08 November, 2009

Life is like a rainbow, you need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear

Hello people! how are you today? I hope you all doing just fine. Aah not so long ago a friend of mine popped out a question, why am I so rarely use a bright colors, do I hate pink ? well the answer is, no, I swear I love pink, I love every color, each one is as good as the other one. and I do love the color of the rainbow, I do, I really do. I'm a normal little girl, I love pink,  a pony, candy, and everything that sweet and nice, and I collected barbies too! see I'm normal, but a cute dress or a shirt with a barbie picture printed on it is just not for me, I don't know why but somehow it's never attract me. Wait  err .... I'm still normal right ? 

and then I said again to my friend, if I wear bright colors I wear it seriously, and then she dare me to pull on a bright colors clothes and post it in my blog. Hahaha that's easy, piece a cake. But yeah.. well you the judge, tell me... tell me... am I doing it right ? 









pink jacket : bang bang girls
yellow jeans  : tailor made
glasses necklace : recycle experience ( tottaly cute! it's made from used stuff )
my video ipod +  sennheiser px 200 headphone
polkadot bag : it's actually a beauty case, bought it in index store 
random rings and bracelets
fingerless gloves : strawberry
pink shoes : converse

do I look cute or what? hehehhe, but normal is so not me, well to make it fun, I put on my rainbow wig .... hehehhe. I probably not normal, but I definitely knows how to have fun right?! :D






ugh do you hear that annoying sound too ? no ? ...... shoot ! that's my nanny telling me to sleep now, my nanny is definitely not fun. ahhh I do feel sleepy now, I really have to go. see yaaaa! sweet dream people. Kisses for you all! and a hug too! 


Idelia said...


Apple Daisy Girl said...

i love theses photo's you are so cute:]
check out my blog.

xx. A

mbengmellow said...

i love this post so much! even just by looking at it, it's so colorful and cheered me up this morning :)

thank you, evita! :)

oktarina tri riskiana said...

you look good on colorful clothes! :D
as usual, i do really love your pics, cha hhee

odllery said...

totally awesome
welldone cha!

tYas said...

to be your self cha,,,
kamu dah keren ko... :D

TARA said...

i like u'r shoes !!! tali sepatunya warni-warni banget kerennnn

Febi Purnamasari said...

candy gurl ;)

tiaraaa said...

chacha, kamu normal kok! you're just cooler than other 10 year-old kids :D

Fitri said...

waw dear, u do well about the color is so collloorrffulll . love it

dwi chandra pujayanti said...

who did the photography stuff hun?? its awsome <3

LHuRi Dwianti said...

Lucu banget kamuuuu X)
I'm 22 and always adore those kinds of color! I think I'm normal :p

nadia_aienma~ said...

brapa byk tali tuh yg dipake ?
waa love ur box ..
where did you buy itt .. ?

Neno said...

dear, you always look wonderful..
and this post, gosh! i love rainbow and i double double love you :D

Raia said...

love your pink jacket :)

muchlove said...

you are adorable!! and I LOVE the title of this post. So true :)

*kisses* sweet dreams!

Disko Dyna said...

Just discovered your blog! How Adorable!! Love love love..

sararocks said...

No, you did it right honeyyy
It's something I hope the kids today learn from you. Wearing the right clothes for their age, not pretending being an adult with wearing the prototype of their stuffs -,-'

You should start to make a book about kids clothes I guess :]

●Hartinah● said...

rambut model afro nya cute sekaliii XD . postingan kali ini keren dah. ;)

You-Know-Who said...

wow. You are so interesting girl.

one day, kamu bakalan jadi orang yg sukses dan terpandang(menurutku)

rizky maretha said...

you looks so sweet and yummy dear chacha :)
i adore you more more and more

*bear hug

Sabila Anata said...

hey what's wrong with your pics dear ? oh yaa do you mind exchanging links ?

talia&lilyrose said...

Well I just love your outfits ! So colourful , its just so lovely !
Nice blog

Anonymous said...

hi dear, I saw ur blog a year ago, and I thought "yawww what a brilliant kid" but I lost track of ur blog. Thank gor I found it again from a link in facehunter. Good job! Young and brilliant!

michelle_ said...

you're fucking awesome little girl !
i love the mix of pink and yellow . those two are really happy colors :) when im gloomy i put one of those colors and they kinda brighten me up :)

Tirta P Putri said...

dear, aku tau tentang blog ini dari majalah GirlFriend edisi november,
and seriously, your style is sooooo cute! it fit best on a 10 y.o girl like you, so colourful and all :)
seneng banget karena kamu tetep berpakaian sesuai umur dan bisa tetep bisa ngebuatnya keliatan keren. keep up the good work! =)

copyproof said...

You deffinitely know how to have fun! And you're great with colors!!
I like ur style, cool kid. I think u're going to be a huge bang.. :)
keep rockin'..


sexyinthecity said...

You're amazing girl!!
Great, great photos!!

Dylana said...

You have amazing and outrageous style!

Lovely blog!


NUNABRUNAmylittleshop said...

hohoho...ur so cute little sizta ^^

Yofany said...

you cute as usual dear ^^
anyway, mind to ex oink with me?

Anonymous said...

It was extremely interesting for me to read the blog. Thank you for it. I like such topics and everything connected to this matter. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

Farrah @ Distrikmode said...

WHOA. Just found your blog, and lil miss lady... YOU are the ultimate FASHIONISTA! So adorable and so natural in front of the camera! I know tons of other kids wish that they're as courageous as you in being a blogger, and I applaud you for being a positive example! :)


Anonymous said...

It is very interesting for me to read the post. Thanks for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

Shirley Wijaya said...

im sure someday you're gonna be an awesome fashion stylist!

Marsha Putri said...

aduh ! colourfull sekali ! itu kamu gimana masang tali sepatunyaa, di tumpuk2 gt aja ?

Cassey said...

YOU ALWAYS DO IT RIGHT! Hugs from me right to you cutie pie

Cassey said...

YOU ALWAYS DO IT RIGHT! Hugs from me right to you cutie pie

BadRomance said...

Its lovely!

atha lakuary said...

colorfull :)

fhen said...

you do it right! it is so colourful and totally interesting!!

fika said...

chacha,kamu suka yah ama produk recycle experience.. itu bikinan adik aku loh.. :)

Teresa said...

Wow and WOW! You are awesome!! Your photoshoots are incredible! Love YOUR style! :)


Zeste de citron said...

wow you are young but you have really a great look !!
love your pix !! kiss

lilmissjal said...

hmm , ini fotonya kamu yg jadi modelnya yaa ? HEHEH .. bener'' keRenn .. :)

Jenny said...

crazy photos !
xoxo from France

http://mymannequinplastic.blogspot.com/ said...

hi.. Evita.. thanks for wearing MY MANNEQUIN PLASTIC necklace..

sssttt....and.. RECYCLE EXPERIENCE is my side Project, with my friend...

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