29 November, 2009

double fun!

Teeeettt teeeerrroooott teeeetttt tooottt.... ( yes, just imagine a trumpet sound ) and drum roll please.... yaaayy a quite big thing just happen to me,! ahh things not just thing, because I got two good news to share. ( writing this thing, with a big big smile on my face )

first news

I don't know why, and how but somehow I've got nominated by www.tonguechic.com on their Annual style award 2009, in "the face to watch out for 2010" category, how cool is that ?! so if you love me, please vote me in here or you can just click the picture above :)

well I don't have to tell you this, because I know you already knew, but still got to say it "I love you all" *kissess

second news

first thing first I got be honest, I'm so rarely open my email, ( and when I do, I just read the recent one ) that's why I'm kindda shocked when I found out that so many people send me an email, and so many interview request, so many store want to send me a gift, ughhh what a stupid me. super sorry! but I promise, I'm gonna change my habbit, pinky promise! I will always check my email every single day.

So one of the lost email ( read : treasure ) is this one, it's from www.chictopia.com, as you all know it's a great fashion website, and they were send me an email to tell me that chictopia pick me to be a style council! and as a part of Chictopia's prestigious style council, meaning I can vote on photos and decide who gets to be in chictopia style gallery right away. waaaaaaww it's a big big big honour for me, thank you cherri! thank you chictopia, I promise ( yep I made a lot promise today ) to be a good council!

*good night everybody sleep tight! and have a nice dream ( kisses and hugs!)

ps : I'm thinking to make some giveaway ( like many blogger do ) right after tmy exams is finish, what do you think? hmm... I must start to pick a cool thing then...


ippaparazzi said...

ofkors, i'll vote you cutieeee :))
you raawks!

babalisme said...

YAAAAAY! Congrats dear!

You deserved them, kiddo!

●Hartinah● said...

woww, that's great news!!

masi kecil sudah punya banyak prestasi:D
salut deh! five thumbs up! hehe..

hanny arianty gultom said...

selamat yah sayangg. ^^, you're the youngest... done for you already.. ^^

selly octavia said...

I've voted for you... :))

Anna said...

congrats dear

ms.Gee said...

love ur blog evita,ur so cute :)
i like each of ur photo n' as long as i've read ur blog ... im fallen on ur unpredictable style :D


rizky maretha said...

just wanna say,congratulation and good luck honey! :)

GRICIA said...

i just found out ur blog..where hv i been yha?hehehe..u really reminds me wit tavi and i'm sure i'm not d first person sayin this..anyway just wondering..looks like u always took ur pic in d studio.is dat rite?u hv a studio to take a pic at home?haha..so cool!

mind to exchange link?mine is www.missgricia.blogspot.com

copyproof said...

wheewww!! congratulations for you,honey!!!


KtpSTBCG said...

wihhh!!! indigo child ya?
i've voted youuuu!!!

Soren Lorensen said...


the end

P' said...

Waw you have such a cute blog!!! °3° I will follow you too!! I love all your photos and your clothes... You are so pretty!
Kisses from Paris ;)

Carolyn @ The Daydreamer said...

Congratulations! You have such an adorable blog, so I can very well see why you'd be nominated.

rose said...

voted for you! you simply the best, better than all the rest. I wish you luck honey

Sum said...

What's school like in Indonesia? I am loving all these Indonesian connections! :) I can't believe you have exams at age 10! I never actually worried about exams until I was 18 at college! I just voted for you! :) I hope you win! That's so cool! All this good news!

Furniture removal said...

Wow! That’s great news. You deserve this. Congratulations.

Gift registry said...

i was just looking at your blog and i find it very inspiring then i read This good news! Congratulations.

Stéphanie said...

Congrats dear ! I love your blog !

michelle_ said...

woah congrats for all of this acheivement ! you really are a GREAT talent !

im having a blog giveaway . it hink you'll be interested to enter :D
CLICK HERE to enter my handmade scarf giveaway !
Glisters & Blisters

Gabi said...

I <3 ur blog!!! :D check out mine!! FOLLOW it please!!! We are close in age too!!

Raquel said...

