27 March, 2011


In some number of interview I’ve been asked the same question, and if my little brain (with bad memory) is not mistaken, my answer to that question is might be inconstant, that’s not because I’m an inconsistent person, but simply because I don’t really know the real answer yet. So I’m just guessing and mumbling around. That question is my friend is, ‘What is your dream ?’ or ‘What do you want to be when you grow up? ‘ I’m only 12 and that question for me is like 10 years too early to be asked. How can I tell ? I have no idea, the only thing in my mind, whatever I became nonetheless it must keep me still as a good person, whatever it might be, it will make my daddy, sisters and my family proud.

As simple as that. and how do I decide what I want to be when I’m in twenties? It’s just not make sense the 12 years old me, making decision for twenties me? Because in my mind my twenties must be smarter and wiser than 12 me, so let her choose what she want to be. Do you think like that too? Or it’s just me?

Maybe I already said it in my other post (or tweet?) in my family my dad has this motto ‘’ You want it ? Work for it! ‘’ and he is serious about that. Of course our needs totally on my father, but I’m talking about things that they want, not they need. I saw my sisters working their ass of on this project, on that project and many other projects since they were in high school, yes they making their own money. I want that, yes I really want that. I’m so proud that my sisters is not just sitting around burning my fathers money (not literally… yeah you know what I mean right?) make me more woow-ed because actually they know they can.

Well of course I’m different, I’m still a kid and as the youngest child most of the time ( I must admit) I always got what I want, if it’s not from my dad then it’s from my sisters. My dad also said that his motto it’s not valid for me YET. He said I’m still too young, and like my sisters that motto will start to be valid when I’m in high school. But as far as I can remember, I always dying to start to make my own money, well my motto is the sooner the better. Right? Is it normal? Please tell me it’s normal. Hehehe.

I only want to working on something I love. Period. I do believe everything will be much more better, much much more splendid if you put some love into it. So when this opportunity come to me there’s no way I said no. ( Yes here comes the good news I mention before in my twitter) That opportunity my friends, is to start my own brand, yes my own clothing line. Do you remember my cousin from my last post? I’ll be working with her! It’s funtastic! ( yes you read it right, FUN + FANTASTIC! Hehehe) The days that I’m crazy to find something I can only imagine on the shop is finally over, now if I want to wear something I can make it, I can wear it, and you can wear it! Crazy right? as 12 me, I want to when I'm in my twenties I will look back and dying to have a time machine so the twenties me can say the greatest thanks to 12 me for making her journey is easier. I really hope someday when I look back there's nothing to regret for. I crossed my fingers!

There are like hundreds email who asked me to help them shopping, help them decide what to wear, I’m dying to help, really really do. So with this I’m practically dressing you up right? Hehehe. It’s all I can wish for to design clothes for girls my age, because I do know, we don’t have alot options. Were too old wearing that cartoon’s shirt and were too young wearing those teenagers clothes, it really is frustating. That’s why I’m so excited with this project, I even called my clothes as my babies, and I hope you will love my babies as much as I do! ( but don't worry , the size is quite big, it for 9 - 15 / 17 years old ) I promise I will tell more about it on my next post along with some designs! (pinky promise!) And if movie has something called triller I’ve got something called teaser, so here’s my design teaser for you :D wish me a very good luck okay?! hehehe


What a post without outfit post right? Hehehe here’s for some people who asked do I wear clothes in my blog on my daily life? Well most of it yes ( Why do I bought it if I’m not wearing it? Hehehe) but the crazy ones, nah’. But I do wear this in my daily life. So here it is, this time I’m out of my shell (not in my studio or green field near my house) And oh, tomorrow is Monday already, don’t let bad mood catch you! *kisses yawl!! (as always there's gonna be a lots of pictures!)




















All pictures are courtesy of LILLEBITTE Photography

Hat : gift
green coat : mini boden
flowery and white shirt : zara kids
flowery scarf : zara kids
blue shawl : GAP
belt :zara kids
short pants: old navy
polkadot tights : kate spade
shoes : sepatu lukis spotlight
( it's hand painted shoes! love it so much!)


Akmal said...

Cha !!!! are you kidding me ? it's so awsome post ! you are amazing girl ! Indonesia must proud with you Cha ! i'm wait for all your new post :D and today :) i allready read it !!!

Dana Paramita said...

hey i love your teeth :D

Dreamy Princess said...

Love the upcoming Little Nuh, dear!(:
Hope you'll always live in passion for fashion!

