23 November, 2010

what inside my bag

Hello guys! How are you? Hope you doing okay! Are you missing me already? Hehehe , I hope you do. Nope today you will not find me in any fashion shoots, but I'll do something else. Just like ten billion people out there, curiosity is in my blood. It’s in our blood. I don't know why, but don't we all love to take a peek in someone’s secret? I don't know it's just me or you do too, when I'm in my car and when the red is light, and there's another car who stops right beside my car, and in that car there is this boy who just look into the windows, looking so sad I always wonder and questioning, what in his mind? What is he thinks about? What makes him so sad? Curiosity...curiosity... is that happen to you too? Or when I saw this cute little cat in the corner of the road, soaked up in the rain always curious is he or she cold? Is she/he still having mom to come home to? Is someone out there are crying and running in the rain trying to find her/him? Again curiosity...

Hehehe based on number of question in my formspring I kinda know that there's so many of my you who have interest or have some curiosity in my private life, for some question I do answer it, but so sorry for some question that in my opinion quite too private and over the line, so sorry you won't get any answer for me. My lips are sealed. hehehe. But since makes you happy is something I love to do, I would love to share this for you, the most private thing a person can have( Nooo..... I won't read my diary for you, not in a million years! hehehe. ) Then again you'll be bored to death if I do so, my diary is only full of my daily craps, you will fall a sleep just when I read the opening hahahaha .... So I will share something that more fun to see, maybe with this you'll get more hint of what kind of person I am, get to know me a little better, make you less curious. hehehe.

Like I said in my previous post, I've got daddy who always been an adventurous man, and as his travelers mate I have to be prepare every time, I learn to pack my own bag, learn to prepare my own thing. Make sure I won't curse myself when I get where we head, so whenever we go, this is some that I bring with me, some stuff that I cannot live without. Hehehe.

I present you
My travelers bag!


what is inside? tadaaaaaa.......hehehe



Wait, of course my sweet travel suitcase won't travels alone, he's got this cute furry pink bag as a company ( don't ask me why I have so many pink stuff in my suitcase, that is what happening when you asked your too girlie sister bought stuff for you... sigh... hehehehe, but I must admit it's quite cute)



this cutie furry bag is for my goldie, my sony vaio p series ( you probably asked the same question like a hundred friends of mine, why you picked the gold one? because it's rare that's why hehehe...)


here's all the full crew... minus my camera ( I used it to take this pictures )
here's the list :
1. tissue
2. Hello kitty mask ( you know how air condition lately...)
3. bodyshop comb
4. peppermint candy
5. harmonica
6. Lula magazines ( but it's change depends on what book or magazine I currently read )
7. note books ( always, always bought this, you never know when idea strucks! )
8. cute pens, hehehe
9 chocolate candy, for the sake of my sweet tooths ;P
10 sony vaio
11. hello kitty wallet ( next time I'll show you what's inside :) )
12. another mint candy
13. bodyshop watermelon lip balm
14 my glasses!!
15 ipod ( with tokidoki cover isn't it drop dead cute?!!)
16. my ipod mates sennheiser px 200 -II,seriously what is good music wthout good headphones?
17. white onyx blackberry
18. psp go
19. mpio sony disney ( you see I can't live without music, so this is for urgent in case my ipod battery is dead )
20. tamagochi!
21. nintendo dsi
22. psp
23. game boy!

it's a wrap guys!! hehehe

hehehe now you know that I'm a truly devoted gamers! probably the only thing that blocked me from being 100% nerd is the fact that I don't like math, other than that I'm totally nerd. hehehe...

Who want's to be cool when you can be nerd?


Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about Rock n Roll

~Shigeru Miyamoto





this is my best travels mate! with this I probably gonna say :
A life? Cool! Where can I download one of those?
Hahaha found that words when I'm browsing around, and it's hillarious! hehehehe....

BIG NOTE! So now, that you already saw mine, now it's your turn! let me see what's inside your bag! comeee onnn.... lemme know when you post what's inside your bag okay! I would love to see! Come on I dare you... hehehehe


M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

whooa you have a lot of cool gadgets... love the goldie sony Vaio :)

and what the type of your camera...?

