03 June, 2010

just give the devil his due

Hello all, how are you? Gosh! it's been too long since my last post right? No oh, not gonna give you any excuses, my bad.. my bad. Hehehe. So how's life? well, mine is okay. Exams is over, already do my best and let God do the rest. ( ughh, my heart is pounding everytime I'm thinking about the result ) so let's just forget all of the exam thing shall we?

Anyhow, I've been thinking lately, it might be true that time has wings, I can't believe how fast time flies! it's almost two years since my first post, that means we've been friends for almost two years too! It's quite long time right? so I guess we are bestfriend now? and I really want to say thank you for everything from the deepest of my heart. You guys are the best! there's so many times your support and love touched me too deep. It's still amaze me, that from this blog, I can have you all, one of the greatest gift a God could give. you. a friend. my friend! my bestfriend!

Since we were a bestfriend now, and bestfriend do tell, so I'm gonna share something, something that I never tought I would have the guts to tell. So here it is... Me in the old time doesn't have many friends, only a few. And the worst part is , in my old time I was bullied by one of my friend, yes I'm a bully victim, oh I mean I was... and trust me, it's hell. you have no idea how it feels, going to school, with pounding heart, my stomach is ached, always felt I could just throw up. Every single day. yes every single day. Why she done such things to me? I will never know, my teacher said maybe it's because I look weak. I don't know why, but she just always find a way to annoyed me, if it's not one thing it's another. teased me, mocked me. She done it too many times, I get used to it. I felt so numb, I played this phrase in my head over and over again "sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me" It works. for a few moments thou. because it's really true, the tongue wounds more than the lance.

Until one day I think I had enough, I'm getting sick of this thing. It's the day that I finally realized that she will never ever stop. You like all the people else might want to say, why don't you fight back? Well I tried, she said bad words, I cursed back. but she only get worse, and I stop. what's the point? if to defend myself I have to be like her, I choose to step back. cursing her not only hurt her, it's hurting me too. Maybe it's because I don't raised that way, as simple as that. God, I can't even imagine how my daddy or my sisters would feel if they heard me cursed other people with rage. My daddy always said to me, two wrongs don't make a right, what he want to say is, it's wrong to harm someone just because they have harmed you. So, no sir, no thank you. I'm done. So I go to my dad, and tell him, I asked him take me away from her, place me in place where I don't need to see her face again. and he did.

So here I am now, the happiest kid in town, I have many friends now, and I have to tell you, they all amazing! well don't get jealous, you all are amazing too! don't worry I had enough love to share. hehehe. So yes, I learned that every cloud does have a silver lining , I learn it in a very hard way. I mean, if I don't get bullied, I won't asked my dad to moved me, and I will never meet my true friends that I have now. and it would be a very big lost, don't you think? so yes, I think it's no use to cry over a spilled milk, just see the bright side.

Why am I telling you this? well it's because, not long time ago, I don't know how and why, she contacted me through my formspring ( oough! it reminds me, so sorry for my late answer, I promise I'll try to catch up! ) and she said ( again) a bad words, the funny thing is , I don't even care and she also said that I must still remember her, well if that makes you happy, I do remember you. She also asked why I never answer her question nor approve her friend request on my facebook and in the end she also said that she changed now. Well good for you, but just so you know, I'm so sorry, I will never approve your friend request. And if you ask me why, the reason is, It's not because I'm still mad or anything, It's just I want to keep you out of sight, out of mind. For all of the things you have done to me, I forgive you. I really really do, however I do forgive but I'll never forget. And I'm the kind of person who believe that a leopard can never change it's spots. Sorry.

I have my new life, and I hope you do too, and for our best I think it's better that we stay away from each other. You stay mine, and I'll stay yours.What is past history is history, what is done is finished, what done can't be undone, so please just let bygones be bygones.

fiuhh, long talk right? hehehe but I feel so much better now, thanks to you all! and now all I want to ask is, please promise me, that if you in any chance through the same thing, you will tell your parents, don't hold it to yourself. They know better. Trust me, sometimes it's okay to step back, and just give the devil his due. Promise? I'll take it as a yes!

