07 January, 2011

first hello in 2011!!

Hello people!!! yes I'm back, yes finally I updating this abandoned, neglected blog, but before screaming HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, I think it's the right thing to do for me to say I'm so sorry for my very late update, my laziness you will forgive me right? pleaaaseeeeee... (Sad puppy eyes) yes I got all your angry notes, the soft one, the angry one and even the fury one. I accepted it all and from deepest of my heart I’m apologize to you all, I know there’s no excuse that good enough to tell you and all I can say is that I’ve been pretty busy lately, school thing, family vacation, new year eve, my birthday, ups! Did I just say it? Yes!! New Year eve is also my birthday!!! I’m 12 now!!!! And you know is the right thing to forgive a birthday girl, hehehe just got some cool prizes from my birthday and will show you in my next post! :D

Okay now it’s the time! HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!!! Wish you a very good luck through all this year! *cheers!! Ough 2010, there’s so many thing happens to me in 2010, great thing mostly, and I just can’t believe it, it’s almost 3 years since I’m first blogging! Maybe it’s because I’m 12 now I’ve become wiser and many new thought struck me. Who would even guess that my little joy to playing with clothes and with this little blog of mine would bring me so many great opportunity, great experience and so many new friends! Never ever cross my mind, not even a bit. Something I just can’t thanks enough and all my thanks go to you, my wonderful reader. *kiss kiss!

Hmm just like every other year making resolution is not something I'm good at, the truth is resolution is like a promises, and I don't like making promises. But for this year I will do a little resolution not really resolution but something like that. I will talk some pieces that left behind in 2010.

1. Something that have been bother my mind lately, got many letter about it and I know I must do something about it, some of you maybe realize I don't really reply comment like I used to do, and I know that is something wrong, I've got this email who says to comment is like a "Hi" and like every other Hi, you must say "hi' back, actually I know that, but it's not something easy to do, the problem is always been time, theres never enough time for me, so many things to do and so little time, it's frustrating. So I don't make any promise or something, but I promise I'll do my best, from now on, I'll try to say hi back to you.

2. about my lack of post, I know right? hahaha. Just so you know I also mad at myself. But seriously making a new post is not as easy as it looks ( well it's for me thou..) I mostly find myself exhausted after school and so many other course, and that keep making me postpone my photoshoot and same old excuses I know, but time! I always dealling with lack of times, ough how I wish I have all the time in the world! So for this new year wish I found some new way for my time management, wish me luck will you? :)

3. For some of you who read my formspring, all I want to say is, thank you! it's been wonderful, I always love to answer funny question, serious question or any question! but for my birthday gift, whoever you are, would you promise me to do this, for me? STOP ASKING ABOUT MY MOM, for God sake it's private, there I say it. Yes I don't live with my mom, it's my choice and yes she's a live, so if you smart you might know why. And yes, of course I love her, for it's worth she's my mother, she brought me into this world and I'm not somekind of ungrateful child. So please it's hurts enough knowing not like my other friends who when they come home there will be a mother who waiting and make a home cook dinner, while I always have a dinner outside just with my dad ( my sisters is live on their own apartment, so it's just me and my dad ) sometimes it's fun, but you know. not always fun. I do miss homemade dinner, lunch, breakfast. My dad always try to cooked for me, but it weird when me and my friends open our lunch box and saying "my dad my dad made this for me.." instead of saying "my mom made this.." My dad is trying so hard to makes me happy, I couldn't thank enough to God for giving me the best father someone could have but everytime I read that kind of question it always bring the worst in me, I become moody and everything, so please just don't. It's hard already without someone rubbing it to my face all the time.

4. Smile in my photos, hahahaha people said it, I always have an icey face in my pictures, want to know the reason why? it's the clothes! seriously everytime I put on a dress I instantly feel how I'm suppose to pose, capture the soul of the clothes and mostly it's icey and the second reason is my big teeth!!! I have this super huge teeth! hahaha and I'm too shy to show it to you, but if you insist, well okay, check out my pictures! :D

I guess that's all So once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! wish you all the super best!!!

so here's my many big teeth ehm I mean pictures to share... hehehe
















hat : gaudi
jacket : it's an old jacket of my and I cut the brand tag hahaha
shirt : gymboree
white pants : zara kids
socks : gap
shoes : Yongki ( bought in on sale! only 5 dollar! ) :D


Berlin said...

You have a cute smile ! Seriously ! Haha.. :)

oNiy said...

nice outfit on a nice model.
anyway, it's a beautiful smile, sugar.. :)

mollyjinxed said...

hey! so glad for your updates!. just stumbled upon your blog few days ago and oh boy i've read all your posts!.

really amazing girl u are. love your fashion sense and your sincerity and honesty in writing and perception in life

happy 2011, wish you meet more new great ppl. and write more.


