03 April, 2010

The best things in life are never rationed...

Hello everybody! how's your weekend? I hope your having a great one, because I do! nothing beats family quality time! nothing! I don't even care where we going, as long as my daddy is there, my two sisters is there then I'm the happiest kid around. Well to spent this 3 days of holiday we decided to watching movies! yeahhh! so I watched 2 movies Hachiko and Clash of the Titans, but this post is dedicated to one of the most talking about movie in my country , an it's Hachiko, and I've been dying to watch it since last week, but hmm... to be true I kindda scare too, I know it's a sad sad sad story, and moreover it's a true story! I already know about Hachiko heartbreaking story since I was 6 I guess, it's my father who told me the story , a story about a dog statue in Japan that made in honour for his loyalty, for his love to his master, and for his unconditional and endless love and I remember I was crying back then. And I'm pretty sure I'm gonna crying too right now. but I watched it anyhow, and yes, I crying like a river and out from the theater with swollen eyes and runny nose. For you who haven't watch it I'll warn you, prepare a box of tissue, and a strong heart or invulnerable heart would evenbe better. seriously, for you who doesn't prepare yourself to cry every minute, every second whenever you remember how Hachiko always comeback to the same station for nine years! *yes you right I'm crying again now.

I remember hearing one of my friends telling the story of Hachiko to another friend of mine who haven't watched yet and he said it's story about "a professor and a lost dog..." Ohh how I wish I can said that it's not about that, not as simple as that! it's not just about relation between a man and a dog, it's not that! it's about... it's about loyalty, it's about love, and something that only heart can feel and not any word can tell. ughh I can't type no more, yup to many tears... and it's alredy past my curfew after all, so I have to leave with you with this photos, and hope you like it. and ohh I have to say this and sen this message to you, please love your pets, and since love is not enough, please take good care of them, don't just take them because they're cute, but take them when you feel you responsible enough! please please please. once again please.

here, I leave you with a cute quotes about dog and about loyalty, that I looove so much!

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
~Josh Billings

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

“If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't follow. I'd be at the bottom to catch them when they fall.~anonymous

“The best things in life are never rationed. Friendship, loyalty, love, do not require coupons.”









shirt : Girdano kids
black bow : DIY
vest : so old I can't even remember where I get it
brown polkadot cardigan : zara kids
bow belt : online store ( forgot the name)
watch : a souvenirs from Mekkah
shorts : zara kids
polkadot tights : GAP kids
shoes : a gift from my sister


artaniaR said...

I really love outfit in this post. visit mine too if you don't mind or

thx :D

Filicia said...

wow. i like the way u talk about hachiko. :)
even i havent watch it, but i know that it's a wonderful movie.
and. your outfit is great!
i like the way u pose! :)

anyway, glad to let u know about this.

Bella Francisca said...

nice photoshoot! and cute dog ;)
you look good as always!

xoxo, bee ♥

beatrix hapsari said...

love your outfit! also the dog!
i'm dog lover... :D

Isabel said...

these photos are beautiful!
Walk of Fashion

MITCH said...

love ur shoesssss :p

Patricia B said...

you look cute like always :) love your bow belt! suits perfectly on you.. how is the teen vogue handbook by the way ? :D is it good?

Patricia B said...

mind to exchange links ? :)

Owen said...

aw me likey the cardigan :)
nice outfit evita!
check out my newpost and give comment if you mind :)

have a great daaay

Indy said...

Wow, what a gorgeous outfit! The color palette is absolutely stunning! Great socks, too!

Would you like to exchange links?

nabila irdha said...

chacha, you're soo cute! xD love the shoes and polkadot socks! ilysm :)

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

hey evita.. really love your outfits.. kick ass like usual :)

love the photo too

visit my blog:

Rimma Izzaty Putri said...

cool outfit ! i like brown adn your background. you watch Hachiko movie? I'm very like film and the story of Hachiko, fun but makes me sad.

Gilbert Ganda said...

hey evita!
your cardigan and bow belt are definitely cute!
and my sister is in the same age as you :)

thanks for your comment :)
keep updating :D

Tiffany Wu said...

You look so fun and cute evita... :)
Love your outfit...
cute Tights...


Anonymous said...

heii thx for dropping by, dear.
i always love your pics. :)
btw i've linked you, do u mind to link me back? :)

Veren Lee said...

u loookkkk sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE.
Love those photos. i'm sure u use a super dslr. :P

link my blog back dong cha. thanks ya :]

Stephani Janet said...

lovely cardigan, tights, and shoes! :)
you look great!
I heard bout this movie many times, but too bad I haven't watch it, it's not available yet here.
I want to watch it one time! :)

julianne. said...

oh my god this outfit is to die for!
reminds me of old fashioned pretty ralph lauren.
i just adore it && your pup. <3
i want t see that movie too, and i am such a sap, esp for dogs, id be drying like a river too!

regina stacia abigail said...

how's great the combination of legging and socks!.visit mine

DUR. said...


