19 October, 2008

candy for my eyes

I dont know why I have some kind of fetish to pattern ( in paper or fabrics )... so I was so overwhelmed when my sis hand me this book.. even the cover already make me fall in love! my sis ex boyfriend bught it for her... so since he became her ex, the book is now belong to me... hahahha (devil laugh). the book title is fashion source cutting edge pattern and textures ( quite long isn't? ) soo when i open the book i falling in love even more! i got a hundred hundred of pattern! wooow and to make you even fall deeply they gave a CD with (of course) a pattern on it! and theres 50 royalty free patterns! i think thats mean i can use that pattern for everything i want! ahhhh this book is so candy for my eyes....

and now i will give you some of candy too... ^^ enjoy...

PS : please please ignore my bad english .... :D


Rose Calamero said...

lovely patterns there dear =)

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