01 August, 2009

perfect condition

There's no such thing called "perfect condition" my daddy use that words over and over again. and I never realize what that words actually mean, well never, until now. several days ago theres one comment in my shoutbox that quite upset me. and with a broken heart I think I really really have to erase that comment. it's not that I can't take a critics or something, but the comment brought rich and poor issue, and I hate that! I really really hate that. stop it. it's not funny! and not giving your name or link is not cool either. if you have something to say to me, then say it, as long as you give me a chance to say something to you too. if you do so then I call it fair. If you have a right to say that I'm wrong, then so am I to you. do you get it?

After I read that comment, the first thing that I do is telling my sister. what should i do? do I have to stop blogging? I'll do it if I can make her/him happy. because even it's only a short comment, I would be lying if I said that it's not bugging me. after my sister read the comment she just laughing, and when she sees my unhappy look, she said "what? that's just a jealousy comment, it's a crap" but I protest her "it's not a crap, it's somebody opinion! neither he/she do it seriously or just for a joke, but the bottom line is my blog is hurting her/him. and I don't want that!" and at that moment my sister gave me the best words ever, and I'll remember it for the rest of my live. "do you know something cha, there's one thing in this world that is impossible to do, that, no matter how hard you were trying, no matter what you do. if you try this thing you'll ended failing over board over and over again. we maybe success in walking on the moon. but this simple thing... hmm... it's a hard one, no one knows how to do it . and that thing is cha if you trying on pleased everybody. we just can't pleased everybody, you might try but when you end up crying,don't tell I don't warn you" and I'm just standing still. and she continue saying that there even one quote who said "The one who pleased everybody died before they were born"

And at that that moment I realize what my daddy mean by saying "there's no such thing called perfect condition!" I might try to make 100 hundred people happy, but there were always one or two who isn't. so yeah all I can say now is, if I'm in someway hurting you, or make you unhappy, so sorry. but there's nothing I can do :) and after some thinking, I was realize...if you are not being nice to me, why should I being nice to you? after that my sister also told me, "next time when you were thinking on stop blogging, just because crappy thing. try this : read your blog, read all the sweet and nice comment and think again" well it works!!! I feel stupid for my stopping blog idea. :) thank you so much!

aaahhhh talking all the serious thing makes me hungry!!! hehehehe. lets get to the photos story! I take this photos quite sometimes ago, my sister took it for me :). she lifted one of her eyebrow when she saw what I wore, but after some explanation she got what I want. the whole idea is I am a shaman! or a healer from old age. actually I'm asking her to make some photoshop with it, but with all her new apartment thing it would be impossible. huuuuuh.

but I hope you all like this the way they are! I super love my peacook headpiece! isn't lovely? I mean super lovely!!! kisses to you all! ahh and hugss!!!

Actually all the necklaces and bangles are belong to my sister, I just borrow it, and asking where she got it. all but the two most lovely thing! the peacock headpiece and peacock necklace. I got it from nefertiti jewelz

I'm wearing :
peacock headpiece : nefertiti jewelz
black dress : VAVI
antique bell : little india
my peacock tatto : little india

weird devil ring thing : bought it in bandung

red bone necklace : from india
peacock necklace : nefertiti jewelz
black rose necklace : some boutique

red bangles : from India
ringing bells bangles : from india
gold stone bangles : metro dept. store
twin bee bangles : some boutique
black dot bangles : metro

black tights : zara for kids
plaid boots : bamboo

if your not live in Indonesia but fall in love with the peacock accesoris as much as I do, you can send nefertiti jewelz an email :) here's the adress : :)


Bertha diana said...

yeay first comment!
oh been there done that,with a bit different situation!
and I really end up crying and I felt empty for months. totally agree with your sister.
oh and I'm glad you're back!
send my love to your sis to, all the best for all of yaaaaa! <3

oktarina tri riskiana said...

yes,we can't make everybody happy.
but I can say that your blog is very inspiring!
so, don't ever stop blogging =)

Anonymous said...

i missed ur blog,there's no update at all...:(:( but now,i know why ur not blogging...ur sis is sooo right,i agree..u can't pleased everyone,so,just be ur self and don't hear all of those negative things...keep on blogging girl!

