28 August, 2009

your soul is alive

Hello people!! how are you? I hope you all doing good. This week been upside down for me, new school, new friends, new enviroment, but everything is going so well. I've got super cool friends in my new school and I have so much fun! my new school is more near to my house, so now I have more spare time than before. yihhhaaa! XD

hmm...I know, I know you must be questioning about yoda and ultraman that I said before in my last post right? the bad news is, it's not done yet, I asked my sister to edit it, ( I have specific request on this one, so it might take her a while to make it ) that and she's also was drowning in her own stuff, I can't blame her though. I know how stressed she is, with her new college, new place. Ough yes people, my personal photographer will be gone, and only back for home on a weekend. ( I'm in tears now) I'm gonna miss her so bad! the only thing that comfort me is that we make our promise ( a pinky promise!) that we still gonna talk everyday, she call me, or I call her. thats the deal. and oh yeah don't worry sist, I promise I will take good care of daddy. :)

and oh yeahhh this is my newest pictures, hope you like it. I alwaaays alwaays love playing in a green green grass, I love the smell of grass, love the smell of earth after the rain. I'm sure you do too. right?

~ I hope you ready you many pictures of me. hehehehe... ^^

“If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things in nature have a message you understand, Rejoice, for your soul is alive.”














I'm wearing :

big straw hat : from bali I guess, it's belong to my sister
maxi pink dress : zara for kids
white jeans jacket : levis
brown leather shoes : zara for kids ( in a boy section )
stripe socks : marks & spencer
charm bracelets :
pink bunny bracelet from my sister,
breast cancer awarness bracelet
juicy couture charmbracelet
peace and dream f21 bracelet
rings : strawberry store

that's all from me now ^^ take care!!!


Anna said...

you look so sweet :*


Schiaparelli said...

Your photos are lovely and summery!

-misz*meza- said...

u r so adorable~

F i K a said...

like your photos, u look so happy there :)..where did you take it?

really love your bracelets..

Marie said...

Your so cute!

muchlove said...

playing amongst the green grass is wonderful. Nice location. Is it near your house?

Nadia Kamballa said...

great pics... hope u're doing well in ur new school... ^_^


dela said...

i'd like to ask..
what type of camera u used to use?

lamourdelamode said...

I love the color

●Hartinah● said...

woowwwww!!! u're so adorable.

evita nuh said...

@ kak ana : :D whoaa thank you so much kak, you are just to sweet :)

evita nuh said...

@ Schiaparelli : thank you so much! :) that's the best thing about my country everyday is summer day :D so lovely! and aahh I just visiting your blog, and it's so beautiful! :)

evita nuh said...

@ -misz*meza- : thank you so much :) i'm blushing now, :)

@ kak fika : so glad you like it kak :D hehhehe photos don't lie, I'm having so much on that photoshoot! XD I take it in some field near my house :)

@ Marie : thank you! XD you are cute too!!

evita nuh said...

@ muchlove : thank you kak! :) it feels really wonderful! :D yes,it's some field not far from my house

@ kak nadia : thank you kak, hehehe so far so good kak :)

evita nuh said...

@ kak dela : my sister used canon 5D kak, and sometimes olympus E-510

@ lamourdelamode ; thank youuu :D

@ kak hartinah : hihihi thank you kak :)

Alita Claudia said...

cool pose , nice outfit ! puurrrrfect !!


Sheila Nadhifa said...

km aku link ya! http//sheilanadhifa.blogspot.com/

Tigeren aka Chau said...

Youre so cute!

I love your way of putting things together :-)


thesydneygirl said...

i find it amazing that you are 10 years old and write so well! :) and you are so stylish! you look very pretty in the photos! kisses x

Tatiana Romanova Surya said...

my fave: foto ketiga yang nyengir out wide...such a prettyyy laugh! ;D

Anonymous said...

dear...oh i'm waiting for this kind of pic! awsome....


Sabila Anata said...

where were you ? the place seems interesting :))

Mita said...

Always adorable.. someday u will grow up to be a fashionable girl. It really a bright start to get in, 10 years old..! i can't believe it. Maybe you're the youngest fashion blog that i ever seen. Keep updating sweet girl

Liyana said...

ooh..i love the dress & the many bracelets...the green grass background looked so beautiful!

copyproof said...

