03 March, 2010


Whoa it’s been like forever since my last post. Super sorry, life been to amusing for me these days. Hmm… I know it’s freakin late, but I really want to know, how’s your valentine days people? Is it full of love? Talk about Valentines Day; let’s talk about love! Seriously if someone ask me in the face “hey you kid! What is love really mean” I believe I’m going gaga… what is love? Never really find the right word to describe it. Even people around me had different perspective about love. I asked my daddy, he said love is “well love is …love is love“ see even my daddy who I thought knows everything in this world had no idea what a love is. (lesson 1 : even smart one, had no idea about love), I asked my nanny, and she said, “hush! Your too little to talk about love” seriously? (Lesson 2 : okay now I think love is something that for adult only? Not so sure though) I asked my sister and she said “love is sucks!” (lesson 3 : don’t ask about love to a broken hearted one, hehe), I asked my other sister, she said “love is the most beautiful feeling in this world” ( okay, she’s just got back from her date, her answer is cannot be trusted. If that’s true, then why are you crying like a river several days ago? Ha!)

People around me can’t help me much, I have to figure it out by myself. Well for me my love is : my daddy, my sisters. That’s all I know. I don’t really understand what is the feeling inside that I had for them. For example, I know I love my daddy waaaaay toooo much! Here’s why. I’ll die for him. There so many times that I hope I’ll die sooner than my daddy, so I won’t have to face reality that I have to live without him. If that happen I’ll die. At that time I know I love him. But there’s so many times that I think, If I die first, he will be broken down, he have to live without me, and he will be sad, he will be crying so bad, he said it a lots of times, he cannot live without me. I don’t want to see my daddy sad, that’s the last thing I want to see in this world. Let me the one who cry so loud, let me be the one who mourn in years, let me be the one who feel that emptiness. It will be hell, I know. But I’ll do it for you. At that time I know. That is love. I’ll take your sadness, I’ll cover up for you. I’ll hush-hush the dark cloud that chasing you. I’ll do it without thinking twice. Isn’t that simple word ‘LOVE’ is to simple for this feeling?

To make it simple, I’ll show you some of the reason why I love my daddy:

1. I love my daddy because he trade all his fun for spending times with me, take good care of me, by himself, do all mommy job. People called my daddy a single parent, I called him a single fighter. I know I can be hard sometimes, as hard as that gladiator muscle. Right daddy?

2. I love my daddy not because he gave me a nanny to complete my need 24 hours a day, but because he thought me to said thanks and please to my nanny. To be nice.

3. I love my daddy not because he bought me everything that I want, because that thing is not happens, I don’t always get what I want, but he will make sure I got all the things that I need.

4. I love how my daddy tucks me in every night, and how we pray together every single night. He wants me to pray. Pray not only for us, but also for the world, for grandpa in heaven, for my grandma health, for my big family, for my good friends and my bad friends, and last but not least pray for my mom. And he make sure I do my pray every night.

5. I love my daddy because he keeps me real, he teaches me how and when to say no, and be brave to say it.

6. Hey I can doing this all night …I have like ten thousand reasons. But the best thing is, he’s the greatest dad ever, I don’t need any reason to love him.

I love you daddy, thank you for making me, me! I know how I can be so stubborn sometimes, I got that from you, remember? I know I can be so annoying sometimes, I know I makes you feel hell on earth. But still, you ask me not to grow so fast.

And anyhow, talking about love, I know for sure that there’s some people who love me, here’s some gifts that I received from Valentines Day, yay!

OPI hallowen edition, I always get jealous with my sister nailpolish collection, and love to play around with it, so rather than I make a mess of her collection she decide to get me this, yay! I got free tatto too!

loove this!! in real life the bag it's not so big, and fits me perfectly :D

ohhh my, isn't this is the coolest charm bracelet ever? okay this is actually a key ring but I will use it as charm bracelet :D

hehehe so cute!!! it's hello kitty ring lipbalm, this is kyuuutooo!