Anonymous said...

haii evita..nice stuff..just wondering where do you get ur tamagochi?i already have one, when tamagochi booming (which is about 10 years agoooo)..but then, i dunno kept that tamagochi

and i want to find tamagochi me plissssssssss. where did you buy??hhehehe..thanks for all ur picts girls!!

nisa said...

extremely cute >___<

sherlyn said...
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dePerta said...

very cute :)

Slanelle said...

omg, so captivating to see all thes cool things! I especially love all your video games and all your sanrio stuff :)

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

harmonica??? r u play it girls? nice to know it...i used to play harmonica too but since i lost it last year maybe now i'm forget how to blow them :)


Dini said...

been waiting for your post, heheh. keren banget itu tas huwa maumaumau. gadgetmu aja lebih banyak dari gadgetku sih -___-

thwany said...


Amalia Hani said...

that's very interesting.....
i love all of your gadget make me feel so jealous....
btw, i was wonder and i want to know where you bought the teen vogue handbook???
because i really truly want that book but i haven't got it yet...

Anonymous said...

what agreat collection :)
love it soooooooooo

Julian Tanoto said...

awch that's SUPER LOVELY travelers bag!<3 loves it
and you have lots of things inside, almost like one doraemon's own:D hehe


Naruti Afifah said...

what a cool bag it is! :D

ysanipawitra said...

i envy your travelling bag!
it's vintage and superb awesome with those random stickers!!
do you know, now i consider you like just an-ordinary-young-girl with those many game gadgets!haha..i used to think that you were a fashion maniac and grow older too fast :p
oh i love you more now Evita! :)
and how could i send you the photos inside my bag? are you really intended to see mine? :)


lady-D said...


YHOSIE said...

hi evita....

just "found" you from sugarpuff's blog ( inspiration )
and then i read ur profile.. 11!!!!
wow .. that's so cool
yeah .. who want to be cool , when you can be nerd + SUPER COOl like you :D

PS : inside my bag? MY LIFE :D

love ur blog .. a lot!
XoXo , yhosie

Kalyana said...

oh my god, your traveler bag is so sick!]
and I'm sure you are a gadget freak. but i really love your tamagochi and all the gadget.
so I'm just speechless, not knowing what to say because your stuffs are too adorable <3

have a nice day !

icha said...

chacha beli masker hello kitty dimana? lucu bgt deh..

oya, link balik blog aku dong.. :))

Anonymous said...

did you play suikoden? XD
*just wondering

Farah Nadhifa said...

you've to be really good at keeping your gadget. well i lost my white onyx and ipod a couple month ago. mine are really look the same as yours except that cute vaio laptop and of course your lovely bags omg i really want them both

NaNa said...

i loooove all your gadgets deaaar...


i envy you after reading this post for having that lovely stuffs with you all time, fufu...

i want it all

keep rocking girl!!!

i like you whole!
i can't wait to see the next cool post of youu..


ika~~ said...

ok now its lesser my curious..

BeYLa! said...

oh my godness!
u reli WOW me evita~~
woah how envy i was!
i want it~~ please.hee.
soo adorable evita. u r soo lucky!

love you evita.
could u please speak indonesian sometimes. i wanna hear it! hehe.

xoxo, beyla.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

cool stuffs

Soviethea KP said...

whoaaa! cool stuffs.. i want that enakei notebook ><

jacobian said...

nice vaio laptop.I wanted to have that kind of thing also. :-)

Anonymous said...

and i think snatcher will be damn grateful, if they got your bag.

you sure do bring lots of stuff around ;)

Sara Sánchez Velado said...

nice pics
i follo you

Lorraine F. said...

Love it!

Dylana Suarez said...

This is all so so cute!


Titut said...

Being NOMADS, our type of travelg mode willb "ba d bam ba d boom". My carry on full of "survival kit" consist of top, bottom n underwear sealed in plastic + cookies n chocolate bar + chapstick + loose powder + sun glasses + baby wet tissue (4eng ing eng :D - A MUST LOL) + 1st aid n medicine + perfume + travelg docs + money money money LOL. No gadget but camera and mobile phone, that's it. Oh yea, I'll bring my neck pillow + sudoku if it takes more than 6 hours flight :D

Nomads Arts Gallery said...

Sampe lupa, tasnya jadi ingetin awal 80an, namamya "Tas president", aku kasih dia rolling stone stickers, lidah merah melet2, seru or norak?! eh LOL. Jamdul gak ada gadget spt Evita punya, klpun aku dpt uang tambahan (hsl ngecat pager/rumah, bantuin bkebun, bersih2 rumah sampe jd tukang parkir) pasti dtabung buat travelling + saweran sm mama papa buat bingkisan u/ anak2 kurang beruntung di akhir tahun. Plg banter punya game watch ya kl gak salah namanya, wuuuuuaaaaaaaa, I'm so old! LOL

Puwi said...

lovely gadgets cha!!
i want that tamagotchi. it's difficult to find it :)

Yesaya Ferdinand said...

ohh i always adore you! i just want to ask you a question: WHERE DO YOU BUY THAT TAMAGOCHI!!! i always searching of that thing, but i can't find it!

evita nuh said...

