20 July, 2009

follow me...

Some people sent me an email and asked do I have twitter ?, and some also questioning is that evita nuh in twitter really me. I was confused at first, but then after some explanation i knew now, that there were some fake twitterers out there.( but the idea of someone might pretend to be me is flattering and hillarious at the same time XD ) but to answer the question, yes that twitter named evita nuh is really me :) but I make it so long time ago, and tottaly forgot about it, so that the explanation to the question, why I never write anything in my twitter :) and now everybody seems tweet these days, so maybe I would give it a try. it sounds fun! and it is fun! and and and it so much easier to updating in twitter. so if you somehow miss me and want to know how I am, you can check my twitter, I might tweet there. but please bare with me, I'm a newbie! XD hmm.. whats the word? ohh yeaaahh.... follow me...
hihihi when I write that word "follow me" one song popped out in my mind, the song have a funny lyrics.
You don't know how you met me
You don't know why,
you can't turn around and say good-bye
All you know is when I'm with you I make you free
And swim through your veins like a fish in the sea
I'm singing....

Follow me Everything is alright
And if you want to leave
I can guarantee
You won't find nobody else like me
*song title : follow me by uncle cracker
my sister used to play that song, ( now I'm searching the cd like crazy ). oh well, I'm going to start searching again, so bye! kisses and hugs for you all!


ONiC said...

i'm following :]

J u l i a 。.゜✿ said...

sent u a follow request just now. muahs !! =D

Lidwina Grata said...

i just sent you follow request cutie :)

muchlove said...

following you!
(welcome to twitter-world)

rizky maretha said...

following yours cha :)

evita nuh said...

waaaw thank youuu :)

Sabila Anata said...

sure will :)

Ribby Chloe said...

hey u've been tag :D check out my blog .. bkin yah dear

sararocks said...

follow you dear :)


NOELLE said...

Those Balenciaga inspired boots by Sam Edelman are up on Ebay!!

Here they are:

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Sissy said...

i love your blog!

ill follow you, folloe me?

yasuyassyash said...

Holaa evite,
nice to know ur blog,
i'll follow ur twitter..
Ehe.. :D

Micaela said...

Wow, just discovered your blog a couple of days ago via Twitter when Much Love tweeted about you.

Just wanted to say it's amazing how young you are and you're blogging. How did you ever get into blogging? I really like you blog, and I've linked you :)


Mr Dewise. said...

Your blog is amazing! I love your backround! following~

Pockey Shop said...

Sis Evita, may I promote my online shop?


thangs :)

thesydneygirl said...

hope you're having a fantastic week!


Anonymous said...

hey,, smangat de'!!just do ur best n keep positive thinkin!!
btw i love ur ring... wohoho,,-dian-

Kartika Monoarfa said...

i'm following :)


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