09 July, 2010


Hello people!!! I'm not such a bad blogger after all, don't I? see it's just like only yesterday I'm posting a new post, and now I'm posting again! hehehe.. ouughh! yes! I'm on fire!

Hmm, now let see, what I've got to tell? hmmm... mmmm... hahaha just kidding, I've got tons and tons of story to tell!

Let's start. I've got confession to make, my name is Evita, and I was a socially lame. hehehe, seriously. I've got this tiny bitty problem with crowd, and meeting new people it's a big homework for me, I always got self concious ( always thinking, do I said the wrong thing? what she/him think of me? what if? what if?....) but as you know good wtritter often quite
( hahaha yeah I just made that up!).

But I dare myself, for something tottaly worth it. It's for some event the most people talked about lately ( except the world cup thing of course) yes people, it's a BRIGHTSPOT MARKET!!! got an email from my new cool friend, Chris ( later on I know that he is one of the brightspot founder )he invited me to brightspot market opening party, and I was like : "me? party? a grown up party? seriously? not 'another birthday party with ballons and everything?' party?ough I'm soo dying to come! he asked me how many people I would like to bring with me, I immediatelly said me, and my 2 siters. just so you know at that time I even not know do my father would let me go, or do my sisters would like to go. But I'll take my chances. ( soo yeah,my sister said yes, and the best part is my daddy ( who I tought would be hard) tottaly okay with me going to the party, after my sister told him, that is not that kind of party with disco ball lamps, beers and everything. it's a party with many cool stores in it)

and oh for Chris He is super nice in person too,so a story to tell and a little dirty secret to share, at first I tought Chris don't know that I'm 11 years old , and I tought I just some random person to be invited, you know some lucky kid, so I kept a secret and not telling him that I'm eleven. and I crossed my finger I will not get kicked out when I'm there. So I'm so suprised when he approached me at the gate, and shaked my hand and introduced himself. Good God, he knows that I'm 11! Gosh I wish I know. And now He is officially my first new grown up friend. yay! I've got myself a grown up friend!! ( NOTE : I'm scored myself lots of new grown up friend there).

Now i know the best therapy for my crowd problem is got to the crowd itself! The crowd is amazing! I can't believe I'm gonna say this, me the crowdy phobia I'm gonna say "I LOVE THE CROWD! it's soooo refreshing looking at many fashion people with their cool style, and so many great store too with unique display. Tottaly fun and refreshing, but yeah I'm turn out to be tottaly still kid, I enjoying most of the time in cupcakes and bake booth. the cupcakes I have to tell you! soo great! you must try the vanilla and the chocolate too! and oh the cookies! ( great! now I'm craving for cookies....)

This is my first, and I'm definitelly wanting some more ( not the cookies... well want that too, but thats not the point ) It's a great first. Tottaly gonna come for the next brightspot event!! and oh my, for all of you who recognized me in there and said hi and not say that "oh you look prettier in photos' I send my thankies and kisses! hehehe, I don't know there's gonna so much people who knows me and my blog! seriously, thank you so much! I'm sorry if i'm little bit shy, to be honest, I'm nervous! and shy! hehehe.

and like you all know, pictures always have better story to tell, so let this picture show you how FUNTASTIC it was( you know, FUN + FANTASTIC = FUNTASTIC)and there's gonna be so many pictures! watch out!












me with new cool friend Chris Kerrigan

Chris, me, and Anton




hehehe being overwhelmed by cupcake






and now for the first time in my blog, I present you my photographer, a.k.a my sisters hehehe

kak Rani ( I called her kak nini)

kak Ferani ( I called her kak Chea or kak cheche)



Did I said before that I scored some new grown up friends there? here is two of them, kak Frans and kak Arla they both from Femina magazine ( my sister just told me it's a women famous magazine) I really really enjoying our little chat! it's so fun! you two are seriously cool! you guys are also fun to talked to! :D hope we can meet another time and continue our chat :D and please next time don't need to scare to say hi to me, next time I'm gonna be the one who say hello! :)



And I guess you know who this is, yes, I bumped into kak Heidy that night, she so pretty in a real life! :D and ough, do you know that quitelong time ago I knows that apparently one of kak Heidy bestfriend is also my sister bestfriend, what a small small world! and it's been forever since I asked my sister to introduce me to her :) well last night we finally meet. and she's fantastic! :D


And also meet kak Lutfhi, he's so cool! thank you for saying hi to me!










and know, this cool things that I bought that night



chain and ring from Kandura

paper clothes from nikicio and of course my very first cotton ink shawl :D

and now, last but not least... look in to my eyes! I hypnotise you all to come....


soo.. that's all from me now, see you on another brightspot market day!

have a great fantastic weekend yawl!!!


ninit said...

