28 October, 2008

rainyyy dayy

I kindda like this one :D ahh the background made and colorize by me, but my sis do all the edit thing... the title is "why its always rain on me" ahhh this is my welcoming sign for berrr berr month... ( it's raiiiny ddaayyy...)

PS : aahh I love my dress in this picture! its a mixed up pattern!


unee said...

I love your dress too,Cha.

FYI, I don't wear dresses a lot. I'm more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. But I like yours in this one.It's simple and kinda vintage looking.

evita nuh said...

thank you kak :D, and yes the dress is so vintage kak :D

Kezia Charissa said...

so cutee :D
i wish i had a sister like you

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