31 March, 2013

"Sometimes me think what is love, and me think love is what last cookie is for. Me give up last cookie for you." -Cookie Monster

Hello world! How are you? Great right? Hmm… so I have flash news to share, hmm… turns out being 14th not all glitters and gold… turns out I’m in age where whenever I met older people they will ask the same old question, I guess there must a big guide book of “HOW TO MAKE MISSERABLE KIDS TO BE MORE MISSERABLE WITH AWKWARD QUESTION, FOR DUMMIES” oh please… like life is not hard enough for us teenage girls, why adults always want to pour a salt water to our open wound? Come on… just add fuel to the fire….*sigh. (Do I already sound like whiny drama queen teenage girls? Do I nail it? hahaha)  So have you figure out what the question is? Oh yes you got it right… the big question is:  “Do you have boyfriend?” or more like statement rather than a question “ You're so big now, so who is your boyfriend?” geez… I’m 14 not 20 something so… chill world… chill….

I can't really blame them though… boys and romance is number one topic nowadays in my friends’ circle. I’m getting used to the new habits of my friends, which is make a late night call and talking hours about boys, crush and stupid things called romance. I always open the conversation with “You can talk to me for hours and I'll be all ears for you but don't expect any advice or way out from me, because I know nothing about boys moreover about romance” and so far they got no problem with it, I guess when you’re in love all you need is someone to hear all the high and dry…  they don't need someone who knows from A to Z about it, comment and advice are not much needed.
As for me… boys, romance and all that lovey dowey thingies are my Achilles' heel, seriously… for me those topic are the most boring thing to talk about. Call me cynical but I don’t really buy the entire true love thing and you can imagine yourself of how talking hours about something you don’t even believe could really set your teeth on edge. But friendship is about enduring all those thing right? I know how boring my friends must be when all I’m talked about is old lenses and cameras and about my hunting to find those rare items, how I win and lost bid on eBay. If they can bear with me with my story about history of lenses and cameras from 60’s, 70’s even from the time of World War II of course I can bear with them and their love story. 
The funny thing is a little bird told me that there’s actually some boys who… well who fallen for me… and yes, boys which means more than one boy, shocking right? Well probably the queuing line for it isn't as long as Sushi Dai restaurant queue line in Tokyo but there’s some numbers of boys. Oh boys what a wrong choice you've made. Well some even declare the love for me and all I can give to them are awkward look and thank you (try to find ‘you don’t say’ meme on 9gag, that is pretty much facial expression I gave them) I know it’s not a cool thing to do, but honestly I found it so weird and don’t know how to react. You still ask money from your mommy and you ask to have a date with me? That’s weird right? I love making friends with boys and most of my best friend are boys but not on a date with them it’s a BIG NO.  
My friends told me, I should try to give one of them a chance, the best one, only so I can have conversation about boyfriend and stuff, of all the wrong reason in the world that must be the most hideous one, right? People feelings are not for play.  So for those of you, who asked me on formspring, twitter, instagram and all other place, no I don’t have boyfriend and even for all the tea in China I don’t planning to have one in near future. But when one of my friends asked do I actually have type for boys, I don’t think I do… but on a second thought I think I do, So here’s my type:
1.     I love to see boys who have passion on something. I once met a boy who couldn’t stop talking about dinosaurs he talked with his eyes all beaming and happy and super enthusiast, about velociraptor, spinosaurus, stegosaurus and all other blablala~rus, as for me all I know about dino are T-rex and how they look like icky giant lizard.  He also told me every detail of the theory why they extinct and at that time I think he is so cute.
2.     I like geek boys. DISCLAIMER with this I mean a real geek not the one who wear big glasses, bow ties, suspender, cropped hanging trousers like Urkel, or even worse a t-shirt with big word GEEK written on it. I like a quiet one but who can talk about books and string theory for hours.  
3.     The one who smell good.
4.     The one who love their mommy homemade cook as their favorite food, I have a cousin who really loves my aunty's cook, even on family gathering where we all bring great kind of foods all he choose are the one that his mother made, for me that is super cute and you should see his drooling over just by talking her mother homemade meal, I have a feeling he will be a very great gentlemen. 
That’s all I guess for now, hehehe. Oh my God, I just realize this is a very long post, well guess it really is impossible to make short conversation when the topic is about boys, hahaha.
So I received this very beautiful wedding dress from funny how even though I never think about romance but I always know what kind of dress I want for my wedding day and this classic dress is the best choice for me. At first I kind a worry about the dress because I know a wedding dress should be perfect fit and when I know they actually made the dress based on our really size (you can just inform the size of your hips, bust and everything) they really make it on your size. I’m in love with the fabrics, how its flows perfectly. They make the best dress for prom and for bridesmaid too (no more hideous bridesmaid dress! Yeay!) Hehehe funny story, I almost faint when I have to choose the dress ( now I know why there’s bridezilla out there, the pressure are crazy my friend!) they got so many choices and they all gorgeous, you can see it yourself at or be ready to be amaze. 

