23 May, 2011

my soul sister

I was always feel blessed because I have two amazing sisters that loves me no matter what, teach me everything I need to know or I should know, bought me nice things even thou I don't ask for it and many other things that makes me feel I am loved. So if many people say I'm a lucky kid I won't say I'm not. I am lucky. Thank you God.

She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she's the reason you wish you were an only child. ~Barbara Alpert

And if you think I couldn't be any luckier than that, you were wrong, because I am. Through my blog I met new people, many new people, we meet personally or only through the wire. And from so many there's soe who some who I make a connection with. They who I envy for their talents. Been many times I was asked who's your inspiration and I answered "I got so many" and I can sure you that they were included in that 'so many' list. I was blessed through my blog I can be friends with these girls who I can proudly called as a sisters, for me they were a sisters too, because they do what my sisters do. They inspired me, teach me something I don't know before each in many different way. Maybe they don't know this, but they were one of the best things that my blog gave me. I got myself new sisters, a soul sisters. what more can I ask?

And I present you my soul sisters, they don't even know I wrote this, so I hope this would supprise them in a happy way. Here we go, I write the list is in no particular order.. lets roll...

Dylan Sada
It's hard to not love her, have been her admirer since like forever. I remember this one day when she sent me message through facebook, I was blown away. Her short message just brighten my mood for a week ehm I guess a month ! She's cool in every possible way, she's a great singer plus songwriter, there's this song from one of tv commercial and I got shiver whenever I heard it, and later on I know she's the one who sing it. crazy. She's one hell of super cool photographer too! you can check some of her work in here did I mention she's a model too? not yet? ok she's a model too! hope one day I can take her picture, geez how can someone have so many talent, ain't the world so unfair? I love her, that's why I'm so speechless when she made a note in her facebook about me, and the title is Little Muse, how on earth is that possible, you're my Muse kak Dylan. Yes you.





Zee Avi
I'm in love with her! period. no explanation needed. Go to her web and you will find out why. You'll be falling in love too, trust me! If God ask me question "if you born again who's voice do you want to exchange with your voice?" I don't even have to think twice I'll asked for her voice! This young lady from Malaysia is bloody talented! I play her song over and over again and never got bored. I somehow addicted to her voice. Through once in a while chit chat on twitter I found out that not only her she has the sweetest voice she also such a sweetheart in person. Can't wait for a day when she will perform in Jakarta!





I once thought that a cool mother is just a myth, you heard it somewhere but there's no proof that it's really exist, just like a story of moster loch ness, there's like a thousand people who said they saw it, but no one can prove it. But this one cool lady prove me wrong. A cool mom does exist. She one rock and roll mommy! and to put more coolness in her, she works as a director! one hell of a job isn't? she prove that women can be a great director too! But the side of her that I love the most, is her mother side, I often cried when I read her blog, esp. her post about hes son that she called Little Monster, you can feel love beaming in her writing. Rumors has it, I don't have mother figure in my house, so through her blog I know now how mother really feel. Love you kak Ups, keep rocking! It's nice to know you and always love our chit chat on twitter!





Tatiana Romanova
Envy. yes I envy her. Her drawing skill is mad as hell! As you might know I'm quite into beautiful quirky and dark thing and her drawing have it all! In love with her work since the first time I saw it. So when she made a draw of me I'm speechless, love it to death. Always been and always have been a fans of her work, Whenever I open her blog I always ready to be surprised by her new work every single time. And she done a good job of surprising me! Keep suprising me kak! and can't wait for your another drawing of me, hehehehe....





A very beautiful young lady from French, always adore her sweet style. We chat quite often through Twitter and email and she always been such a sweetheart. Her looks is always inspired me, I just love how she mixed and match everything and not being overrated! And oh she's also the fashion editor of I know for sure that wasn't an easy job hat's down! Can't wait for a day when I can finally visit french and meet you and other cool ladies from French. such as Andrea and Sandy from Paris Most Wanted! It's already playing in my mind how cool to stroll around town with you guys. That would be one of a dream come true!





Soul sister is :
a) A female who fully understands you, like a sister, but with no blood relations.
b) She is your soulmate, but with no sexual feelings at all.
c) Some one who's soul and yours are so close, its like your sisters.

So there you go, the list of my 5 wonders hope they can inspire you as much as they inspired me. I can assure you that there's so many other people in my list, but too bad it's not enough time in this world to mention them one by one, so I start first with this 5 ladies. Hope in the future I can meet many more my soul sisters and I'm quite sure I will. Next I probably gonna make list of some of boys or man who inspired me as much as this ladies! *kisses to you all!

*all pictures taken from they web or facebook or google, hope they don't mind hehehe...


Slanelle said...

Thank you, what an honor! I feel really happy after reading your sweet post :) I'm listening to Zee Avi, and I'm loving it!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Omg I see that they're very very talented in arts! <3 How sweet of you making a post like this for them!


Lutfi Fadhila said...

you inspire me! yeeaay :D

Stephani Janet said...

sweet post :)

Presticilla said...

Dylan sada from momomilk? i like her. She's beautiful.

