27 November, 2011

Don't compromise yourself. It's all you've got - Janis Joplin

Hellooooo! I'm back!!! it's holiday! so I'm back!!! don't bother to ask about my exams, what is done is done, I already do my best so now I can only pray. Ahh! how I miss my blog so much! So how you guys doing? is live being nice to you lately as they are to me? well I hope they do :) Hmm since I've been missing like more than a month I got tons of things to catch up! so be ready for long post! (as always) hehehe.

God knows how I always wish I could make a post about my dad and I also received so many question about my dad and there's quite some number that asked me to post more about my dad (especially his photos) I'm so happy there's so many of you who like my dad, but I'm super sorry, for now it won't be happening. I asked my dad permission like a gazillion times to make a post about him, and he said hell no! in a second! no fun eh? but don't worry I'm still working on it, just wait hehehe. So in a meantime how about I make a post that related to him? hope this would do.

When so many baby out there growing up listening to child song, I was not. But yeah of course I watched Barney's too! Being the smallest in the family makes me influenced by so many kind of song, and different era too. My dad's era, my sister's era. Until now when my sister's friends come they would recognize me as the kid who slept with booklet of slipknot pictures under my bed, and they say back then I always said "knot knot" (as for slipknot) every time I saw the tribal sign, crazy eh? yes I once a slipknot fans and all that when I was three, geez now I feel weird. ( PS : don't google slipknot! you'll have a bad dream) and ohhh I do bang my head when Limp Bizkit music is played! Blame my sisters! Other than those rock music my sisters also introduced me to many great singers and bands. So I do kind of sad that many of my friends don't have a clue about Radiohead, REM, Rialto, Collective Soul and many other singer and band ( if you around my age and have no idea who they are I'll suggest you to google them, no! search them on youtube!) , because their song are brilliant. I've been told "ah you and your old soul".

Talking about my old soul, the person who got to take biggest blame is of course my dad. Hmm, when other baby in the womb maybe listening to classic music by Mozart or Chopin ( I've heard that is the right song a baby in a womb should hear, it's stimulate their brain or something like that) I was not! my mother told me that when I'm in the womb my dad makes me listening to... (drumroll please) Janis Joplin ladies and gentlemen! and that's still goes on after I was born and until now. He said that if heard classic can make me smart then listening to Janis Joplin would make me smart, brave and unique. What a cool excuses.

Not just Janis, I grew up listening to many others of his favorite music by Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Procol Harum, Uriah Heep, Grand Funk Railroad, Pink Floyd, Joe Cocker, Fleetwood Mac, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Blacks Sabbath, Temptations, Slade, David Bowie, John Mayall, Barry White, Flora Purim, Inger Gundersen, Emi Fujita, Eva Cassidy, Alison Krauss, Jenet Seidel, Jheena Loodwick, Nnenna Freelon, Holly Cole, Daniel Nahmod, Barbara Mendes and the list is still go on and on and I can do this all night! Don't asked me how the hell I can memorized all those names? you will do to if you already heard their names since probably you can memorize anything ( again, if you have no idea who they are I command you to search them on youtube! I promise you they worth your loading time)

Back to Janis Joplin story, as for my dad, if you don't want at least (I repeat 'at least') 2 hours lectures about story and history of Janis Joplin then don't bother to ask. My old man love this lady too much, he can stop talking about her, dancing ( making a very weird move to be precise) over her song, or just sitting in his big old leather chair while closing deep of his eyes and listening to her song, like he was taken to another place. He even don't allow me listening to her song in my music player, he said Janis Joplin song must be played in the right way and that means only with his high end audio amplifier audiophile with all that strange bulb and everything. He said that this is the real way to listening the real music. I once asked my dad how such a genius have to had a tragic ending and he answer with slightly teary eyes (I swear it was teary!) it just to show us that even genius makes mistake.

My sister told me every time I cried when I was a baby my dad will played Janis Joplin song "cry baby" and suddenly I would stop crying, so it can be said, Janis sang my lullaby (in my opinion it got something to do with me already heard her song since I'm still in the womb, probably her voice is something familiar for me) and for that I can't stop thinking how blessed I am, that I have dad who introduced me to her and her song, her emotion in every each of her song, oh my God the soul and emotion in every of her song in so unbearable. She sang "piece of my heart" like no others and trust me there's no other singer who can sing that song better than her, not in a gazillion years! not even an inch close! Her cracked and rough voice somehow just eat your soul alive, you can feel the soul, the depth of emotion she's put into her song in every piece of your bones. seriously is hard to describe.

