14 June, 2011

If the world was perfect, it wouldn't be ~ Yogi Berra

People keep saying the same thing to me ( well not everyone, but many people... ) they said I probably grow older than my age or saying things like.. I must be lost my childhood life. All I want to say is, I can only answer that question with asking them back ... please define "childhood life" to me first. Because I don't really know how childhood really means or suppose to be, so I don't really know do I have it or lost it.

To me I am normal, I go to school like every other kids, I do my homework and hate it just like every other kids ( and always think whoever made the first idea to give student homeworks is making the worst idea. ever! I swear ever!) I playing kites (on certain season), I playing hide and seek, I playing soccer ball ( and quite good at it. ehem.), I have friends, I have enemies, I have to go to bed at 9 pm ( or 10 when my daddy feeling generous), I begging to stay late so I can play with my computer a little bit longer, I play my playstation like crazy and breaks the remotes twice, I later on forget and abandon my playstation when the world welcoming wii and again just like every other kids. I snuggle with my sisters and with my daddy, we play tickle and I always blow the game.I watch cartoons, I'm in love with Shaun the sheep. I play bubblebath until my fingers got wrinkled and my lips turn blue and never gonna finish my bath until someone force me to. so tell do I lost it? my childhood?

When someone email about her concern I asked her back,how you imagine my life exactly? and I began to asked is that how people thinking how my life is? well that's just ain't right. She said she imagine I choose fashion tv more than kids channel, I go to fashion show everyday and not playing with kids my age and other things... Well this may shock you, but I'm nothing like that at all. Yes I love fashion, but is that make me older than my age? I don't know. maybe yes but maybe not. Is it really true loving beautiful clothes makes me older? I don't really think so. All I can say is most people who meet me in real person said the same things, that they never expected me to be this 'normal kid' they thought I'll be this 'cool' kid, well cool maybe something I'm certainly not. I'm really shy but I can't stop talking to people I know. I'm as normal as it can be. well at least for me. If that is true that I grew older than I should, well I can only accept that, nobody's perfect right? and this quote is so true

If God had wanted me otherwise, God would have created me otherwise.
~Johann von Goethe

So like it or not this is me, too mature or not it is me.

If I am not for myself, who will be? ~Pirke Avoth

What makes me different is probably only what excites me, not like my friends beautiful clothes is the one thing that makes blood rushing to my brain, I shade a tears when I see unbelieveable beautiful clothes simply because the talent whoever made it amazed me. It's weird I know, but is that make me older than my age? I don't think so. And I just don't understand why there's people who correcting other people, like being different is somekind of sin, it's not. World wouldn't be a fun place if everyone thinks and acts the same, it would be simply boring. Why people judging others was weird just because they don't think or act like most of people? when we all know nobody's is the same.

I do not need anyone's permission to be my true self. - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Some said I always look cold in my photos and that makes me look more mature too, well I don't know, to me every piece of clothes have a soul in it, and I just play the character the clothes brought to me, and moreover I don't like faking a smile or I can't faking it is the right word, so if you see me smiling in my photos I guarantee it's not a fake smile just for photos sake. But don't worry in my real life I smile a bit too much, I'm so fun and jolly you know? (only when I get to know you thou... other than that I'm a very shy person) I'll show you how silly and jolly I am, and yes pictures speaks a thousand words so here it is...


























red coat : mini boden
white t-shirt : zara kids
pants : max azria
scarf : vintage
tights : gap kids
shoes : converse
hat : gift :)

Photos taken by : Lillebitte Photography
you can check the complete pictures in my facebook page

And oh! my Little Nuh website is still on the making ( so excited!!!) in a meanwhile please follow Little Nuh twitter @Little_nuh I'm gonna tweet about the update and everything related with Little Nuh there

Good Night people!!!


Kawakib Craft said...

Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth ~Benjamin Disraeli ^_^

Unknown said...

have i told you? that ur the most annoying girl i have ever seen via internet, that i personally think ur ruining the true concept of how a girl shud live her life and i hate you to death??? ...

and SLAP me HARDDDD for that! hahaha, i was totally joking! those guys done even have the right to judge you...i even cursed myself for havent got the chance to meet u in person!!! aghhh...i bet u dont really go to the mall ya evita >.<

my suggestion is that u just take those mails and questions as compliment becos it means ppl do care abt u and u dont have to worry becos u live the happiest life u can ever imagined...and u look gorgeous *as always*

big hugs *komen kepanjangan ya? lol*

cikmegipama said...

hi chacha!! maybe they think u're older than ur age when they read what u've written in ur blog.

the way u write, its beyond from what a girl with same age with u will think of.

btw, i love it. love ur smile, i can feel ur sincerity in u, in everything u've written.

lots of love from Malaysia. =)

Kalyana said...

gosh. i really love you sweet little girl!