Wow, I didn't see you at that time, Evita. I was there also. Hee hee.
I love your photos, as always. Does your sister take a photography course? Just asking ;)

Strawberry Giggles

Fahrani Nisrina said...

waaaaah mau dateng, sayang nya jauhh :(
mau ketemu kamu evita ..

tegar said...

fotografernya cantik.. gak kalah sama modelnya :)).. Keep on Good work cha..

selly octavia said...

wow.. you were there that day??? to bad we didn't met.. will you be there again?? :))

Veronica Anita said...

wow, seems like fun!
so lucky you could be there, evita :)
cute stuff you bought

Atikah Amalia said...

Your outfit looks simple and chic as always :D and it looks comfortable too :D

cheers from Breakfast With Tea :D

Atikah Amalia said...

Your outfit looks simple and chic as always :D it looks comfortable too :D
cute ring btw :D

cheers from Breakfast With Tea :D

Jenni said...

Mmm... no wonder you were drawn to the baked goods! They look amazing! :D Looks like you had a really great time, and I love your outfit in these pictures!

Laura Tenshi said...

Happy for you, your first grown-up party :) So nice of your sisters to come with you and good thing your father was ok with it

Rebecca Clairine said...

looks you have great time !
so much fun !
i want it too ! X)


Anonymous said...

evita, seeing you wearing a totally quirky outfit on public, really inspires me a lot. you're a real fashion little monster. I adore you really! :D

Puwi said...

aku harus kesana!!! hihihi... masih belum telat... thanks for info ya evita...
btw, lucky you, you have 2 beautiful sisters who loved you so much! :)


jacobian said...

I kind of like the hat you are wearing though.very unique. :-)

so anyway are you still in elementary school or junior high? :-)

Bakkanekko said...

Waaahhh! Asiknya, kayaknya lucu lucu semua barang disitu <3 Good for ou having so fun time and make new friends there ay~ <33

Phie Garage said...

wew.. wanna visit there too,, >.<

anw, aq udh bls emailny ya dear.. check ya.. :)

Kate Zhou said...

haha. looked like you had so much fun! your sisters are beautiful!

Minka said...

girl you look fantastic!

hannah banananan said...

awww super cute.

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

hey evita! i went to the BSM opening too, but too bad I didn't see you :(
maybe next time we can meet <3 wanna exchange link?

Hanifa said...

uh uh uh .. that was totally cool . eh , kemaren aku liat blog kamu masuk majalah kaWanku .. oh my god .. you are so inspiring !! :*

Ladinia DalinTasya said...

brightspot market is s awesomeee !
too bad i can't come :(
i love the chain


Unknown said...

aaagghh, its really bad that we didn't meet! ! ! i hope to see u next time. and if i forget to say hi, pls do say hi to me :)

Gricia (Cia) said...

i didnt saw u!i did met heidy and the other bloggers but i didnt see you..if i know that we came in d same time i'd love to have a lil chat with u..maybe at d next brightspot?? =D

anyway cant wait to see how u work that nikicio paper clothes!

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

wow nice photos evita,
wanna say hi to you evita! if i see you :)

thx for the comments in my blog.


thwany said...

you're too adorable

O'Style said...

You are so sweet! Thaks for the comment on my blog!


Alviana Kalin said...

your style is too cute too be true! :)

joana said...

WOW. Sooo fun, looove it

joana said...



Evita, thank you so much for stopping by G&G...I'm so impressed by how much you are already accomplishing at your age!

♥ V

Unknown said...

agree with thwany

sartob said...

uuu i saw you at bsm, but it was too crowded n so i didn't get any chance to take pics with you... you look adorable anyway ;)

Atikah Amalia said...

Your welcome sweety :D
Ive linked you btw, mind to link back? :D

cheers from Breakfast With Tea :D

Jeremiah Halliwell said...

wow, for someone who confess about being shy and all, you didn't sound like that at all on writing. LOL.
I'm glad you're making so much so called grown-up friends. Well, life is about making freinds, isn't it?

Looking for more your fabulous adventure.


Clara Campelo said...

amazing pics
lovely blog!