Uhhh Good God, this is like one of my favorite gift ever! teen vogue handbook and sartorialist book! and oh, this is actually not my valentine gift, it's my birthday gift that I got from a friend of my sister, but since this package arrived on february, so it feels like I just got fantastic valentine gift :D he said I will love it, and he's right!!!

yay! happy birthday to me! :D

I know, I know, I wasn't supposed to wear parfume yet, but this is major cuteness! and this is absolutely great gift, how can I said no?

Hehehehe, my bundle of joy ;P

And oh! almost forget, Ehm… So what is love for you? I would love to know


nit said...

best regards for your daddy, cha!

I love the bag too!

Tara said...

wowww i like the teen vogue hand book and the sartorialist, i envy you..

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

miss you soo much evita :)
and happy belated b' day :)

Michelle said...

hey there! your post is so amazing. nice one!
i love your blog evita, and you make me envy with those gift :p
visit mine if you don't mind.

Anonymous said... many gifts u've got..
same with u,even me with my age twenty something still think i'm daddy's girl..
love ur blog Evita...

regina stacia abigail said...

woaaaaaaa i really want the teenvogue guide book evita! *envy you*. and i will answer your for me is like cocholatte;something that make you happy:)

and mind to check out mine and exchange link?

Riumni Ulya said...

Love is giving our love to dearest people,especially family,isn't it?
Oh ya,yang di foto itu kamu sama daddy kamu,cha?
Ga apa" kok kalo little girl seperti kamu bertanya ttg cinta.supaya ga salah mengartikan cinta,dan mengerti arti cinta sesungguhnya. :)
reply ya kalo mau nanya lagi,and link ya,dear.

Unknown said...

so many new thing! every one is beautiful, (L) marc jacobs!

sabarya said...

hai, nice blog. great!! mc kecil sda celik IT!

sabarya said...

hai, nice blog. masih kecil lagi sda celik IT ya kamu. great!!

Shaishalala said...

Hey Evita,

First and foremost, My daddy is a single fighter too :D

love can be so ambiguous, depends on which context and level are we talking about it here...

Love for my family is endless, it's just infinity..
but Love as in "lovey-dovey" kinda thing when boy-meets-girl and girl-meets-boy, hmmm this can be very tricky! because you (as a person who's in love) will do anything for your significant other, but what if the relationship didn't last? this is the question? Is it still called "love" or "hate"? or maybe.. just maybe a "love-hate" relationship?
whoaaa this is tooo muchhh, I need a warm glass of hot-coco to digest all of this love thing.

BUT one thing I know for sure,
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! keep up the good work!

much love from NYC

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I love your new items, I was wondering how that perfume smelled! love=happiness to me ;)

Tatiana Romanova Surya said...

awwwh evita, cool gifts you got there!!! the sartorialist book is just to die for! :"D

love your writing "dad, you're someone to look up to no matter how tall i've grown" <3

i loved my dad too much as well, and i will love him always too. it broke me bad when he passed away, but no worries, i'll meet him again one day, and living to be his daughter is my lifetime pride and joy! ;">

even in my twenty seventh year i still don't get what LOVE is...ahahaha...from the many definitions i've heard...there's one i can relate the is being geeks together...ehehehehe (maybe because i am one) :"P

Tiffany said...

how touching :) your post almost brought me to tears. im so amazed at the fact that you're only 11, and yet capable of such mature thoughts. i love your blog! keep it up :)

Charmalade said...

First off, thank you so much for your nice comment and for stopping by my blog. :)

This post is really touching; your relationship with your dad is really genuinely loving, and I feel like such a sucker for saying that it's really sweet. Also! your gifts are truly enviable, that's an awesome bracelet!

Toast with Charmalade

Anonymous said...

Finally! i've been waiting for this post after your last post, Cha! ^_^

Adorable nice post, sweety :*

Love for me is... Something given by God, which allows me to still feel alive ^_^

rizky maretha said...

love is love.
i agree with your daddy my dear.
we can't see it,but we can feel it. and someday you'll realized and feel it too baby.


Silmi Sabila said...

