26 December, 2009

This is going to be my last post people

Seriously it is.... last post in 2009 ... hahahhaha... ( not funny?.. sorry..)

Hello people! It’s holly holiday time right? Just want to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! hope you all having a good times! I bet you do, it’s holiday after all. Ahhh, 2009 will end, how time flies eh? I even still remember the sweet taste of my birthday cake last year. Ohhhh yes! A new year is a new age for me too! geeezzz..... I'm officially past a decade in 1st January, I feel so old now. Hahahaha, just kidding, I'm so thrill to be 11, it's a good number. And hey! , I can feel that I'm changing, seriously. I'm more laid back now, maybe it's because i feel that school is not something so dreadful anymore, I'm so in love with my new school, and my schoolmates are the coolest! is not that I hate my old school, but yeah, honestly it's just not my place, I don't feel like 'home' there.

What else? nothing I guess, still the same person, my daddy and my sisters still said that I'm annoying, hahahhaha, but no, I'm not open to adopt, they won't let me go, they love me to much. I know that, they said it every night and day, love you back! Daddy! Sis! Even though I don't say it out loud, but I do, I really really do! You can cross my heart.

Everything pretty much the same I guess, still the old me, who got nerve to punch ( who ever are you) in the face, who said that I don't have a childhood life, just because I like to dress up and write a diary ( but in my case I do it online ), wait, who are you again? Trying to judge me, said things about me, that's funny, I don't get it don't even know me right? (God, I think I really need an anger management, so sorry for the bad words, but I'm only 10, what do you expect? okay almost 11 but still.... okay... * now I'm taking a deep deep breath, count 1,2,3,4... relax... relax...) Okay, I feel better, let's continue.... sorry if you think I’m being to sensitive, it’s just, saying bad words about my childhood = you are criticize my daddy parenting skill, and please please don’t do that, I can take critique as long as not about my daddy, I love him waaaayyy to much. So please just don’t cross the line.

And yeah I’m still not like doing a resolution thing, still think it’s a just a big burden, well I guess I'm just not a good dreamer. Still don't know what to answer when people ask me what I want to be, it might be a simple question, but it's too hard to answer. the reason is I really really don't know what I'm going to be,( well I know what I want to be, but it's a secret, that I want to keep for myself ). And quite different from the old days (read. a year ago ) I'm not going to tell you what I think as my achievements, but I'm going to do this with kak Anna ( from much love ) style, I'm going to write down 10 things that I liked in 2009, you can do this too if you want, it's fun! Let’s start shall we?

1. First! Got this on 1st January 1999, I still remember how excited I am, well of course it's my Birthday gifts! And yes, I was in love with high school musical back then, my sister said that "your just a little girl after all" well of course I am! * I've got some extra gifts after the photo shoot, too bad I forgot to take the picture. hehhehe I'm proudly pronounce that I got two Gabriella and two troy ( in different edition ), Sharpay, two Kelsie and two Ryan barbie doll
( hehehe, yes I've got same gift, but believe me they got the same share of love ).

2. I'm on girlfriend magazine! Can you believe that? Well I still can't...

3. Being nominated in Tongue in Chic award, under category “a face to watch out in 2010” to be honest I really don't care about winning, you should see the other nomination, being nominated is already a big big honor for me. Ahhh that reminds me! please vote for me again in here hehehe ( you can vote every one hour, so if you love me... please.... hehehehe)

4. I won wondershoe contest! Fair and square! And got myself 5 pair of lovely shoes!

5. Being reviewed by Tongue in Chic on their page, they wrote a super nice thing about me, you can read it here

6. Got reviewed by another blogger! Kak Mia is kind enough to send me an email and there it is, list of links to blog or site that make a review about me, good God, how do I say thank you to them? I know this is not enough, but THANK YOU!

7. I learn more about photography, and just got my very own DSLR camera, yeah my sister got a new one, so her old one is passed on me now. But I wooooff it sooo much it's Olympus E- 510, and I called him Zeus ( you know, he was the most powerful god on Mount Olympus based on Greek myths).

* ps and no, the camera on the picture is not Zeus

8. I learn a new language, it's Chinese (mandarin) language... and yes, it's hard

9. I'm getting good at baking thing, hehehe, you should try my cupcakes!

10. Last but of course not the least, YOU, I LOVE YOU, my reader! I love love love your comments, your nice word, your great advice, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is true, one simple comment from you is totally brighten my day! And you too my silent reader! You know I love you!

It’s funny if you think about it, that the next time we meet it will be a different year, and I’m not 10 again… Ooops daddy calling, I have to go now! I’m off for my holiday! So we meet next year okay! Don’t miss me, even though I’m pretty sure I’m gonna miss you all! Have a nice holiday people!!!

Kisses and hugs!


putri soe said...

hey, you are such a talented girl! your blog is one of my daily reads. have a great blessing!