Ario Achda said...

horaaay, ur back!!!

btw, ur so tall !!! geez, wondering how tall wud u be when ur 17!

and i love ur camera. is that EP-1? want it so bad!

ps: u must have the best dad in the world, he cooks for u!!! :) keep smiling girl ^.^

and HAPPY NU YEAR !!! may u have a brighter year

ps: no, u dont have to "hi back" at me. lol

Anonymous said...

green and green...from the top to the bottom. Can u teach me how to make that amazing photo? Oh just a joke.

wikigirl said...

Happy new year! These photos are so happy and bright :) I love them.

Anonymous said...

happy new year coolest kid in town

Fashion Part of My Life said...

itu keren Cha sumpaah !!!

fashionpartofmylife.blogspot.com :)

Honeyvha said...

I've been waiting your new post and it feels like ages ! gosh , I'm so happy seeing your new post rite now .

btw , happy birthday evitaaaa :D

bestie said...

Belated Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! You really have such an inspiring style, I can't get enough! I've been stalking your blog for a long time but I think this is my first time to comment... just wanted to tell you you have the cutest smile! (: keep it up, I hope you have an awesome year ahead. <3

Little Marguerite said...

Très jolie. :)

Ms.Lovender said...

You git nice picture! Love it. You like nice with green color.

Leija said...

Happy birthday little miss Evita! Saya mau minta ijin to refer to you in my blog dan pake fotonya juga ya. Full credit goes to you, and of course I linked this site :) kalo keberatan, kasitau aja ya! Once again, happy bday, happy new year. Have a great one!

Amalia Hani said...

happy new year, too........

Trie Diksi said...

happy new year to you too! oh and happy birthday!
and i looove your different poses this time! YES, those are some huge teeth you got, but you know what--they make me wanna smile & show my annoying teeth to people beside me! hehe
anyway, always, cool post!

The Spoof.

Arnold Teja said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & HAPPY NEW YEAR before. Better late than never, right? :D

Okay, I love your smile, so natural. Your outfit is totally great!

ps: would you mind to link me? :)

Much xx,
Arnold Teja

tiaraaa said...

Happy birthday Miss Evita :D
Aaand you know what, you look soo cute when you smile! Adorable ;)

MI said...

omg! u look very pretty when u smile :)
i love the hat btw :)

mecaonic said...

kamu cantik kalo senyum :)

and i've had the exactly same BIG tooth like yours, and i got "vampire" as my nickname..

and in my 2nd grade high school --> akulah si gigi kawat :D

Irvina said...

wihiy, Yongki Komaladi only 5 dollar? kewl ! :D

btw, hepi nu year and hepi bday evita. wish you all the best.

makin gede makin asoy deh blognya. love youuuu, uuuh pengen deh dijadiin adik :p

Owen said...

you look cute in that green jacket. love your smile! gorgeous :)

Irrish said...

I love this, u have a cute style, I wanna your hat hahahaha

Jenni said...

Welcome back, and happy birthday! I really like this outfit. It reminds me of something a stylish older gentleman from Miami, Florida would wear, in the best possible way!

chie suci utami apsari said...

great outfit


minheeonnie said...

happy birthday for you, Evita Nuh! now I almost turning 11, haha, almost... I want to meet you by the way.. :) This is my first comment, and.. happy new year too for you!
Saengil Chukka Hamnida(korean)!

Janina said...

These pictures are so cute!! I like it ((:


Aki No Yuutsu said...

warm and springy look!

Kay Jay See Bee said...

I love the last picture.

Dini said...

happy new year and happy birthday (belated one, sorry). akhirnya datang juga! I've been waiting for your post!

F005 said...

finally! :D

wish all ur dream come true!

XoXo ...

Ellen Farida said...

Happy new year too! I follow your twitter and your blog :)


Ladinia DalinTasya said...

it's really nice to read your post and see your amazing photos again :)
i love your jacket especially the color
and i always wonder who photograph you ? is it your sister ?


M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

Finally evita, you post something in your blog...

love your photos so much :)and i like your shirt and your hat, too adorable :)

Sam Wahyudi said...

happy birthday! :)

Carmen said...

Love these photos, and your adorable green jacket! Too cute!

Carmen Ri.

inge luciana said...

wow.. 5 dollar for yongki? supeer cheap..lucky u girl :)

Edwina said...

You look really cute as always dear.. Even cuter when you're smiling. :)

Flickering Moonlight

Pu Chan [Rahmi Izzati Putri] said...

Hi Evita.. :)
GLad to see your newer post..
I've been waiting so Long, hehehe.

And.. i Love your bright smiLe!! :D

DJ Fitting Room said...

cool n cute :)


Hany said...

