28 October, 2008

rainyyy dayy

I kindda like this one :D ahh the background made and colorize by me, but my sis do all the edit thing... the title is "why its always rain on me" ahhh this is my welcoming sign for berrr berr month... ( it's raiiiny ddaayyy...)

PS : aahh I love my dress in this picture! its a mixed up pattern!

26 October, 2008


me and my sis, use to play this crazy make up thing,, (the plan is clown make up) but turn out to be i am more look like a joker! soo she running and grab her camera.. and now there,,, lil joker in me....

the first picture , is an old work ( not by me, by my sis,) hahahha this is fun! all I have to do is open "chacha" file in her laptop and find so many pictures of me! love you sis!

21 October, 2008

my ( hopefully one day ) prom dress

when i first see the drees. i'm freak out! it absolutely gergous!!! so I speak to my self ... one day.. you'll see one day I'm gonna wear that dress on my prom night...( err... it still like... hmm how many years? hmm.. *thinking.. sorry i'm not to good with number .... yeaahh whatever! it's stuill a couple years to come... I have all the time for my preparation! ) maybe not that dress, but that kindda dress... ahh this is peter jensen dress for top shop...

it always make me giggle everytime I see someone who using cinderella kindda dress to her prom... come on! be rational! for that one moment in time, why you hurting yourself with looking so damn ridicilous... it kindda bring tears to my eyes ( for laughing.. not crying )... noo i dont want to be one of the girl that look her old photos and says "waaw.. i was soo weird back then... look at my clothes.. " and hahahaha... ( come on girls dont you realize? you just make fun of yourself! ) i want to be the girl who's seeing her old photo and said "waaw look at me, I'm absolutely gergous!"

soo would you join me!

19 October, 2008

candy for my eyes

I dont know why I have some kind of fetish to pattern ( in paper or fabrics )... so I was so overwhelmed when my sis hand me this book.. even the cover already make me fall in love! my sis ex boyfriend bught it for her... so since he became her ex, the book is now belong to me... hahahha (devil laugh). the book title is fashion source cutting edge pattern and textures ( quite long isn't? ) soo when i open the book i falling in love even more! i got a hundred hundred of pattern! wooow and to make you even fall deeply they gave a CD with (of course) a pattern on it! and theres 50 royalty free patterns! i think thats mean i can use that pattern for everything i want! ahhhh this book is so candy for my eyes....

and now i will give you some of candy too... ^^ enjoy...

PS : please please ignore my bad english .... :D

18 October, 2008

leather jacket

I looovee my leather jacket! loveee loveee... it! it fits to many of my clothes! you gonna see me using my leather jacket so often! I dont care, I love it :D

this time without the jacket ^^

now a snapshot :D

vintage time yippiee

I loove vintage clothes, and I have to tell ya, it's kindda hard to find clothes for kids that looks vintage, dark or gloomy... mostly as you all know kids clothes dominated by pink! pink! cartoon! colourful flower! and another pinkish.,, ( not that i dont like it, but its just too much.,.. come on designer! be creative! ) soo i thrilled when i found this dress,, and Thank God my dad bought it for me ^^ so here it is my outfit...

I'm using my gladiator shoes, ( oh yeah I wear glasses most of the time )

16 October, 2008

how to take children photo

My sista have plenty book of photography, and in my spare time ( between lunch and nap time or when i'm not to busy to play ) I ussualy read the book too... but mostly all the book is borriing borrring.... lighting bla bla... hahahha.... bring headache you know?

but there's some good books too... this one is for example "the studio photographer's lighting bible" by Calvey Taylor - Haw.. he choose funny word for his book ( which is supposed to be boring ) but he's make it not borring at all! even me enjoy it! ( believe me it mean that book is soo damn good )

my favorite section is when he tell how to take children photo... I'll wrote it down to you all in here ( with some edit of course and i make it with number.. i dont like to type to long ... blaahh...enjoy it ... ( believe my experience as a kid, I can say, that all of his word is true ...)

"never work with children or animal" never was a truer word spoken"

I could end this chapter here, but if you do have the patience of a saint, capturing that candid, relaxe shot of a child can be very rewarding. if you don't, stick to still life!

Children are unpredictabel, like an effervescent volcano ready to erupt, but handled in the right way they can be fabulous subjects for the camera. the secret to success is
1. to have your lighting setup completed before they are due arrive.
their boredom factor will increase at an alarming rate if they have to stand around waiting for you to fiddle wth the lights.

2. by all means do the final adjusting of levels and meter reading with them present in fact used this time to gain their confindence, show them the different lights, joke and play with them. if they have your trust and are finding things fun the shoot should go well.

3. choose their clothing prior to the shoot. Bright, coordinated colors can make a great difference to the finished photographs. If you are unable to choose the clothes before the shoot, get the parents to bring along a selection of clothes for you to choose from. it will be time well spent.

4. be warned you only have only very limited time to get your shots. ONCE A CHILD HAS DECIDED ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, it will be precisely that. ( In general i would say you will only have an hour to get the shoot, no more )

5. Showing them a polaroid of themselves, or their photograph on the computer screen, will very ofthen get them to work well for the camera.

6. My last tip keep the number of adults in the studio to the minimum -- ideally just mum or dad and the photographer. any more and the child will become overwhelmed, with mom, dad, auntie pat, brother johnny, nan, and grandpa all chirping away in the background. believe me, this will become a great family outing if you let it, an sure enough you will be mumbling those great immortal words "Never work with children or animals"

I bet you dont want to get children photo with this look right?

this one look better right? :D

ciao!!! muaacchhh... good luck!!

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