Thanks for your sweet comments and for adding me to your blogroll!
It took me a couple of days but I read every single post, word, and looked at every picture of you on your blog!
I'm absolutely fascinated about you and I just have one question: Are you just 10 years old? hahahah... just kidding!
I'm very impressed with you and everything you do... you don't take just pictures, you actually interpret each photo, have a great sense of humor, write really well and are really smart (I'm sure many kids are much smarter than adults). I will always be around here on your blog.

Madeleine said...

Oh my gosh- I absolutely adore your blog!

Anonymous said...

hey dear.
cant believe u're only ten.haha. u dont look like one..anw what camera are u using?? lovin your pics..

Roza said...

you deserve it eviita

Silmi Sabila said...

Congratulations! I voted you already. Ah can't wait to join your giveaways

Leah said...

Congrats sweetie... you are indeed the face to watch in 2010. Glad to have met you.

Anonymous said...

i;ve tagged you in a post,

love you sis :)

Diane said...

Nice blog Evita! Thanks for the comment on my page, I love your photos. I think is amazing to be so young and so fashion aware :D

kiss and good luck with the contest ;)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Hello darling! I must agree, you are the face of 2010! And congratulations for the awards! Loving your blog - you are tres adorable! :)

Emily said...

ahh you're so little (i looked at some past outfit posts)!!! congrats on being named the face to watch!

Sum said...

By the way, I've left a little award for you on my blog. Or more like a tagging. You're it!

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

Your blog's so pretty!

Congrats for being nominated at TIC.

Sophie said...

Oh my goodness your blog is too cute for words. Congratulations on all your wonderful news. And I love the all the pictures in the post below! Thanks oh so much for your very sweet comment on my question and answer! xo

Frederic Betancourt. said...

I really enjoy this.

Sher said...

Oh congrats sweetie, you totally deserve it! Your blog rocks:)

Sabila Anata said...

wow congratulations to you yaaa dear :)
you really deserve it , mind if i ask
what camera do you use? I really love your photos
thankies :)

Dewi Utari said...

Thank you for visiting my blog love... and not to worry...my voice goes to you as well...:)



icachan-anisadhaniaprianty said...

congrats little fashionista!
u are amazing!

permission to link your blog! :)

check out mine here sweetie. http://anisadhaniaprianty.blogspot.com

Clau! said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog.
Your is great, your pics are amazing, great composition ;)

do you want to exchange links?


tara said...

I've just seen your blog today, but I love it so much I voted for you, dear! I hope you win ;)
Btw, I wrote about you in my blog, maybe you'd like to check it out when you have time to ;)

here's my link:

dotie said...

you're such a darling!!
what an adorable blog..you can definitely count on my vote :)


pixelhazard said...

Ok so this is the first time I'm visiting so please excuse the following,

Oh my goodness, how cute are you!!! Squee

+ congrats!

cihud aiiiuwardani said...

you are so inspiring and cute! cant believe u're a 10!

tealovecoffee said...

First time blogwalking here... falling in love with your blog :)

mijoojim said...

huuu...i'm so speechless while i open your blog..i've just know your blog when i was reading benna's blog...nice blog..ummmh no-no...but cool blog...ummmh nonono i don't get the words that can describe your blog...your blog so inspiring and you are so cute and so creative...you and your blog are inspiring me...thx :D,,btw,i've voted you...

mijoojim said...

nice blog...i've voted you btw...you give a lot of inspiration to a lot of people

ms.Gee said...

i give u an AWARD
check it on mah blog dear :D


Talita said...

dear evita, I have an award for you. check out my blog to see it, okay :D

and.i.try said...

Congratulations! I think you have such an inspiring blog, not to mention that you're so young :)
Anyway, just a little constructive criticism : since you have so many readers from outside Indonesia as well, maybe you should improve your English?
I know that fashion is a language everybody speaks, and I think your blog is already amazing, but I think that in the future you will have more exposure outside of Indonesia. And I guess in a way, that makes you an 'ambassador of fashion' :D
It's just a suggestion though
Keep on rocking!

Tysha Alya Lukman said...

cute blog from a cool kid. your style is very inspiring. bytheway aku link kamu yaa! link me back :)

Tysha, from:


thamies xP said...

wow! congrats! youre a really stylish kid!

viasit my blog
thamies :)

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