OmNomNom said...

well, to be honest,i'll said,that you are so lucky since you can afford all of that stuffs,even i, quite surprised that you afford all of that things. But i must admit, that you are so cool and have an awesome fashion sense ^^. (aku gak nyindir yah! :D).Be gratefull to God for what you have.Anyway, keep blogging please! there's a lot of people including me still need to be inspired! XD. xoxo.

istifara said...

i thought a blog is something personal,,it's a place where u can share what u though and if the contents are inspiring others it's really cool but if it isn't just be ok,,it's ur life tough :)

u can't force others to be like u neither them to force u to be like them :)

i love all ur photographs
it's an eye candy for me :)

qq said...

Agree with your sister, you can't please everybody darling.

Keep blogging and posting a marvellous pictures of a-10-year-old-kiddo ok! :)

PS: I still heart your

dela said...'ll not go down, dear!

yes, you can't pleased everyone. one thing you should know...i'll be there to love you and your blog, of course!
so, keep fighting!

Nindy Hardjadinata said...

never let a small thing screw you up, dear :)

you're way too big to be screwed by a tiny comment. If someone say something bad to you, don't take it personally. Just take the good part from it as an introspection.

Anyway, the peacock part is super awesome! I wanna have one and considered to just make a DIY-headband instead :)

You're always adorable!

Alya said...

Your sister is so right. You can never please everyone, so just continue doing what you love :)

Anonymous said...

ya chacha, setuju dgn kakak mu, kita gak akan bisa membuat semua orang puas, pasti ada aja yg gak suka, tetap aja menulis apapun yang ingin kamu tulis, apapun yg sedang kamu rasakan, siapa tau tulisan menjadi inspirasi tuk orang lain, berkarya kan tidak memandang umur, jadi tetap lanjutkan blog ini, Ilovee it

Yuranda Mohamad said...

it's not about what you heard sweet heart, it's about what you believe yourself as who you are..
so keep blogging! heart you evita :D

Tika said...

don't listen to the haters, just listen what your heart has to say. please do keep blogging, you're style and photographs are really really inspiring! jujur loh :)

[insert name here] said...

it's peacock, not peacook. hahaha

evita nuh said...

thank you so so much to you all! you all are the best sisters! love you so so much!

@ kak nia : hahahaha thank you! that's why I feel kindda strange when I wrote it. hahaha.

kisses and hugs!!

Rose said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment :) your welcome back anytime!
The photos of you in this post are amazing! very imaginative i must say.
Im sorry to hear someone left you a comment that upset you so much, i just think if people dont have anything nice to say, why say anything at all?
The funny thing is what your father said to you, my mum says to me, i always try and make people happy, when i dont i also get upset too. We probably expect too much from ourselves? Anyhow, its great you decided to keep blogging and making others happy with your posts :)


ichigo-chii said...

Wicked. But gorgeous. The one with the mask reminds me of Kabuki or Nô.

daisy sunshine said...

hello pretty! we had a same case actually. i also received several 'negative' comments on my blog, yeah its kinda hurt me so bad too. but yeah thats life! lama2 malah jadi kangen dikomentarin 'pedes' sm orang soalnya it changes me a lot dan bikin tambah semangat untuk nulis. so dont ever think to stop blogging, just go on! big cheers for you :)

DaisyChain said...

keep updating. you are you, and that's what makes your blog what it is. I love it.

Jess said...

I think that having a blog is really special because you're putting yourself out there for the world to see. just like the world outside of blogging, of course there are going to be people who bring you down. you just have to get up and keep going.
i'm probably being hypocritical but that's just the way it is.
by the way, your blog is so cute! and you're so creative! i love the post with all the sunglasses!

Magdalena Krupa said...

You are so creative!!!!! I would kill for some of your outfits...

and that comment that made you so upset... you cant make everybody happy... its not possible!!!!

I love your blog !!

a_girl_feeling said...

Hey there Evita! Thankx for your visit on my blog. Don't pay attention to those trying to put you down, they don't deserve that! Nice pic's!! xxx from Brazil! :)

The Sydney Girl said...

i'm glad you took your sisters advice =)

we can't please everybody can we? once i got a negative comment and i wrote underneath their comment - negativity will get you nowhere in life. it's very true.

unique photos! i like them. the feather headpiece is beautiful!

p.s. would you like to exchange links?


Crystal Ball said...

What an impressive collection of jewelry! And your blog is wonderful, I had no idea ten year olds blogged.