Oh you are so cute, cool kid.. and your sist must be a good sist, eh? you love her so much, eh? :) cute!!

<3 copyproof.blogspot.com

michellehendra said...

you're a super blogger! look at you! you're still young and i really love your blog.. your style is magnificent and captivated my eyes. i'm so dragged into your dreamworld! :)
i just love the way you blog.


myrrh goldframe said...

superb post!! i love the pictures.. chcha looks wonderful there..

myrrh goldframe

deenda said...

tempatnya baguss banget vit,,, btw salam kenal yah non cantik

Anonymous said...

hhaii,, gaya kmu slalu seru deh evita! pokokny ak suka, hhi. oiy,, plgi ma charm braceletsny,, ak liat ad eiffelny. huahuahuah,, jdi pgn. hihi^_^. dian

evasilviaa said...

i love your pictures

evasilviana said...

i love your pictures

Caroline Robianto said...

hey dear!! thanks for dropping by and leaving comment on my blog ;D i think.. it's the first time? hihi

anyway, it's not my new hair cut, it was back in deccember 08.. or did you referring to my latest hair? hahaha

thanks anyway


the Rynham said...

amazing blog! so glad i found it!

kusumanovich said...


Marla Singer said...

what a cutie! i love your hat <3

Marla Singer said...

what a cutie! i love your hat <3

Ness said...

This red dres is so amazing, i love its colour.
And the picturs are great

sexyinthecity said...

the photos and the colours are amazing!

Astrid said...

one word to describe: cute! I can't imagine you're still 10 hehe I'm about 15 but can't speak english 'that' well haha mind to exchange link darling?

Velo said...

oh i love this, little girl =D
you have big passion on fashion and ur sense of fashion is over... ur level is not on children level, but almost same with the famous fashion stylist level. =D
i link yours...

Eyeliah said...

those charm bracelets look so dreamy all together, what a cutie you are!

rizky maretha said...

dear my lovely chacha. i'm using one of your pattern on "candy for my eyes" post as my twitter background account. i hope you don't mind. hehehe.


House of Hoodie said...

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Hidden Stylish said...

I swear, you look so good in red! Plus, green is around you. So colorful yet kind of vintage looking :) Mind to exchange link, dear?



wow, very nice!

zess said...

i love your pics <3

Aina said...

SV: I know, its awsome!
and your picutres are great, keep on the good work! :)

mademoiselle indah said...

in love with ur blog!!!;p

btw, visit me at:


The Girl Who Loves Velvet said...

i love your blog! such beautiful pictures!
if you have time would you look at mine?
thanks and keep up the great posts!

michelle_ said...

woah. another young & talented blogger spotted. but you're special. you're the young I"VE EVER MET !

love the maxi dress with the striped socksss.. they are soo beachy and edgy at the same time . I like it that you have to lift the dress up to show the socks :_

Keep blogging !
I'm following urs !
and adding it to my blog roll
hope u wont mind xchanging links :)

June Paski said...

ur so cuteee with that red dress :)


Olivia Liem said...

I know you said u're 10 and asked us to stop asking, but..R U REALLY 10?!?!
When I was 10 I only have 2 pairs of shoes..Now really, I envy u..haha..

U're amazing gal, really love all ur looks there..

Keep posting fabulous stuffs, will be linking ur blog :)


Maria G. said...

Love the red dress! and the pics are so pretty! kisses!

Roza said...

i love your bracelet and the french song playing and your blog layout
and may i say what a blog!! you're so talented and you're only 10!! :D
keep it up
i follow you ;)

tirza kwan said...

Nice photos, you're so adorable :)

Laura S said...

OH MY !!!
I saw you in Magazine
love your style girl...
HYPE !!!

entry said...

gokil :D

FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

You look like you were having a crazy amount of fun!!!!

dheaqiasita said...

you're so adorable, but isn't that too old for ya? no offense but you're too cute to wear that ;)

Zeste de citron said...

you give me lot of outfit ideas's for my future daughter ^^

Zeste de citron said...

you give me lot of outfit ideas's for my future daughter ^^

Zeste de citron said...

you give me lot of outfit ideas's for my future daughter ^^

bern said...

wah lucu banget kamu :D
kamu 10 tahun tapi keren xD
tambah keren ya :D

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