By the way I make the theme as runaway bride, you could see at the first 4 pictures how the bride doesn’t look like how a bride should look, she doesn’t look happy at all. It’s all because the man he going to marry is not the one who he actually loved. She finally decides to runaway and waiting for the boy he actually love to pick her up and runaway together.  I’m not a good story teller when it comes to love, so be dearly please and wrote the story yourself for me. *kisses! ( by the way I will make a very stunning bride one day right?) 

1 photo a_zps704cbfa8.jpg

A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left.
 – Marilyn Monroe 

2 photo 2_zps639a85da.jpg

3 photo 3_zps465bdd84.jpg
3 photo Untitled-1_zpscf8ecd7f.jpg

We're raised to defend ourselves but get suspended for fighting. We're taught to love but get judged on who we're loving. Life's ironic
1 photo IMG_9609_zps1ed96f04.jpg
2 photo IMG_9529_zpscc046110.jpg
3 photo c_zpsdee1a0a8.jpg
5 photo IMG_9254_zps9083696f.jpg 
"Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it." 
– Braveheart
6 photo b_zps98304c26.jpg
7 photo d_zps5e3ababe.jpg
12 photo h_zps96e59e24.jpg
13 photo IMG_9261_zpsf3a62a69.jpg

"Life is messy. Love is messier." 
– Catch and Release
14 photo IMG_9615_zps2a5d2a4b.jpg 

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever."
 – The Notebook
8 photo IMG_9117_zps65660f48.jpg
9 photo IMG_9123_zpscecb0d85.jpg
10 photo ring_zps97c11bfc.jpg 

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."  – Marilyn Monroe
11 photo 1_zps72a4c986.jpg
Dresses :
Flower crown : Dhievine 
Lether Jacket : Zara
Shoes : Zara  

PS : I may not know nothing about love, but I know this is one of the most romantic thing someone could say to her loved one, I just love what Robin say to Barney on one of How I met Your Mother  episode " If I asked you to change too many things about yourself, you're not gonna be the man I've fallen in love with. Turns out I accept and appreciate even the most grossest, creepiest, most sociopath parts of you"
Good night love! 


Unknown said...

wonderful photos!
You look great (as always)! :-)

Wishing you and all your family

Lots of love from Germany <3

Shani said...

What a lovely outfit!!! >...< It really suit u!! Love it so muachh!!

amelia meidy said...

w-o-w, so incredible! so much love for the way you write! *kisskiss*
btw, I'm a first who give comment :p

Amelia Meidy Putriayu Semadaria said...

all I can say is just.. w-o-w. you know what? I'm so in love with the way you writing. keep rock! \m/

btw, I'm the first who give comment :p

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

aww beautifull dress evita... you look so pretty :)

Hei Echa!

Christy .. said...

Gorgeous photos! You're so pretty in that dress, cha ;)

Soah said...

I think this is the best post of yours. You rock!
And #ILoveYourSmile ^^

AuL Howler said...

I love you!! <3
Pretty young lady!

In my opinion you look much better with that leather jacket, darling.
Keep it up!

Bayu Raditya Pratama said...

love your dress and stunning as always...

Natwest said...

Omg I love your blog and to make me love your blog even more you just quoted notebook woop woop

you are such a beautiful bride ciao doll

Sheyka said...

"You still ask money from your mommy and you ask to have a date with me?"

OMG Evitaaa I freaking love this part of your writing hahaha. I was quite surprised that in this age of yours you've already thought about boys making money and all the stuff. I think this post shows that you are different than any other girls your age, but in a good way, of course. And I think you made a right choice not to bother being in a relationship because in this age of yours, there are still a lot of things worth-exploring beside relationships. And yes, you've had the point: Feelings are not for one to play with. Go explore your own country, travel more, write more, befriend with new ones, etc. You'll realize someday if you keep yourself busy, you'd realize that being in a relationship in such a young age is not that necessary.

However, someday you'll find your own way to harbor the feelings of wanting to be someone's partner, to be someone for which someone other place needs. You don't have to worry about when you'll get the feeling, just enjoy the process of your life and keep going!

Lots of love, my dear. Embrace the age of exploration! :)


Unknown said...

wow... that's the most romantic post that you ever made so far. I love it.
you look great with the dress... so gorgeous!

Unknown said...

beautiful little girl.....

visited my blog....