Love your pics! You should be modelling and designing at the same time!

Dreamy Princess

riestya arum permata said...

always love your outfit :D


M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

wow thaat's really a big news evita! good luck for your little nuh :) can't wait to see the collections.
i love your otfits for sure! you look great as usual :)

Mainur Hasnah said...

good luck with ur brand :)

claradevi said...

Ahh congratulations!
It's a huge step, but still i believe you're getting beyond that.
goodluck for everything... you little magical. :)

Sunflares Plethora

Miy said...

Miy and all the liliputs of luck will lined up by your side! All the support and wishes go to you and Little Nuh. Great venture, little one.. ;)

The Picnic Girl

dunia kecil indi said...

foto2nya bagus. kamu keliatan ceria dan cute, tapi muka kamu jauh lebih dewasa dari post sebelumnya :)
hmm, aku rasa usia 12 gak terlalu muda untuk ditanyakan cita2. sejak aku umur 12 aku "tahu" bakal jd penulis and here i am now :)
gak sabar sama "little nuh"nya (aku punya shop, ternyata sama2 ada "little"nya, hahaha). kira2 aku masih muat gak ya pakai baju usia 15'an? ini size'nya gak akan mungil2 amat, kan? soalnya banyak remaja yg badannya besar, lho...
(padahal itu sih karena aku mau ngikut pake juga, hihihi).
btw, kalau ada waktu, silakan mampir ke blog'ku. thanks :*

Bungakopi said...


Ishawi said...

Oh girl! Your amazing! I'm impressed!

Indah Nainggolan said...

whoaaa, a lot of smiley photos :):) you're really cute:):)success for your career!


the blankiehang said...

i alwasy heart your expression de.. :) very natural.. ^^.. cool you already got your store in the Plaza Indonesia?? super duper cool dum dum.. ^^.. and you know evita, i have this little niece that look juts like you.. her face and her whatsoever expression.. hehe, btw I've sent you an email, i wondered whether you read it or not..:) thanks.. ^^


Anonymous said...

hey ey :D your style is totally rock! love it

maya said...

congrat dear nuh. i love to call u nuh :) n yess, this is a big news. wish u the best. congrat ya :)

AMINTA said...

You are absolutely right darling!! You are only 12 , stop ASKING.... take your time, enjoy, be happy! You will find out at the right time.
Your fan from spain muua!


Rina said...

love the jacket and love u! :D

i tell u,my lovely girl, u have a very cute face!love it

kiss kiss


Selphie Usagi said...

i think it's okay to 'decide' your dream when you're 12 years old, since i decided to be a fashion designer when i was 10 years old, and here i am now, but still freelancing and studying in fashion school haha..

and really, can't wait for Little Nuh! can't believe a 12 years old cutie has a fashion business minded. when i was your age, i just drew some gowns and didn't have any idea how to make them real. and of course you can! :) you rock!

Jessica Jillian Widjaja said...

Pasti mampir, meski bajunya ga seumuran gw.. GO Little Nuh!! Biasanya cuma jd pembaca pasif, tapi kali ini ga bisa kalo ga comment... Kerennn. Have a faith dear!

Jessica Jillian Widjaja said...

Yang biasanya jadi pembaca pasif kali ini ga bisa kalo ga comment. GO Little Nuh!! Nanti pasti mampir meski baju2nya ga seumuran :)

Have a faith dear!!

martha puri said...

congratulation cha for you and you little nuh :)

Mama Tatara said...

Good luck with your Little Nuh. I just love your style. I am planning to visit Jakarta again and wud love to visit Little Nuh and buy some cloths for my kids. Hope your brand will be out before my visit.

Lutfi Fadhila said...

goodluck with your label. i will buy it. I WILL. hehe. congrats, you've got your 1st costumer ;)

cha, mampir dong ke blog aku. give comment, and i will fly to heaven if you do that. thanks little 'angel' nuh ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulation ya sayang, tetap jadi dirimu sendiri, tetap jadi Evita Nuh yang membanggakan dan rendah hati :) .Insya Allah, aku yakin kamu pasti bisa :) .Sekadar ngasih tau berdasarkan my last experience, biasanya di masa remaja (SMP & SMA) seseorang akan lebih labil dan terombang-ambing mencari jati dirinya, contohnya aku. Semoga kamu enggak ya, tunjukkan pada dunia, Hey this is me, this is Evita Nuh :D .

Keep spirit!!!

