05 February, 2012

Mix it up!

Ok I'm officially running out of excuses, I was thinking to say that I've been abducted by aliens for two months and reality strikes! I've already used that one!  tsk such a bad bad blogger! So what happen in two months? Let's try to catch up! hmm since the last post I've made was on November, so that means I haven't say Merry Christmas, Happy new year and Happy Lunar year too! so in this super late post let me say this Merry Christmas guys! and Happy new year too and Happy Lunar year! and now it's your turn to say happy birthday to me! hehehe yes I just turn 13 this year! how time flies right? I was 9 when I'm starting this blog and now I'm 13! But other than age there's nothing else changing I guess, still the same old me ( ouugh! Except I'm getting better at school! Seriously! My teacher said to my dad that I was the living proof of someone who have the will to try and never give up until I satisfied - ehem, of course in good way ) so I started this new year with super big smile, got so many awesome gift for my birthday too! So how's your new year starts ? I wish you all have sweet start too, because I do believe your first mood of the year will set the base for you to go through all the year. But if something bad or thing that not nice happen, don't  worry, just chin up! Clear your mind from the bad thoughts, take a deep breath and smile! And believe in yourself that you're doing just fine, it works, I swear it works! 

So lets start about this post, I was thinking to make this kind of post since long long time ago. When people asked what top must have item in your wardrobe, I will answer with all my heart without hesitation, a NICE JEANS my friend, a nice jeans. Seriously everyone need  at least one good pair of jeans, that look goods on everything else in your wardrobe. Well, it's not easy to find though, it's like searching for soulmate.  But when you get one, it's the best thing!  This is may hard to believe, but I'm not an impulsive buyer, I will only buy something that I think looks perfect on me, no not just good but perfect so then there's no chance I'll be looking some clothes on my closet and said "how on earth? what  was I thinking when I bought this Arrgh ?! " like my sister did.  When you found one, remember to take good care of it. I might be lucky that I have found many of soul mates in pants, but even though I have many but trust me, I remember every each of them. Every time it goes out of dry clean or laundry I'll check it myself.  I also always put my jeans based on colors ( yeah me and my OCD ) it's easier to dress up when everything was put in order, and beside I get so anxious and somehow I feel so guilty if it's not put in the right way.

The fun thing about jeans is that you can mix it any way you want, it goes well with everything. Most of people wear classic color denim of jeans, but not me, well one of my weakness is jeans in color, I collect almost every color, red to green, blue to yellow, man I just can't seem to get enough of them. Of course I have it in classic color, but trust me colorfull jeans is so much fun, I love to mixing it up with everything. When I found out that not many people have the guts to wear jeans in color it keeps me wondering why. I'll show you how fun it is. So here's the post of how I mix it up, ( actually was planning to make only four set or so, but it was too much fun I cannot stop and I ended with this many set and it was stop because my sister who took the picture already begging for me to stop, hehehe sorry sis! ) Let me just warn you< I'm going to break my own record of showing sooo many pictures, hehehe so are you ready to roll?! I know you are!!

glasses : prada,
shirt : burberry ,
 watch : marc jacobs
black and white outerwear : little nuh
pants : zara kids

outerwear : little nuh,
headphone : sennheiser,
neon shirt : a super cute gift from I.K.Y.K  ,
bag : belkin

black jacket : top shop,
 sweater : ballet cats
plaid shirt : zara,
 red pants : sara
bag : marc by marc jacobs

shirt : little nuh,
belt : f21,
watch : paul frank,
bag : LV

outerwear, shirt, bag , hat : zara,
pants : from Thailand,
watch : jeremy scott for swatch

stripe shirt : muji,
pink pants : zara,
 bag : kate spade

white blazer : little nuh
shirt : burberry
necklace : Ellan bijoux 
bag : kate spade

coat, shirt  : muji,
pants : zara,
watch : marc jacobs
bag : kate spade

headphone : urbanears,
shirt : smith
pants : zara

hat : a gift
shirt : burberry
pants : zara
bag : coach

headphone : aerial
shirt : balletcats.

shirt :

shirt : unbranded,
bag : anya hindmarch

jacket : smiths
shirt and pants : zara
watch : levis
bag : charles and keith

yellow jacket : amaterasu
shirt : the balletcats

shirt : art marine
pants : zara
bag anya hind march

outerwear : amaterasu
shirt : GAP
pants : zara
bag : lanvin

outerwear : amaterasu
flower shirt : promod
pants : zara

all zara, except hat

watch : levis, all zara

white cape  another pretty gift from  I.K.Y.K 

plaid shirt : the browns,
bag : kate spade
watch : marc jacobs
hat, sweater, pants : zara

read coat : stradivarius
pants : mango
plaid shirt (inside) : amaterasu

Fiuuuh what a long post right? Well I really hope you got yourself some inspiration from it. I'm having so much fun while mixing it up, I can go on and on and on, you should try too! 

