06 July, 2010

Bring on the wonder

Holla people!!!! whats' up? first thing first, I want to apologize for being a super bad blogger, and have been hiatus for more than a month, hehehe. and hereby I want to say that I accepted all your angry comments, on my facebook, twitter, formspring and email about me being missing more than a month. once again, I'm sorry. I know you'll forgive me right? for the old time sake? hehehe. And if you ask why, well I've got to honest, I've got overwhelmed with this holiday thing. You know, so many things to do but so little time. I'm busy trying new recipes, ( oh you must try my spaghetty bolognaise, my cupcakes with fondant it's sooo nyyuumm!) and I also got drowned on books, you know I don't have many times to read books in school day. And it's one hell of torture for a bookwarm like me.And yeah I go here and there too, but nothing far thou, my sister is working and there's no chance she can take a long day off.

And oh! I watched TV too! hehehe, in school day there's almost no TV time for me, sad eh? And I believe one of my ( new) favorite show is your favorite too! is So you think you can dance! Oh good God, their so awesome!!! wish I can move like that! I don't know if I'm really such a baby or what, but most of the time tears are running down on my cheek and I just can't help it! everytime I saw great performances, my heart goes bum bum bum too. It's so wow how other people talent can amazed you. it's really are holly guacamolly!!!!

The weird thing is most of the times the dance that makes me cry is the slow one, the contemporer one, I found it more captivating. It's weird because I'm never been a ballet girl ( well I was tried back then, and knows in an instant that it's not for me, hehehe) I'm more this hip hop girl. and oh, in my formspring some people asked since I'm taking a hip hop dance class do I have great moves? hahaha the answer is : Hell no!

I'm terrible dancer, even the reason I'm in dancing class at the first place is because my daddy and my sisters always said that I'm look so weird everytime I try to dance. And to put more burden in my tiny shoulder, one of my sister is a B'girl back then, yes a breakdance girl so it would be humiliating for a B'girl to have little sister that cannot move. hahaha. So I try to fix that. Yeah I think I'm far more groove now, and can't wait to join a tap dance class, or flamenco class? (still can't decide).

But one thing I know for sure, dancing world is so hard! I've got bruises all over the place, I even almost break my neck once. And that one moment before the curtain is open is also undescribeable moment, you want to cry, you want to runaway but also you want to knock all the crowds down with your dance, I've been there and seriously the preasure is so high. So my hat goes down to all you great dancer out there, I salute you! ( and please can I borrow some of your talent? pleassseee? hehehe)

And so this post right here is dedicated to you all dancers, this is how I imagine how all dancer look when they off duty. So let's call this set "Dancer off duty"

And to redeem my guilt for being away this whole time, I give you soooo many pictures of moi, hehehe. be ready.

Dance is the song of the body, either of joy or pain.
Martha Graham








All of set using :
black dance clothes : Danskin
black tights : bought it in my dance place

flower headband : happy go lucky
gray cropped cardigan : zar kids
skirt : eldorado ranch
yellow socks : sox gallery
gray boots : zara kids







Oh my! this set is me using a super cool boots! thank you shoeizme!! actually I'm planing to wear it in another post, but I can't wait to show it to you guys! and I thought! hey this outfit is kindda rock if I add my new boots! oh gosh! I lovveee my new clog boots. been eye-ing at their web for that clog boots, but that boots don't have my size. And suddenly I've got an email from Shoeizme, they said that they want to send me shoes and I'm speechless when I receive the package! it's.... yes it's a MY DREAM CLOG BOOTS! and when I email them, they said they made it specially for me, in my size! I'm out of words here. Kisses and hugsss!!! seriously out of words. just when you think you can be more luckier.







Flower necklace : chloris
skirt : my dance class property
red flat shoes : wondershoe
red clog boots : Shoeizme







purple faux fur hat : cascade
necklace : cheezybabe
overcoat : zara kids
skirt : tailor made
shoes : wondershoe



red obi : unbranded
skirt : old navy
shoes : wondershoe




believe me there none leopear were harmed in the making of this bags, hehehe it's faux fo sure

pork pie hat : unbranded
gray leopard coat : zara kids
skirt : GAP
boots : zara kids


beret hat : some boutique
blue cropped cardigans : zara kids
skirt : old navy
shoes : wondershoe
shawl : DC comics

Ah got another thing to say, to free myself from guilty feeling because of the fact that I can't approve more friends in my facebook account ( and for you who add me and not accepted yet, it's really because my facebook is full, so I can't accept more friends, sooo soorry!) so I made this, it's a group page and I guess there's no limit for friends, it's a good thing right? And I promise I will add more of my daily photos there :) so I meet you there! you can add it in by click this : GROUP PAGE

so Happy holiday folks!!! have a blast ! Kisses and hugs!


Astari Dhia N. said...

cacaaaa akhirnya kamu ngeposting juga :D udah aku tunggu2 loh ! btw nice red flat shoe, i love it :)

Anonymous said...

hi evita! yay another post! let me tell you the benefit from missing more than one month from your blog, you know that lots of people expecting your new post! right? :D

This 7 set of looks are amazing! my favorite is the 3rd and the 5th. I love that GAGA hairband! did you make it yourself?

vienny said...


