13 February, 2009

leather jacket ( yayy again )

do you see me when i playing yoyo? actually that video was taken after i'm doing my todays outfit shoot...

fur hat : zara for kids
victorian shirt : baby hunt ( the brooch come with the shirt isn't lovely? )
leather jacket : zara for kids
black pants : zara for kids
leather boots : zara for kids ( and yeahh i'm a big fan of zara!)

11 February, 2009

Dance till the stars come down from the rafters

Dance, Dance, Dance till you drop....

this is my costume for the last hallowen party... minnie mouse is always looks cute...

08 February, 2009

Life is a yoyo, and mankind ties knots in the string

my new hobby! not to good, but i'm dying to show you guys... and so sad i can't use a picture to show it,so i use a video. I know I sucks... but i'm having fun is all that matter right? having fun?! so here it is....

i try to play 'roll in' trick, but it cant work on trotoar, hahaha.

05 February, 2009

15 things Guys dont know about Girls

this pic from google

15 things Guys ( or in my case 'boys') dont know about Girls

got this from kak cassey blog.... and i think i really need make one to0. so here it is. ohh boys you don't how lucky you are to get all these secret. so let's start :

1. we always know that you chase us because your friend does

2. well we dont mind. may the best win

3. believe us, we know the reason you annoyed us because you fall for us

4. we just pretend we don't know

5. don't ever ever pull our skirt, it's not funny and it's rude!

6.or our hair, if you do so! you die!

7. don't ever be the 'clown' of the class to get our attention, it's just not working.

8. we always know when you secretly starring at us during class.
9. and we enjoy every second of it ( but don't get me wrong, it's not always mean that we love you back )

10. got something on your mind? and to shame (scare) to tell? just wrote a note. we love honest letter.

11. yes, you do more attractive if you are good at sport.

12. dont call us by our parents name, and think it's funny. it's not.
13. if you feel that we keep distance from you, thats mean we just not that into you.

14. try harder! we worth every effort. and for God sake, do it the right way! JUST BE NICE, how hard could it be?

15. smart boys is a big big big plus.

there there..... ughh i hope some boys in my class can read this.. and stop act stupid.

04 February, 2009

Princess and the Pea

There was a prince who was looking to marry a princess. But he didn't want just any princess, he wanted to make sure she was a real princess. One night a young girl comes to his castle claiming to be a real princess. The queen then puts a pea under twenty matresses and twenty featherbeds. If young girl is truly a princess she would not be able to sleep.

Questions: Do you think you would be able to feel a pea under twenty matresses and twenty featerbeds?

It's feel ages since my last drawing. and a couple days ago i found my old book, its a great book! "Fairytale things to make and do" that book teach you have to draw a fairytale creature. and one of the best ( which is my favorite ) is the one that teach you how to draw Princess and the pea. I love that story soo much, she's one of my favorite character that Mr.Hans Christian Andersen ever made. the story is so so mesmerizing! and now I proudly present .... my Princess and the pea! ( I follow the book but with some change here and there... )
in case you curious, here's the book covers ( seriously the book is so worth to buy, and its cheap! my daddy ( or sister, I can't remember it) bought it only £4.99. and they have other series, like "Princess Things To make and Do" all of the project is super easy but so beautiful. You gonna love it, I promise!

PS : Click click on my draw to get closer look,,, :)

03 February, 2009

grocery shopping day

Doing grocery day yesterday ( you know a shopping for a whole month daily need) with my daddy and my sister. it may sounds boring, but it's fun actually, okey to be honest... deep in my heart i called it "my snackie snacks day" or "sneeky snacks day" to be more precisely...huahahhaa ( imagine an evil _ a very evil one laugh) i can pick everything i want! and just throw it in the trolly. and when my daddy have to pay, all the blame will goes to... well not to me... hahaha. and now my fridge full of my snacks. want some?

my todays outfit

-red plaid skinny trouser
- brown knit sweater
- black long sleeve shirt ( you may not see it, its under the sweater )
- brownie sneakers
all zara....

ahh except that cool zebra hat! cute right? just find it in grocery store...

been craving that plaid skinny trouser since i saw it in bryan boy page and when my sist buying it for herself i can't stand it. and you dont know how sad i am when i cant find it in kids section,, but a month later.....( dont know who's genius behind it ) they finally make one for kids too !! thank you thank you! muach muach! love you zara!

01 February, 2009

The Tale of Despereaux

Ohh how much i love this warm morning in sunday. got my sweet cookies for my sweet tooth, a warm vanilla milk and great book in my hand... ahh what a perfect day. just start to read the book and fall in love already with the cover ( ok you got me, i'm a "cover picker" use to be i pick a book by its cover ) its "The Tale of Despereaux" by Kate DiCamillo. trust me its not an ordinary book

the story is about a castle little mouse named desperaux Tiling who's being different since the day he was born he was born with an open eyes which is a strange thing in mouse world. he's body is so small but with big ears. ..and that little poor thing is falling in love with beautiful musics, beautiful stories and deeply in love with princess Pia.

also about a bad rat named Roscuro who's living and surrounded with darkness his whole life, but then he was spellbound by the beauty and facination of light. his love of light causes him do some big mistake.

and also about Miggery Sow a slow-witted maid girl with simple wish and yet impossible. she just lived in hope to be a princess.

i believe the rest of story is gonna be marvelous, i hope its not have a sad ending. ..... guess i'm gonna continue reading now... byeeee....

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