Ought lets come to more serious matter, at first I was hesitate to write this, but this is bugging for weeks. My sister told me to stay the hell out of it, she said if he ain't  bark at you well you don't have to bite. But I can't help it and just be quiet about it. So one day one of my friend texted me and she said, do you already read this? (and then she send me a link) and she told me that I have to open it, because it super funny and she also guarantee that I will crying because of laughing, so yeah I click the link and I expected some kind of 9gag funny ( yeah 9gag eat my soul! hehehe) but when I open it, I was like... silent and can't even say a word. funny? no it's not funny It was,.... I even can find the right words I guess it was mean and disgusting. So there it is a twitter account belong to some guy, and on his twitter he post a pictures, a bunch of pictures of fashion bloggers, and he was making a comment on most of the pictures, with mean and sarcastic joke. Good Lord, why is there such a? .... ah I lost for words. Okay I must admit I'm not a saint and sometimes I have a bad comments about someone else too, but really? like seriously? do you really have to post it in public, and make a mean joke about it? If you ask do he talk about me? well no he didn't. But trust me it hurts me as bad. I know some of the people he mocked, and it's killing me. The worst thing is, people have a tend to follow, they all laughing and many of the retweeting it, so it's like a snowball it's getting bigger and bigger. My question is, when they doing that, aren't there some voice in your head or in your heart? telling that what your doing is wrong, some guilty feeling maybe? Oh God. 

I'm witty, my sisters said I don't even have filter in my mouth. I said what I want to say and regret it later when I know it hurts other people. So most of the time I just being quiet. When someone asked me  do they look good? I'll tell you what's on my mind "yes, you look good in it"or "no and do you want to know why? but I might hurt your feeling if I tell you why, your choice" most of my friends don't want to know why. hehehe.

I'm honest, but I will never ever not in million years posting other people pictures, make a bad comments as if I'm better than them. Well if you are better than them it's still a cruel things to do, but when you are not it's like more like you are stupid and cruel at the same time. On one of his tweet when someone he make a joke about getting mad at him, he said "I'll do this all the time, and bla bla bla" maaan ... really that's your answer? read my lips or my words? just because you doing it a thousand times doesn't mean what your doing is right! for God sake! My sisters said, don't worry about social climber will always be a social climber, they do worst thing to get attention. 

I tweet my concern about it, many of you replied and my trust for humanity is restored, but still kindda feel sick about it. Someone asked why I'm always so sensitive about mockery things? well to be honest because I've been in their shoes, I've got mocked many times just because I'm different. Believe me when they got home and forget about all the things they said to me, I still remembering it clearly just like it was yesterday. No I'm not holding my grudge against them, it's not that. It's the pain that I still feel. Do you know or even consider how it would affect them when you type those words. In 13 years of living I came to this, that for me the most cruel thing to do is when someone is laugh over the suffering of others . Talking bad is always the easiest things to do my friend, but I believe in karma, what comes around goes around, you may watch out. Just like you say you've done it so many times. And if this is if, you done it not to get attention but just for fun of it, then here's my suggestion to you, get a doctor, or shrink because there's clearly something wrong with you, if the doctor said there's nothing wrong with your head then I guess it's simple,  learn some manner, you need it, definitely you lack to it. 

Just like my favorite quote from Anton Ego in Ratatouille movie he said : In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so.

Ah I always tired talking about serious things... let back to fun part okay! sorry if I'm being super sensitive but I rather be super sensitive than being heartless. ehem.  

And oh been dying to show you this! a necklaces from antyk butyk super cool right, I love how every piece have this some kind of Indonesia taste in it, J'adore so I was beyond happy when antyk butyk tell me to choose their collection whichever I like and as many as I want, I'm the happiest kid in town or what? and it arrived not long after my birthday! so it's kindda like one of my birthday gift! you should really check their newest collection! I'm drolling already! suppaaa pretty! pair it with a pretty cape from (which I also got as a gift) from I.K.Y.K love love love it! :D pretty right? 