Anonymous said...

hey i left a wall on your facebook earlier. would you please check my blog page and link it? i've linked and follow u allready, thankies:)

btw, congrats for the awesome stuffs that happend to you on this 2009!

Tysha from:

NoViTaRisTiaNa said...

ooouwh...congrats dear,u got much things who can made u happy..i really wait u're new posting.i luv all u're style..btw,if u're not busy wanna visit my blog?? hahaa...

Tiananda said...

You're a very nice girl :)
love to see your posts! ^^ soo playful and sweet!

Lightning Heart said...

glad to hear you had a wonderful year!
i think i'll join in with this post :)

all the best for 2010!

fara said...

happy new year too chacha :)
wish we all had a rockin'year on 2010 !!

Anonymous said...

chacha, I was shocked when I saw your post title, really. but I'm glad you're just joking. hehehehe.
I'm sooo happy for you for what you've reached in 2009. hope 2010 will be more wonderful and awesome !!

rizky maretha said...

happy holiday honey :)
kisses and hugs for you

Inan Nadya Junus said...

ya ampun kaget beneran dikira beneran post terakhir :P sabar ya sama yang ngomongin kamu. Lebih banyak yang ngefans sama kamu kok hehe

[insert name here] said...

You know, when I read this post title I think this is really going to be your last post. And I feel like :( But then..................HAHA! Stupid, isn't it?

Deanvi Fahira Wisnuputri said...
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dela said...


i was shocked when i read your post title!!!

sukses di 2010 ini ya caa!
semangeet.. :)

tiaraaa said...

whoa what a nice post Chacha :) you know what, is one of the MUST visited web for me now :D
I adore you and your blog cha!
GOOD LUCK yaaa :]

Kartika Monoarfa said...

happy holidays, dear!

happy new year!
wish our wishes come true in next year! :)


A N A S T A S Y A said...

I believe you will kick some a** on 2010.
take care darling!!


chosarah said...

keep your imaginations okay? :D

Bern said...

Joyeux Noël, petite ^^
I've voted for you ^^
and congrats xD

Cliff Tuna said...

i was shock when I read that this posting will be ur very last post, I hate it, but then I laugh! haha..

i think ur juust soo creative Evita, I never thought to post a posting like u do.. it's just sooo... wonderful! :D

kembangkan!! :D

Earlene said...

di tahun depan mudah"an kamu lebih wise yah sayang .
keep being creative . u know we love u .thank you dear evita <3

dqw said...

not that i criticize but i guess some of your styles are too old for you, but still you're AMAZINNGGG :)

happy new year shawty :]

Tirta said...

happy holidays evita!
can't wait to see your next posts this year! :D

Gricia (Cia) said...

don't bother those negatives thought..and i think u rawks dear!!exchange linkkkk ^_____^

michelle_ said...

merry christmas and happy new year evita :D

hope 2010 will be a good year for u ! hoping that you'll post more often too (esp with ur new camera !)

your blog is a good source for inspiration .
many thanks to the comment you left :D

visit / comment / follow me .
glisters and blisters

Anonymous said...

hi there! it's my first time reading your blog and i can't believe that it's you, a 10 years old girl who wrote everything posted here!!!!

your blog is uber cool!! adorable! admirable! and you are adorable and admirable as well! i think i'm gonna be a huge fan of you! i'm gonna bookmark your blog!

keep posting, dear! you've got a great talent!

oh! i almost forget! merry christmas, happy new year and happy holiday!!! :)

Sum said...

Looks like you had one of the greatest years in 2009! Let me just say you are such a darling girl! The cutest! Ahhh! Haha I laughed about your High School Musical thing. I graduated from East High, the actual building where the movie was shot. I never got to see the actors, but everyone tried stalking them during the movie and some of my friends were extras in it. I can't believe you know 3 languages?! I wish I was extraordinaire like you.

Nindy Hardjadinata said...

Whoaaaa 2009 was YOUR year, huh?

You're adorable, in this cute age. I envy youuuu :D

Happy new year, my dear :]

Tamara Alasdair said...

love you so much! I visit your blog daily. would you check out my blog and link it onto yours? cause I already did! :D keep up your awesome work! cheers!

Fitria said...

what a talented 10 years old girl!

are you joined

you must try it!

Lily Riani said...

love you blog, you pretty cool and great for a 10ney, keep it up yah... from : globetrotter

buncha said...

anak kecil yang mengerikan (becanda dek :D)... ka-kamu sangat fashionista. sa-saya mendadak merasa gembel melihat penampilan gw yang ala kadarnya -____-d

Unknown said...

wooooowwww...i just heard bout your blog and was so excited to check on it. I love writing, but don't have that consistency to manage a blog :) considering your very young age, it's amazing how you can inspire many people out there (including me). btw, we have the same birthdaaaayyyyy!!! January 1st right? happy belated birthday then!!! gudlak with everything ;)

*love your blog a lot!!!*

desta said...


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