Anonymous said...

eeeeeek. you are adorable! love the hat!

Lucca Yoga said...

You're the center of attention. Superb.

Lucca Yoga

Nadia Azka said...

god make us no mistake
follow yourself and you're set :)

KaoRu said...

Awesome :D

Anonymous said...

forget about people said.. i think, u have a different childhood n it makes u look happier than other child. awesome!

ika~~ said...

u have a beautiful smile :))
only u know urself my dear~

Faiza Putri Aisya said...

I really love your style Evita, always cute and unique! You're amazing! ♥

Linda K Wardani said...

chacha makin cantik! aku suka read coatnyaaa!! aaaa... >.<

Anonymous said...

actually, you don't look a year older than you are (12, right?). let's just say, we add 1 year to your age, 13; you don't look any 13. so yeah, i think you're just perfect in you age.

i think, I'M the one looked older than my age (14). see my pics, i look like a college student (i think so?). and i dont like it, i want to look younger than my age :(

btw, i really love your outfit! especially your thights and sneakers


wow, cool!

Pungky Prayitno said...

hahahaha dear evita, let they judge you by the cover, and they will get nothing ;)

love you!

thelazybaker said...

hey cute, yeah coz u look cute here.
I believe that u already had so much fun in ur childhood. take care :)

Bella Francisca said...

I miss you so much vitaaa x) finally I can see your post again! having so much fun in Dufan huh? but I think your red coat and your tights didn't make you sweat. how can? Jakarta is so hot right now.. haha. so sorry to the late replied your comment on my blog, and I just have the chance rite now! hope you won't forget me :) yes, I'm the girl you met at some event in my school (sang timur tomang). it's great to know that you're not forgetting the people easily. and also we both each other took some photo ;) I've already posted it in twitter and mentioned you. well, sorry for talking to much. have a nice day!

xoxo, bee

Unknown said...

awesome outfit! awesome photos!!! love!!!

Mita Adindayu said...

I like your headphones! that's so cute!

mutianugrabita said...

Cuuttee with red :D
I don't think that you grew older than you should, you dressed appropriate with your age. I also love and adore you. Don't worry :D

dunia kecil indi said...

hahaha, aku malah pikir masa kecilmu sempurna. ya, sesempurna aku dan anak2 lain. masa kecil sih gak ada yg salah, mau bandel, mau pendiem, mau suka fashion, mau suka masak, semuanya sama2 natural :)
look at me and guess about my age. orang selalu salah kira bahwa aku masih remaja. padahal usiaku cocok punya 2 anak balita :p
itu cuma look, gak ada yg boleh judge. and i like you just the way you are. setuju kalau kita difoto pake baju harus dapet soulnya. kurang "dapet" aja kalau bajunya vintage tapi kita malah cengar-cengir ;) ditunggu little nuh'nya ya :D

Junadia Silalahi said...

Dont u ever hear them! I think they r just jealous, that they havent done anything like you do. Actually im jealous u too! I wish i could have cool outfit like u do and as popular as you. LOL! But i think u dont look too mature. Im 13 and your style is really good for our age, i think. Btw for those who have twitter pls follow me @junadiasilalahi

Anonymous said...

screw them, live your life as you like it :)

L.O.V.E.FASHION. said...

Chaa, sumpah ini keren bangett :D you're so AMAZING GIRL ! :3 siapa yang foto2in Cha? kereeen :P

Anonymous said...

i like ur jacket,,its cool^^

imok said...

jangan perdulikan omongan orang lain jika kamu merasa nyaman dengan apa yang kamu pakai. belum tentu orang lain itu tau kehidupan kamu yang sebenarnya, karna hanya kamu, keluargamu, orang2 terdekat kamu yg mengerti dirimu. jadilah dirimu sendiri karena itu akan membuatmu merasa lebih baik. keep smile and keep spirit :)

riestya said...

you look so adorable <3
love the whole of this outfit :)
and i love all of this shots !
so gorgeous :)


Noni Setianingsih said...

just forget what people think about you,they just get nothing dear !!

Lisa and Kirana said...

no, i don't think you lost your childhood. your life sounds great. loving fashion of course don't make you lost your childhood.

zuperdzigh said...

I think you are lucky, to know what you really love since you are young,
there are a lot of adults said they lost their childhood just because they never had a dream, they never found what they really like and they feel they are already too old to find their dreams.
based on what you write I believe you are having the perfect childhood :)

Juliana Wina Rome said...

I like your 1st picture, Evita. You look so cool with your dress, from head to toe, especially the red jacket.

uiiunkcikiciki said...

can I meet up with u evita?wanna share some story ireally like your blog 4 sure

I think we had the same taste

uiiunkcikiciki said...

can I meet up with u evita?wanna share some story ireally like your blog 4 sure

I think we had the same taste

Juliana Wina Rome said...

