18 September, 2010

It's perfect!

Howdyyy people! Yeah it's weekend already! so how are you? it's everything doing okay?

Hmm, this gonna be a not so long post, hehehe. Okay this post is deicated to one of my favorite blazer? or jacket? I'm not sure, but I guess it's a blazer. Yes yes yes, my one of my favorite blazer of all time. My sister bought it for me some time ago, when I saw it, it's love at the first sight! instant love! But unfortunately the size is... ehm a lil bit too small. But it's too cute I won't let it go! My sister is quite dissapointed too, but I told her, there's nothing to dissaapointed about, it may to small, but I'll rock it anyway, trust me! I won't say it's too small, it's just fit too perfectly. hehehe. So this post is dedicated to my sister and the blazer. Hope when you see this, it will draw a smile in your face sist! Missing you already! (ough my sister is just back to her apartment 1 hour ago, and I miss her already) kiss kiss.

So this is the blazer, aren't you in love?




1 blazer 4 different style ( actually I can do like 4000 styles with this blazer.. hehehe)

first look









hat : gaudi
white t-shirt : zara kids
jeans : zara kids
camera bags & scarf : vintage
socks : sox gallery
shoes : garage store
camera : olympus pen 2 I named it Apollo the god of art

second look

hehehe this one, is inspired by my daddy style... hehehe



shirt : giordano kids
white pants : zara kids
scarf : vintage

third look






shirt : Giordano kids
pants : Sergent Major
bag : sachs lederwaren
shoes : garage store

the last look, just to show it even matched with a girly dress




rotan hat : from Korea
dress : my sister's old dress
bag: zara kids
shoes : Chaussure

So do I rock it good? which one is you love the most? do you have any other idea to rock this blazer with? come on tell me! I would love to know!

And oh! I got interviewed by this beautiful lady from France, Pauline read it here interview with Pauline and recently Hypeed also published my interview, read it here my interview with hypeed, and oh if you have Elle August issue you would find me there, thank you to kak Ve! I love the articles so much! :)

And oh for those who asking what about a love sign in every each of my photos and how to get it, you can read it here hypeed inspiration. It was made to marked every outfit that you think inspired you, all you have to do is click on the love, and voilaaaa, it was marked! :D fun eh?

So kisses and hugs all!!! have a very great weekend! I'm planning to grab some pizza after this.


Puspacinantya said...


Myriam said...

You are probably the cutest thing out in the blogosphere! And yes, I love that jacket and all of the outfits that you've come up with. Your sister has a good eye!

Ah, I'm in loooove.
♥ ♥ ♥

tiaraaa said...

oooh I love that blazer too! and you did rock it, good job kiddo :D

Veren Lee said...

I want to steal your hats! hahaha
my fave is the 1st and the 4th
Great job as always, evita :D

Stephani Janet said...

it's really cool!
I smile when I look at ur style :) totally love, my fav will be the 1st one and the last :)

thwany said...

you definitely rock it good :)

Aina Azmi said...

u are so COOL!

Dhea Qiasita said...

i like look number 3. it looks so sophisticated but doesnt look too favorite item : the pants! totally great look :D

Vina said...

i like the second one best! :)

Anita Puksic said...

Bon appetite!
I love 3rd styling the most. It's really an interesting blazer.
Congrats for the all interviews! (:

Stay good,

Peace and love!

MITCH said...

adorable hat, shoes and blazer <3

Hanna Kart said...

wowowowowowo you loook sooo gergeous. my favourite is the second outfit, i dont know why but.... you look like phantonim hehehehe. may be if you use a stick will look more classic hehehe

Princesse Pia said...

I just read your interview on Pauline Fashion blog, and so discover yours !
You're amazing and only 11 ...
I will come back, for sure

sherlyn said...

as lovely as always <3

vdcouture said...

adorable blazer <3 madly in love


Bookworm Bitch said...

wow u look in awesome on all of those! what a great blazer

Aki No Yuutsu said...

I don't think it's too small!
It looks perfect on you!!!

