18 October, 2008

vintage time yippiee

I loove vintage clothes, and I have to tell ya, it's kindda hard to find clothes for kids that looks vintage, dark or gloomy... mostly as you all know kids clothes dominated by pink! pink! cartoon! colourful flower! and another pinkish.,, ( not that i dont like it, but its just too much.,.. come on designer! be creative! ) soo i thrilled when i found this dress,, and Thank God my dad bought it for me ^^ so here it is my outfit...

I'm using my gladiator shoes, ( oh yeah I wear glasses most of the time )


secret lover said...

hi there =)
just accidentally drop by at ur blog.
u r so lucky to have big sisters who love to snap ur photos.
n i love it.all of them!
did ur sis also blogging?
i love to read hers too =)

evita nuh said...

@ kak aklima : thank you for the visit : ) yes I'm such a lucky kid : ) but its not always easy asking her to take my pic, since she's always busy. thats why some of my pic is taken by my nanny or my tripod. : ) ahh i dont think she have blog. there's some people who ask the same question. and when I ask her, she said she dont have it. : ) but i think she have multiply or something...

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