You know when you heard a song and it's just like gone deep deep (to deep!) through your heart, like you feel the pain, like you want to cry with her? like your heart is beating faster and suddenly you got goosebumps all over? She done that to me, listen to her "to love somebody" song somehow makes me feel the heartache of loving someone and that's strange since I never falling in love to anybody yet. Oh my God! now I sounds just like my dad! But seriously she's genius. I desperately thinks I was born in wrong era, seriously I think I am.

And speaking of which since I love this lady so much, I would love to make a tribute for her. But since you know I'm suck at singing, I'll done it in something I know, well of course her fashion style. Janis always has this free soul look and style, so this is something I imagine she probably will wear, what you guys think? Do I nailed this hippies look? do I ? do I?

hat : a gift
glasses : a gift
shirt : topshop
outerwear : my sister old blazer
jeans :
boots : promod
eye ball necklaces : shamanistic
random bangles ( f21, mango, etc)

dress : my sister old dress
faux fur vest : Zara kids

blue sweater : Little Nuh
(This is actually one of my favorite top from Little Nuh 2nd collection)
pants : Zara kids

I'm one of those regular weird people
- Janis Joplin

purple shirt : studio
long orange outerwear : DIY stuff
faux fur vest : Zara kids
brown belt : my dad christian dior tie ( yes I'm so dead)
pants : levis

Speaking of which talking about born in wrong era, if it's related to music, yes I consider myself born in wrong time. BUT ( yes it's a big but) related to technology and modern things well not so much. Yes called me a geek, but I can't live without technology ( I always wondering how on earth do people lived when there's no internet and cellphones? tell me how? I just clueless how they survived back then). And yes one of the most important things that I love is cellphone, I just can't live without my cellphone! And I must admit I got all excited when it comes to the new technology and everything. So when I know Nokia is giving me their newest Nokia N9 I'm beyond excited! they even let me have it before it's officially launched! how cool is that? it's like I just got an early birthday gift! super happy! I remember my very first cellphone was Nokia and do you know I still kept it until now. When they offer me the first thing I do is google about it, and I'm in love in an instant with the look. They say that this Nokia N9 market is young generation and stylish, well they done a great job with the design, J'adore! And when I hold and see it alive I love it even more, I just love phone that feels right in your hand, and it does! and I love love love all the application! they have this cool application to download song for free and it's all legal! Ay caramba! and how everything is only swipe away! and the most important thing of course the camera, ehem since they use carl zeiss lens I don't have to say anything anymore, I love how everything is crystal clear like having camera that can you use as a cellphone! So I spending a whole day learning about this Nokia N9, I amaze with the built in GPS and the quality of the sound and video! and the best part from all of it is that I can use it as walking wi fi! how cool is that?! oh the only thing I found missing is that snake game! I'm so good at snake games! Now I want to say thank you sooo much Nokia for the early birthday gift! love it sooo much!

And writing this post just now just reminds me I have a photo of my dad when he was young and since this post related to him, I guess there's no harm putting this old picture of him here. (if someday you found it missing, then that means I take it down because you what, right? hehehe) Hohoho but I hope he don't mind. So here's ladies and gentlemen my dad. I've been told so many times by my dad friends that I do remind them of my dad when he was young, we speak alike, we move alike. Well they don't know we even heard the same music. hehehe. so do we alike?

And by the way I think I have to go to world record, I guess I just break my own record for the longest blogpost ever made, hahahaha. Have a great weekend everybody! Ciao!


Anonymous said...

hey what's up? hope your exam fantastic ;) heheheh, i really love your blog. i love your fashion :)

Anonymous said...

glad you back again super talented girl :) aaaw you really grow up. btw on this post my fav outfit from you is the 1st one. nice outwear .enjoy your holiday dear.
PS : i changed my blog name from Joy and Amore to Anita Putri hope you want to re-link. thank you.xx

Akhira Nabilla said...

seriously you're growing up o.O your face looks so mature there :D

Putri Priyatna said...

finnaly u write a post :)

Ra said...

Ohmy,your dad is so cool and u're aweshum *O* I guess,after this i wanna search in YouTube about Janis bcs she sounds so interesting,hehe :3(I mean her music or ugh,stuff like that)

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

woaaaaaaaw! i love your hippies looks evita! i love everything in this post... you awesome! And the photos are so beautifull :)

Hei Echa!


you guys are very similar, from how to stand, and smile. is similar. and of course, just cool.


hmm, btw, where you buy these eyeball necklace? shamanistic it is a local brand? I really like something about the Freemasons, including the eyes. thankiesss <3

Maghfira Rifki said...

totally amazing and very inspiring! i adore you ;)


Aknadya said...