Anonymous said...

I love the outfit you are so pretty and I envy your haircut it sounds like a great movie! You have a look similiar to that of the white rabbit in Alice In Wonderland!

From Dolly

liana said...

sighing over your shoes!

Unknown said...

LOVe uR boW beLT..

selly octavia said...

ahh cute brown polkadot cardigan.. nice outfit.. :))

come and visit
feel free to give me any comments

Unknown said...

Oh yeah i really love your pants evita! also your ribbon belt, cute :)

Karoline said...

This is such a cute and creative outfit! Reminds me of Alice in wonderland!

Silmi Sabila said...

You are cute as usual! If only you were my sister, maybe I was the luckiest girl in the world!

A N A S T A S Y A said...

very pretty!!! I love the polkadot outer!!

rizky maretha said...

yayaya,i agree with you my dear.
hachiko is totally awesome :)
chacha apakabar?

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you too! thanks for stopping by! hehe, funny i got the same cardigan, although i'm much much older than you! ;) great sense of style! good luck! and dearest greets! ♡

Vera said...

great pictures! very unique outfit :)

Ligeia said...

the watch is gorgeous
beautiful shots, you look fantastic


hanny arianty gultom said...

second pic : CUTE.. ^^, i heart yer natural expression..

S and E said...

lovee, who takes your photos? i love it

amanda rismawaddah said...

I really want your brown polkadot cardigan.

heart ya ♥

Anonymous said...

diggin the dashing english look. If only i didn't look super stupid in bow ties. Your cardi and vest are rockin too. Watching movies and lazing about with family sounds like the perfect way to spend a long weekend

Unknown said...

so cute!!
love your outfit.
foto yang dri belaang sama anjing keren:)
join my giveaway:)

Nicole Jarecz said...

can't following you now!! xxnicole

Diane said...

I can't believe how well you dress for your age :D

thanks for the comment, hope you had a great Easter!!


Sandra said...

Wow, you and your outfit are so cute :)

javiera isidora said...

love the outfit, and the colors are so beautiful how looks with the landscape

michelle_ said...

gorgeous outfit evita !
i love the final touch with the bow tie and the frilly cardigan :D
the pattern on the socks add a nice 'surprise"

michelle || glisters and blisters

Anonymous said...

i love the tights! u always look adorable evita :D
check and comment my latest post, xo said...

Such amazing pictures!
Your blog is simply beautiful!
Will sure be here again!

dela said...

by the way, i watched Hachiko in DVD. because, i was too way scared, i'd gonna ashamed myself with crying out loud. :'(

Touching movie.

Stella Nongka said...

I've the cardigan too! :) chaca

Vania Trixie said...

love ur outfit

vania trixie
Aku udh jdi friend mu di facebook

babalisme said...

Hello, Evita!

Loving your outfit here! You're always dressed in a stylish way without sacrificing your tender youth and put girls twice your age to shame! ..including me.

Of course, I'm interested in the swap!
Please tell me more about it!

email me

babalisme at yahoo dot com

Thanks for the invite!

Clare Tea said...

Ahh, I love your shorts!

hey, your player has coeur de pirate songs. I salute your taste. *salut!* xD

Melissa Tjioeputri said...

oh, i really love your style, evita.. C'est si parfait ! :D

Michelle said...

hey dear. i've joined your giveaway. and your giveaway featured on my blog. visit here :]
you can contact me via email at
or my twitter @littleredribbon
thanks dear :]

Risya! said...

amazing pictures & adorable outfit dear!!
I <3 how you mix & match everything together.
The brown cardigan looks vintage perfect combined with all the bows & the watch!^^
& then I <3 how you pair the short with the socks.. reminds me of a horse jockey somehow~~

keep it up hun.
I'm glad I found your blog..

<3 Risya

Unknown said...

your style is gorgeous. I really like your shirt the most. I would never have got at blog when I was 11 and such amazing posts
great photography skills, wish you luck for the future :)

Sarah said...

You have such an amazing blog! I love the photos!


jepher said...

if you mind, i would like to put your blog as one of inspiring blog and put your link on mine...

ayang cempaka said...

love ur blog, love the quotes, i did watch hachiko, and yes, i cried like a river for dayssss!! i really miss my dog in indonesia, and fortunately i've met someone from the nextdoor who being such an angel for letting me to walk her dog almost everyday.

ayang cempaka

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pictures and your look is amzing! love, laura.

HKM Sakti said...

who is that.,???
it's so cute Pic.,

lineapelle said...

super coooooool

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