Happy new year too Evita :) be strong girl! keep creative, kind hearted, and SMILE! I love your smile ^^

Arstcrylique said...

I love these pictures, the colors are so brilliant and the location fits perfectly with your outfit.
Like it.

Gina said...

you're indescribable!!


Juliana Wina Rome said...

I love the jacket.


Hello....wow, amazing blog!! love it!

Feel free to check my blog page. With love, Sandra Azwan

dunia kecil indi said...

Lol, I have a big teeth too! And I proud to show it in front camera.
You should be proud too, because you cuter than me ;)
Please visit my blog sometime, hope you like it :)

Claudia Paola. said...

Your blog is so cute!! And so are you!! :D I love your wallpaper and your hair cut!An awesome hair cut like that is definitely the best accessory.. I'm thinking of cutting my fringe like that, too!

*Claudia* x
Molto ❤ Fashion

IzzahSazahly said...

happy new year and happy belated birthday!

you have such a sweet smile :)


Ϩtεℓℓα said...

hi Evita! i´m so glad to have arrived to your blog. it´s incredible how much talent you have being so young! :) you´re a great inspiration, dear.
i´ve had a look at your posts and i´m amazed *__* i like how you aren´t stuck in just one style, but you wear many different types of clothes. and you give them a personal touch.

i hope you have a wonderful 2011!

íf you´ve time, please have a look at my site ^__^

où dorment les étoiles

sararocks said...

Green is good, dear Evita! Green is good :] You look way cuter with this color hahaa

uul said...

hello dear....

u look nice, but im very curious about da pictures that u taken on ur camera.... can u share to us? many thanks

best regards

fashionvic(tim) said...

Your face is really interesting and I like it when you laugh on the pictures :-)

ayui said...

i love your smile and the outfit :) so happy for ur update hihi


ayui said...

i love your smile and the outfit :) so happy for ur update hihi


GRICIA said...

Lots of teeth Cha..nice smile ;)
Anyway u look much grown up here..


Mode Critique said...

Great feeling due to 2011! :D..
Love the focus on you and blurry background of greenery to also collide with what your wearing. Well done dear! :D

anni said...

Stunning photos ! You look so adorable <3


Sisa System™ said...

I love it, when outfits are color-coordinated!
Love especially this style!

Luv, Sisa-System!

Ϩtεℓℓα said...

thanks for your comment, dearest! ^-^
the cat isn´t mine, though i wish he was! :D he lives free in my village, so i´m with him when i go there.

wow! eight cats! lucky you, i´ve always wanted to have one at home...

have a sweet day!

Anonymous said...

Good Evening, Cha...
Cha, gak usah ditanggepin orang-orang yg saking gak ada kerjaannya, kerjaannya nanyain mama kamu dimana terus. Diemin aja. orang-orang begini gak ngerti privacy apa ya?

Mungkin kamu sering ngerasa gak adil, orang-orang lain ada mama yg setiap hari nemenin di rumah tapi kamu nggak. Wajar, iri emang sifat setiap manusia. Tapi apa kamu gak pernah berpikir, kalo kamu tuh sangat beruntung? Gak semua anak punya papa sama kakak2 yg sayang banget, gak semua anak punya wajah imut kayak kamu, gak semua anak cerdas berbahasa inggris kayak kamu, gak semua anak bisa bikin blog bagus kayak kamu dan gak semua anak dikasih kesempatan sama Allah utk menunjukkan bakat & kecintaannya kpd dunia. Bersyukur ya sayang, jgn kamu sampai kamu jadi 'down'.

Psst, tau nggak? Ga setiap mama itu menyenangkan lho. Mungkin di luarnya aja keliatannya gitu. Kamu tau nggak, mamaku tuh orang berepndidikan padahal, tapi dia SAMA SEKALI gak pernah dukung bakat & minat aku. Padahal aku kan juga pengen nunjukkin sama dunia kalo aku tuh juga bisa jadi special teen.

Spirit, Cha!!!

Heart Charlie said...

I love your outfit, the combo of white and green is superb! That little hat completes you look, adorable :)

michellehendra said...

this is so cute! green is such a fresh color! just like seeing you and your blog :)

super in love with the hat, the stripey socks and your jacket :)


Méliné said...

You're really amazing ♥

alia pewe said...

i love your smile :)

Shila G said...

ah you've grown up into a sweet girl :)

t a l i s h a said...

dear evita,

i may not be the first to tell you that your sense and wit will go a long way. you are a special, strong girl, and i know for a fact that i'll be around to watch you grow into an even stronger woman. don't mind those who are curious about you.. they just pay too much attention about you, but that's only because you are really worth paying attention to (:

on a much lighter note, i think you look really good in green :D

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