The Sydney Girl said...

awesome!!! i will add your link to my blog tonight! =D


The Sydney Girl said...

just added your link! =)

Unknown said...

you are one seriously cool kiddo ...

annisanican said...

hello pretty ..
sweety , semua orang suka apa yang kamu post disini. oke ?? itu cuma orang iseng aja palingan udah ga usah dipikirin. if you stop blogging, lots of people will be dissapointed, including me. because we will lose you as our inspiration. you wont dissapoint us, ryt ?? hehehe

and i love your photographs. ALWAYS. :)

sexyinthecity said...

Great photos!!!
the jewellry is amazing!!

Liyana Hanim said...

i've been in ur situation too & ur sis is right..u can't please just ignore those haters because lots of people admire you,like me.

i think you're one adorable & cool girl!Your english is great(albeit with grammatical mistakes here & there--sorry,I'm studying English in Uni..^_^) for a 9 year old!

I've linked ur blog to mine,so link me back ok?
love,love ur pics!!

Rebecca said...

Your pictures are amazing! And your sister is right - you can't make everybody happy. :) Just keep being yourself!

Eli said...

jewelry galore!!! Love the headpiece

PinkShAdoW said...

I've been reading your blog since.. 1-2 months ago.. got the link from my friend =)
anyways, I've read the comment, and I guess there's nothing wrong with that, de'. That's just an expression that cara hidup/gaya hidup orang berbeda2.. tapi tetep, everyone is special in their own ways..
I love your sense of art loh! you and your sister, I added her in FB =) just loooveee her pics!! and so with your sense of fashion =) UNIQUE!! hopefully you can be an inspiration for Indo youth in your creativity!! all the best, Evita!!

evita nuh said...

ohh you guys don't know how much your comments mean to me T__T thank you so much for the support !!! I'm as happy as a sand boy everytime I read all your encouraging comment!. thank you so so much :)

@ the fallout girl : :) it's tottaly not feels good, but I'm okay now. me and my sister sending a bunch of love to you!!

@ kak oktarina : XD thank you so much! I'll try my best! :)

@ anonymous : thank you so much! :) yes, I'm tottaly back in the house now :) my broken heart is already healed!

@ kak Yofani : :) Yes, I always be grateful :), thank you kak!

@ kak Istifara : you right, I guess I can't, thank youu!

evita nuh said...

@ kak QQ : Now I know that I just can't :) thank youu kak! :)

@ kak dela : thank youuu soo soo much! I will not go down! not even an inch deeper. I love you!

@ kak sararocks : what you said it's mean the world to me! thank you so much for the support! kisses for you!

@ kak Alya : I will! thank you so much!

@ Anonymous : thank youu so much! :)

@ kak Yuranda : yes, I believe so too, I heart you too!

@ kak Tika : thank youu! I already fixed it! :)

@ Rose : I loove your blog! thank you for visiting back :) you absolutely right! I mean if they say it nicely, it will be okay,not inannoying way. :) send my kisses to your mum!

@ Ichigoo-chii : :) I'm so glad you like it :) actually I've got inspired from kabuki! they mask are creepy but beautiful!

@ Daisy sunshine : whooaa thank youu so muchh! cheers to you too!!!

evita nuh said...

@ DaisyChain : yes! thank you !!! I love youu!

@ Jess : thank youu :) I'm sooo keep going on :) thank you for loving my blog :)

@ Leni : ahahhaha XD and I would kill to have your room! it's so beautiful! I love your blog too!

@ a_girl_feeling : thank you for visiting back! :) thank you for the support! xoxo from Indonesia!

@ thesidneygirl : you are tottaly right! I'm so glad you like the photos! and my lovely feather headpiece!

@ Crystal ball : :) thank you so much!

@ Re-read : thank youu so mucch! I love all your artwork!!!

@ nisanichan : I won't let you down! I love you! thank youu!

@ sexynthecity : thank youu! so happy you like it!

@ Liyana : thank youuu so so mucch! hahhaha I must admit my grammar is super bad! :) and Ohh I'm 10 now.

@ Rebecca : thank you so much!! so glad you like it!

@ Eli : :) yes, I love it too!

@ Sindy : :) thank you for reading my blog :) no no no, not that one, I already reased the comments ( yes, he/she send more than 1 comments in a row, and make fun with it ) I love you back!!! kisses and hugss!

Haute World said...