Just like Howard Beale from old movie, network said
stand up wherever you are, go to the nearest window, and yell as loud as you can,
"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

so hasta la vista my dear friend! have a very good day okay?! Yay! it's weekend!

kisses and hugs! and oh get ready for a great many pictures of moi ! hehehe

Always thinking, if only school allow me to dress this way, like a hoodlum. I bet theres no one in any chance brave enough to pick a quarrel with me. yeah... If only.....





I don't want to kill everyone... just my enemies
~ Al-Pacino in Goodfather









red bowler hat : from my sister
leather jacket : zara kids
black shirt : zara kids
red apple brooch : mango
necklaces : to many to remember, hehehe
black jeans : tailor made

hope you like my pictures, it's my sister idea to only popped out the red color, she got the idea from a picture in one of clothing store in Bandung, and i think it's kindda cool. this is old pic, just never got the time to edit and upload it :) until now...


putri soe said...

love your photos! and yeah, i was once a bully victim too ;P
so i know how you feel

The Spoof.

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

a yayy. glad you come back. it's been a while, huh?
btw, i love the colors. And it must be your sister who edit all the pictures , err am I rite???

Melati Kusuma Wardhani said...

awe chacha! i love your style so damn much, XOXO

michelle_ said...

you CAN dress like this is you end up in a fashion school like i once did :)

i like the pop of reds !
2 more days to enter my We Love Colors tights giveaway

dela said...

uh-oh, what a story. I am glad you had passed it well, without turning you into the devil itself. :)
I am the one who is hard to forget someone's mistake, especially which hurts me much. Sometimes I think to have revenge, but once again, it won't make myself better person. So, I am proud that you've already had such as mature thoughts.
Maybe she has changed, but I believe you've picked best decision. It doesn't mean that you won't try to communicate again, but it's better if you both go on your own way. No bothering one another. Reading this make my devil side thinks, maybe she wants to "come back" with you, befriended again, because she knows that you've already turned become beautiful swan, well-known blogger, lovable, and I don't know any reasons. it just my devil side, lho, not trying to affect you. hehe...

PS. I really love combination between red and black in your shoots. Seems glam! And, no way, did you watch The Godfather??? I am huge fans of don vito. I've no idea, the girl in your age is watching it. No offense, it's compliment.
Sorry for blabbing many words. I love you, Evita, and I'll always do! XD

ilovefashion said...

WOOOW!!! great pictures...i love the way you edit them :D

Anonymous said...

i like the way you posed like michael jackson. cool. B-]

dr. B said...

wow.... that's a great writing from someone as young as u :)

hehehe we have different ways to defend ourselves from bullies, good for u, u've found yours

Kate Zhou said...

you are so cool. i'm in love with you! haha~ so young, yet so fashionable. remind me of your age again? haha.

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

cool photos and outfit :)
happy weekend!

Hanna Kart said...

red your brave picture, so cool, hahaha, may be I cannot be fashionable like you, double thumbs for you chaca :)

hanny arianty gultom said...

ade evita.. you're growing wiser surely with that expreience.. i really love to know that many people love you.. and ohyah me too... ^0^

Unknown said...

Lovely! I love red and black so much! Nice post evita ;p

Anonymous said...

oh dear..
so much i love u, mmuahh!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

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Anonymous said...

you my inspiration :)

Gilbert Ganda said...

I used to be bullied since there is some discrimination in my school!
but I try to be strong! keep myself away from those people!
dun care about them! but I do love to dress up differently with other in school! I am different with them!

btw, I super love the photo with red touch! goodluck evita! you are having tons of doc martens arent you?

have a great day!

Unknown said...

Hi, Evita. you're such a cute and adorable girl. great post as always. :)

Flickering Moonlight

Anonymous said...

Ah Evita, you never disappoint. Everytime I come to visit your blog it feels me with wonderful words and delicious photos. Such a breath of fresh air. :)

Stacey said...

Love that POP of red!!

Bookworm Bitch said...

i was a bully victom so i know how you feel, glad that everything was sorted, awesome pictures xxx

Wulandari said...