Carys said...

I can't pick a favourite, all of those outfits are totally amazing, even just one of them would have made the best post ever!! You have such amazing style, and what a lovely sister you must have too!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

eelectroCutee said...

love the 1st and 4th style.. You surely can rock that blazer.. :)

Unknown said...

hey, it's such a nice blazer
very nice
when you match it with a girly stuff, i think it's the best,
you look so cute,

Annalisa said...

I like so much your style.
it's really funny, fresh and class!

TalksAboutNothing* said...

You have an incredible taste, love the way you match things :)
Have a good weekend as well :)

Unknown said...

OMG!! that blazer is so cute!!! I love it!

great interview with Pauline!! ^_^

you are just too cute and too fashionable!! *hugs*

Marta said...

love these pieces! and the jacket is so adorable!

Gilbert Ganda said...

dmana sih dapat blazer keren gini say?
my younger sis will sure love it if I could find something vintage yet so chic like this!

I think you can wear it with a black long jumpsuit with a nude heels and pearl necklace with black bowler hat too! it will be so Parisian chic + a 2.55 chanel!


shafiranjani said...

The one I love the most is the thirf look :) But overall, they all are lovely.

selly octavia said...

I love your second and third look! I really love your pants on your third look!! :))

TalksAboutNothing* said...

You have an incredible taste and talent to match things :)
love the blazer, very classic :)

Giska Taradella said...

cha, i want this camera! may i have it?

julianne. said...

and your style.
you are so darling.<3

Unknown said...

style no. 2 and 4 = MAGNIFICO!!!

thank u so much for following me, evita! :)

Miy said...

Quoting your sentence: "1 blazer 4 different style ( actually I can do like 4000 styles with this blazer.. hehehe)" ==> ah.. talented little lady..

The Picnic Girl

hanny arianty gultom said...

first and the third will be my fav.. ^^, de ternyata kaka kamu temenya temen baik ak.. ^^..

heart.. :)

inkarlcerating said...

ur remarkable. i looove yer blog. ohhh so u have a studio ?

hannah banananan said...

oh my how fab!

uchie suci utami apsari said...

love love love:D

Gigi said...

Love the blazer.

Bella Francisca said...

ah, i love your girly look! and of course your blazer ;)
check mine! new post updated :)


hanny arianty gultom said...

Iya de.. Nama temen ak metri simbolon.. Kayanya temen smp kaka kamu yg prrtama deh.. Kuliahnya sih jg di atmajaya.. Gk tahu masih inget apa gk.. Ak liat foto kamu lagi ngambek di fb kaka kamu..:) luchuu..

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

love the way u rockin ur blazer in first style, and the camera and the vintage bag is makes more love it...!!! u go girl !!!


Anonymous said...

I agree, that blazer is amazing! You look pretty :)

nadia_aienma~ said...

i love your 2nd look ! so you :)

Anonymous said...

woww I've just came across your blog and you are fabulous!
Also your blog is so beautiful and the music perfect! lov so much your clothes and everything! you are so lovely! I'm glad I found you, I'm going to do a blogroll list, I'll add you for sure. Anyway, I'm following you!!

visit mine, hope you like it too and maybe follow?

My Cherry Gum

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

woww the first and last outfits is so vintage!! i love your blazer, dress, and shoes:)


Kalyana said...

All photos are so fabulous. i can't say which is my most fav, because all photos are my fave.
love you evita !

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

gorgeous! I want that blazer too =D

Check out our fashion illustrations at ! = )


Dorothy Souhuwat said...

ur style is so rock!!!cool

M. Lim said...

It can be matched with a pair of short shorts.

It can be matched with a tutu frock.

It can be matched with a kilt and a pair of striking colored socks.

It can be matched with a big shirt you can wear like a tunic. but don't wear legging or pants underneath. If the tunic is long enough it will be just fine, beside, you have a pair of legs you can show off :) Also a pair of AMAZING shoes. which you have plenty of.

It can be matched with a long flowy summer dress.

