08 September, 2010

my cup of tea

First thing first I want to say, Happy Eid Al Fitri! please forgive me for all my mistakes, and let's open a new clean page!

So... Hello people! it's been a century since my last post right? hahaha, if only there's an award for "the most bad blogger" I'll be the winner for sure. So yeah... same old crappy excuses, school is killing me! it really does. I studying harder and harder each and every days. So please bare with me. Oughhh I miss blogging sooo much! to make it up for you, I'm gonna gonna make very loooooong post, ready? hehehehe

I know this so freakin late, but I want to say Happy belated birthday to my country! yayy! I know it's been ups and downs, but I know for sure, that everything is gonna be okay eventually! right? I love you Indonesia, there's no place I rather be, I'll stick with you no matter what.

So story to tell, not quite long time ago someone said to me in my formspring that she thinks that I was less introduce my country, my culture in my blog. Oh my, I know right? thank you for remind me. She also asked do I forgot my culture, oh my dear God the answer is no. I was raised by my dad with a high nationality pride. But for me personally, nationalism isn't about wearing Batik all the time, it's so much more than that. I express my love in other way. In a way that I know better, whenever I got a foreign friends I always tried to tell them how lovely my country is, tell them that what they heard is not always true. I even got one email, saying that she's so suprised I'm from Indonesia, because all she knows about Indonesia is that it's a third world country with wars and everything, and I told her, yes we got some issues here, but is not that bad, and don't we all rise and fall? it's just a process of growing up. Just like C.S lewis said

" Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn.My god, do you learn."

and after that she wishing my country well, and promised me that she gonna tell all her friends about Indonesia. That is how I express my love. But don't get me wrong. I do love wearing traditional clothes, it's beautiful, but it's quite hard to find the right size. If it's not too big, it's too small.

And oh! I also got so many emails and facebook messages asked me where do I spent my holiday, and reading each messages makes me wondering, somehow there so many people thinks that I'm a type of a girl that rolling around fashion area, high end boutique, go to foreign country just to shopping. If that what you have in mind, I hate to do this but I have to. I'm sorry I think I'm gonna ruin your dreams, because that's not happening, that is not something I'm fond of for my holiday, mm what's the word? ... that was not really my cup of tea.

I was raised by a very adventurous man, for him a holiday is definitely not rolling around in some high fashion area. Shopping and everything. For him holiday is fsailing and fishing in the middle of the sea, trying to catch the biggest fish ever, wearing shorts, and ragged shirt, playing with the nicest fishermans, having a hot coffe, cigarette and midnight talk. Smell the ocean breeze, and feel the cold.He said to me once you've got caught by the fascination of the sea, you will never gonna be free,and you will keep coming back. No camera allowed, he said again, when I'm taking my camera with me ,I will busy taking pictures, and not feeling the true beauty of the nature. He will tell me the story how rich our country was, a hidden beauty.

For him holiday is, going with his old friend, for hunting in the middle of nowhere, with the same old friend who whenever they see me keep telling me the same thing "oh you grown so fast... I remember when you're born..." and they will tapped you back a little bit to hard. They all gonna gather around talking about they youth, laughing to hard. Same old story, repeated over and over again, I can completed they sentence... " they said how they were a bad ass back then, travel around the world. Trying pretty much everything, breaking the rules when they diving, try to flying an airplane, jumped from an airplane with parachute, car racing, all playing with death things. You should see when they bragging about how magical they all still lived until today, and ended with telling me that I should never do that.

Yes I'm talking my old man, my daddy. Do I wish a different kind of holiday? well yes, I was back then. Like my other friends I want a 'normal' family, a 'normal ' holiday,go to amusement park with their mother and father. But since it's just me and my father ( my sisters always busy with their own thing) We never gonna be normal, do I get mad? well of course at first I was. I remember at that time I don't know what my daddy have in mind, how come for holiday he took me to a small village, out of nowhere, and all smell so fishy? You should see my face ,I was grunt all the way. Out of nowhere when my daddy arrived people start to screaming, some is running and calling others, and many of them ran into my dad, kissing his hands and taking his suitcase, they all smiling so wide. All of the women start to kissing me.

