11 May, 2013

Trinkets ~ May the best thief win

What do you do when one day... in your very normal day, you open and check your email and there it is, in your inbox an email from someone who lived in the other side of the world, someone who turns out to be one of the screenwriter of 10 things I hate about you (oh my God, I just make a little scream think about it, she's the one who make 10 things I hate about you actually happen!) , Legally Blonde, The House Bunny Ugly Truth, She's the man, and have I told you she's also the executive producer for WHIP IT movie? oh yes she is, yes that one with Ellen ohmyGodIloveyou Page on it. Now imagine how you feel when that person send you an email and said that she's a huge fan of your blog. Oh yes people, Kirsten Smith love my blog! I love you Kiwi, like so much.... ( oh yes Kiwi is her nickname )

Oh how can I not love you Kiwi, I've been in love with a poem from 10 Things movie, yes that all time favorite poem. You are right, I'm talking '10 Things I Hate You' poem, I remember the very moment I heard Julia Stiles reading it with almost teary eyes, I can't help myself to remember Shakespeare's Sonnet 141 one of my all time favorite by Shakespeare, and how I was moved by the poem that Julia read, one of the simplest and sweet poem I ever heard. So when we talked and Kiwi said that she's just making a new novel, I'm so excited to read it. Even more I so can't wait, I asked her for the pdf just so I can read it right away. And oh yes, she also send me the book ( I don't know why, I actually love books much much more than pdf, there's something different about it.)

The very minute I have my eyes on trinkets I'm in love... finally a great novel that we muggles can relate to. It's been a while since The perks of being a wallflowers that I'm able to enjoy teenagers life story. It feels good, you know that feeling when you read a sentence and thinking, hey I've been there! I know the feeling, that familiar feeling. ( I would kill to have that familiar feeling when I watch Harry cast his spell, but you know... I'm a muggle... so yeah...)

 photo IMG_1678_zpsbfb38800.jpg

Let me share a little about the story, it's about 3 teenage girls who share same school, same age but know nothing about each other, never even talk to each other before, different background. They are so different yet so similar. Let me introduce you to Tabitha the popular one, the one you will always be jealous with, the one you always wish to trade or switched body whenever there's a falling star with.  Coolest friends, handsome boyfriend, rich family let me just say she's the reason some girls cursed why life is so unfair. And there's Moe, a burnout girl, a rebel one with her cherry (bad) red hair, always hanging with the worst people in school, she's someone you won't having trouble with ( not just she so scary but also because she got scary friends). Last but not least there's Elodie the wallflower, the new girl in school, the one who pretty much keep everything inside as long as she can feel save and secure, someone who dying to fit in. She's kinda person who her existence always unnoticed whether she's there or not you wouldn't care much.

Of course they don't know or make friends with each other (until something happen and they finally they know each other) cliché  I know, but that's the reality. I would love to say to you that in real life people like them hang out together, but they didn't. It's right what they said Birds of a feather flock together. They just do.

 It's funny how I can found a little piece of me on 3 very different girls. I found a little piece of me in Moe, I understand the feeling when sometimes people scared to come close to you because people you all mysterious and scary, how sometimes people avoid making contact with you and you know that is because they found you different and weird. I know exactly what Elodie feels, I was the new girl in school before so I know exactly the feeling, how you feel like alien and have no one around. How no one seems to care about you and how you'll give anything to have friends and be noticed. Or as simple as I want to be fit in, to not feel like lost stranger. I also know what is like to be Tabitha, it's funny how people assume me to be so perfect and all that, without knowing that I'm no different than anyone else. I'm also broken inside.

What thing can all the three girls have in common that makes them finally become friends? They all my friends.... turn out to be more than meets eye. Who would've thought they will have this one thing to connected them, they all are shoplifters, yes shoplifters... you can accept that from Moe, but Tabitha? Elodie? who would have thought? The story gets more interesting when they finally make friends with each other on AA meeting for shoplifters and start to challenge each other with twisted game. I won't share the details here, I know there's nothing a book lovers hate more than spoilers. So I will just share things that I love about this book and a little bit about the girls. I make something called mugshot, this is how imagine how they will act in front of the camera when police catch them. Oh yes of course I also making a photo shoot based that 3 girls character

 photo 1_zps2df7f7b9.jpg

From all three she's the only one who will got the worst effect if someone knows she's a shoplifter, because she's the popular one, you know for sure, she know for sure that everyone love to see a popular girl tumbling down from her thrones. That's why, Tabitha is the only one who doesn't look straight to the camera in a hope people can't see clear of her face.
I need to go do what I do best, which is get dressed and make myself pretty so I can go to a party with a bunch of people I can’t stand. ~ Tabitha, Trinkets

 photo 2_zpsd6b717c9.jpg
She have this bad girl reputation and the policeman will assume she must be a trouble one, from the way she dressed and like what Moe always do she will play along, playing as a tough girl, who actually she is not. 