I guess that's all, kisses! ciao bella mia! 


Anonymous said...

Omg, what a lovely post! I'm lovin all of these photos, you look cute, Evita :D

Turtle in the Heels.

Halo Hasta said...

glad to see you again Evita :)
and those photos are amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, docmart?! *drooling* x3 how many doc marten boots actually you have?! hmm.. i'm so in love with your fashion <3 may i ask u evita, where can i find that cap, that you wear in that 'cat post'? (in the 7th and 8th post) i've already looked for it everywhere. thanks!

Claireta Teressa said...


Arnold Teja said...

YAY you're back! This post is beyond amazing <3
Love all of the outfits and cute haircut!


Calita Hin said...

i really adore you evita! <3

Jordan Marzuki & Fatriana Zukhra said...

We can't imagine what would you be in the future, a fashion editor in NY? Paris? you have very nice styling & writing sense and direction. All the best from us.

Veren Lee said...

Hi Evita!
I regularly visit your blog when you have a new post, and I always love your stories and looks!
You're really genius :D
My favorite looks from this post are the ones where you wore pink pants, and red pants!! I'm so inspired and thinking to get red / pink pants like you :D

And about the guy that made funny of fashion bloggers, I think that guy is just envy to fashion bloggers, I don't know who is him but last year there was also someone on twitter who tweeted and mentioned fashion bloggers (including me) with harsh words.
I was really angry at that time, I replied and said other harsh words to him back, but it didn't make any sense. I even cried (oh well I know it's a bit too much), and told my friend at that time. my friend said, "just let him say anything and don't reply him. he'll get tired at the end after all. if you keep replying then he'll be happy and keep tweeting".
I think the guy that you mean is either an attention seeker or an idiot.

He's just too stupid to understand fashion bloggers. He made comments about fashion bloggers' pictures (I'm sure it's outfit photos), because they don't know fashion is our passion / playground. He might also envy us because he can't dress up nicely.
I'm saying he's idiot because he wastes his time just to post fashion bloggers pictures on his twitter and made comments about it. He should get a job I think... hahaha

I also hate when people mock me, and I'll remember it. Although sometimes they apologize, but the scars are still in my hard and it's not easy to let go.
It's also right to you to write about this because if I were you, I'd also write about it or there'll be something big stuck in my mind and heart. Blogging is like pouring all your feelings / emotions!

I think I've typed too much letters already and the last thing I wanna say is don't keep thinking about that stupid guy anymore and if someday he attacks you (I hope it would neveerr happen), don't reply him, don't ever waste your time responding his stupid statements.. I can see from your writings that you're such a wise and smart girl. hehehe :)

my world, my mind said...

uwaaaa....wordless..i admire you as usuall, since the1st time i "found" u..haha :D

djursh said...

oh i lobe those lime green outfit and the anya hindmarch bag

dunia kecil indi said...

halo, cha! nice to see you again :)kalau yg banyak fotonya itu kamu mah ga apa-apa, aku malah suka lihatnya :)
first, selamat ya untuk kemajuan di sekolahmu, ayah kamu pasti bangga :)
dan soal mockery seseorang, aku setuju. sekalipun kamu orang terhebat di dunia, kamu gak pernah punya hak untuk mengecilkan/menghina orang lain. selera, penampilan, pilihan seseorang bisa berbeda, tapi itu namanya keragaman, bukan untuk dihina.
oh, btw, ada good news lagi, bukuku sudah pra-cetak (yg ada kamunya). kamu mau liat covernya gak? mau aku kirimi lewat mana? fb atau email atau?
have a nice week, cha! <3 you! :*

dunia kecil indi said...

oh, ya ampun.. aku sampai lupa komentari outfitmu :)
aku suka capenya, cantik. tapi favoritku itu outer dari little nuh, semoga masih dijual. aku mauuuu, hihihi :)

Mommy Ryva said...

Hi Sweetheart....Happy Birthday!It only need 1 week for me to read all your posts, from your very first post until your not-the last November 2011 post. And that is one of the most sentimental-wonderful one week, 'coz I witnessing a child growing up becoming a beautiful teen. And am still eager to witness her become a wonderful women.... :)

I wish you all the best Pretty Evita ;)

sherlyn said...


I once saw a photo of Kimmy Jayanti wearing the same 'cat population' sweater!

