04 April, 2011


Hey I'm back!!! Super sorry for being missing for like hundred of years, it's been an exams month, so it's kindda crazy month for me. But now I'm officially back in the hood and ready to introduce you to my and my cousin's brand! yes I'm talking about LITTLE NUH! yihaaaa!!! For you who already had and even sent me a lot of good luck wishes, ( if you follow my twitter there's no chance you haven't know about this, I tweet this news alot!) what can I say? ough (*wipe a tears) you guys are the best! it means alot! really alot!

Do you know there's always this moment when I doubted myself, I hesitated, feel scared and all of sudden got myself feels so insecured, and whoozzz it's all gone just by reading your tweets, comments and everything! God, it's the best mood booster ever! But honestly no matter how confidence I am, that bad thoughts is somehow find their way to slipped inside my mind. I got scared sometimes and the thing that I fear the most is if somehow I letting you guys down, God I hope that's not happen. It's been my nightmare for several night. Arrghh...

I've lived for 12 years in this world, yes only 12 years old , even most of my dad stuff is way older than me, like his gramophone, his vynils, his old radio, his old bike, and other old things my daddy's have. Thinking about that makes me realize how young I am and how there's so many things I don't know about. And I know about fashion is only like what? 5? 6 ? years ago. So this bad thoughts come often, who the hell am I? just 12 and have nerve to make this project? Who am I kidding here?

But knowing there's so many of you that have faith in me, I began to have faith in myself. And I won't say I have the greatest fashion taste, because I don't , but I do know that I love what I wear, and I trust my guts. I have guts that even thou I'm younger than most of other designer, even my knowledge about fashion is like a dust compare to them, even I know nothing about technical (crazy) sewing things but I trust myself that I can make something good, simply because all I want is to make something nice, something beautiful and something comfy for you to wear. Something that I'm dying to wear too. Because all I want is that thrilled feeling knowing someone out there will wear something that I design, it's make me crazy (in happy way) just to imagine it. Please keep your faith in me, because I desperately need that.

and thank God I'm surely in a very good hand, my partner which is also my cousin ( you can see her collection in this post ) is have a very cool talent and I trust her so very much. So cool, sometimes I feel so bad because beside skecthing design she have to be the one who's working on the hard and frustating work ( production, tehnical sewing things and other thing that I don't even understand... ughh ) hehehe but really in mean time all I can do is designing, and making some sketchs but I'm start learning now ( wish me luck on this... hehehe)

So yeah now I'm trying to convinsing myself that everything is gonna be alright, that my worry is normal for everyone who just start something this big ( it is right?) and have you heard this quote? " A lone amateur built the Ark, while a team of proffesionals built the titanic" What great coincidence my last name is Nuh, and it was a Nuh Ark, cool aight? hehehe. And now like a promise, I'll present you some of Little Nuh design, this definitely not all, there's still a lot more, but you have to check it yourself at The Goods Dept. Store at Plaza Indonesia on 4th floor. So here it is, I hope you like it! *kisses!








And because I've been asked so many time to show my room, to redeem my mistake for being M.I.A ( Missing In Action) last month, I will show you some part of my room, well it's more like my working room aka my sanctuary. But so you know it's not a very special room, my room is just like others room, I try to keep it simple and also I've got everything I need in it.




ugh please mind my sleepy look, and sorry about the focus, I'm using tripod for this photos, so yeah ... the photos are ... ( you finish it ) hehehehe









hehehe some of new hat I recently got, the boater and english hat is sent all over the way from France, merci! :)





got this 5 wonders even thou I haven't got the chance to wear it, but I love it love it love it. thank you!! the shoes is from : Kulkith , Decimal Shoes, Loic Loic , shoeizme, flats for Jade (from left - right)

loving my new bag! from Mooze , it's not easy when they ask me to pick the bag from their website I want it all! but I'm falling in love with this one :)

Annnnd for all the drawing lovers, ilustrators, designers all of you, don't tell me I don't warn you, this picture below will cause you drolling over, hehehe yes I'm quite proud with my drawing tools collection, I open some for you, and the rest you can check it out at my facebook album :) in case your courious, but I already warned you, okay. hehehe...




And oh because there's too many photos, I only out some in here, for the whole photos you can it in my facebook album in here. Ciao friends! see you on next post! *kisses!!! good night! don't let the bug bite!


Anonymous said...

haaahh your room is pretty cool, girl. <3 it

and your drawing tools?? you should post some of your drawings you know. *waiting*

rana musika said...

the genius girl is coming back! daring, you don't know how I miss your new posts hahaha,
aaand about your posts
*congratulation for your shop, you made it girl
*your room, the pictures, drawing tools, and everything is just AWESOME *drools* they represent your personality best
*you look cute with pink bunny

Sherley S. Wijaya said...

can't wait to go to theGoodsDept to check out Little Nuh!