It can be matched with a sweet baby doll. :d

Puwi said...

cha2 lucuu bgt.. mau diapain aja ttp keren gayanya! :)
btw aku suka blazer sm sepatunya!

Lini Trinh said...

omg your are such a cuteee girl with amazing styles
love love

Tria Zaluska said...

wow! wow! and wow!

I really adore your style dear.. so lovely..

and of course its a fabulous blazer.. love it!

Angela Jessyana said...

love it!! my favorite is the one with girly dress :)

Tatiana Romanova Surya said...

oooh evita! tres chic!
my favorite is the second look <3
the blazer is delicious ;")

Little Miss Cupcakes said...

My english is so bad... sorry but i'm choosing to speak in french:

Wahou, autant de style dans une petite fille toute mimi, j'adore!
On doit te le dire tout le temps mais tu as un style génial et singulier, qui n'appartient vraiment qu'à toi! Aucune faute de goût, bravo!
See you soon little girl!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing! Great style!

Rebecca Clairine said...

love the 2nd last outfit .
the blazer is awesome :D


Jodi / Alexis Bittar said...'re still basically the best ever!!!!!

annkarenmolina said...

you are sooooooooo cute and awesome! am glad that i found your blog. i love your sense of style :D

Unknown said...

Waaaooo..that are wonderful styles :)!!!

Wherever the Sunset Is said...

Hi! are you a model?
It's the first time we have been there, and we like your photos! They are so great!!You have an amazing style!

From that moment, we'll visit you!
Kisses from Spain!

The Ladesigner said...

OOH small princess!you are incredible!!
I like very mucho your looks,
I´m a designer from Spain and I declared your fan number 1!
sorry but my english is very bad.
I wish speak with you a lot.

a lot kises!

Anonymous said...

I love the last one! :D :D :D

devilishlypleasurable said...

gorgeous blazer. . you have amazing style!

merzy said...

superb!!!! where did ur sisto bought the blazer? i waaaant one.

Tania said...

You are a most epic dresser! I mean, I wish I had your style now, let alone when I was 11!
You talk a lot about your father, I may have missed something, but is he in fashion? Sorry if it's really obvious!

Unknown said...

super vintage blazer!

Owen said...

lovely oufits! you'll always look cute no matter what :)

Mari Y said...

adore ur style so much girl! kisses!

Unknown said...

waw. i love all the styles. but what i love the most, is the last style. waw waw! u looking cool in that dress :) do ya have a twitter? :)

babalisme said...

It's such a coincidence! On the newest issue of Glamour, they asked 6 bloggers (Keiko, Jane, Arabelle,..) to wear a classic jacket in 6 different styles, and you did it all by yourself! You never cease to amaze me, dear!

Lorine Kalista Noor said...

every one in my class just really adore you so much! you're just such a little princess that don't wear dress but you still look like a princess.
i love your style :)
wanna exchange link? or just follow each other?
xo, Lorine

Ariyani Sukma said...

ure my inspiration! ure a great fashion blogger.
cute cute cute as always

Yuri said...

WOW, just wow! And you're just 11? I cant believe how you already has good taste in fashion in that young age. Seandainya dulu aku gitu waktu kecil hahaha Anywa, salam kenal ya Evita.. :) You have great style, keep it up :D

The fashion blog:
The other blog:

none provided said...

Wow, I am stealing the blazer+dress+tights look from you!

It is so so so cute, I would love to try a similar outfit for myself. Just need a cute blazer to go with it.

Henar said...


Azarome said...

Wow, I love your dress ! Fabulous !

Mathilde.H(I'm French)
Au revoir !

Unknown said...

this is cool evita! :) wud love to do collaboration with you later on! :) are you interested? we could make a breakthrough!! :) photographic and fashion perfection we could do! :)


skets project said...

Hi evita you're so cuuuuuuuuteee... btw, I would like to review you and your style. I have a website dedicated to review Indonesian arts and talents. please let me know if we can interview you xxx

Indonesian arts and talents

Azarome said...

