. No more friend asking “Can I have this?” because why would she wants lipstick with your name on it… hehehe, now I wish I can engrave my name in all of my lipstick. Thinking to get myself another one, probably number 404 Nude Pulse and 412 Rose Mix, because look at this beauty!  

05 October, 2016

I am Bright
I start this post by stating that I am feeling sad. Every time (well, most of the time) I posted something on my instagram, people will send comments and compliments… or what they thought was a compliment for me… but the truth is, some of their comments/compliments are actually breaking my heart. And those are these kinds of comments: “your skin is so pale, I want your skin”, “Cha, how to have skin like you?”, “I want your skin color!” and of course other things… “I want your leg”, “I want your hair”, “I want your…” (I believe there’s someone who wants to have fingers like mine)… Then when I just got back from holiday and my skin is darker than usual people start send questions “getting darker eh?” Like it’s a bad thing… My only question is WHY? I’m a total believer that every skin tone is equally beautiful, you just need to take good care of it, because again… healthy is beautiful. Watching ads that promote “the whiter you are, the prettier you become”, really breaks my heart into pieces. Moreover, because in our country we have various skin tone and again they are all beautiful. Have confidence, because the truth is… self-love is oozing confidence and confidence is oozing beauty. You need to love yourself to be beautiful. I probably sound like a broken record by now, but I mean it… all you have to do is love yourself.  There’s nothing wrong with admiring someone’s beauty, but using so many products to duplicate what you think is beauty is just not right. The worst is, when you think that what you have is less beautiful… because that is when you’re so wrong.

I had enough with this “whitening crap”… so that’s why when I heard about Clean & Clear’s #IAmBright movement I jumped on the bandwagon right away (please note that brighter is not same as whiter, brighter means healthier). Their tagline is “Celebrate the Brightness of Indonesian’s Diverse Skin Colors”… it’s awesome, right?! I just love it when a big brand such as Clean & Clear do the exact opposite of what is common trend, and having a voice that really stands up for something, a voice that I truly believe, a voice that is telling us to celebrate our skin color, to accept and to love who we are, and be proud of our various and natural skin tone. Now, I can’t wait to try the new Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash, why?! Because I know I celebrate my skin color, how about you?

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