24 January, 2010

quick but important post

Heyyy yaaa! it's Sunday! how's your weekend people? great? mine too! :D just check to make this super cool post. It's a super big news! the result for Tongue in Chic award is out already, and I'm here to bring you the great news! yes people yes... ( ohhh am I being to easy to read?) We win!! yayy! thank you thank you thank you for your vote! I know some bad thing happens in the process, there were some war comment in my category, and it hurts, hurts so bad. I can't justified some people who said some bad words about other nominee just to defend me, but all I can say is, thank you! that is not a good thing though, but thank you. for being there for me., and more than 3000 vote? God... I'm wordless ( is that even a word? wordless?) hahahaha

let's cut it short, so here's our winner people!

come in a 1st place :

come in 2nd place :

come in 3rd place :

That's a wrap people :D congratulation to all winner! and of course to all winner from other countries! you guys are amaaazzziiing! I love this award because it's give me a chance to know all about you guys!

leaving you with this cool quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson :

“Win as if you were used to it, lose as if you enjoyed it for a change.”


han said...

wah, congrats on ur award dear :)

link me ya :

Lily Riani said...

love the quote... very optimestic

Filicia said...

congratulation deary~
i love your blog so much~
and i think it worth for you~

psssttt, i'm doing your illust~

Hartinah said...

congrats dear !
well, i heart ur blog >.<
bikin postingan pas ulang taun donk cha..

selly octavia said...

congrts for you and all of them!
you all deserve it..


Anonymous said...

congratulations sweetie!
i do really love your blog & you deserve to get alot of awards! :9

winka said...

you're such a little girl with a big talent,cha! congrats! :D

daisy sunshine said...

evita congratulations! hope you'll always be the most adorable blog eveerr! have a great day :)

Anonymous said...

Yeaayyyyyy!!! Chachaaa, i'm soooo happyyyy for youuuuu! ^_^ Congrats congrats congrats!!! (can u see me dancing rite now ;p hihiy!)

Dannie said...

wow, coool awards
and i loove this quote!

Unknown said...

my blogshop won third place after Magic Happens :D

congrats to us!

fianseptian said...


mariska said...

congrats ya dear,,,!

u deserve it!!

keep blogging bcz u r inspiring!!



Anonymous said...

evita nuh,
mau tas backpack keren?

terima kasih.

Awe said...

evita congratulations!
u're so talented..
nice to know u.. =D

Noelle Chantal said...

congrats Evita!! :)

Diana Rikasari said...

congrats to all of us! and evita, im so proud of you!! :)

Unknown said...

HeY EViTa..
CoNGRaTs yaWw..
aNd noW i "FaCe" u..
aNd wOuLd u "FaCe" Me tOo?
soRRy My eNGLisH iS sO BaD..

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