This girl actually the most scary one, she might look like a wallflower but deep inside she want people to notice her more, that she not what you think she is. So that's why she must be facing and confront the camera and looking it right in the eye with no bit of scare at all. She loves Eminem music for God sake... 

 photo IMG_3699_zpsf05fc8a5.jpg

 photo beetle_zpsd6572937.jpg

 photo IMG_3470copycopy_zpsd9c7b779.jpg

Aside from the girls here's why I love the novel so much, this is some of it :

--- Remember when I said I can relate to this book? I found that in so many scenes, but this part is the best one, some people maybe will miss it but someone who been through same kind situation will understand it. I do. I love Kiwi for putting the small details in this part. It's part when after the first meeting in AA Tabitha and Moe crossed at each other in school hallway. They only take a glimpse of each other and share secret smiles but on Tabitha line she said that it’s the only thing that gets her a little bit closer to feeling better. I've been there, I know the feeling. I have my own broken friends, we share same shrinks, our connection probably not build on AA meeting, but on waiting room in our shrink office, we just know we all troubled, we need to be fixed. We don't talked too much but there's a moment when we do and shared so many thing about our self, when Tabitha, Moe and Elodie compete about who have the finest moment on shoplift, we compete about who's bullied the worst or who's the weirdest.

About that scenes, I've been there. I was at the mall with bunch of my friends and there he is, in another crowds with his friends, one of my broken friends ( hahaha don't worry they won't get mad even they read this, that is how we called our self it's some kind of our inside joke, we called our self a broken toy) so back to story,  we through passed each other and only share a little smile on each other. It barely a smile, it's more like a smirk. But trust me at that moment I feel that he's the closest person I have and all my connection with bunch my of friends are nothing, not deep like what I have with him. Funny when you think about it, someone who just passed you and barely smiled at each other is probably the one who know you more than anyone in that entire big concrete building. I remember I wish we bumped with each other again, but sadly we're not.

When we meet again in the waiting room I sat next to him, he was reading a book as always and I kicked his foot and asked why didn't he say hi when we crossed each other at the mall the other day, he keep his eyes on his book and said "I don't want to explain to my friends how we know each other or how we meet" a little harsh, simple answers, no sugar added that how pretty much we talked to each other. And no hard feeling whatsoever, because I know it's honest answers.  I would give the same answer. When you meet friends who pretty much been through the same sh*t you would understand that deep connection

--- A witty, catchy words that you can find in many pages, Kiwi definitely can play with words and here's two of my favorite ( it's no fun if I give you too many)

"this is what happens to princesses in real life. They don’t get kissed awake by princes. They don’t get handed the keys to the kingdom. They don’t live happily ever after. In real life, they are publicly humiliated; they are thrown from their towers. This is what they don’t tell you when you are
a little girl: Everyone secretly hates a princess. Everyone wants to see her fall. "

"I realize the thing
about friends you’ve only had for four monthsis that they aren’t going to stand over you
and protect you with their branches
and photosynthesize carbon dioxide for you;
they aren’t going to shelter you from the sunand shield you from the rain;
they’re going to throw you over for a guy they barely know"

So here's some of me channeling Tabitha, Moe, and Elodie. 
PS : Elodie carrying camera around because she happen to take care year book project.

 photo 00000049_zpsd0551dd6.jpg

Moe : Jacket : folie a deux // sweatshirt : the balletcats // pants : nudie // shoes : ZARA 
Tabitha : tops : Miss Ruby // bag : Lanvin // pants : ZARA // shoes : skittish shoes 
Elodie : Blazer : EN // bag : tako feito de mao // pants : Ralph Laurent // Shoes : stfebiansshoes  
 photo all3bcopy_zps912c9f2a.jpg

Moe : leather jacket : Kumikyoku // pants : UB vintage // bracelets heloosun 
Tabitha beanie sequin hat : forever21// tops and pants : swaychic // necklace : ZARA // bag : // shoes : nike
Elodie : hat : topshop // shirt : zara // bag : manikan // skirt : tailor made // shoes : bear house
 photo VanillaPop_zpsa3d184d4.jpg
Moe : leather jacket : Zara // sweater : folie a deux // pants : nudie 
Tabitha : Jeans jacket : nasgorju // tops and skirt : gaudi // bag : kate spade // shoes : nike 
Elodie: sweater : choies // pants : Zara // bag : tako feito de mao // shoes : shoe corner

So who the one you connected the most with? who are you? Tabitha? Moe ? or Elodie?


Aul Howler said...

