08 January, 2010

hoooliddaaaayyy! ( say it with madonna song style )

Hello 2010! How are you people? Whoa just realize this is my first post in 2010 and my first post as 11 years old girl! I really can’t wait to post this, but to bad holiday is over, and I’m start juggling and struggling with school again ughh I barely touch my laptop. Busy busy busy. Thank God it’s Friday night and my home is full, all of my daddy’s friend is coming so I’m sure I’m gonna off from his radar for quite some time Hehehehe. so no one will tell me to sleep or something, yihaaaa!!! ( ssshhht! Daddy thinking I was sleep, don’t make a sound… )

Speaking about holiday how’s your holiday? Is it fun? I hope it is. Well mine is … hmm, let see what the right word is? Uh yeah! Lady Gaga would say it’s fantastico! I spent my holiday with my cousins and we having so much fun. If the myth was true that laugh will make you fat, then I would be like 1000 ton right now, but no that’s just a myth.

The place where I go is so sick! It’s sooo beautiful! And oh, I do take some pictures there, some friends ask me what do I wear in my daily life, nothing special I guess, jeans, t-shirt, shorts, something like that, and yeah I wear glasses. And now you can see what I wear during the holiday, fyi the sun shine alright, but the air is freaking cold! So here it is…


brown fedora hat : zara man
trench coat : zara kids
stripes sweater : adams boys, :
gray jeans : zara kids
blue shoes : aixagio
suitcase : a birthday present from a good a friend of my sis,
I believe he bought it from lovely lace

Me with Zeus my camera, ughh it feels good when I say “my” mine.
I’m kindda look like Sherlock Holmes in here, don’t you think?
red poncho

I'm in looovee with this red poncho, it's warm, it's warm, and got a nice colour to! what else could you ask?

bowler hat : cherokee
red poncho : Ffox
gray jeans : zara kids
shoes : zara kids

stripey straps!

bowler hat : cherokee
brown sweater : zara kids
bag : sachi bag
shorts : zara kids
tights : gap kids
shoes : zara kids ( for boys)

I'm in love with the sky

feels like I'm in sound of music movie set!

do you see what i see?

bowler hat : cherokee
black long sleeves shirt : zara kids
shawl : zara kids
pants : zara kids
boots : zara kids

will soon added more pictures in here and in my facebook, there's some more.

ughh I feel sleepy now... *yawn. I really need some sleep. Good night everybody, take care! sleep tight! don't let the bugs bite!

kisses and hugss!


Kartika Monoarfa said...

I love the coat :)

Nice to see u again, cha..


han said...

u're so cute and cool,
i knew u from my mom's magz

tattoo freak
p.s : u're so cute

Unknown said...

hey what's the lens you're using for this batch of pictures taking with your dslr ya? kindly let me know :)

Anonymous said...

hey, you're an awesome litle kid! the sherlock look was uber cool!

please check my page, im link-ing youu :D

rasjojing said...

hahaha lucu deh ah(?)tapi keren-_-

Putri Erdisa Januarti said...

oh my goodness! what a cool place! was that in bogor, dear?

AH! happy belated birthday, by the way. hahaha, i still can't believe you're 11! LOL

hannah banananan said...

super cute and sweet love ya!!!

Hartinah said...

cha, mang yang motoin biasanya sapa? keren deh postingan pertamanya!!
happy NYE meskipun telat. :D

dela said...

i heart the coat evita!
<3 it!!!

A N A S T A S Y A said...

You look so quirky here and I'm totally in love with it. The glasses pull it off,, great!!

Diane said...

If you've just turned 11 "Happy birthday!". I think your outfits are amazing, can't believe you're so young! I even showed your blog to my boyfriend :P

Thanks for stopping by my page :D

Have a fun day!


Veren Lee said...


Cliff Tuna said...

u are amazing! really!
but you're sooo down-to-earth !

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment on my blog (already replied it there), and thankyou for link-ing me back, as you know i already link you :)


Sabila Anata said...

gosh that's sooo cool !
Where did you spend your holiday ?

Anonymous said...

Chachaaa, its always fun reading ur post! (on ur blog of course. Hihiy) ^_^ Oh ya, Happy new year sweet Chacha :)

Riri~ said...

been a mute reader, now I decide to drop some comment :)
nice set of photos. so neat.
and your style of fashion is cool as always.

Eyeliah said...

hey welcome back I did an (unintentional) Sherlock look too lol. That socks and shorts look I really like, you styled it so well.

dotie said...