He seems like you!

dunia kecil indi said...

ya, ampun cha.. baca judulnya aku langsung "dag-dig-dug", hahaha. sebenernya waktu kamu twit mau cerita soal daddy kamu aku langsung tertarik, tapi gak nyangka aja kamu bakal sebut janis joplin!
bapakku suka banget sama janis joplin, beliau pernah kasih posternya sama aku waktu kecil. tapi aku gak begitu suka musiknya. aku lebih suka aerosmith, black sabbath (kayanya kita punya kesamaan yg ini, ya? hehe) dan queen.

aku gak coba mirip2in kamu sama aku, tapi seriously, aku tumbuh hampir mirip kamu. aku banyak mendengarkan lagu2 "tua" yg bisa bikin guru aku waktu SD surprise :) kalau kamu lihat postku, kamu bakal lihat kalau di kamarku dipenuhi poster aerosmith dan beatles :)
kakak kamu suka rialto? cool! aku juga suka musiknya. coba deh dengerin blur atau suede, mungkin km bakal suka :)

foto2 outfit kamu miriiiiiiip banget seperti janis! keren!!! (asal jangan ngikutin sifatnya dia aja, ya? hehehe :p). apalagi di foto2 awal, kamu mirip kaya janis kecil! oya, aku juga punya vest mirip kamu :)
sekali lagi, u look so cute as always, cha! cuma kali ini kamu kliatan kaya hippies, hihihi... bener2 ngingetin sama kejayaan rock and roll! (aku belum lahir, ding. cuma yg aku tau dari majalah dan CD ya begitu).
dan iya, kamu mirip daddy kamu! :)))


Adriana Norazian said...

Wow! Your styles are so cool and i like it.Anyway your dad is awesome too like you.Haha..I hope you will always post your stories or new styles.. *wink wink* *flying kisses*

Unknown said...

really love that! as superb as usual:)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

It's good that you're back! Love all the photos, you look cute! :) x

Lalala said...

nice outfit. surely i will youtube about the singers :)

hanny arianty gultom said...

Haloo Dee.. :) you're getting taller i guess.^^ Gee, i love your, hmm let me counts, 12th and 13th pictures... It feels like you're not standing on the chair, it's very loose. I And i love your bone structures in the 13th pictures.. hehe.. yeeah, i am the same era with your sisters and love all the bands, please add blink 182 too... Happy holiday yah de.. ^^

Juliana Wina Rome said...

Very cool post.I love it.You look prettier as a teenage,Evita.

aldilafiramdania said...

Oh my God! you're so cool!
you're the coolest little girl i've ever seen, Evita! *big fansssss*

Fenny said...

OMG! every outfit on this post is awesome!

the first floral outerwear!
the second dress
the third blue sweater! and the shoes!
and the last long orange outerwear!

everything looks awesome and cool!!!

The Fierce Berry said...

I saw this post and suddenly think of Steven Tyler hahah! You look stuning :)


SABILA said...

both you and your dad.. adorable!! keep the good work, cha!! :D

si doel said...

pertamax..pejwan diamankan..

like father like girl..say hi to your father evita. Make him proud.

Naura Alifa Rania said...

cha your dad is so cool !

Mustika Hayati said...

always looove your post & photos!

Maharani Adhara Putri said...

Cha your daddy so handsome! Like his daughter, you! You're so beautiful! <33
Always love ur photo xoxoxo~ <3

Helena Natanael said...

I just love your photography! It's breath-taking, classy but it doesn't clear up your true uniqueness...

Happy Holidays!

Helena Natanael said...

I just love your photograph and fashion ! it's breath-taking, classy but doesn't clear up your true uniqueness.. Happy Holidays!

Mitha Komala said...

your pictures always blow me away! i really love the second look, totally nail the hippy look. <3

putri soe said...

I. Literally. Held. My. Breath.
These are awesome. The outfits are thematic, the scenery is nice, and your dad--no wonder you're so cool!

Can't wait for your next post!

AuL Howler said...

Just wish you got the best!
that's the best thing you can do after you did the best.


So stunning evita!
rock ON!

Lutfi Fadhila said...
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sherlyn said...
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Karina Dinda R. said...

You look more mature now, love all the photos ^^

Karina Dinda R. ♥

Ullalala said...

Yay, you are back! it makes me smile ;) Thank you.
Love the pictures <3

Anya Sinta said...

love that floral blazer, lace dress, and that tribal outerwear! you look great! :)

Tatiana Romanova Surya said...

awesome music you grew up with! no wonder...the coolness we see now!


Izzaura said...

glad you're back Evita!! so eager to see your post again :D

this is awesome! you have successfully channeling Janis Joplin's style into yours :)

love the second look with black lace dress & faux fur vest, the best look!!

p.s: totally like father like daughter.. :P

xoxo, Izzaura

uppmake said...

fantastic blog and awesome pictures!!

Lucca Yoga said...