Olivia said...

I love this ensemble! You look very cute!
Congrats for the upcoming clothing line! I can't wait too see it at goods dept :)

copyproof said...

hai! I'm holding my breath now. Rrreeaaalllyyy cant wait for your OLstore!! wish it wont be expensive tho.. :)

Pramudita Puspita said...

hi..mind to check each other? let's be friend! mind to follow me? i'll follow u back then =)
nice blog btw

Anonymous said...

great smile cacha.. kaya anak-anak, anak-anak yang keren tapinya :D

Cliff said...

... (wait a minute im still speechless)

I know I am not your special one like ur family to feel proud of you, but I DO!!! You are so amazing and you are so talented and you are so humble. I am sure you will be greater and britghter, so please kiddo keep your head down, keep being humble, and I know that you're such a kind girl :) Good luck for your own clothing line!!!


Maria said...

Wow! You're just awesome young lady! Keep it up! x0x0 - Maria

Visit my blog / style portfolio:


duniaku said...

wow, really amazing !!!

Darrell Erastania said...

ahhhh chacha damn COOOOLLL :D:D aku sukaaaa bangett hehe :D


Darrell Erastania said...

luv you!

Ratih Ravenclaw said...

Please follow me at twitter: @ratihravenclaw

Anonymous said...

looooooveeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu muaccchhhh :)

z. said...

i think you're really sweet :)

eiphel mercedes said...

aaaaaaaa,i'm smiling in front of your picts just like a fool , I LOVE ITT!!!!!!

great pictures, you have a lot of confident :D

btw, may i know what is the song in you blog? and what's that mean?
thanks :D


Laura. said...

J'adore !
ps: le blog reprends

Lisa and Kirana said...

waiting for little nuh! wish the best for it..:) i have fashion line too.. if you dont mind to check it, just open my blog thatmeltingcheese.blogspot.com btw, love your brief case

Ritokas said...

Nice collection of photos! Like a lot of makeup and accessories used.

Anonymous said...

such agreat outfit :)

Anonymous said...

great :)

Jennifer said...

New post!! i always get excited everytime i see your post:D really supporting you about the clothes project and just can't wait to see and buy it!!

mutianugrabita said...

girl, you rock!

Juillet Clair said...

Great blog! :D


Sarah said...

Great blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)


Fz Whb said...

kamu tuh cute bangtt deh. ^^ i followed yr blog. comel

Admin said...

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Anonymous said...

lho topi pilotnya sama ky punya anakku yg ms 9 bulan :D

Agata Wijaya said...

can't wait to see your little nuh.

Cindy Karmoko said...

ah-mazing photos and i love your green jacket!!! xoxo


shmilysara. said...

You are such an inspiration to all of us.

Much love from Malaysia,
Sara Yazmin


Sum said...

These pictures are perfect! Please dress me! I can't wait for your store!

Lady Jersey said...

I love it !!!!
I'm found of your blog !!



diarysibodoh said...

i verry like your blog !

Diplo said...

Tu as vraiment un style unique un style qui t'es propre et a 12 ans ça me scotche a ton age j'etais encore avec mon eatspak et mes converses pas la meme generation sans doute mais voila ce ptit commentaire pour te dire que je suis impressionnée par ton sytle et ton assurance Les photos sont superbes aussi ^^

DIICHILD said...

wow your so small thing cute ..
follow my blog sist ----> http://deardianblog.blogspot.com/

Noralia Ayu said...

i always falliin love with your blog.. :*
"Great Little Nuh"



harlequinn said...

Hi ^^ i've been here before and I've read some of your posts. I'm not really into fashion like you do but I have to say that you are probably the most amazing 12 yo girl I've ever seen :)

I'm 20 yo, but I still don't know what exactly I want to do in life~ you're luckier because you seem to have found your passion.

"I only want to working on something I love. Period. I do believe everything will be much more better, much much more splendid if you put some love into it." << I agree with this statement. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck for your upcoming clothing line ;)

AnnaMoon said...

Hi! Funny photo shoot:)))

maya said...

yuhuu nuh, I have an award for u. cekidot ya:

NikitaTequila said...

Oh my, that's amazing! I mean... your blog! I can't believe that you are only 12!!! - Keep up the good work - you are amazing! - Nikita Tequila


Widuri said...

hay hay,,lam knal yaah...km fashinable bgt n outfitmu oke okeee,,,it's fit you n you looks amazing little nuh...

arni said...

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