@ anonymous @ kak Yesaya : itu aku lupa kayaknya kalau nggak di toys city di multi toys :D

mellisaphie said...

I'm always curious about what's other people have in their bags. am also planning to buy my own tamagotchi, even it's too childish for people at my age. haha. cute tokidoki cover btw :)

the solar flare said...

beautiful post :) i'm new on blogger :) your blog is awesome :) if you want to follow me i'll follow you back :D xoxo

xx said...

your suitcase is so cute!

Kasia W. said...

that bag looks awesome!;)

Anonymous said...

wow evita
i just wanna say
love you muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Kristina Clemens said...

Very cool stuff! Love it.
Kristina J.

glam the glory said...

i do agree with yasmine
but that's cool anyway

ulimayang said...

omg you have a lot of cool gadgets :D

Anonymous said...

chaca cantik manis imut, postingan donk sekarang karena aku kangen banget ngeliatn lamu ayu dong

Arstcrylique said...

This is without any doubt the best and the funniest "what's in my bag" I've ever seen.
Like it!

Mrs D. said...

this is so cool!

Claudia Paola said...

I love how you packed and what you packed! You have so many cool things- and they are all in such cool colors! Good choices! :D

*Claudia* x
Molto ❤ Fashion

Anonymous said...

wow... so many great gadgets..
how can you awn them?


Unknown said...

What a gadget freak, LOL. is your tamagochi still working?It's hard to get the toy like that lately :)

bakkanekko said...

I totally dig your first bag *_*

Evita, can you change my link to my new site? it's not a blogspot anymore, it's now :)

Keep doing what you do girl! <3

Anonymous said...

cool collection

Melissa Tjioeputri said...

super-adorable ! lovelove all your stuff. :D


Nora said...

toller blog mit tollem header! mach weiter so :)

Irvina Lioni Alias Mpok Pina said...

envy wif you, evita! hoho :D

istie said...


istie said...

cool :)

andres suliano said...

omg, how old are you? you're like the coolest under-15-y/o girls ever.

Flarisha said...

owhhhh . . .
ypur bag is totally awesome cha, especially the stuff inside ur bag !!!

Cliff Tuna said...

wow!! those gadgets are wonderful, I can say that you already have all of must-haves gadgets! COOL! :D


Anonymous said...

aaaa.. we have the same sony vaio!!
LOL :p
i love your bag!
it is cool and unique :D
you're so creative..

Pinkie Anggia

dunia kecil indi said...

Cutey! :D I love them :)
Btw, kamu dapat award (STYLISH BLOGGER). Silakan cek di blog'ku. Salam kenal :)


IzzahSazahly said...

hi sis evita, i love your blog! do visit mine - i'm turning 3 ;)


so lovely blog))

Naima Amarilli said...

Wow! Love your blog dear! This posts shoes the cutest aspect of the life... ah les croissant!


Dita Maulani said...

Trully geek! At least you like chemistry.
Greetings from Bogor!


kiara leswara said...

woooppy evita,you've got A LOT of gadgets. *winkwink* hihi,me wunt one of em soo bad. cha, comment my latest post ya:)

Unknown said...

cool gadgets!!
Happy New Year!

xoxo from rome

Ashley said...

love your blog!! <3 xoxo Follow me Via blogroll.. Add my blog in your list..i will add yours!!! kisses!
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Unknown said...

whoaa those gadget.. you're so a game freak haha. i do envy you,geeky girl! lol

Anonymous said...

really cool stuff!
i have a question: would you write something about my blog on your blog?
it's a little blog who wants more followers (:
please have a quick view.

ikanbilis said...

it's awesome dear..

Kerstin_ix said...

Your blog takes part in our voting (:

ayui said...

even my mom doesnt has lot of stuffs like yours! hahaha nice post :)

Syahla's World said...

woi evita

ketawariang said...

nice traveler's bag! envy of your bag... (-_-)"

mine will be - socks (i need them so much), wet and facial tissue, purse, handphone, chewing gum,oil blotter medicines,nail clippers,chocolate...
so simple but still my bag is always full since i'm a "mobile pharmacy" hehe..

love your blog! do visit mine.. :D

Anonymous said...

wow. girl you have the cutest boots ever. want one of those but my mum wont let me. huffttttt

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