Awesome, looks like hatter - Alice in Wonderland :D

Lucca Yoga

Herdiana Surachman said...

super great and well done evita, and your face getting looks like Agnes Monica day by day, in my opinion sih :)

Herdiana Surachman

Candela said...

I thought you were in somewhere out of indo. I mean, Indonesian yang tinggal di luar.
Anyway, love the way you always wear something affordable, hahaha^^ Jadi kalo suka barangnya tinggal cari.

Rachel Abygail said...

you are very cool !
i like your styles

visit me:

Nyoron! said...

baru ngeh kalo evita itu 12 O.o
You have a great sense of fashion :D and im not see you as kid as you are

btw suka banget ama old dress punya kk mu heheh. Such as Valentino's dress

lovely blog. i'll follow you :) cao!
keep update evita

rana musika said...

I was wondering where did you got those talents from. and your Dad's pic has answered my question :p

Anonymous said...

you're FANTASTIC<33 looks so stunning.

follow me and i'll follback<3

Larasati said...


aku suka banget foto" kamu
aku suka banget drawing km
love from surabaya :)

comprehend said...

Ini blog Indo O_o?
Btw its cool to have your blogging with fashion updates, that give me ideas to create web where everyone give their updates in blogging like you do, keep doing!

comprehend said...

Also like your post here ^.^


your father look so amazing and handsome

Move said...

ur father same era with my dad. but my dad more like english and dutch artist. btw, your outfit are amazing, you look like janis, thumbs up!


Weird Boga Moga said...

geez you're such an amazing young lady
love your faux fur vest and the blue sweater from your collection, right ?

please check out my blog
it would be an honor to me

wish you all the best :)

Weird Boga Moga said...

geez you're such an amazing young lady

love your fur vest and your blue sweater, from your own collection right ?

please check out my blog
it would be an honor to me

stay superb ! ;)

Ayu Aisyah Siregar said...

i think your dad like you! fashionable! how sweet this post!

check my blog for you who want more grateful


Unknown said...

Hi there i just stumbled upon your blog and realised that you're actually Indonesian. I love finding fellow Indonesian blogger and gosh you're such a stylish girl! I was such a loser when I was younger, I wish I was as stylish as you :) You remind me so much of Tavi!

Nora Finds
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Noonton and Cocobean said...

Hello just wanted to say it's lovely checking out your blog. I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Dongaala said...

Oh my god''
i just loveeee your blog...

I am so following you now..
i hope u take time to follow back!

lots of love..

Hartinah said...

woww adorable!
Chachaaa Happy birthday!!
wish you all the best in 2012 :D

Evelyn Tirza said...

very fantastic inspiring outfit dear! <3
If you see this comment please kindly visit my blog:

C. Belvin said...

you look so absolutly stuningg <3
btw happy b'day :)

Calita Hin said...

evita , u are so talented!

Tara Filliana said...

oh my, young and talented blogger

Blue ocean said...

what a nice style!!!
wuatb for you!!!

mariska said...

love ur long post dear,hhehee..
and OH MAI GAD,,,ur dad was very stylish back then!!!
no doubt if u have great sense on fashion.
looking forward for ur next post


dian ajeng maharani said...

dear sweetie,
i always love reading your blog and i checked your blog almost every day and ended up with a sigh because no new post there. and when i find this new post i was really excited and i love your long post! love your pictures and adore every single picture in your blog. i dont know how to show it but i really really adore you so much. you are talented and sooo cute. you will be a great woman and everyone in this world loves you because youre so lovable!
keep posting dear. you are sooo amazing!

Anonymous said...

super cool blog!

Anonymous said...

You are veryyyy cute! :D i'm loving your style. all over of yours! (:


Febi Purnamasari said...

your dad is handsome <3

Claireta Teressa said...

You're so epic in a good ways ♥
you're the most unique fashion blogger

Anneina Singapore said...

I check some list of fashion blog in Indonesia here and think this is the cutest one :)

Nice to meet you, I'm 16 and will start my own blog by the way.

mutianugrabita said...

I love the 2nd style, and I wanna have all of those bracelets and also your glasses! You got the look dear :D

Seycil Ciceylia said...

OMG, this is an incredible blog with an super talented author..

think i have to follow you from now on.


Anggi Astuti said...


nik said...

Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

pipitta said...

heyy.. even you have the same hairstyle like your father :)


now i know where did you get that old soul :) good for you..

love your blog, chacha..

diahsetia said...

A vibrant and talented teenager. And you are so much alike to your dad. Love you and your blog, dear.

diahsetia said...

A vibrant and talented teenager. And you are so much alike to your dad. Love you and your blog, young lady.

Anonymous said...

my 10 years old niece shud look this style of yours hahahaha I'm sick seeing her wearing pink blue green clothes lol

you look alike your dad so much btw!!!

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