Melati Kusuma Wardhani said...


vinna fransisca said...

i love your blue cropped cardigan! ♥♥

michelle_ said...

you know evita.. i have the exact same furry hat from cascade as you do !
its such a great bargain for its price !
loving all these outfit shots !

enjoy your holidays :) better enjoy real life than to keep blogging and not enjoy ur real life :)

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

wow i love your shozeisme boots :)

vinna fransisca said...

love your necklace !

Veronica Anita said...

oh, I love this post, glad that you're back :)
you have a lot of cute skirts, i don't know why i'm obsessed with skirts these days, hehe
i love your boots too :)
hey, where did you take those shoots?

Carys said...

You look so beautiful in these pictures, you have such amazing style!! I love how amazing and creative every one of your outfits and photoshoots is, yours is one of my absolute favourite blogs, you're so talented!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Nitya Krisnantari said...

Great job, evita!
Love your outfit!

hannah banananan said...

love love all the outfits and the ACCESORIES (dont know how to speel :) )

Stephani Janet said...

finally are back! :D
love to read your blog again :))
you always look cute...
love the head piece in the first picture~! :D

meraldia said...

I like very much your headband and the shoes in the second outfit! You look so cute!

selly octavia said...

i love those skirts... :))

that shoezisme clog boots is totally amazing.. :))

Anonymous said...

always super gorgeous
pretty girl :)

Author in the making said...

wow great photoshoot, love all the outfits xxx so inspiring!

elok langita said...

honey, you are so cute when you smile. but in that picture I don't see your smile..

keep smile, sweety

Hartinah said...

wewww nice posting, biarpun lama baru muncul gpp deh kalo postingannya keren begini, hehehehe ^_^v

sekali-sekali posting cerita kamu donk cha :D

Ladinia DalinTasya said...

finally you posting again, we're miss you.

love your boots and your flower headband too


Miy said...

Welcome back, dear.. miss you so much in the blogosphere already.. ;) and you look prettier day by day..

The Picnic Girl

bestie said...

Everything looks amazing! I love the one with the Just Dance text. (:

Gilbert Ganda said...

heyy evita!
I miss your post! but yeah! enjoying holiday is much more fun to be spend with loved one! :) and also do the things that we are unable to do during sch days!
blogging seems to be able to do whenever u want rite?

I love your outfit a lot!
and yah know my sis like the ankle boots much!


Phie Garage said...

wew.. love your style,,

love accessories? visit PhieGarage
smooch ! :)

Puwi said...

JENIUSSSSS bgttttt..... evita aku suka smua yg kamu pakai... selalu kelihatan mewah..... :)

Phie Garage said...

dear... udh aq email ya...
love ! :) :) :)


acintya hapsari said...

i LOOOVVVEEE your boots, evita wow

Miss Woody said...

lovely blog !

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

aaaaa cute evita! love all your outfits, and love the photos :D
cute thats shoiezme boots :)

Rebecca Clairine said...

evita , akhirnya kamu posting juga ^^
u look awesome as always dear :)

and wonderful word :)
some photos of urs are looks like a ballerina , i love it !
and i like ur shoes <3
seriously ! :D

check my new post,

JESSICA said...

kewl looks you have here :)
really great shots


sherlyn said...

as cute as always! love those hats and shoes!
ngiri bener sama kamu, still young but stylish!

Veren Lee said...

I want to steal your skirts and happy-go-lucky flower headband!
we have same porkpie hat :))

really love this post !!

YONA AJENG said...

aahh looks cool as always! I want the pork pie hat, gray leopard coat, those skirts, and all! -_- great combination!

annisanican said...

hua aku iri sama kamu aku cuma punya satu sepatu karena gabisa ga ngerti milih2 sepatu yang bagus buat aku :( :( huhuhu..
kamu keren banget evitaaaa :D

ngomong2 ponakan aku mirip kamu deh, ada fotonya di sini
kalo mau liat hehehe


dela said...

of course, gak ada ruginya nunggu lama kalo kamu dateng dengan posting sebagus ini!! and, oh, you don't have to be ballet girl, be yourself, it's enough to make me adore you!! XXX

Ligeia said...

so beautiful headband!!

love the looks


Unknown said...

your shoots are so chic evita! these outifts are adorable!! i really like the way ur accessories accent each outfit. love the way the pearls accent the shoes. pearls are so fab! ive added a few to my Persona bracelet and love them.
ur blog is so smart!! - Sara

Unknown said...

keren banget deh

Anonymous said...

so cool...

Aurélie said...

you're cute!!

K A T H L E E N said...

love the hats! come follow me xoxo

Sum said...

My darling, YOU are my fashion icon! Compared to you, I feel like I have no sense of fashion.

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like your pork pie hat

Pinkie Anggia said...

Heyyy, what I've seen? So beautiful there you are X)

Pinkie Angia

fimelia said...

lucu banget

Erin Kim said...

You have amazing style! I love these and the photo composition! Thanks for sharing. :) Dance is the best! I wish I had more time for it! :(

Lovely post!
Erin :)

lustigeshop said...

i really really really adore ur style...

cheryl aulliana said...

amazing outfit,very cute stuff.
I love everything especialy your red skirt :)

visit me

Unknown said...

anak smp like this article...

Siska Daulika Gultom said...

Aku suka banget sama ekspresi kamu, sangat elegan ^^
pemilihan aksesoris dan baju yang di pakai cocok bgt :)

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