Lini Trinh said...

wow you are so talented !!!! welcome back :)

Noralia Ayu said...

i like your room so much ^^


riestya said...

waw , i love all the design of those cloth it's awesome
i'll going to little nuh :D

your room is gourgeos i love it <3


KaoRu said...

Nice! :D

Mita Adindayu said...

evitaaaa you're back! I miss you sooo :*

Kezia Mariska said...

Can't wait to go to the Goods Dept to see LittleNuh collection. All the best for you cha!

Nice room anyway!

SABILA said...

you're right.. I am envy to your drawing tools (drolling over really T.T) wishing for stuff like that for years also for your new posts though.. hihi.. good job!!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love your room so much! I'm going to check out the collection :) X

aisyahnadiah said...

i wonder................... how r u become such a adorable, talented, genius, kid? u just 12. >amaze<

Anonymous said...

thank you for coming back. i am your fan. i very love you and inspired by you.

Anonymous said...

i want i want your crayon set!

Teddy Bear Princess said...

OH MY GOSH. I'm super envy with your room. It's like some pictures in magezines oh my. I really envy with your color pencils and crayon too haha :p
I love how do you take the photos ;)

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teddy bear princess


Teddy Bear Princess said...

I also have visit Little Nuh! :D
aku sempet nyasar loh hehe :p
Tapi collection nya masih dikit yah.. cute catalog! super adore your drawing haha ;)

If you don’t mind please visit and kindly left some sweet comment on my blog
teddy bear princess


Anonymous said...

evita... foto terakhir,pensil warna and other drawing tools... itu bagian yang paling membunuh... yep, iam dead for 1 minutes after seeing that drawing tools photo. pencil,crayon,lots of color,gossh!! *drool

oiya salam kenal :D emm... udah lama baca blogmu tp baru skrg komen *foto alat menggambar memacu saya* utk komen*

well,see ya! semangat berblog ria,sukses untuk proyek bahtera mininya *baca: little nuh* :')

diankurniautami said...

cha, jual online ga sih ini??hehe
soalnya aku gbisa ke plaza indonesia sampe liburan. tapi beneer beneer mauu blazeernyaa. kewwl.
mr.penguin type!

Lutfi Fadhila said...

bagus banget :D
mau dong pensil warnanya. hihi

Lisa and Kirana said...

to be honest, evita, i adore your room sooo muuuuucccchhh and your photo on that frame which is on your table, i love that photos. and little nuh, gonna buy them real soon :D

Unknown said...

you're room so cool!! i <3 it

Melissa Tjioeputri said...

oh gosh evita, i drool over ur room. how i wish i can have a room like yours !
gorgeous photos as always evita, and i love the blazers on little nuh, gonna buy it soon.
goodluck for the shop evita !


Hippiegonemad said...

OMG i love your orange pants evita and your room is to die for! LOL

Anonymous said...

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lustigeshop said...

keren banget new collectionnya...btw, is it affordable to kids? btw, visit my shopping online blog, will ya?

Lutfi Fadhila said...

evita, in my opinion, you should be the model of LITTLENUH catalog. it's going to be better than those graphics. coba deh, soalnya kalau kamu yg pakai, pasti lebih lucu dan lebih hidup

Sum said...

You have the most tidy, most beautiful room! A little jealous. One thing's for sure, you have got style! :)

babalisme said...

Good luck on your exams and congrats on your new clothing line! And Yes, your room is what I always pictured it would be. Are you predictable then, no, dearie, I guess I'm too good imagining things :D

Unknown said...

Last weekends I went to Goodsdept but I can't find little nuh :(

Faida said...

ENVY!! >.<
your room is super cool,dear.
The first thing that caught in my eyes is the top hat. i hope you'll wear it on your next posting. :)

If you don't mind, i made a draw of you from your look on my blog.

anjieya said...

Wow... yes u right, im drooling for pencil color, im dreaming to have it too. (~~)

sekar said...

waa, mau karandasnya >.<

Aloysia Adinda Nareswari said...

Hi, kak Evita! Sorry if I called you with "kak" cause i'm one year younger than yiou ^^, I hope I can come to your store, and I want to said your bedroom is really pretty and cool!

Shangdieva said...

Hi evita!
two thumbs up for your room also photography. like it very much!

and....if you don't mind,please check out my blog

Unknown said...

Wow...talented girl!

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