Lucky lucky youuu! I always wanted those books :3

Unknown said...

charming blog, what great new acquisitions!

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

Filicia said...

you are a sweet daughter cha! :D
i believe that your father will be so happy if he reads this post.
what a great kid!
send regards to your father ok?

Love, :D

Sofia Leo said...

Great post, loved reading it! How do you find the sartorialist book? I'm thinking about getting it, so if you could just briefly give me your opinion it would be amazing!

Patricia B said...

hey :D this is one heart touching post and i LOVE it!

im thinking to buy teen vogue handbook too :) is it good ? tell me more about it ya


Anonymous said...


i have just found your blog, what a blog n what an adorable young girl you are.

eleven years ??? fabulous !!!


Ulrika said...

Great gifts, love the charm bracelet!

Thariq said...

where is the love?

Stephani Janet said...

happy belated birthday~!
i'm so jealous with uu~! i want the books~! hehehe

E said...

Aw, those are such sweet things that you said about your dad!

Alviana Kalin said...

I'm so in love with the books!! Happy belated day :)

Bella Francisca said...

heyy, happy birthday! i love your opi nail polishh aaa x) . visit mine please, thanks !

xoxo bee <3

Stéphanie said...

I adore everything !

t a l i s h a said...

wonderful thoughts evita.. you're so cute.. keep loving your dad!

Kristi said...

Evita,when i read your post it makes me realize how much i miss my dad :')
dad will always be a hero for us,don't you think?
anyway..i love your post!

Aqessa Aninda said...

aku bangga dengan ayahku, krn ia berusaha agar semua kebutuhan keluarga terpenuhi meskipun di masa2 sulit.

aku bangga dengan ayahku, krn ia mau mengerjakan tugas2 yg seharusnya dilakukan bunda sebelum ia berangkat ke kantor sewaktu tdk ada pembantu rumah tangga di rmh kami.

aku bangga dengan ayahku, karena ia mengizinkan aku kuliah di universitas swasta demi mengabulkan cita2 dan ambisiku.

aku bangga dengan ayahku, krn ia selalu mengajak aku berfikir ttg alasan kenapa kita harus selalu bersyukur dengan apa yg kita punya.

aku bangga dengan ayahku, karena ia bisa memberikan orang2 lain yg butuh pekerjaan meskipun ia susah payah menjadi seorang wiraswasta.

aku bangga dengan ayahku, karena ayahku mengajarkan aku "act like a lady, think like a man"

aku bangga dengan ayahku, karena ia memberiku izin untuk berpacaran dan berusaha dekat dengan pacarku meski awalnya ia menangis karena sekarang sudah punya 'saingan'.


Unknown said...

you are an eleven years old girl-for-real...?

Monik said...

hey, read this little sister :)

it is a mere 9 pages, surely you have the time to read it.

Monik said...

hey, read this little girl :)
J Krishnamurti - On Love

it is a mere 9 pages, surely you have the time to read it.

FLOJO said...

evita darl..
omg i enjoy reading your writing..

well for me love is when you're willing to give more than you expect in return... everybody happy, leaving in peace n harmony

kisses from bali :)

yeah said...

oh girl.. im jealous.. :D

han said...

tattoo? wah ngiri :(
anyway, cool gifts :))

Anonymous said...

hey Evita, do u know where can I find Marc by Marc Jacobs collection in Jakarta? I know there's one MJ store in Plaza Indonesia, but do they sell MbMJ collection?

Anonymous said...

ohhh u are so lovely dear.. :)

Laura Tenshi said...

You are so mature, I like how you've tried to find a definition of love,no worries, I think you got it right.It's a felling that can't be described.For me, love is like looking at the bright sky,the feeling of freedom and endless possibilites.You have an amazing relationship with your father and that's something hard to find these days.Parents can be too busy for their own kids so you are really lucky.Loved all your presents.

arra karamina said...

Hi evita !
i really love your nice blog ! <3
can you tell me where you buy "the sartorialist book"?
i'm not found that book in a big bookstore in jakarta. can you help me ?

thank's a lot evita ! good luck and REGARDS !

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