Later on I know from many of them, that my daddy is a living legend for them. That my dad was helping them, their village. teach them how to fishing in a good way, how to operate a boat in a better way, make their life so much better. tell a story how great my old man is. I remember I was stunned, he never tell me that. And in so many places we travel, so many people I've meet they all tell the same story how great hearted my daddy is, how he's so brilliant, so smart, and yet so care and so generous. I told him, one day I want to be just like him, and yes of course he said to me "don't ever do something just for to be praised by other people, if that so you would be more fishy than this fish smell... do it because you want to, because you care, you do really care. What comes around goes around. And as a matter a fact this is your country you should do whatever you can for it, remember it's yours..."

After that my daddy said to me, holiday is about being around a loving people, and of course learn to love back, that I should try giving to my country, no matter how small it is. it's worth the price, he promised me. I should understand him he's a man who no matter I was begging for designer bag he just ignored me, but when I asked for a camera that worth twice as much he will buy it for me in a second. Since his adventurous seems to contagious ( or maybe it's in a blood) nowadays I never asked for 'normal' holiday. I love me and my old man way of holiday. But yes of course sometimes we shops, sometimes he allow me to buy clothes that I want. He said that it was my guilty pleasure. Sometimes we do rolling around malls to buy me some clothes, but it's not our way of holiday, it's never been.

So don't worry about me, and my nationality pride, I'm in a very good hand. For my lullaby , no my daddy not just tell me the story about Shakespeare, but also tell me the story about our hero patriotism, and how cool they are, and I always got shiver down my spine. He also so happy bought me this dresses, a batik dress the minute I found it. So people I present you, me on a batik, don't you fall in love with the patterns? I bet you do!











Batik maxi dress : Erlangga
shoes : zara kids






Batik dress : Erlangga
white sweater : GAP kids
shoes : Adidas





Batik dress : Erlangga
tights : zara kids
shoes : garage store

And speaking of the coolness about my country, you will lost count if you try to count how many creative people living here, gosh! I have this as a proof. I lost words every time I see cool stuff, just like these made in Indonesia!

Thank you for the sent me a gift! love it to death!!! and you all rocks!

Got this from kak Martha, she made me this, a bag! with me on it! me on a bag! how cool is that? hehehe sooo cuuuteee! and with glasses! she do it all herself! sewing, designing, all of it! Check her other work in here idekuhandmade


funny story : Ayah Bunda magazine actually asked for this bag, but kak Martha said it was for me, yay!!! hehehehe....



a red zebra adorable shoes from Nenek Uti, love this so much! so pretty right? it was named after my name, Evita shoes! oh my! I'm flattered!



When I got this, I instantly knows what I'm gonna wear it with, it looks so vintage isn't? me likey! got this from Chaussure Shop!

And this is what a called a box of joy! thank you thank you!! who would guess in this small box I will get this :


1. a super cool shirt from douche
2. a cute monster bag from loubelleshop collaboration with mannequin
3. monster eye necklaces and ring from mannequin plastic






See it's a very long post right? hehehe, oh my... it's midnight already! I have to go now! kisses and hugs for you all! have a very wonderful day yawl!!!


Vina said...

you should smile more often, darl. you look REALLY sweet!

MITCH said...

hey! I love all your batik dresses. it looks good on u dear.

happy Eid Mubarak! minal aidin wal faidzin, mohon maaf lahir dan batin :)

Miy said...


Finally.. a new post! (and a rather long, beautiful, and improving one, of course..) miss you already!'

Happy ied and mohon maaf lahir batin, little lady..

The Picnic Girl

Anonymous said...

i love your vintage flowery straw hat dear! :D thats a nice piece of douche & a cute bag! aaa love love

Ryung said...


Allysa Rismaya said...

kamu makin cantik saka evita...
then by the way, you are one of my inspiration dear...

Puwi said...