Just want to add,I love ur words "World wouldn't be a fun place if everyone thinks and acts the same, it would be simply boring. Why people judging others was weird just because they don't think or act like most of people? when we all know nobody's is the same." I put it in my FB.Don't worry about what people said okay?To me...u're a genius little girl.

PinkShAdoW said...

Haha.. I feel you de'!! Kalo orang cuma sekedar nanya how you live your daily life mah gpp yah, ga usah pake acara "you are suppose to bla..bla..bla.." aish.. ga usah di dengerin.. just do your thing, and STAY POSITIVE!! :)

Aliyah said...

You. Are. So. Adorable. Dear. <3

Febi Purnamasari said...

cute as always :)

Anonymous said...

Ya ampun Ca, nggak usah didengerin dan diperhatiin orang yg ngatain kamu lebih tua dari usiamu. Nggak sama sekali, sayang. Gaya kamu pas banget kok sama usiamu.

Mungkin orang-orang itu iri karena ketika mereka seusia kamu, mereka tidak memiliki selera fashion yg bagus seperti kamu yg bisa menjiwai sebuah pakaian, atau aura cool kayak kamu ketika di foto. Justru di situlah letak kelebihan kamu yg paling menonjol dan yaa jelas lah bikin orang iri. 2 hal itu yg harus kamu jaga ya sayang, jgn malah dihilangin seperti saran orang-orang yg iri tersebut.

Kalo kamu penasaran gaya seperti apa sih yg lebih tua daripada usia, coba deh sekali-kali kamu nonton infotaintment dan liat si Aurel, anaknya Krisdayanti. Itu baru gayanya tua. Masa umur baru 13 tahun gaya udah kayak tante-tante, pake nenteng tas di tangan segala (you know lah gaya tante-tante pegang tas).

Good luck and Spirit!!!

Bella said...

who says u look order? i say u dont :)

but by dressing up like this, it suits u :)

anyway where did u bought ur coco chanel headphone? it's so unique just like u :)

Titani said...

I like the expression in the picture

Claude C Kenni said...

Lu beneran umur 12 tahun? Wow...
Cara pikir lu soalnya jauh lebih dewasa daripada cewe2 yg umurnya dikali 2 dari lu

Anyway, ga usah peduliin orang ngomong apa, just be yourself
Nice photos btw, you're so adorable

Salam kenal =)

Anonymous said...

i like your headphone.. where did you buy it? :)

CSX girls said...

we love you evitaaa!
no, isn't wrong if someone love fashion. don't be sad of what they said to you, okay? passion for fashion, eh? :)


kenDo said...

may be they just say to much :p
nothing worry about any opinion.. nice to see somesister like you.. and the show must go on :']

Kristel Louisa said...

These pictures are amazing! You look so fantastic.

en la moda

Teddy Bear Princess said...

cha, teddy bear paper bookmark nya udah jadi yah :D check it out!

teddy bear princess

Anonymous said...

i love this song . carla bruni , eh ? quel'que m'a dit ? i love carla bruni :) said...

style look awesome like always :)


Anonymous said...

hi evita, du hast ein schönes blog und du bist sehr toll btw being different is awesome!

Anonymous said...

hei dear.. what a superb blog you have.. cute pictures all above.... and hey, i'm done following ur blog, please do the same.. thank youuuu :)

Fivyolen Qiu said...

ur unique :)

little miss olen ♥

Syamims B said...

You kind of resembled me when I was at your age. I love fashion so much that I had a scrap book with lots of photos of beautiful clothes in it. I even did some sketches of fashion design when I was 11-15. And now at 23, I’m still playing with Barbie dressing up games and other fashion games because fashion has been my passion since I was little. I don’t think it’s a matured thing to do though at the age of 23. But heck, who cares right? We are the one who know who are we, not anyone else. Keep doing what you are currently doing, honey and you will be surprised of what things might have come.

- Kak Mimi (Malaysia)

Valonia Irene said...

that's what happen, life, people judge. but don't take a big deal with it. it's us who know how we actually is right? love your hat! don't know why hehe.

Natasha Selenia said...

You look like other kid! I always adore you, kiddo! Sekarang aku umur 18 tahun dan masih suka main Barbie dan masak-masakkan, hehe.

Natasha Selenia said...

You look like other kid! I always adore you, kiddo! Sekarang aku umur 18 tahun dan masih suka main Barbie dan masak-masakkan, hehe.

Unknown said...

Don't worry about something like that.
There are many people like you out there.

Unknown said...

Can I ask something?
Where and since when you learn English?

I envy you. Even until now I still can't write English well.
I'm nothing compared to you.

Deisha Tamar said...

