28 January, 2010

The desire to reach for the sky runs deep in our human psyche. ~Cesar Pelli

Bonjour everybody! How’s you day? Well mine is… kindda boring I guess, school, course, school, school, and again and again. Fuhh I really need some holiday. You too right? Yes? hmm… I thought so too. Ahh talking about holiday, I remember I haven’t upload all my last holiday photos, I never got the time for it, until now. So I will post it now and after all it’s already quite long time since my last picture right? not such a good idea though, it makes me more dying for holiday *sigh

And oh about the next photos please mind my unfashionable clothes, my daddy won’t like the idea of me bringing too much clothes, so I pretty much wearing everything that I can find in my suitcase, hope you still love me, hehehehe.

follow me, and see why I'm following Uncle Roy

ok, my heart beating like a drum!

bowler hat : cherokee
Jacket : GAP
( don't you think it's quite similar with Jacket by alexander wang for GAP? my sister have that one, and I'm tottaly drolling over it! and when i look at this baby, I gone crazy! mamamia!)
unicorn t-shirt : zara kids
brown pants : unbranded bought it in bandung
shoes : zara kids

Flying flying flying, you know what? You probably already know that I love quotes, some quotes are easy to understand, but some are not, one of my favorite quotes is from Amelia Earhart who also one of my favorite women, she said “You haven't seen a tree until you've seen its shadow from the sky” yes it’s a simple quotes, but definitely not easy to understand, I want to feel her passion, I want to see it by myself, experience it! I asked my daddy how it feels like, and he said, it’s beyond word… not helping daddy… not helping…

Now I know the only way I can understand what she feels I have to try it by myself . Hahaha no, I won’t flying a plane, for now this gantole is enough for me, and I’m not even riding it, I’m only the passenger, but all I can say is, the rush of adrenaline is crazy, my palm is sweating like crazy. But it feels fantastic! But one day when I’m old enough and this curiosity of flying still rush in my blood, my daddy promise that I can take my license. Uncle Roy ( he's a somekind of flight instructure) said that I have to be 14 to take license and that’s not even for a plane it’s for glider license, for a motor plane I have to be 16 to take the license, I guess I can only wait for my time now. Right?

Leonardo Davinci who’s one of my favorite men alive said this:
“When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return”
ohhhh you make me want to driving my own plane even more! Ohh daddy can’t we just say that I’m fourteen?? Pleaaaseeee…. Don’t bother to ask,my daddy will say NO in a second. Sighhh…..

hahahaha, don't you just love that t-shirt?

And oh talk about flying, I feel like flying when kak Sabila from Pastel Girl send me a message and tell me that she want to send me a pair of flat shoes …. Thank youu sooo much! So can’t wait, I always adore her Mint store collection, I bet you do too, here’s some pictures of Mint shoes, and oh you can see the collection in here ( click click the picture below )


dela said...

so, how's flying?
i never been into this idea, coz to be frank, i am afraid of height!
but, maybe someday i'll try to fly too..

Anonymous said...

wow you still look great dear! :)
and, oh, are you taller?
and you're fearless, dear! cool!

see you soon, :)
please check my blog, if you dont mind. :D

tegar said...

wow.. saya tahu tempat ini, sering maen ke sini.. keren fotonya cha.. salam kenal :)

Marissa said...

Ah, I wish I bought that A. Wang jacket at GAP!

and the quote on that shirt is awesome :)

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

evita you always amaze me..! cool!

love your bowler and you GAP jacket!

istifara said...

cha..ini di Lido bukan??
i'm too afraid to try..
i feel like my heart will stop beating if i do!!
well in my age nearly 21..i only ride halilintar in Dufan once!! cause i'm afraid it's gonna fail! ehehe
poor me..but u seemed enjoying ur time there!!lucky u!!

Shaishalala said...

wow! I always wanna try flying! but kinda afraid of heights! anywhom, I stumble upon your web online and been following you ever since! you are such a smart and inspirational little lady!
kinda remind me of the children novel: Harriet the Spy. have you read it yet? the setting is in New York, so you kinda have the idea of where I lived. Oh btw, I sent you email to your yahoo acct. don't know if you get it or not.

Take care always,

winka said...

you lucky girl! :D

nit said...

Waw, that must be a great experience, Evita..!

Where is it? I wanna try next time :)

TranSumatra said...

did you fly that thing yourself?

Elisabeth v. Villalón said...

Just turned 11 (not 9 or 10 !)

Girl you're great

Filicia said...

waaa, you are very brilliant~
those quotes are really impressive.
and, how is flying?
i wish i can do it too~
hope u can reach your dream, dear.

helen said...

thanks for following me.. really like your blog.. xx helen

Mélina said...

Hi ! Thanks for your comment :)
You look young (like me) how old are you ?

DIANA said...