Passion Elixir

thwany said...

you're adorable.

Jazzyfink said...

Well.. This is an awesome blog..
but first I have to tell you that I was soooo confuse whether you are a boy or a girl..
a boy with a pretty face?
or a girl but like boyish style..
and finally after 15mnt concentrate to your face I realize your name is Evita witch is definitely a girl..
Sorry.. my bad..
But this is really a GREAT blog..
I mean.. you're just 12..
And I'm 21.. Almost 22 in a blink.. T_T
Good luck Evita..!!!!
following you of course.. hahahah..

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love all the outfit compilation! You look adorable with your new hair! X

nit said...

I love your latest photos! Chaa, keep posting regularly yaah, I can't wait your blog updates! Hihihi

Nitya Krisnantari Photography

rana musika said...

haters are undercover fans. they 'love' us in a different way. simply ignore them :p


First of all, Happy Birthday Evita Nuh :D. Have a wonderful 13 XD

I'm super jealous with your childhood. you got a lot of fancy clothes..oh, no... You got more than that. You got passion and wisdom. What a cool teenager :)


ayumelatijewelry said...

happyyyyy birthday :D

Yes! It was soooo long, two months!

Ha! yes! jeans is just the best thing!!! for motorbiker like me :p

AuL Howler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AuL Howler said...


I'm in love with your jeans, cha!
Mind if I choose some for my soulmates?

Great post!
You should post this kind of post as often as possible, cha!! Coz you know, you have many excited readers (including me ;p) and we cannot always wait a year for your post.. (your last post in 2011 and now is 2012)

I agree with your sist. Don't spend your time by giving them reactions, or over sensitive. They will be happy if they got many reactions --as what they hope to get-- from people, and then they will create the next bad things to gain more reactions. they wanna be famous, perhaps? silly.

all you need to do is; Ignore 'em! Don't let your memory turns dirty of their bad works. coz there are too many good things to remember. Life is good if we know how to make it good. right?

so sorry if I have mistakes in my sentences. I'm not too good in it, I know :)

Keep spirit, cha!
Stay positive and stay cute!!

Toowhit toowhoo...!

Izzaura said...

finally evita!! you post your looks.... :''')
gosh such a child prodigy! uber cool looks!!! love the Balletcats sweater & the necklaces on your last photos! and really great color jeans...

btw you are so damn good in writing, very exceptional blogger! salute!

cheers, izzaura

Izzaura said...

oh yeah & happy birthday too! 13 means you are officially a teenager now!!
hoping you have a wonderful teenager life!!

Mia Utami Putri said...

Happy birthday Evita, hope had a great time and an everlasting cuteness :D

Mia Utami Putri said...

Happy birthday Evita, hope you had a great time and an everlasting cuteness :)

Melinda S said...

it was such a great post! indeed it was long but hey, i love how you combine all of those stuffs like always! really love your colorful jeans and docmart collection <3

Helena Natanael said...

i love your new haircut! so edgy!
thanks for sharing some inspirations of the day, Evita!

Rose Calamero said...

love them all evita =)

Umie Nadhirah said...

fuckin’ ohsem !!!!!
i love ur boots.

Lutfi Fadhila said...

you're so cute with that haircut. i adore you so much :*

Evelyn Tirza said...

I love your Outfit! :)

visit mine:

Arina Nahya N Nafia said...

Sooo crative! love all of them<3 And happy birthday dear, All the best for you. God bless you! stay succes:)

Allysa Rismaya said...

oh no, you are awesome evita...u.u so lucky, but why'd ur face look so pale?
KEEP STYLISH DEAR, can't wait for ur new post

Linda K Wardani said...

you know chaca? you are adorable, lovely and awesome!
i love your hairstyle anyway :D

Cliff Tuna said...

Genius! That's all :)

Mita Adindayu said...

cool! all of your mix and match items are just too gorgeous.

Silmi said...

you're so much talented you know thaaat. and where do you find that green shoes? they're cool

monita indah amalia said...

like a doll

Sesilia Anastasia said...

uhffff finally you come back evita! have been looking forward through your post! those are amazing art I reckon :)

Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

wow!!! love love love!
btw, i love all pair of your shoes, that make me sooo envy and a bit crazy!
what a cool mix and match, so much inspiration too <3

Anonymous said...