Hellooo.. Don't you know TAVI?? She also started doing fashion blog at a very young age. Don't worry, some people may be concern because they don't understand or know who you are (like i know.. haha) But look at how many people who enjoys your blog, Evita!


Amalia Pradifera said...

Your blog is breathtakingly-awesome :)

Malindabcd said...

hello Evita!

just so you know, i saw you at dufan that time. im like 5 person behind you at the queue. and we (me & my friend) are so happy to see you. at the first place we want to ask if we can take a picture together. but we r to shy to ask :D

and we r looking forward to see you post this pictures on this blog, and when you finally did we r sad that were not at at least one picture accidentally.

(looking forward to give me feedback too)

I am Nurra said...

your blog is awesome...and also your style..
love your coat, the tights, and shoes.. :))
love it muchhh... <3

well,, kebanyakn org bnyk menjudge qt lwt penampilan kali ya,, q jg srg banget dibilang kayak ibu2 guru,,
pdhl blm ibu2 kok,, :))

menurut q, yg penting qt nyaman aja sama apa yg qt kenakan, asl yg dipakai rapi n sopan, gag mslh sama sekali,, everybody kan punya gaya msing2 :))
well, salam kenal ya chaca.. :D said...



ps: find great clothes in our webstore :)

Pusat Tas Branded Impor said...


Julian Tanoto said...

I adore you a lot! nice shots them all and your look is also great, Btw I've saw ur little nuh brand @the goods dept and they're cool, good luck for you ! :)

Journal J

Delllana said...

Keren bangetttttttt ihhhhh x)

Vania Clarissa said...

really amazed girl :)
i'm a new your fans , Evita .

you are my inspire right now .

my pleasure if you want to visit and follow me back :

but if you don't want to follow me back , no problem you still my inspire :D

Anonymous said...

little evita, I'd like to ask for your permission to take some of your photos into my blog. I'm planning on making a post about several cool kids in town so may I?

I couldn't find your email so I just ask you here.

reply soon,


Herdiana Surachman said...

did you know? when I first saw this blog, I am amazed and stunned to saw young little girl who may have inspired many people.
You have still to listen to them and turn into your way, like your lovely photos, you are still young girl with a red great outfit. Yes, you are 12 yo and still got long road to walk, just walk enjoy your every seconds of your journey :)

Lucky to see you Evita, keep up your fantastic work

Hippiegonemad said...

aww nice to meet you in person evita, you're so cute and i think sometimes we're not meant to be "normal". especially you evita, you're a genius. xoxo

VINA FW said...

As long as I read your posts, I never think "you lose your childhood". Instead I felt at your age you're so wooo cool. And when you grow up, I think you're going to be a successful woman. :D
Keep being yourself, stay cool in your way Evita..

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

Cute photos !! You reminds me of my childhood memories, playing with the marry go round and that starbucks photos made me wanna go to strabuck right away ! lol

Bookworm Bitch said...

You are so wise and inspiring!! Great shots too, what camera do you have? xxx

Mr. Z said...

outstanding outfit with fabulous glasses. you rock the sock!

Angela Jessyana said...

you are so cute and adorable evita, haha. nice outfit! :)

Noralia Ayu said...

love you love you :)

t a l i s h a said...

and all seriousness aside, i just have to tell you that i need and want and would kill for your chanel headphones. where did you buy them?

The little world of fashion said...


mestizay said...

I just stumbled in your blog and I'm just awestruck! you are so awesome!

Definitely following!

Weird Boga Moga said...

hi ! i love your blog so much, and your superb style
you're such an inspiration, please check out my blog sometimes at
that would be an honour to me :)

Rachel Diercie said...

I admired you so much and I am a big fan of your style :) You look so cute! I'm so jealous of you, when I was your age it was all jeans and t-shirt. You make me wanna turn back time!

Mustika Hayati said...

wow! i find amazing blog! !i really like this blog!

Karina Dinda R. said...

SUPER DUPER CUTE!! ;) Following you now ^^

Nces ♥

Hippiegonemad said...

evitaaaa your blog is a dope. i can read your post over and over again! thank you sweetness for your lovely comment on my blog, send a very big hug for your sister from me ok?

Sabila Anata said...

chachaaa long time no talkytalk... ah we should chat more often now. how's junior high? well at least it's better than senior high. btw fyi, itu didufan kan?? and ur wearing all those there? uwow :o

Atika said...

Dear Evita,
I link your blog to mine, because I love the way you think, write n dress n also your life is truly amazing.
Thank you so much Evita:)

K A T H L E E N said...

like the hat and shoes!! enter my giveaway!

Vani Sagita said...

You look sooooo so so so so great on this post!!
<3 it!

anna said...

luv evita

- said...

where you can get you red coat? >.<

Marie said...

I love your blog it is top and also your style

Unknown said...

Love those spotted tights. Very cute and exciting!

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