Oh god I have never been in the sky! How fortunate are you hahaha! it looks like so much fun and such a connection with mother nature! I love quotes also they place a smile in my face I love Amelia Herhart I cant wait for the movie or is it out not sure I’ll go online and check and Hillary swank will play her perfect choice right! Thanks for the comment darling and you rock! Love love the post….Love Dye♥

Marta said...

Thank you so much for your kind words... I'm just discovering your blog, and I'm really impressed! It's really clever and cute. Love it!


u're soo adorable to be a kid. haha :)

ps: envy ur pixs :)

Namie said...

wow~ just discovered your blog. everything is lovely! You have a wonderful sense of style for someone so young. You're like, Asia's Tavi! ^_^

Ari Suci Rahayu said...

Lovely girl ;D

ika kurniawati said...

coolnessss, check out mine

rizky maretha said...

envy! hoaaaa :(
i wish i can "fly" too someday,muahahahaha
seems super duper fun

michelle_ said...

woah that must be an amazing experience evita !
you look uber chic despite the fact that your dad doesnt allow you to bring too much clothes for the trip !

and i cant wait for you sporting those miint shoes from sabila :D she's an aspiring young fashion blogger like you too !

adore you very much :D
hope you'll comment back to me too..

<a href=">Glisters & Blisters </a>

loen. said...

aaaawh i visited you blog once before! and i LOVED it! now you're following me! aaaaaaawh so much love! and i love that you're from indonesia, i really miss indonesia. i used to live there when i was little. :) xo

Anonymous said...

coolll chaa ^_^

20something said...

wowww.... r u really flying that thing? woww... anyway, nice to meet you... i've been visiting your blog since last year.. veryyyy nice blog! xoxo :)

michelle_ said...

thanks for the link evita .
i jumped up and down when you visited to my blog :D

thx for the comment on my blog

Gilbert Ganda said...

hey evita
i adore ur looks and creativity
for that reason I awarded you an award
check it out in my blog

Lauren Rozenberg said...

Thank You Soo much for your comment on my blog ! :)
It's always a pleasur to read some positive opinion ! :)

Lulu said...

Waaa! Tes photos sont magnifiques ♥ !
Tu es très très belle et quel style pour ton age! A 11 ans je n'avais que 2 jean et des t-shirt... ;)

amanda rismawaddah said...

oh my gawd you are sooo perfect. i love your gap jacket. it's really nice

Gricia (Cia) said...

for me ur outfit is fashionable dear..

are u coming to today blogger meet up??really want to meet u in person

Naina said...


You should know read that in my book flying on a plane that doesn't read BOEING 707 is the shiz. And plus I love your jacket and your writing style and photo's remind of Tavi (Style Rookie), ergo, you are shiz.


PS: Check out my blog:

Unknown said...

wow! how cool is that?!!! i'm jealous. that must feel great.

lovely blog you got here!


kalina said...

such a lovely girl..

kamu anak yg cerdas ya.
oia, saya liat blog kamu tau dari majalah b'girl.

keep fashionable! :)

Unknown said...

woow so nice! i hope i can try someday!
love the color in the pics!

claradevi said...

LOL, u're rad, babycakes!
I'm so damn cursed when it comes about flying, I hate the pressure...
Kudos for your bravity!

eh, and that jacket is tempting.

clara xxx

Silmi Sabila said...

Wow it's such an amazing experience that you'll never get everyday! And you look like a little Emilia there. You always have great things to share here, in your blog, so keep on shining sweetie!

Visit me back when you have your time

Anonymous said...

I envious so much! that must be amazing! I really would like to do it some day!!


Anonymous said...

que chulas las fotos!


Raquel said...

You are brilliant!


julianusginting said...

nice picture you have...i like it.. :)

ali said...


a-chen said...

good post...

Clara Canceriana said...

cool, i never had a try to fly like those. it must be great!

btw, i loved that shoes picture

Hendriawanz said...

what can i say about you, your activities, your expression..yes, all about you from this thorough A-Z article: amazing. really amazing.

nice to see you, and let me follow your blog:)

Thariq said...

wew...nice to know this blog...
nice to meet you my dear...
happy fashion n happy blogging...

I V Y said...

so cuute! loev the bowler!

*DonnaRomina said...

i want to fly, ²
was it cheap? ^^

Tabitha said...

That is so awesome...I wish I could learn to fly.

Hunter said...

Oh my gosh, girl! You've got so many followers! HOW? I'll be following, too. ;)

Patricia B said...

so cool !
how does it feels up there ? :DD
thanks for your comments
do you mind to exchange link ? :)


Analisa said...

This looks like such an awesome experience! I REALLY want to do that one day.

kiara leswara said...

well,evitaa ,loving ur style and also ur blog. think that ur too cool to be true. i've linked urs,link and comment on my blog will make me smile.

emmy said...

awwwwwww i love the shoes!! :D :D

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