Bella Francisca said...

great photos as always! really love he dress with it's beautifulness and sleek :) hahaha boys boys and boys, just enjoy your moment of having crush first then the real boyfriend :P

Missing Bee

nuraa said...

i love when you use jacket it nce mix and matcht little bit boyish and feminim its awasome

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Such a cute photoshoot. You look beautiful! xx

Unknown said...

i always wonder where did you take this(and some others photos) from? i mean.. green grass field and horse... it's beautiful.

alfy aulia said...

great thoughts of 14-year-old-girl! :D

Ayu said...

you are sooooooo beautiful :)

hallo ibun said...

Oh Chaaa!!
It's super awasome..!!!!
that's why I called you my "guru",
You're the best..
Love your story, pict, and all of the beautiful things on your blog..
thank you for share a thousand dozen inspiration for us..


Unknown said...

so beautiful ...<3 :3

rana musika said...

dreamy beautiful romantic :')

Owl Kiddo said...

OMG. I can't say a word about your story, it's just make me laugh.

Well, I'm a boy, I love blogging, and my smell is good. Maybe you'll interest. lol

I love the concept of your photo.
That expression when the boy she love give her a flower, that pure smile.
like "OMG, He give me a flower?"

And the last picture it's like "I never regret I love you"

The bride are have a beautiful live with her boyfriend ... or her husband. :3

Nindya Karlina said...

Nice concept!
you will be yourself by wearing a jacket ;)
hope can to take pictures you someday

Niar Arifin said...

beautiful dress!

Niar Arifin said...

beautiful dress!

Danny Suyandi said...

gosh, awesome! <3

| miss rhea | said...

OMG amazing shoots!! i love your smiling face ^^


Eka Theresia said...

Hahaha you know cha. Same as you, I don't have any passion to be in relationship. According to me, 16th years old girl is still a young age. I'm still 16th, still eat from my parents' money, it means i still a young girl right? hahahaha but I ever fall in love but still I has no passion to be in any relationship. nice shots anyway cha.

Eka Theresia♥

Amma said...

totally beautiful!

Anonymous said...

these pics are so... romantic! You've nailed to make a romantic post, I think, hahaha...
I got pretty much the same questions (which sucks bcs I have none) and those kind of questions won't stop until you actually got married-_-

habiba pratiwi said...

c'est superb la petite evita :) toi est tres belle ici

Mustika said...

finally i read a post like this :)
you're really unique and special kids, i think.

adeirra said...

you look like a grown up woman.
very pretty. very graceful.
smile more often, i'm telling you!

noodle's|cup said...

i agree with you.
we are still young, so why we are confusing to think about boys, love, or something like that...
i like your new post <3

noodle's|cup said...

i agree with you.
we are still young, so why we are confusing to think about boys, love, or something like that...
i like your new post <3

Nyun said...

I quote Evita,
You still ask money from your mommy and you ask to have a date with me?

ketawa pas bagian ini, tapi buat anak seumuran kamu bisa punya pemikiran kaya gini..awesome :)

Izzah Anne Abdullah said...

Really like this post ! I guess you're the real young, jarang banget anak seusia kamu yang mikir kayak gini.

And really love with the photos theme after your boyish style on the previous

Unknown said...

great photos .. love the horses in the background!

Mrs. Am3lius said...

nice pic amazing a gril 13th years old can do it perfectly...good job..success 4 inspiring all people..

Ahdini said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ahdini said...

haha i love the way all the things written on your post above. I admire you for what you stand for. thanks for being so inspirational to me

Ahdini said...

i love all the things you wrote on a post above. i admire your tough for what you stand for, especially around your age when it's so hard to not getting blown with the trend. thanks for being so inspirational ;)

Arina Nahya N Nafia said...

Oh my... God. I looooooove those words. you're totally right and this is the most inspiring post so far. I'm amazed by your thoughts about boys. you're so wise. and that what makes "maturity doesn't depend on age" is totally right---it happens on you. keep inspiring evita! looking forward to your next post!

Anonymous said...

hey evita i like your post this on and your hair just like me short hair but in beside little bit long

Gricia (Cia) said...

Woa cha2 wearing wedding dress =D i love how you mix it with the leather jacket and flowers crown =))

Anonymous said...

sis, you are so beautiful..
and yours photo looks great!
*thumbs up

Anonymous said...

the dress looks great...and you looks so pretty!
follow me @ShafiniShamsul on twitter

Love you. *kisses

Anonymous said...

your photo look great! yeah, and nice dress, you looks pretty when you wear that dress. <3
follow me @ShafiniShamsul in twitter!
Love you! *kisses ;x

Flarisha said...

love your last pict!!!
its so AWZM >.<

Chocopufflats said...

omg, you look sooooo gorgeous. Keep posting<3

Anonymous said...

seems you are ready to become a bride ;)
is that your sister pretending the groom? hehe

sequinlipstick said...

u are so stunning with anything.. awesome mix and match..really like it

dwinur janreza said...

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dwinur janreza said...

pernikahan dini

Unknown said...

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