I'm a french girl and I'm very found of your blog ! I'm 12 years old and I've got a blog too about fashion and today I write an article concerning your blog because I really want that the french girls discover your blog, if you want to have a look on it :
please tell me what you think about my blog .

Jersey Stretch said...

love it!

Unknown said...

My favorite is the third look, but you look gorgeous as usual in all of style :)

Yeni said...

Ohh, girl. You're so cool. . . i like your blog ! Nice style. Keep on it !

Linh said...

wow so classy!

Petra said...

Those Sergent Major pants suit you perfectly. Best piece of the collection. Go very well with the blazer.

Jakob Lienhard said...

love your style and especially your blog very much! ;)
thx for following... I think you would ver like my other blog too...! it's a visual diary, only with pictures! :)


ps: I can't believe that you're only 11 and already so famous!!! :)

Dark Blue Jeans said...

great blog

i love everything about your style

check my blog and follow if you like

Anonymous said...

evita come on post something, dont make your fans dissapointed. I miss you sooooo much

rocco said...

How can you be so great?? I love your style, your clothes are awesome, you are awesome. The blazer is the best!!! :) Following you, have a nice week. btw i feel inspired thanks to you! :)

LOLA FINN said...

Hey sweet Style Queen! Thank you soooo much for following my little blog...

I´m very excited you´re so young, so stylish and famous right now!


Love Lola

Ian D. Sitompul said...

thanks for following me,evita...
wow,you have a great photos here!
i'll follow you back,and you are linked!
link me back,okay?
nice to know ya..

nati said...

wonderful outfits & wonderful pictures
xoxo nati ♥♥

A is for ART said...

Hey Evita,

thanks for following my artblog;-)
I posted a link about your wonderful blog!!!

Hugs & Kisses

A is for ART said...

I have another illustration for you. Please check your email:-)
have a wonderful day,
greetings from Germany.

K A T H L E E N said...

great looks with a versatile blazer! love the texture of it

taufikmarasabessy said...

the blazer is so fierce, i love the print.

Jorge Alexander said...

Das ist mein erstes Gewinnspiel, du kannst dir ein Guess Produkt aussuchen, egal ob Jacke, Schuhe oder Tasche. Mit etwas Glück könnte es klappen,

schau vorbei

Liebe Grüße : )

Anonymous said...

hi dont make me waiting, i know you always have time for blogging, I know why do you always waste time for blogging, because you want to get more....

sartob said...

aarrh, like it heart it totally love the looks. you look just great! oh anyway i forgot, do you mind to tell me where do you go to school, love?

Morgan Jordan said...

Love, love, love your funky style. Thanks for your comment!

PS I'm following you! :)

Unknown said...

i love love your blog! you sure got an eye for fashion <3
are you coming to pesta blogger this saturday?

kiara leswara said...

hey evita,how r u ? well i miss ur cool posts :) loving ur vintage bag and hat;;) hehe comment my latest post dear:)

Anonymous said...

Cute blazer, I love the different ways you styled it!

Madeline Veenstra said...

Just letting you know that you're today's featured article on Wikifashion :)

Anonymous said...

love that blazer

Vanessa and Jana said...

You look great! Maybe you would like to take part in our mojo giveaway and win the matching perfume to this look. Keep it up and thanks for sharing!
All the best
Midnight Couture Girls

hagemaru said...

thats so cute. i love it <3

lala said...

nice outfit

Aliyah said...

beautiful :)

Victoria said...

aww how cute are these posts?? my favourite is the second one, its SO adorable!!


WhoopyBeatrizLourenco said...

Im YOURE FAN!!! good Post! YOure Blog is awesome!! keep on posting!

antonia shandy puspita said...

nice outfit, dear :)
i love your rings. cutee :))

StylishForever said...

Such a versatile blazer, i'm definitely taking tips!

Stay gorgeous!

dePerta said...

hello miss Evita adek cantik
i made something 4 you, hope u like it. i featured on

Maverick said...

You're still 11 years old ??'re good ! really good...

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