Joyeux Anniversaire Evita =)
you are one cool kid !!
i just wanna ask you why u didn't tell us about your shoes brand ?
well i know most of it is doc marten and i spotted a nike shoes too.
but i really wanna know the others~ don't make the shoes feel left out lol xD show them some love >:3

Anonymous said...

This is SOOO inspiring. Zillion time of Thank you Evita!

Hippiegonemad said...

EVITAAAA high five!!! my mom was like "what's the difference between your orange jeans and red jeans...."when i bought so many jeans in a day... -.- btw change your profile info! you're 13 >.<...OMG i feel old.hahaha. last but not least, i feel sorry for that miserable guy who have nothing to do but tweeting about us- fashion bloggers. He simply understand nothing about fashion. Fashion is an expression, one of the most common way to differentiate us-human being and for me, my blog is my virtual wonderland, my diary, my source of inspiration and a medium for my aspiration. Haters gonna hate anyway. be happy evita *un bacio da milano per una bella signorina*

Henny. said...

Where did you buy that Aerial7 Headphone? I've been searchin it like forever!!


Nindy Hardjadinata said...

God, I barely know you Chaa :o

with all the black lips and the high forehead, you look different. It's a bit scare me but I love seeing so many pictures of you in one post like this :D

Well, you wrote a lot recently yeah? It's a good thing though, but I think try to keep it simple so it won't take long to read them all :] Just an advice, you don't have to do that if you don't want to :D

Anyhooo, so proud your name showed up as a successful young Indonesian blogger :D Congratz! xoxo

Terapi qolbu said...

hmmm...nice and cool

Terapi qolbu said...

nice and cool...

Carmellio Marie said...

man , those clips are cool . Super cool ! HBD evita ! wishes u all the best !

Blue ocean said...

i love all of your shoes!!!!

liz said...

Have you know that you are too genius in fashion for your age? Rocks !

andinairvani said...

Dear you are so cute like a painting!
cant believe you're so young with this talent..

kelimutu said...

omg,, it looks like you want to make a fashion catalog or something, dear.. :)
you just too awesome.

kelimutu from Garten Paradise

rainbow cloud said...

i still do not get why u r not featured in teenvogue yet...seriously..u should be blogger of the year!;D u have one of the best photos and ur style is sooo very unique!

about that guy who posted all those mean comments about people well " karma is a b8*%h";)) he'll get a taste of his own medicine.. what doesnt kill us only makes us stronger..and if theyre talking about those fashion bloggers- that means we're making an impact;) people will love us or hate us..we just got to keep our heads up high and be the best that we can be..soon the "mean people" will be left out in the rain..

see u soon dear little one! and Happy Belated Birthday! all the best to u and hope u get featured in a article on TEENVOGUE as one of the up and coming teen bloggers!

Tya Fairuz said...

nice post :)

Gede said...

Hey kids, your hair cut is really cute :D
I think you'll be a good model when you grew up :)

Junah Cagang said...

great post. love your outfits and those collars were cute.
Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

Visit RECESSIONISTA.thru▲lens

Izumihiiiflower said...

thank youu ^^

you have a great style!!

Maghfira Rifki said...

wow those photos are really amazing! i adore your style <3

Shea Lu said...

awesome!!! i just fell in love with all your pictures ;D

Mustika said...

- so much

Felicia Yohana said...

i'm following you
mind to follow back? :)

Fenny said...

absolutely awesome! super!

suzsuz said...

u r so wise beyond your years..i really do admire u for that..

Unknown said...

I like it :)

Mitha Komala said...

omg you are such a kid with splendid ideas! i love how you matched all these clothessss <3 love all your boots.

and about that guy, i know how you felt. i also received some inappropriate and hurtful comments through my formspring. it brought me down but when people talked about you, it simply means we are one step ahead than them. so let them do whatever they want because their passion is hating people, nothing more than that; karma does exist and it will slap them right on the face ;)

Adeayu Hadijah said...

gosh, I really fall in love with you, girl..
such a unique girl I ever see..
really love your sense of fashion

Anonymous said...

Heeeyy Evitaaaa! Kamu kelihatan makin kereeen! Sudah lama nih ikutin blog kamu, tapi makin lama kayaknya kamu makin kinclong deh (kayak kaca baru dilap kali ya :D)

Sukses Evitaaa! Semoga bisa raih semua mimpimu ya!

Unknown said...

omg , you are soooo cool and pretty . perfectttt .

Anonymous said...

I adore that whit and blcak outerrrrrr, I want it *.*

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