Happy Eid Mubarak :)

cha, seneng bgt baca cerita kamu disini :')
waktu aku kecil dulu, papaku juga sering bawa aku jalan2 ke wisata alam. dan itu selalu berulang-ulang tiap tahunnya. papa lebih suka anak2nya tumbuh seimbang bersama alam. awalnya sih aku sebel, tapi sekarang aku tau tujuan dr papaku. bangga punya papa seperti papaku. bangga juga dengan papamu dan segala kegiatan positifnya! :)

makasih juga ya cha, tasku terlihat lucuuuuu sekali kalau kamu yg pakai :) boleh aku posting di blogku?


thwany said...

great update!

your father sounds like a wonderful man and i love all your outfits.


Angela Joy said...

Such an epic post, all I have to say is I LOVE ALL THE SHOES

hanny arianty gultom said...

de baju batik2nya keren2 deh.. fotonya luchu yah di atas jerami gtu.. hehe.. way so cool.. and i always like the way you pose, like the first blue batik pose.. and also the grand nany's style and not mention the shoes.. ^^, and semangat terus yah de.. there's no perfect family even if they're complete.. i don't believe in perfect.. :)

darchocoffee said...

i love how you describe your father so much. every family has its own way i guess, and you're lucky to be in one unique yet having consciousness in helping others. a very good hand indeed :)
i like your second batik dress, the one in blue. reminds me of a clear bright sky with a silver lining of clouds.
good luck with school!

made puspa said...

chachaaaaa i really really love this post! cool cha! keep posting yaa, aku tunggu posting selanjutnya :D

Rebecca Clairine said...

oh my God !!
u re sooo pretty here,
let me see , i love ur 2nd and last outfit ,,
hey , re u DIY ur bag on 4th outfit dear ? the bag is really over cute <3
i love it !
awesome :D


Hanna Kart said...

wow happy you are back chaca, all outfit really look amazing hehehe. btw i think your father is a wise person and he learned you to be wise, how awesome father :). can i know your father job? and the last happy eid mubarak :D

Ladinia DalinTasya said...

OMG ! you're so lucky dear. you got so many gifts from everybody. ahh i wish i were you haha :D

i love the second batik outfit and the last flower shoes gosh ! that shoes just taking my eyes away haha


Unknown said...

hello there :D
happy eid to you too!
I don't really follow fashion blogs but ure exceptional! at such an age too! and now i know that prolly bcoz u hv such an exceptional father.. :)
pls give my regards to him.

selly octavia said...

As always.. I love your shots... You pictured the clothes perfectly.. It's marvelous!! :))

I love the monster clutch and the garage store boots and also the douche top!! Love love love!!

vdcouture said...

seriously in love with all of the dress and looks


Golda Regina said...

Happy Eid Mubarak, Evita :) As always, I love your outfitss :) So sweet of you!! Keep up the good work! xoxo

Jason Laucht said...

Eid mubarak met lebaran!
a young girl with a big vision! respect!

from Germany

Cliff Tuna said...

ur life seems like full with adventures, COOL! :D

gosh i love all of those new (and free :D) stuffs! you are lucky to have those cute things and most important, your dad! :)

Gilbert Ganda said...

I super love your batik dresses! and all those items made in indonesia are awesomely cool!

I just realized that our country is super super creative and rich in culture after I move here to sg!
I love how you dress and how many sweet indonesians blogger make our country proud!

minal aidin walfaidzin cha!

sherlyn said...

your batik dresses are soo cuteeee

Emilie said...

I just discovered your blog and you really impressed me!

Melati Kusuma Wardhani said...

Hella Cha♥! still remember me? i hope so ;)
I've read this post, very interesting.. two thumbs up for you, Cha! Thanks btw for introducing Indonesia to the visitor from foreign countries (thanks bcs i'm indonesian too hehe)
now, I'm trying to guess whats in the box, very hard yaaa... but I'll try, so wish me luck, Xoxo

Clara said...

So young, but so pretty :'D I'm impressed, nicely impressed :')

Moreover, i fell in lovee with your first dress; i've got a maxiskmade with the same material, and as u, i really look like a bohemian : )

Oh, and thanks for the comment : )

(and, at least, great playist ; ) french songs are the best ; ) or not.)

