15 May, 2010

oh yes, it is mad hatter.... daughter

I've got this question a lot "where do you get your inspiration?" and my answer is always be the same, it's literally from anything! really anything, movie, music, magazine, or even people that passed me by. I used to day dreaming alot! hehehe, and idea, toughts, words, keep popping out like crazy! My mind keep playing around, I always always wonder what if ? how if ? honestly it's not easy to handle, I always ended up mad at myself most of the time. why I can't do what I tought will be easy? It's not feels good when you know how limited your skill is. arrrghh. but yeah at least I try right?

Some people asked me in my formspring, it'a a hard question and I never been able to answer it, the question is so simple. "what makes you so special?" but I never find the right words, well until now. I think I'm special because I'm not just dreaming, and I can't stand people who always dreaming and wondering. I was special because I always try to make it happen. Hey, dreaming is the easiest thing, but it's a waste if you keep on dreaming and doing nothing. right? right!

My daddy always said "you want it? work for it!" so I'm so used to work for everything I want. example : I want to do some photo shoot, and I need my sister to take the picture, what I do is massaged my sister for half an hour, it's a hard work you know, but it's the price. hahaha.

Out of topic, as you can see, I added new section in my blog. Now I put the list of website or blog where I've been featured. Hahaha it is feels funny for me. for the first time in my life I googled myself, and oh my I'm overwhelmed! so many of you wrote unbelievable words about me. It's so beautiful! thank you so much! any words is not good enough to expressed my feeling. So hereby I asked a permission to add the link to your post, hope you don't mind. Hahaha now I found new guilty pleasure, googled myself! and please if you wrote about me, or find a post about me, please inform me, I would love to add it to my featured section.

And oh, back to the topic I've always always wondering if mad hatter have a daughter how she would look like? well in my dream she looks just like this. ( and yes, this is the next part of alice in my last post ~ ooh I can't seem to get enough of this alice in wonderland theme, hehehe) hope you like it!


Alice in Wonderland full set ~ my version

and now I introduce ....


of course she as mad as a hatter,
like a daughter like a father
quite grumpy and rude sometimes
love tea is in her blood
have her own crazy world just like her father
quirky fashion taste? yes I believe so
of course she has more soft side than the old one (her father)
so you can consider yourself lucky if you meet her ~
and not the old one on your journey in wonderland
but be careful she will always have a bit of a mad side
it's in her blood

and ups! no no you won't find any price tag in her hat
it's been paid

so tea anyone?









Beautiful head piece : Nefertiti Jewelz
pink ruffles collar : it's actually a necklace from Nefertiti Jewelz
vest : my sister DIY
tie : unbranded
black shirt : H&M young
black pants : zara kids
shoes : aixaggio

credit : background (Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton Movie)
photographer & editor : my sister

shoot! almost forgot to say : happy Sunday yawl!and get ready for Monday!


audrey zefangya said...

omg evitaa kamu kok bagus bgt sih fotonya.. aku jg suka pake photoshop tp aku gkpernah ada ide buat kaya gt. good job dear, im a big fan :)

nAndaLiciOuz said...

Hi Evita!!

yay.. I'm first!!!

Wow..i love your own 'alice in wondeland' version!!!

eniwe... dari dulu apa rambutnya pendek ya? ngga pernah punya rambut panjang? coba agak dipanjangin sedikit... tapi dgn rambut pendek tetap cute kok!

I wait ur next style and wonderfull story



Shia-Shia said...

OMG ultra cool pictures & style love love love it very much...


Mudrica Rusfiani said...

Gosh, I always love Alice in Wonderland !

It's so uber cool and you're like in one of those fashion spread's great magazine !

lovelovelove it cha!

Bella Francisca said...

omg, chaa this is really great! i love the editing photos effect, how can? haha,
and your style is WOW! mad hatter daughter? LOL! check my newest post, chaa ;)

xoxo, bee ♥

Rebecca Clairine said...

ooh !
great photos !
really cool . XD
i love it ,,

and i love ur style too .
there are awesome .
u're creative ! :)


Nitya K said...

Hello Evita!
I adore the editing so much, and your fashion taste!

btw I'm new in fashion blogging. Would you like to give me some advices? I'll appreaciate it so much.


Audrey Juicy Tits said...

You're adorable!! You never cease to amaze me with your quirky and creative flair to your outfits!!

Gosh I love that little hat!! I wish I were brave enough to wear such fancy accessories out in public! O/////O

Veronica Anita said...

ih, fotonya lucu" banget !
siapa yang editin tu?
foto dimana sih?
bagus" deh foto kamu, hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Chacha!
amazing pictures as always! I really adore you and your sister. you both are incredibly talented!
and about what makes you so special, you always stick to yourself, you're the real original girl :D

Gilbert Ganda said...

I super love your idea of making the alice in the wonderland of your version and I am addicted to yours as well as how I get addicted to the tim burton version :)

super love the alice and mad hatter daughter :D


mandhut said...

evita, aku gak tau kamu udah tahu apa belum soal kontes ini, tapi coba ikut aja deh :

pas banget tuh lagi bertema alice in wonderland wannabe :D.

Sheray said...

You look killer. Love the Alice themed posts.
♥ Sheray.

Anonymous said...

Oh mY Evita, Once iN a WhiLe I SeE SomeThIng That TaKes My BreaTh AwaAy. YoU ArE a ProdIgy. Do YoU KnoW ThAt??

LoVe FrOm ToRonTo.


Unknown said...

AMAZING pics...
Love it <3

xoxo* by Portugal

Adissa Mahani said...

i can answer the question: what makes you so special?
i think it's because you're so creative and have mature thought in such age.

i like what your daddy's say: "you want it? work for it!"

hannah banananan said...

love the hat!! very kool! i love the patterns on the tie!!

sikiky said...