Wow,i really like your pictures.. I always like your style ^^

Laura Tenshi said...

Again,I am surprised that you are so mature at your age and congratulations for 2 years of blogging.It was a good thing you forgave her and you just don't want to have anything to do with her anymore.Your sister had a great idea with the red and black pictures,love it.
Tokyo and Seoul Dreams

Anonymous said...

nice pictures as usual dear :D
whoa you think & act like an adult. :D you're very wise :D

Ghizadhia Amira said...

very cute and stunning!

Miy said...

your style.. it's so cool, as always..

I can't believe how could a girl so young as you are, has such a mature thought and a grown ups' way of thinking.

Big hug from my wonderland, dear..

The Picnic Girl

nit said...

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sherlyn said...

you look gorgeous!

Patricia B said...

oh god
i love your red boots, they look like Docs! :D
well, bully is people who are insecure of themselves.. so there's no need to worry ;) they are just jealous!
have a nice week ahead

jennaforjethro said...

you are SUCH a little spunk ;)


t a l i s h a said...

thank God you're able to get over it.. bullying is never a good thing..
anyway i really like the concept of your photos! so cool.. red+black: SUPERB!

Unknown said...

thx for following me!
this post is so amazing! great outfit! love it!!


Anonymous said...

aww its sad that you've been a bully victim =(, but at least you're stronger and happier now =).

You're so young and have so much style and you're so cutee!! love your blog =).

hehe. i love how the red pops out =). and i especially love how much necklaces you've layered together =).

Love Linda XOXO

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for following me, I feel so honored that you did because your blog is absolutely gorgeous! (:

Tatiana Romanova Surya said...

i was a huge geek in my school years. i was like the ugliest girl probably. every morning waking up to go to school was like hell on earth for me! luckily, my college years were amazing enough to get me to a better state rite now hahaha :P

loooove the ensembles miss evacino :"D

Hartinah said...

Heyy im ur big fan since two years ago, im in love wot ur blog and ur passions. :D

Yahh semua yg kita alami itu adalah proses, dan biarkan itu semua kita nikmati. :D

Kristie said...

you're an artist, evita! you always look weird in a good way

Anonymous said...

wow for the ultra layered necklaces :)

Unknown said...

fab outfit!

Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

Anonymous said...

oH Gosh, amazing. Love your style and your red Boots. it would be a pleasure have you among my followers... ;)

Shia-Shia said...

love the red^^~
but i pick the pink ones,well i love pink best
tq for saying that u love my style...i loveeeeeeee ur style too & what a unique blog u got here...


Rebecca Clairine said...

thx for ur sweet comment on my post dear ! :)

ooh !
red is always amazing !
and u look like MJ o ;D .
totally cool !

visit back anytime,

Bananaplerd said...

cool.. :)
i wish you are my friend..^^
hohoho,i like ur fashion,
i am your fans...!!!

Anonymous said...

what a story, and I really agree in your way facing that bullying girl, yes we should never harm someone because they have harmed us. see, now you got the benefit right? I'm glad now you have the real friends. and I'm sure,that bullying girl is the most incredibly regretful girl in the world. hahah

oh I really really wish we all could wear leather jackets to school.

by the way evita, send my jealousy to your sister! argh I envy her for that mulberry bag! haha and I genuinely wish her mulberry bag will have a same story as the box of cute sunglasses ;p

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

woww you're sooo cool evita!! your accessories are soooo gorgeous!! <3<3<3
really love your blog
check out mine if you don't mind


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Totally loving the pictures!
Love the necklaces and the red boots!

Puwi said...

nice photograph!!!!
u made me jealous!!! hihihi..
I love everything u wear.. :)

cheers :)

Anonymous said...

I like your shirt and boots...

babalisme said...