Wow, what an outfit! Loving all the jewelry and that peacock outfit is a terrific eye catcher. As others have said, I wouldn't let a comment affect you. There will always be people who have issues, won't like what someone posts or just be very jealous. You have to learn to let it go, because in all honesty, it's not your problem, it's theirs.

Carla Novia said...

the jeweleries are too cool!

Anonymous said...

siapa sih yang ngomong kayak gitu.. jahat banget dehh.. sabar ya sayang!! cheers :) ohya, bill cosby pernah ngomong kalo dia gak tau kunci untuk sukses tapi dia tau kunci untuk gagal, yaitu.. always trying to please everybody..

Anonymous said...

Oh my, please do not ever trying to stop blogging...ur blog is so wonderful and nice...really enjoy reading ur's inspiring me...and u know?reading blogs about their passion for fashion is now my new hobby (since a couple of months ago IT in my office banned Facebook, so this is my only one daily browse activity when i turn on my computer)...So please please, do not stop blogging...although i dont have any Zara, GAP or whatever, ur blog is not bother me at all...i still can find another unbranded clothes with a wonderful model like the branded one...because i think it doesnt have to be expensive being long as u have a good sense of fashion, it's ok then...i always waiting for ur new posts and ur marvellous pics and continue blogging...i'm waiting...


tatiana said...

There may be some people who can say that you are just lucky to be able to afford all your lovely pieces. Well hey, I know a lot of people who can afford even more expensive stuffs but still they don't look even half as cool as you...because there's one thing they don't have that you have...SOUL! With that awesome soul of yours you can create awesome style and inspiration for us! Just because they're affordable it doesn't mean they're easy to "handle"'s not that easy to pull off creations like you do!
You are one of the most inspiring people I found in the blog world!
Never stop Evita!!! Yay to you :)


Andhita Siswandi said...

oh my.. i just found this cute blog.. please keep blogging.. me waiting everyday.. <3

Aya Tiara said...

ca,ko kamu ga pernah wushu lagi?terus kata arik kamu juga udh ga kelaiatan lagi disekolah...
kamu kemana?

Lauretha Sudjono said...

these stuffs.. are major love!!!! the peacock headband is awesome.. also everything.. i'm in love with everything in here.. weoww.. you tweed bootsie.. yeahh!!!!

Lauretha Sudjono said...

these stuffs.. are major love!!!! the peacock headband is awesome.. also everything.. i'm in love with everything in here.. weoww.. you tweed bootsie.. yeahh!!!!

feetz said...

jadi pengen ikut komen nih. halo chacha, ive been a silent reader (baru pertama kali nih komen)
and i would like to say that you are such a cute little thing and your blog never cease to amaze me . so keep it up ya! :D

btw, soal komen di shoutbox kamu..kata kakak km bener tuhh! I actually admit that you are such a lucky girl. aku skrg umur 21 tahun dan keluargaku pernah mengalami financial crisis when i was around your age, makanya, aku pun setuju kalo km very very lucky (financially). Dulupun aku mungkin pikir kalo aku liat anak2 yg laen pake baju yg bagus dan mahal, aku sirikan (ya namany jg anak kecil.. hehe.. ).

emang bener u can't make everyone happy, tp km jgn lupa jg bersyukur yah sayang! :D menurutku mau baju harga 10 rb ato 100 rb, sama aja nilainya kalo km bersyukur..! banyak lho cara bersyukur. dengan berbagi dgn org lain yg kurang mampu. :) komplit deh kamu! udah cantik, stylish, pinter, disayangi orang banyak!

pkkny i wish u the best, lil one ^^

riri.lariza said...

keep blogging please.
i love your blog. :)

easyellow said...

Never stop doing whatever you do only because one person try to blocked your way. Perhaps its only a bit jealousy from someone who trying so hard to be like you (but failed hihiw). Anw, I do enjoy reading your blog so much ;D

rizky maretha said...

ohhh my dear chacha,don't be sad dear. yeah i know it's not just a jealousy comment right? but it's a critics, you must say thanks to him/her dear. critics makes us better. the things that you have to do now,keep on blogging,keep continuing your life honey :) live your life happily cha. just love your self. but you must remember to say thanks to the god,for everything that you have know. remember that not everyone's have the same opportunity as you got. so,don't try to makes god goin mad to you by stop blogging dear. because you makes us sad. hehehe.

btw,you are looks so adorable my dear. as usual :) love it.