I envy you...i wasn't so bright when i was your age! :D

Miy said...

Hello, sweet Evita.. I loooove the mad hatter.. and it's nice to see u making a series of wonderland.. I like to play pretend too in my blog, making up stories sometimes.. ;) and guess what, I just had a tea party. Ah, if only you were there, it would be really nice to have the mad hatter's daughter with us..

The Picnic Girl

t a l i s h a said...

awesomeeeeee hat and i love the collar-ish necklace

ps: check out my disney couture necklace giveaway here

daisychain said...

you are awesome

han said...

addicted to alice, ever since I read the book :)
Cool photos ca, bsa gk kmu bkin video tutorial how to edit photo like yours? :)

oxox, djhanq

Anonymous said...

very cool edited! indeed. and you look so cute.

Away with the fairy's said...

So great! love your blog!

Melissa Tjioeputri said...

ouch! evita, awesome photos as always. :)
great idea for making alice in wonderland as your concept.


Unknown said...

i always adore what you've mad dear cha ;)
say hello to your sister , she had a great hand for being your photographer and also editor

Tatiana Romanova Surya said...

supermegacool evita!
i bet you can futterwacken vigorously too! :"D

Prasidya D. Atina said...

aku suka editannya :) kereeen hehe

DUR. said...

you can edit a lot of photos with a great result! cool. I can't do the same thing -__-'

sherlyn said...
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♥Bunny♥ said...

Those are amazing photos!
I can't help staring at your gloves... very very interesting...

alavya-shofa said...

i also like ur daddy when he said "u want it, work it!'

Anonymous said...

omg you're very creative dear! i love it i love it!
fashionably hatter :)

BlackentheRed said...

amazing amazing amazing!!!

Unknown said...

You are sooo talented, unbelievable! And I love the Alice in Wonderland theme, never get tired of it!

Maia said...

when people ask me where i get my inspiration, i say i get it from you. no joke. i love you.

Audrey Juicy Tits said...

Evita thanks for choosing me as a winner for your giveaway. I have made a video log about the present I received from you. I absolutely love it.

And you may not know what makes you special, but I'm sure glad that you are!

Audrey Chan

anita putri said...

super duper cool edited,and you look cute

ch said...

i'm madly in love with the pictures, dear mad evita hatter! :D

faranitamelia said...

I always love your outfit! The picture effect is cool too.

I have an award for u on my blog.
Check it out.

babalisme said...

The most ironic thing is your editorial-like photographs are often better than slick covered fancy fashion magazine in Indonesia, which I believe were made by people twice your age and probably overseas graduated.

This proves us that age and education can't hide/improve natural talents.

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

really love those pictures..nice photoshoot

mariska said...

u r cutee...


Aphrodita Wibowo said...

good job it...



yahau said...

love your blog, evita :)
keep posting~

Jeremiah Halliwell said...

your Alice in wonderland version is a truly inspiration for fashion. It's such an awesome piece. great work.


Lussi Rahadian said...

Hi Evita,
Loooove your wonderland :)
Nice editing dear.

Puspacinantya said...

wawh, aku baru tahu si mad hatter punya daughter secantik kamu (pasti evita langsung blushing)bener deh, kamu oke banget, makin ngefans :*

ilovefashion said...

To cool for school!!!!!!!!!! lol

big fan of your blog :D

Anonymous said...

Dearest Evita,

You're very welcome! Thank YOU so much for writing such a wonderful blog---you're a beautiful and talented young lady and everyone at Alexis Bittar <3's you!!!!!

-Jodi @ Alexis Bittar Retail

Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

You're young.
But amazing.

miss a said...

O, I've posted about simple skinny and back to childhood

Wanna exchange link? Mail :

Be my follower : Ice Creamy World
Twitter : caramel_manda

Atikah Amalia said...

So cute!
'Evita In the wonderland'nya pake photoshop ya?

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

super cool evita, love the last photos! and you look so cute with that costume.. love your tie and shoes !

inge luciana said...

OMG!! I swear this photo shoot is extremely cool!! how can you edit the photos such like this. it's AMAZING!!
really love your outfit, it's so unique and great.
love to see your blog, you're still very young but also very creative.


Ceaecilia said...

Hey Evita why don't u join this Alice competition?

Ghizadhia Amira said...

hi there Evita, check out this, hope you like it :)

Sandra said...

ADORABLE pics! :)

L'armadio del delitto said...

Anything inspires you, and you inspire me! Given the result of your photos, the half an hour massage is a good investment!

michelle_ said...

ommggg evita did you edit these photos on your own ?
i love how you blended them with this alice in wonderland background !
its seriously COOL !


win a pair of the tights in your choice of color !
click here for more details !

Stevia said...


i think you are the coolest 11yr old I hv ever known!!

kamu keren banget siiih
love the headpiece
and the wonderland theme? PHENOMENAL!

aku yang dua kali umur kamu jadi malu


would you be kindly enough to link my blog to yours and follow me on bloglovin?

i would really appreciate it!

Stiene Saenen said...

Damn your pictures are amazing!!

Puwi said...

i'm lucky found your cute blog :)
everything you wear are awesome..


Lala Bohang said...

oh my ... I LOVE THIS!
i'm so drawing u again.its ur fault T.T

ps:so sorry for my very lateeee art swap dear...

julianne. said...

you are such an amazingly sweet thing.
i love to see what outfits you come up with next! <3

88 said...

Waow you are so sweet *o*
And your look is amaizing and you're only 11 , big surprise !
( sorry if my english is bad , i'm french shopaholic ;) )


Anonymous said...

you look amazing!

Sum said...

oh my! You are just adorable all the time! So creative!

Alessandro said...

I love this photos, aand your sweet blog. I following:D

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