21 January, 2011

not my forte

It's Saturday already! Yeeeaah! don't you all love Saturday? I bet you do. For me, Saturday just like December you just can't wait it to come and feel so sad when it's over. So what you usually do on your weekend? well most of my Saturday is spent with my family, dinner in some place nice, watching movies or just spent it at home preparing home made popcorn and do some dvd marathon, mostly old movies, my daddy strictly against pirate DVD's and new dvd movies is not really cheap, so we ended up with the same old movies, I'm not complain thou. Hahaha... it's funny how I can complete sentence right before the actor saying it, it's actually fun and finally it's become our game.

For me Saturday is a 'ME' day, I can do almost anything I want. When the weather is friendly ( which is kinda rare lately? do you all realize how the weather is so unpredictable lately? arrghh.. it's almost like freackin hot and suddenly raining like crazy, tsk tsk tsk) back to the topic, hehehe when the weather is friendly I just love to get my books and read it outside,
(I'm so lucky, I lives in place where theres still so many green grass ) just when the light is not so bright but really warm and wind breeze playing with my hair. There's no other activities that more fun than reading good books outside, lay yourself on the green grass. Listen to a soft song, ( Joshua Radin song it's the best, it's so easy and sweet and warming...) t feels so, I don't know the best way to decribe it. Peace, yes I feel so peace.

Last week when I prepared myself for reading outside, my sister said "hey why don't we make that as a photoshoot?" brilliant idea I must say, why it's never cross my mind before? hmmm... So I grab my drink bottle, couple of books an I said let roll! this is I must say the easiest photoshoot ever! all I have to do is read and falling asleep just like I used to. Hahaha. So don't judge me by the book that I read, hahaha I'm a very love peace person, wars, debate and everything alike is not my forte, it's really not. But ... but if you try to pick a quarrel with me, you better think think twice, because you already know I am prepared, I read the book remember? hahaha .. no just kidding...

I give you this, because I know you all missing my icey looks, right? hehehe

hahaha just kidding, an icey face won't suite in this happy day








For whoever have been called as shopaholic, this glass is must have! so they know the real reason why we love to shop, hehehe



my new toy!!! yaaayy!!!
got this amazing shoes from spotlight and in love in an instant! it's hand drawing! I don't know why I always have thing for something that I know it's handmade, it's so amazing knowing someone is taking extra care for it. love love love! and got another one and lemme tell you it's soo pretty too! gonna show you in my next post! it's so cute!

What I wear :
vest : old navy
floral shirt : zara kids
belt : zara kids
pants : tailor made
socks : zara kids
shoes : spotlight

psstt I got a very great news! but probably gonna share it in my next post! it's big!!! ( no not giveaway hehehe) I hope you as thrilled as I am when you got the news!! *kisses and hugs!!!!
and oh Happy Saturday!!!


Brandon said...


Check out mine?

Arnold Teja said...

You always so cute. I adore your style. And I love the green background. It's relaxing

Much xx,
Arnold Teja

dunia kecil indi said...

Halo, dear, senang kamu update lg :) Sejak beberapa hari lalu aku bolak-balik cek blog kamu untuk lihat apa kamu sudah update/blm. Akhirnya kemarin aku putuskan buat follow blog km. jadi aku nggak ketinggalan buat ikutin cerita dan (of course!) fashion kamu :D

Sabtu kamu kedengerannya fun, dan ada sedikit kesamaan denganku: movie marathon film2 lama, hihihi.
Oya, I love your bang! Keliatan sedikit lebih pendek. Itu betul atau cuma perasaanku ya? Hehehe.
Aku juga baru post cerita baru.
Selamat hari sabtu ;)


dunia kecil indi said...

ps: Aku nggak sabar denger berita barunya! Yaiy! :D

Hartinah said...

you look so pretty honey :D
i wonder to see you in Indonesian traditiional clothes. kan keren cha, kalo sekali-sekali pake baju-baju adat gitu, hehe.. macam 'baju bodo' nya sulawesi :D

Shinta H. T. said...

ah.. you look great as always. :) i also hate to do a debate, i always try to avoid anykind of debate including debate contest! lol..congrats for your ipad. looks good. and oh! the dracula book! i love them so much. have a great saturday :)


Irvina Lioni Alias Mpok Pina said...

Good Evita!
Tapi, sekali-sekali dong sister kamu ikutan foto, pengen liat deh hehe :D

lik_nana said...

how can ricefield looks great in your pics hehe

putri soe said...

yeay those are very beautiful photos, dear! and there are not many people who read books outside in this country nowadays (including me, because of the wheater--yeah i know, right?). but seriously, where do you live, if you don't mind to answer?
i'm really into reading books and just laying out on the grass (i've been dreaming of it!), but couldn't really have done that here though.
anyway, great post as always! <3

The Spoof.

Amalia Hani said...

hi!!i really enjoy this post....
mmmm,i love your books so much cause i love to read too....and it's surprise me that you read that book...that's awesome..
and i can't wait for that news...

Fransiska said...

Those pictures seriously look amazing and I love your outfit :)
sunny day, green grass, and joshua radin = perfect combination!

AkaneD'SiLa said...

aku suka sepatunya..

sabdaziz said...

sayang kamu sda semakin besar ya. aku ikut blog kamu sda hampir 3 tahun.
semoga kamu jd anak yg berjaya.
*hugs from malaysia*

(gigi kamu cantik ada taringnya )

vdcouture said...

fabulous <3


thwany said...