Astrid Febriska said...

glad that you're back! :) all of your photos are totally awesome!

Anonymous said...

ohh nooo. dont you ever stop blogging chacha. :(. i really like your blog. cheer up!!! :D

I am rose said...

honey have you ever heard this one? “Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius.” you see darling, you are PURE GENIUS. you can't blame people who got jealous on you, the question is, who's not? you are so bright, so beautiful, so good on what you do. As you can see so many people worship the ground you walks on darling. but haters is all around. don't let them affect you, just feel sorry for them because the jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves. right?

My heart asks pleasure said...

Hey sweety,

I really love your blog and you seem to be a really special person. You are a really gifted little girl, you wouldn't want to see how I dressed when I was your age *haha* (I'll go and burn all the old photos now) Never let others put you down! OK?
I wrote a little post on my blog about you and told all my visitors to come to your blog :)

Have a glorious day! anouk

copyproof said...

hello cool kid. I've just made a new fashion blog and i linked ur blog to mine, if you dont mind..
And please take some tour to my new blog, ppl..!
Thx cool kid..

Stain On My Red Shoes said...

ah...those haters. i've been in that situation too. but i didn't even bother to care.

evita deat, there are people in this world who feel sooo miserable with their life that they want to put people down just so they can feel better about themselves. therefore you shouldn't pay attention to those people. to quit blogging means they got what they want. so, that's why you should stay blogging to show them that their efforts to bring you down didn't work.

and remember, there are way more people who love you than those who hate (or jealous, to be precise) you.

by the way, i really really really love this last post of yours. i seriously drool over your accessories! great style overall, and super great concept of photos!

Vie said...

it reminds me of the master tv show. lol..

eLLy* said...

Hi beautiful Evita!

You're still young and still have a lot more to learn. I mean, I am 20 something and still learning. This kind of thing will never ever go away. People get jelous and will always want what they don't have. So, cheer up sweetie pie! Because your blog is without a doubt one of the best I've seen!


LGP said...

hey!! just be yourself!!! don't be afraid! keep smiling!

lova ya`!

Gogo Caroselle said...

cha kakak kamu bener sayang, cant pleased everybody... dont stop blogging okay? we love you :)

Tiqa said...

What's wrong with that person?
Problematic much? It wouldn't be a surprise if she's jealous of you and your wardrobe cos well I'm pretty sure 98% of your blog readers [ me included ;) ] are too! There's no reason you should sacrifice what you love just beacuse someone doesn't like it. Why sacrifice your happiness just to please some random mean person, right? :) You are adorable I wish you were my sister ^^

Karina Saputri said...

oh oh..i know whats awesome, it's your peacock headpiece...but u know what is more MOREEE awesome than's YOU!!!

keep your chin up, and be brave my dearest lil friend (remind me if u hate somebody call u lil' yah :P )

muaahhhh :D

Anonymous said...

you have loads of dream stuff that i always wanted when i was in your age. you are such a lucky girl and my fave too :)

Nadja said...


I'm 30 years old, and every single time I drop by your blog, I wish I had an older sister who takes fabulous photographs of me when I was little.

And yes, I do envy your fabulous clothes and accessories and shoes and all the material things you are fortunate enough to have at such a young age. Guess I was wrong to have spent all my allowance back then for candy and toys. LOL!


I love how you put it all together. You are the one perfect example of how money can actually go along with taste and style. Many people are fortunate to have a fat bank account but they don't know how to use their money properly. And to tell you the truth, I am so sick of THEIR blogs.

I am now working hard to give my daughter (when I have one in the future) fabulous stuff like yours. And yes, I'm reading your blog as a reference. LOL!

So cheer up, sweetie, being rich is not a sin. Never feel sorry about your (family's) fortune. Be thankful for them and use them to do good things. I know that for a fact. It's God's way of telling you that you are destined for a lot of bigger things in your life. And well, some people just have to accept that you are blessed with so much: a doting father, a loving sister (or is it sisters?) and a bunch of loyal readers such as myself who are sure to be devastated if you stop blogging! You're an inspiration :D

Keep going Evita. Haters are always there, you can't avoid them. But you can always block their IP address! Check with your sis, she'd know how ;)

Love your blog, and if I could meet you in person, I want to give you a big hug for being so brave standing up for yourself.


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