25 May, 2010

great news!

Hello people! so how you've been doing? I know I know it's Monday, hahaha just posting to brighten up your days! been quite long since my last post, gosh! I'm having an exams and it's killing me! I study more hard than before. so hard I almost faint, hahaha. So wish me a very good luck will you?

So yeah no new photo shoot, but since I never let myself let somebody down, I'll give you a very great news as a return. So be ready! this is so exciting and I'm thinking to join it, and I think you should too! hahaha I'm like a crappy advertisement don't you think? but seriously I will only post something that I'm interested in too, and this is really really great contest. It's delightfully dreamy or eclectically edgy themes,
and post it in here, the contest is already open, but you still got time! It's open until 5 June 2010 ( shoot! my exams finish on 4th June, hope I still have a time to join!)

The great thing about contest is always the gift right? hahaha, don't you worry, the will pick 3 winners 1 is the most voted winner, the other two will be picked by Metro team. All you need to do is ask as many friends to vote for you so you might be the most voted winner and there will be 1 person selected everyday for daily winner where she/he can win IDR 100,000 just by giving rate/commenting on the submitted pictures, great right?!

So what are you waiting for? and like my old man used to say "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight" so dress you best! and oh almost forget click here to read the rules, or you can follow these twitter @fashionesedaily sama @METROdept for more updates or you can always just fly to their site in here

Wishing you a very good luck! and Oh, wish for me too! I need one for my exams! ( and don't forget to vote me if I happen to join this contest too, hahaha) so have a very great Monday people! See ya!


putri soe said...

hey dear, good luck for your exams! you can do it :)

The Spoof.

dela said...

good luck to you! I am pretty sure that you can join this contest.
Well, I am now actually planning what should I pose in this photoshoot contest, so maybe if you'll not join, it'll minimize my competitor.
Haha, kidding! XD

Hartinah said...

bad! i have final exams too in this week, (sigh) .

thx infonya cha, pengen ikut jg jadinya....

Melissa Tjioeputri said...

yees ! it;s e really great contest.

by the way, i've already joined it.
hopefully both of we can be the winner.right ?


Amy said...

Good luck in your exams!!
Sounds like a lovely competition :)

Unknown said...

U MuSt WiN deaR..

Grace Valentina said...

i haven't seen your comments on my blog

Hanna Kart said...

Hi chaca
good luck for your exam, and hope u winner.
you can visit my blog(if you don't mind) :)

BMX photo said...

keep up the good mood!

be a winner!

Anonymous said...

It would be SO awesome if you were to meet Iris Apfel! The two of you could have the most amazing, fun, stylish photo shoot EVER!!!!


Jodi @ Alexis Bittar

Unknown said...

good luck! hope you can be a winner :)
btw visit mine on

there's a nice song and i thought that you'll like it :)

sartob said...

hey sweetie, i've been wondering, does your sister have a blog or deviantart or something? i've been admiring her photographs and edits.

and also, you've got a really cool style. i totally envy you :p


Annastasia said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Come and see mine!

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