Ashley Dy said...

Hi there sweetheart! Didn't know that you're reading my blog! I love your blog, I think it's awesome!!! I found it at a long time ago!

About your comment, It reminds me of Miu Miu as well, it's Zara, designer goods for the masses. Totally love the firs photo as well!

Btw, I love your musique! Tu es parle francais aussi??? I am inlove with you bowler hat in this outfit, it suits the dress well. Where did you bought it? I've been looking for it!

Carissa said...

fantastic shots. Wish I could meet you in real life :)

Bella Francisca said...

I come too. yes, to bad we didn't had a chance to met :( next time yea! :)
thanks for your comment, sweetheart! and nice post about BSM!
I'm holding a giveaway, please join my giveaway! it's open internationally! xoxo


Mai said...

That hat, that hat... I just adore it!

Creative Life Coaching said...

Cool Pic's!!!

Amelia Djamil said...

i have the same bag but in black. till now, i dunno the brand of my bag cause it was my mom :)love ur style.

Author in the making said...

wow congratulaions!!! it looks like it was a truly awesome experience xxx

t a l i s h a said...

oh god.. i'd die happy if my daughter-to-be allows me to dress her up like you.. the hat, the dress, the tights, the nerd glasses, the dior cannage bag.. everything shines on you girl.. you have 2 lovely sisters, and i think your second sister should be a model.. her face is seductive..

Sabila Anata said...

i LOVE the pics and you know what? your last pic is actually funny muahaha i don't know what's so funny bout it, but it is LOL. But it's cute of course :)

Vicky said...

hii Evita (^ ^)
you such an inspiration!
am gonna link u..hope u don mind :)

hey, hello to ur sistas from me pls ;)

mutianugrabita said...

adorable you :D

Eksi Romiasih said...

wow..nice photography shot. I like this..really like shopping adventure.

Diana Ang said...

whoaa.. wish i stay not far away from jakarta so i can attending brighspot market :(

you look so adorable as always evita :)

ps : aku minta ijin bwat copy paste foto km yg pake kalung cheezybabe yah bwat dpajang di blog. nanti aku kasi credit link. thank you :D

Photographer said...

salam kenal.. salam jabat erat..

Emilie said...

Great pics!!!

Kalyana said...

love how your sister/you captured all the pictures. they are very clear and great. it makes me feel sorry i didnt go there.
btw, love you, evita . you are so cute <3

Louela Daniele said...

loooove how these pictures turned out! theyre great!! lovin your style!

Dianaurora said...

great post !

visit mine evitaaa , (:

Chris said...

Thanks for writing such a great post about Brightspot. I'm very happy you had a good time. I knew exactly who you are when i invited you ;-) and I was super happy that you came. It was great to meet you and your sisters. As your other fans said, your outfit that night was great!


P.S. I'll reply to your email soon. Sorry.

Stella said...

Thank you very much for your commet. Nice blog and beautiful pics!! :-)

I'd like t add you to my blogrol, would you like to exchange links? Kiss. Stella.

Heidy F.M Kalalo said...

what a small world yaa?!? so glad to finally see you, Evita and Rani..;)

miss a said...

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Sum said...

Such cute pictures! That market looks perfect. A little jealous.

melanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trees said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog - your blog is very cute.

This looks like an amazing event! I'm jealous!

SawoKecik said...

Hai ... aku suka blog-mu. Aku kirim Blog Award untuk dirimu .. hehe ...

Valentine said...

Hi !!
I've just discovered your blog through "Paris most wanted" one! I'm parisian too, I've met Andrea during a party : she's soooo nice.

I think you rock : you're so young but so cute & stylish !!!

I've been in Bali last year (September). It's not far from Jakarta. Have you been to Bali?
How is life where you live?

I hope you'll come to see my blog, take care!

Sybil said...

i love your outfit and style!!! great dress and hat! :D looks like a great event! :D

Animated Confessions

Fashionlee said...

i love your style, its so unique and lovely!!

Pinkalien_97 said...

keep on good work cha :)

maria yohana said...

you are so cool

VintageGoa said...

You look adorable :)

yyyy said...

oh Gosh, I love ur blog :)

Mandy said...

I love all the pictures !
Ur style is amazing :)
kisses from luxembourg :)

HARAJUKU on SPOT said...

neng neng, nambah keren aja
hope i can meeting u in person someday!! imut banget sihh u sd follow indonesia mencari bakat as fashinable talen hehehee

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