Simply adore your fun and creative sense of fashion..
it sounds like you had an amazing trip :)

♥ mama's teapot :) ● said... you are amazing
i all ur stuff
i know u from the r so stylish,girl

Anonymous said...

chacha you are really really really cute! wow you are amazing!
I love your bowler hat and your red poncho! :D

Bakkanekko said...

Love the jeans so much!!! XD

Amalia M Putri said...

u're the amazing lil girl.
when i see you, i remember about tavi gevinson :D

Sum said...

Freaking adorable. Fashionably wonderful.

Anonymous said...

u're so adorable.. i wonder where do you find those creativity in this young?

your post is beautiful n smart,, different n fresh^^

i feel ashamed when a 11 years old girl can do this, while i didn't do anything abt my passion.. so i started my blog.. it's all bcos of u dear..^^

Unknown said...

it kinda surprise me when I got a comment from youu!!'re such a talented girl with a great style!! :)..I like your blog and I also featured you once actually ;)..

seems that you had a great holiday!! love the holiday outfit,,esp the coat in the first pic :)..

hmm..anw,do you mind to exchange link? :)

Febi Purnamasari said...

as cool as usual :D

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I absolutely adore you, Evita! Your style is, in the words of Lady Gaga, fantastico! I'm so glad you had a marvelous holiday!! :)

Amalia Mas'ad said...

Can I have the hat? Hihi. It's so cute. Been following your blog like months ago and it's supercool. It's fun to see a girl on your age have their own style. Keep it up, girl :)

Indy said...

Wow, that trench is amazing, and I love how you're working it with that lovely lovely hat. That hat brings such character to the outfit!

Eli said...

OH my, your photos are so beautiful!! Are you using a special filter in the first set? They just look absolutely stunning! I guess it helps to have a great SLR like you do

Christa said...

Wow, I love your style

yurieca garnis said...

happy bithday, dear.. :)
love your cutie outfit ! who choose it for you ?

L'armadio del delitto said...

Happy birthday and happy new year!
You're so pretty in these pictures!

Fab Five said...

You have such a developed style for someone who is only 11 years old! Sooo impressive :)I love the brown zara man hat. Your blog is amazing.

THE CAT'S MIU said...

you've got to be one of the coolest kids i've ever seen!!! man, that trench is so nice!

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

hey sweetie, thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog - it really made me smile :)

i can't believe you're just 11 years old - you're soooooo incredibly stylish! WOW! love every single one of these outfits.

much love,

♥ Hannah



titiw said...

Happy belated b'day caca darling.. You know what, I just wrote your fab blog on this website, You might want to check it by yourself. Cheers! :D

BlackentheRed said...

always love your posts, and glad you had a wonderful holiday!

can't wait too see more of your unique style

cupcake♥trash said...

great post, that poncho is perfection!

Noelle Chantal said...

thanks for visiting my fashion / scenery blog. :)

your photos are really nice! your holiday looked so fun. i love the places you went to, esp the greenery hills at the last photo -amazingly breathtaking!

your style is very quirky and chic. how young are you? you have a very fresh style, very unique at a very young age.

and i am esp in love with the red poncho you wore and the suitcase given by a friend of your sister. great present!

plus, who ever take your photos, he/she is very talented :)

i will add you up on my roll. hope you could add me up too. oh, by the way, check my latest post, i know you will like them since i can tell you are a fan also of beautiful scenery and artsy stuff. :)

Zippy said...

Wow...nice pict.
Keren banget deh, mantep pula pemandangannya...
Contrastnya juga powerfull :D

Yulia Rahmawati said...

Hello deaaar
I pas an award for u at my blog

Click here

Hope u like it
Lil' fashionista^^

Anonymous said...

nice blog,i like your photos in the green yard. I follow your blog, dont forget to follow back

Je M'aime said...

sure it's amazing.. wew, cool outfits, cool attitude, and cool places...

noura. said...

wow this is an amazing blog i'm going to subscribe =D

sui said...

wow, you're only 9? intense. I started my first website when I was around your age too :)

you're beautiful & I enjoy your photos. what equipment are you using?

hope to hear from you again :)

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

kewl evita! i love your style so much :D

and nice photos!

yuna said...

girl, u are genius and this blog is just cool. i love the suitcase and coat and i wonder how can u think those everything.. i'm totally blinded if it comes to fashion

Agnes Agustine said...

its really amazing :)
your pose, your fashion i like it..

Mélina said...

I really love your poncho !!
Your pictures are so beautiful :)

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