Nice post evita. :)

thelazybaker said...

lucky u having two amazing sisters. btw, i adore upi as well. she's trully rock mom, independen lady, n of course smart director :)
but, most inspiring me are ellen page, oprah winfrey, kate sokoler, n gwen steffanie ;)
have a nice day nuh :)

Anti said...

it's really nice if you have sisters that really understand you as your blood sisters, give a good influences to you and inspiring you,,,,hope oneday I have my soulmate sisters,,,but now just me and my only lovely sister...^^

Have a nice day Evita

Anonymous said...

We have the same muse! I heaaaarts Dylan Sada too. And for me she's one of the coolest photographer, model, and artist I've ever known.
And I think me and Dylan have one thing in common, we both have you as our little muse <3

Ari Suci Rahayu said...

wow Dylan Sada
She's amazing :)
lovely post


Aphrodita Wibowo said...

okay now, when i know now u adore Zee Avi like i am too, so u officially be my soul sister lil girl :)


thwany said...

i've also met some great people through my blog as well---it really is a great way to connect with people.

Tatiana Romanova Surya said...

evita! this is truly one of the SWEETEST things anyone has ever given to me...the honor to be one of your soul sisters! thank you so much dear! *big fat red tomato blush blush on my cheeks*

and yes, i have not forgotten my (oh so very late) latest promise to draw you again. the project may be delayed too much with too many unforgiven excuses, but it is not forgotten! hint: "magical mystery tour".

you've made my day, no, my week, no, i think this is always gonna be one of the greatest things ever, all the time!

keep on inspiring, dear you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ca!

Justru daftar 5 wanita yang bikin aku terinspirasi (tapi sayangnya belum bisa mengikuti jejaknya) adalah :

1. Diana Rikasari

Karena dia menyebarkan aura positif. Dia mengajak kita untuk have fun saat ini tapi tetap tdk melupakan masa depan. Dia mengajak kita untuk berpikir positif dan percaya diri, percaya pada talenta yang kita punya dan jgn pernah putus asa utk mencapainya.

Dia juga mengajak cara bergaul yg positif sperti meninggalkan rokok dan alkohol (bagi yg muslim) tapi tidak fanatik / memaksakan / menyudutkan baik secara langsung maupun tidak bagi yang masih melakukannya. Hehehe aku juga perokok dan peminum sih, tapi setidaknya skrg aku sudah meninggalkan alkohol karena aku juga seorang muslim.

2. Kamu!

Ya, kamu. Kamu punya talenta yang begitu besar sampe-sampe sumpah bikin aku breathtaking. Super duper cool! Keep it, ya sayang!

Aku ada sedikit saran buat kamu. Nanti mungkin di SMP banyak temen2 yang iri sama kamu. Ya, kamu memang terlalu beruntung sih sayang :) .Cuekin aja, pura-pura nggak tau. Keep cool tapi tetepp ramah dan rendah hati ya sayang! Pasti orang-orang itu tambah iri, hehehe.

3. Fahrani

Berani jadi diri sendiri! Pede-nya patut ditiru! Meskipun gaya hidupnya kayaknya kurang cocok buat aku karena terlalu wild, ya? Hehehe. Tapi dia tetep cool, lho!

4. Cassandra Niki (Cassey) & Amanda Meirini Sucahyo (Cassey's Mom)

Aku suka bukunya Letters Stories and Dreams. Dia berani mengungkapkan kejujuran sampai yang paling aib sekalipun seperti mama papanya yang married by accident (MBA). Meskipun MBA jelas bukan sesuatu yang baik atau patut ditiru, aku tetep salut lho sama cara didik mamanya. Cool girl and cool mom!

Hehehe, biarpun nggak ada mama kamu di rumah, kamu harus tetap bersyukur lho! Kamu dikasih talenta begitu banyak yang bikin anak seusiamu mungkin bisa melongo. Belum tentu yg mamanya 24 jam setia menunggu di rumah punya kesempatan dan talenta serta keberuntungan seperti kamu :)

Unknown said...

Oh yeah....your soul sisters are just like my dream sisters :)

AuL Howler said...

Thanks for sharing your soul sister's links.

I think I do love their work too.

warm peace from the cool,




kiara leswara said...

wow evita,it's an interesting post :) i love it!
comment my latest post and if you dont mind,would you follow me back? thankies.:)

rana musika said...

you know, my soul sister is you, evita :) this is for real. I do really hope I can meet you someday

Arnold Teja said...

Young. Fashionable. Smart and Talented. I think everyone wants to be your soul sister Evita! By the way I love your Little Nuh collection, I wish someday you'll launch men's collection. I will be very very excited!

adachadisini said...

Zee Avi from Malaysia! whoot whoot!

Hippiegonemad said...

aww i love dylan sada too! nice post evita, you're so sweeet!


Jenn said...

OMG! we almost had the same blog name! haha! i'm loving your blog.

followed! :)

babalisme said...

Ow! Thanks to you now that Train song stuck in my head. I adore Tatiana's work too!

Sukhwa Yoceline said...

so lovely! <3

Anonymous said...

owhhh so nice!! like it ^^

Jewellery Bijou said...

Beautiful pictures!

Felisia said...

i love Dylan Sada and you too, Little Nuh ;)

ika~~ said...

hello dear,since zee avi is from msia,dont u also like upin n ipin?i love them to bits eventho im an adult.heh.btw im from msia :))

JASMINE said...

You're so cool Evita!!

Anindya said...

Slanelle! Yes, she's so lovely.
Love your blog, evita. :)

Blue ocean said...

you're so cool kak,:D

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