Lalala said...

u are so adorable :)

Izzah said...

nice pictures + good books! love the ipad too ;)


Anonymous said...

gosh! your sister makes really good photos!! *-* i love the ones in which you are reading.

have a lovely weekend, Evita!

Hattie said...

Oh what warm and inviting photos - hooray for lazy afternoons spend reading! Those are the best sorts of days. Simply delightful and your smile is perfect! Please keep up the wonderful work dear, you're always such an amazing inspiration <3

~ Hattie, Arkansas USA

ika~~ said...

love the way u write,u pose..
they're all perfect!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

u look awesome dear, i always love your photos! :D

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

yes i love saturday :) great photos as usual evita! and i love your outfits so much...
and your sister is a great photographer :)

Veren Lee said...

loveee your floral shirt :D :D

SISA System said...

:D Are you sure that you are only 12 years old?
When I was at your age i used to read Enid Blyton ''The Famous Five'' :D (good old times).
Lovely Outfit. dnt complain about the wether over there :). Here snow, rain and grey heaven dominate our daily winter life :/! But it can be really nice sometimes :).

Luv.SISA System!

ayui said...

how i really love your books! i hv chi-ning chu's in my bookshelf. i adore you evita.. fashionable yet smart. how lucky ur dad hv a pretty child like you :)

Anonymous said...

anak kecil tukang pamer ;p hehe *iri mode on*

secret lover said...

hello dear lovely Evita :)

such a beautiful it where ur home is situated? may i know where is this place? it's truly beautiful..

Lia said...

Evita, umurmu baru 12 tahun tapi udah pandai ngemix n match baju :)
belajar darimana?
saya yakin suatu saat kamu akan jadi model, pengamat mode dan model terkenal
moga sukses dear :))

anjieya said... long not visit ur blog. nice post!! and finally i see smiles on ur face..haha..u have cute tooths . ^_^

Dee O. said...

AMAZING photos!!! :)


fuddyduddy said...

wooo, cool stuffs! i like your red book and green glass.
would u mind telling me, where's the shop you bought those of cool stuffs?

thanks a bunch cutie, (;

Tria Zaluska said...

super cute outfit, as always!

Riumni Ulya said...

hi evita!
i really love your style eventho you r still 11 y.o. i really adore you girl. love the tumbler, yes its a must-have,, :)
wanna do visit my blog back and link? it means alot! :)

M said...

thank you for the joshua radin, its an awesome track :)

IzzahSazahly said...

hi there chacha!

i made a special entry for you in my blog ;)

ween said...

love the way u rock ur outfit! care to join my contest n share with us some ideas in playing with colors? ;)

Julian Tanoto said...

amazing photos:)

those outfits looks pretty on you:)

Journal J

ninit said...

Hello Evita,

I really like your photos.
Have a good day :)

Strawberry Giggles

Julian Tanoto said...

absolutely your big fan:) adore ur blog a lot:)

Journal J

Cik Luna said...

been reading almost half of your entries and yet i still cant believe that you are only 11....omg

u go girl!!!!!!

Unknown said...

You are just AMAZING and inspiring girl!!

Dara Pratiwi said...

ya ampuun, adik kecil yg satu ini makin lucu ajaa, hihi.. love your blog, evitaa ;D

Miy said...

Always love! love! love! to read under the sunlight on the greenery too.. ;)

and you, cute as always..

The Picnic Girl

Cindy said...

pssstt cha, membaca sambil tidur itu enggak baik lho :P

Unknown said...

hello evita,
check blog aku yaaa,
aku punya sesuatu untukmu semoga kamu suka :))

Cazals Clélia said...

Original and funny

Jo said...

Your hair looks so fierce! x

Anonymous said...

wow...gayanya keren2...ada yang ngajarin apa nggk evita???nggk nyangka lho....msih kecil gayanya selangit..

guus van vugt (owner) said...

I had really enjoyed your blog, its a great inspiration blog!

Pramudita Puspita said...

Hi evita! I am now officially a fan of evita.

waiting for ur next post.
oh, i've followed you.
mind to follow me?


Anonymous said...

great :)

Anonymous said...

You look so sweet :)
Watch my blog, I follow you


Unknown said...

hello evita,
check blog aku yaaa,
aku punya sesuatu untukmu semoga kamu suka :))

Pramudita Puspita said...


Federico Panarello said...

hi!!! Really beautifull outfit :-) i like it so so so much and also the place!!!

Bella said...

Evita dear,
Ur such inspiring girl

Dah sebulan tak menulis..
Aku tunggu entri terbaru kamu!

Jessica Esther said...

i didnt believe when i first saw this.
you are 11 and you are great you know!
great styling, gosh you could be the next tavi.

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love the way u write,u pose..
they're all perfect!.thanks For this beautiful collections. plz check my blogs also.!

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Anonymous said...

I know your blog from friend of mine. I really love your style, your blog. Thumbs up for you! :)

Stephani Janet said...

it's been quite some time I didn't visit your blog.
love you look! and those pictures are always great! looks like an editorial pics :)

thwany said...

that really has to be one of the most perfect reading spots i've ever seen

Rina said...

you are so creative person,dear!i love your fashion and your colour!hahaha so fun.

please visit my fashion blog,dear ^__^

sera said...

Hale cantik... blog nya bagus... semoga terus update ya...

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Adinda said...

please post about your sister please.

Mustika said...


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