Red is RAD! and so is your style, never mind the lack of posts. Enjoy your life while you're still at it. :)

Thavasa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :) I love your blog!! Your pictures are so nicely taken and love reading your post as well <3

hannah banananan said...

love the post ecspecillay the the red red red red boots. so cute!! <3 <3 hanananana banananana

Unknown said...

untuk anak seumuran kamu , aku bangga dengernya kamu punya jiwa sebesar itu. apa yang terjadi antara kamu dan dia adalah masa lalu, dan yang kamu jalani sekarang adalah masa kini dan untuk masa depan , jalani hidup mu tanpa harus mengungkit lagi apa yg terjadi masa lalu :)

Stevia said...

loving the red
your sis is brilliant
just like mine :)

and i'm sure your exam results will be fine. great even! <3

Camilla said...

sweet blog! you have fabulous style x


Fenny Wong said...

Bully should be banished from this world. I was once a bully victim too, and I fought back with all my might. I considered moving, but I stayed. He didn't pass the final exam and had to stay back a year, and now I'm having great time with my friends. :)

Great Doc Martens!

nothing said...

amaziiiingg pic
i love it.
i follow u, follow me back yay

kisses, carlla

Lisianthus said...

Wowwwwwwwwww grrreat pictures!!
Greetings from Spain!!
I'm following you, will you follow me too? i'd be an honor <33

ninit said...

Hello Evita,
Thank you for your comment on my blog. I always love your pictures and your style :)

Check out my latest photograph in Taman Prasasti (Kuburan Belanda) yaa..
Strawberry Giggles

Sum said...

Fashionista! I wish I dressed a bit like you! You always have such good taste!

Céline Ducruet said...


Tiffany Wu said...

You are so pretty Evita :)
Great Photos!
visit mine?

with LOVE
Little Berries

liz said...

u are so adorable dear :)

RiaEddiLia said...

We envy you, how can you be so creative? You're a charming girl. A little elf :)

Amel•Sprei&Bedcover• said...

wuwww.... kamu keren sekali apalagi dengan jaket semi leather + topinya, anw, cuekin aja si bully bully itu, yang penting terus berprestasi membuat namamu akan selalu diingat terus, sementara si bully?? bahkan reputasinya aja udah nga bagus/baik, so semangat terus yaaa evita :)
I love ur blog so muaaaah muaaah....

Bella Francisca said...

yeah, another time cha! so sad we cant meet at that photoshoot :( anyway, thanks for your lovely comment! hehe
red and black is really great! love your bowler hat! so cutee x)
by the way, if you dont mind please follow my blog, haha. visit mine! check my new post!

xoxo, bee ♥

meraldia said...

I love your necklaces! They are so impressive!

Anonymous said...

aw dear i am proud of you for sying this! you are way better than that 'friend' of yours ;)

The Red Sole Heels said...

aww i love your doc mart shoes wannabe.. it's so stunning.
i love your style btw, you are very creative in your young age..

if you stay in indonesia, i invite you to join my giveaway on

thanks and have a nice day

Mira Louisa said...

Love ur hair and everything u wear!!!
Heart u!

Ratie said...

hi cha! what just happen to you is kinda makes you stronger,right? And Im really happy that you're move on. :) Anyway, your pics kinda remind me of Sin City. All the red pop up from the black.. It just perfect! :D

PS: Do visit my blogshop wouldya? ;P


uchie suci utami apsari said...

nice pic

Nora said...

lovely pics as always! =))

hugs and kisses,

mutianugrabita said...

arrr cool :3

Riumni Ulya said...

Gosh! you're extremely cute dear, as always! i adore how you wear that outfit! you look tomboy but afterall you're a nice girl that i've ever known!!! :)
two thumbs up for you... :)

visit mine n comment if you don't mind
xoxo Riumni

Tatis Zavala said...

Omg!! You're so young and so stylish, i love it!!
Great site, great style great everything. Im your newest follower;) Pls visit me and if you wanna follow me as well ill be more than happier.

Anonymous said...

Wow, youre one cool girl

Mila said...

amazing :)

Pramudita Puspita said...

just want to say that u are one special girl, well, have to admit that i adore you. hehe
don't laugh! =D
Well, evita, i've sent u a message to your e-mail. I hope u check it soon, okay!
Love u^^

Unknown said...

i like your style lah <3

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