Loving the review!
where can we get that book, cha?

super cool looks!
3 in 1 cha-cha.
Fotonya kurang banyaaakk..
lebih sering update ya cha..

proud of you
keep it up!

Nadya Ramadhan said...

I'm a bit more like you, Evita. I'm a weird person and people get scared even just to see me in the eye just like Moe, I also kind of attention-seekers, wanting to be noticed by friends like elodie and yeah for Tabitha, I'm also so lonely because of people's wrong assumption about myself because I have this 'genius girl' image in my class and people get jealous. lol I really like this post of yours. Reading this in the night time make it more interesting. Anyway, I'll buy trinkets tomorrow so that I can fulfill my curiosity because of your spoilers! ><

Love you so much! :D

Nadya Ramadhan said...
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ateera said...

Elodie suits me the most.. but I love Moe's characters.. Rebellious; sometimes people do need that character.

p/s: love this post. xoxo.. :-D

Arina Nahya N Nafia said...

omg chacaaaa!! I love this post so much<3 I mean, really, everything! I really do adore every little thing you wear and I do love the way you combine everything. I love the way you write the story! good job! keep inspiring:) looking forward to your next post xx

lavitaebella said...

You are soooo much cool and stylish, dear :)

Kindly visit our handmade bag shop ♥

Milkha Eunike said...

awwwww,you're so coolllll as always!x

Unknown said...

I've always loved the story you made on every post!! This one is awesome as well the characters. I think Tabitha suits me... just a little thou :)

Unknown said...

1. Just discovered your blog, gonna follow it, stalk you and all, no pressure there.

2. You're freaking 14 for goodness sake. and I'm 15. asdfghjkl. INEEDAFASHIONGURU. will you be mine? *insert puppy eyes*

3. You like BOOKS. That's a plus. I need some teenage english novels, so, yeah this helps.

4. What does "The crème de la crop" mean? ._.

5. Love the web design by the way.

I'll be seeing you soon! hahaha

ima said...

Hey, cha...
I'm ima,ur new visitor of ur blog xD
I love the way u describe all about them; thabita, moe, elodie.
I feel I've read that book :Dv u're such a brilliant girl. So inspire

Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Cool , cool , and cool :))
very good and nice post .. love it :))

Unknown said...

Dear, you grew up faster than i realize :o so beautiful♥

Raden Ayu/MI said...

OMG you're getting taller! You have such a pretty long legs!

habiba pratiwi said...

super super pour la petite belle evita >.<

voyez mon blog si vous avez le temps pour voir le mien, merci :)

MILEX said...

Yes and yes.

dinna said...

gosh, you channeling the characters...that's brilliant!

Unknown said...

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Dear Girl Wallflower said...

the Lake Oswego, Oregon label cracks me up! I live in Oregon.
I love the outfits you got here, wonderful!

MILEX said...

you rock

MILEX said...

too good for words.

Anonymous said...


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febs said...

I just noticed.. you have that supermodel legs :D

The Equinox Fashion by Paweerata said...

i do love every look you post!

yoyokr said...

nice posting...

niplusnimoins said...

wow you are beutiful !! :O
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Caroline Susanto said...

congratz for the recognition from your idol >.<

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Thank youuuu <3


Nuris Ely Setyo said...

excellent look of you, Cha
.you really smart portraying the style of each the main characters as if you were good acttress

Supplier Baju said...

Keren gilaaa! Style-nya unik banget, fix deh jadi fan-nya lo Cha. Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow lovoovvve your style and blog. Also really great photos who takes them and super styling, reminds me why I still like fashion even though i hate it sometimes and am still in it after 20 years... And where do you get all your clothes you must have a HUGE wardarobe!! :) :)

Sekar. said...

I'm a bit of Tabitha, because some of my friends think my life is perfect and easy.
I'm a bit of Moe, because I'm scary and in my past, have loads and bunch of people calling me scary, and judging from what they see, they avoid me. (And I'm also in love with that rocker-like/gothic style, and it makes them go away even more)
I'm also a bit of Elodie, because back then, ALL I wanted to be was to be accepted, or even to be popular, because I thought that was the only way to get love.

But then I learn that it's all a cycle. I was Elodie with all I wanted was to be wanted, but then I learn that even if you're at throne, like Tabitha, all they give was not love. They are a tree that wouldn't shelter you from a storm; they are a tree that acts as an electrical conductor and will let the thunder strikes you. And after all that, I'm a tired Moe who closes myself up so nobody f*cks with me. I trusted no one, except my weird friends. And in the end, when you're tired of being alienated, you'll turn back into Elodie, and then into Tabitha, back to Moe, and again, and again, and again....

All repeated, all the same, except you; who's growing.

And you've learned how to deal with all of that from this circle that we're all living in.

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