05 February, 2009

15 things Guys dont know about Girls

this pic from google

15 things Guys ( or in my case 'boys') dont know about Girls

got this from kak cassey blog.... and i think i really need make one to0. so here it is. ohh boys you don't how lucky you are to get all these secret. so let's start :

1. we always know that you chase us because your friend does

2. well we dont mind. may the best win

3. believe us, we know the reason you annoyed us because you fall for us

4. we just pretend we don't know

5. don't ever ever pull our skirt, it's not funny and it's rude!

6.or our hair, if you do so! you die!

7. don't ever be the 'clown' of the class to get our attention, it's just not working.

8. we always know when you secretly starring at us during class.
9. and we enjoy every second of it ( but don't get me wrong, it's not always mean that we love you back )

10. got something on your mind? and to shame (scare) to tell? just wrote a note. we love honest letter.

11. yes, you do more attractive if you are good at sport.

12. dont call us by our parents name, and think it's funny. it's not.
13. if you feel that we keep distance from you, thats mean we just not that into you.

14. try harder! we worth every effort. and for God sake, do it the right way! JUST BE NICE, how hard could it be?

15. smart boys is a big big big plus.

there there..... ughh i hope some boys in my class can read this.. and stop act stupid.


Emy Augustus said...


Livi said...

cute blog...want to trade links?

Livi xx

Anonymous said...

ughh i HATE when guys touch or pull my hair

Baybay Mama said...

adorable blog! I love it. I think that men should write more notes. Also, I think when we say 'leave us alone' in a fight, they should leave us alone (kinda random).

JangMa said...

hahaha ure way too grown up for ur age ^^ but ure cool sis

evita nuh said...

@ Yvonee : hehehehhe.....

evita nuh said...

@ Sist Livi :sure! I love your blog.... :)

evita nuh said...

@ emma : yeaahh it sucks... :)

evita nuh said...

@ Dooder city : can't agree more! you are tottaly right! :)

evita nuh said...

@jangma : hehehhe... thank you...
you may not gonna believe this, there are 6 girls in my class who already have boyfriend ( never cross in my mind to have one ... well not now...:P ) hehehhe. and almost of them already have crush on someone.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! You are super adorable! When i was your age, pff, all i knew was playing The Sims, and the internet? i had no clue what i was all about, except that i could check updates on! Yeah, that's serious! Ahahahah

This post is definitely the most creative feedback of my post! it's so funny, i laughed so much reading it, and you know what, i totally agree on each point! Mostly 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15... Ah wait, i agree with them all!

Awesome job, and your blog rocks, i'll be watching you. Keep the awesome posts posted! Take care, ciao!

evita nuh said...

waaw thats super duper big compliment!thank youu! and your blogs rocks my world too! :D and i lovee your work on deviantart!

muaacchhh muaach!

Putri Erdisa Januarti said...

aahhh i agree on all of them, evita! this post is much better than mine! :D (anyway, i have make my list too, hope you'll read it).

ah you are just so damn cool for a girl on ages like you.
be a nice girl ya evita sayang. :D

evita nuh said...

@ kak putri : really? i'm gonna read it then...

thank you kak putrii :)


Yuli said...

hahahaha this is really funny! Suddenly I remember many silly things back then.
nice to meet you! ^_^

dedicated-to-him said...

hahahaha... u r so riteee!!!
btw ur blog is very interesting =D
and ur english so damn good for ur age :D

Ifa said...

evitaa, you're so sweet, baby :*
you wrote all of this alone? you've must be really genius, no? :))
do you have any older sister or brother?

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