K A T H L E E N said...

great shirt! and all the dresses here are fab!
come follow me xxo

Anonymous said...

i love your passion

lolichocopop said...

hey i like the way you wear those look gorgeous :D

Aki No Yuutsu said...

Darling!!! you're sooo great!!!
love your style!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm new on Blogspot, but i'm open for every opinion!! ;)
Fashion lover ? Maybe you're gonna like my blog.
See ya ?

jacobian said...

for a girl as young as're looking amazing. :-)

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

finally...a post dear :)

so proud with ur dad, n i think u already did the same thing like him, makes a lotta people happy of enjoying our blog n ur talent...


Gricia (Cia) said...

Best story! *hugs* can we go out 1 day?me, u and ur dad =D haha..

anyway really loves all d picture as usual..

Nikita said...

I can't believe I haven't seen your blog before. It's amazing, your sense of style is absolutely incredible! I'm a follower from now on.

Tom said...

Wow, I really like all of your outfits, but the most beautifull is Batic dress, really stunning!

Unknown said...

OMG!! You're so cute!!! I just wanna hug you tight!! hearing these french songs remind me of france. I miss it!

Thanks for following!! ^_^

Loving your sense of fashion and your photography! I think I'll have my daugther aspire to be like you! heheh she's only 4!

Kalyana said...

your post is always make me happy, evita . i always love to read your new post.
love all the photos <3

have a nice day pretty !

Anita Puksic said...

Hey! I'm first time here and I gotta tell you have more than amazing blog!

You have a great style! I love these batik dresses! Pictures are beautiful! I love what you wrote about Indonesia and your dad, he seems a really GREAT man!

I will follow you and add you in my blogroll (:

Peace and love!

Marcella said...

love your batik dress :)

Story Of Che

Unknown said...

you have great style, girl. love your maxi dress with the sneakers, and that purple sequin beanie is perfect :)


PS. Come join my giveaway:
Ji Ji Kiki Giveaway

Liliana said...

I loved all te outfits, you've a nice style :)

BlackentheRed said...

love them all, stunning like always <3

The Red Sole Heels said...

aww you have an unique and gorgeous style :) and also you are cute! love your photos! nice work

Julia Maria Cogliatti said...

I loved his style. I love to see girls like you who abuse the good taste! Congratulations!

Julia Maria

viandira athia mulyono said...

ur writting inspires me a lot evita :)

javieraisidora said...

hi, nice outfits, where is it from the money of the necklace?? looks so similar from the coins of my country, maybe it`s from here! xoxo!

HARAJUKU on SPOT said...

neng evitaaaa, apa kabar??i am still waiting kapan kamu bisa photo di studio aku, speechless deh liat photo photo barunya!!

Anonymous said...

I really love the batiks!!! :D

Dewliciouz said...

yey,,,cool ur style so much ^^

Miki said...

I see a promosing future in fashion here! Can't beleive you're such a young girl with such great talent!

Cheers from Buenos Aires!


Sukma SuKkma said...

Hi Evita..your writing really inspires me a lot..keep up the good work..Enjoy your life fullness..

Take care!

Love from Kuala Lumpur

Anonymous said...

evita, itu baju + topimu yang difoto pakai tas dari kak marta beli dimana? bagus sekali, kamu cocok banget pakai gaya seperti itu. keep blogging ya, cantik!

(Tante Evvie)

LiaChan said...


You're so cute Evita...
I love this blog..

Keep blogging..!!

lea said...

Always love your style :D

StylishForever said...

Such gorgeous dresses and i'm loving the flats and the yellow boots, awesome! Nice blog hun :)

Stay gorgeous!

YHOSIE said...

hi evita ..

i never found such a long enjoyable post like yours here ..
love it!!

XoXo , yhosie

Izumihiiiflower said...

i love the grandma bag

Unknown said...

ohh my guuci ! i like u cute :)
u sweet fashion style ya ;)

Mei めい said...


vivi said...

nice mix & match ;)

rana musika said...

Hi Evita!
I am new to your blog and I love all of your posts (I haven't read some ;))

the first time I 0pened your blog, the things that came out in my mind was: Wow, I find a genius.

great blog, great pictures, great outfits

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