26 May, 2009

Fun Fact !

So so so sorry, I know, it's been like an age since my last post. and thank you for all the sweet comment that asked me to make some update :) I will! like... NOW! hehehe.

I've been sick this couple weeks, and It's quite serious ( ok, I mean a common fever, not some serious illness hahahha ) so, I have a red nose, droopy eyes, hoarse voice and my throat is sooo oucchh! and the hospital suddenly change into my second home. been there 4 times in a month! geeeezz. and my lovely doctor keep telling my daddy that I don't need to be hospitalized, all I need is a good rest ( hahahha I told you so daddy! but what can I say, I have a too worry daddy ). but I'm doing good now :D not a 100 % though. but good.

People said that you have to look any situation and any condition in the most positive way, it means there's always something good in something bad. hahaha I do that! let see, research is start with a simple question and that is : what the best thing about being sick? that super yummie chicken soup? No...or the fact that I can skip school? NAH! not even that... or maybe my sickness gave me all legal reason to dilly dallying over? No oh... your not even getting closser. Okay! my result of my research brought me to this fantastic fact. read this fact slowly, word by word. that. being. sick. make. me. a. LITTLE. DIVA! yipppiieee!!! repeat after me.. DIVA hahaha. so as a diva I can have what I want, oh no no no. they have to give me what I want! this droopy sad eyes of mine have their own magic! everytime i look at my daddy and my sisters right in the eye. and voillaa! they will say "what's wrong honey? what do you need? do you want something? what can I do for you to make yu feel better?" hohoho. be carefull I want so many things. like that super awesome crayon that I want all along ( and yeah you right, I got my super awesome crayon in my hand now ), that cute bracelet that my sister just bought,and all I have to do is. hold that bracelet in my hand and said "ohh this is so lovely, I wish it was mine, ohh this is strange how just looking at this pink bunnie can make me feel better. I don't know why" and yeaah it is mine now. hahahaha. okay, I'll stop here before you start hating me.

see it's not always bad, right?
but then again my research also lead me to this fact : that being sick, makes me realize how great of being healthy is! how priceless it can be. because even though I can easily get what I want, I'm also can't do many thing that I want to do just because I'm sick. It's not worth the's really not. it's just not. so take care! like a wise men Sir Francis Bacon once said “A healthy body is a guest chamber for the soul, a sick body is a prison” Can't agree more Sir!

PS : I just attended to my sister graduation ceremony, last saturday. and I swear the ceremony makes me shiver! it's sooo beautiful! can't wait for my own ceremony to come.

and ohh i leave you with this photos, it's taken before I'm sick :D hope you enjoy it!

black long sleeve shirt : zara for kids
black pants : zara for kids
eye necklace : oominium
camera necklace : mitchy belle
yellow sneakers : reebok

plaid pants : zara for kids
black vest : my sister handmade
pins & badges : got it from my sister! yayyy!
black dragon shoes : it's a gift! superr cool shoes!

and here's the bunny charmbracelet, hope it can makes you feel happier too! well it works for me! :P hehehe.

ahh I want to give you all my kisses but, no oh, I won't take a chance that I might infected you all! so I hope hugs is enough for now ♥♥♥


Anonymous said...

Lovely outfits! Get well soon, ne? ^_^

Anonymous said...

Awwh get well soon sweets. That plaid pants is totally dope, you look so rock n roll, and that's so hot!

Piti said...

mmm.. ilove the yellow one..

get well soon little angel... =)

Ambroisine said...

I'm glad you're back, hope you're feeling better ! I like a lot the first set of pictures, I love your sneakers..And the bunny bracelet is pretty cute :)

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Love your two outfit !

Anonymous said...

get well soon, yaa, sayang :)

J.P. said...

keep posting non!

Anonymous said...

your vest reminds me of ashish s/s-09 and you look cool with that outfit!
get well soon dear :)

stylebird said...

Hi there, I love the pins on your vest. That is agreat idea!

Rebecca said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! I loved reading about your research. :)

ima said...

akhirnya di update juga, cha :)
COOL! i love your sneakers!

ima said...

akhirnya di update juga cha :)
cool yeah! i love your sneakers

selly octavia said...

Finally.. I see the new post from you.. It's been long since your last post.... Nice post.. I love the plaid pants.. :)

imonika said...

welcome back sweet ;)

Alya said...

Get well soon dear!

Renaldy Fernando Kusuma said...

i love that necklace!

Jessica Nivia said...

hey outfit itu udah aku lihat di lookbook punya kamu. Nice :D
anyway kameranya aku suka :)

priskanggrita said...

heii evita ~ !

hahaha.. emang sih klo sakit itu mau apa aja pasti diturutin. waktu itu aku pernah minta tin-tin action figure dan VOILA ! langsung dibelikan ! hehehe.. agak curang sih tapi...

tapi emang bener, lebih enak sehat daripada sakit..

oh, evita, aku udah add facebook kamu. kalo boleh, di confirm yaa.. makasi :D

i love you girl !

istifara said...

get well soon :)
i heart ur bright shoes!!!

Anonymous said...

hey there long time no see..well anyway... you have the same "camera" necklace like i did..hehee
nice nice...

rizky maretha said...

hi evita :)
well you always mentioned about your kind and sweet sista :) and your super dad in almost every post dear. can you tell us more about 'em dear. i just wonder how lucky they are.

get well soon honey

lolichocopop said...

hei .
your shoes at first photo .!
the reebok one .
oh noo ..
i want it for a several months ago .
and what . u get it !
how poor i am ..

anyway .
i'm happy u come back .
your blog is so adorable .
so i've link ur blog in my blog .
hhe ..
take care ..♥

Kartika Monoarfa said...

nice :)

i love that sneaker and the "camera" ;)

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

Heeey....introduce me,oki.
i love that eye did you buy it?

ow yeah..get well soon,dear..

stylefrontier said...

that sneakers are adorable and the camera necklace is just too cute! me want!
i tagged you and you can claim your award here
anyway, i have linked you dear ;)
take care


Hartinah said...

Get well soon ya^^

Clairrr said...

wow .. i love what you did with your pins and badges. it's so cool! hahhah .. get well soon, kay? ^^

Stain On My Red Shoes said...

very cute, evita. great shoes on the first look. the second look, you look sooo rock n roll!!!! love how you wear your buttons, and those bracelets really got you going! love it love it love it!

Unknown said...

wooow beautiful photos!!
amazing your just a little girl!
congrats! you have a big future in the industry!
beautiful outfits and photos in general!

Ms. Match said...

Hi Evita! Just found your blog! It really surprised me when I saw your profile, I thought only girls in the states (or other first world countries) has a cool fashion blog this young (am sure you know style rookie, but you are even younger!)! i will be a faithful reader, for sure. Can I link you? :) i'm at

andrea said...

awesome stuff!!:)

Blanca del Río said...

hi!! funny and cute style, I like it :)


Rara Emiria said...

both combination are great, i like it :)

superumi said...

you have great talent, evita =)

Putri Erdisa Januarti said...

cool sneakers! get well soon, daghling.. :)
awww i miss your kisses! lol.

Edhika said...

hi dear evita :)
i was going from one blog to others then finally i stopped here.
this is my first time to read ur awesome blog.
and i was a lil surprised when i found the fact you're so young (compared to me).
Keep on writing girl! You're so gifted :)
anyway, get well soon!

Nur Zaman said...

love your blog dear ;)

Putri Erdisa Januarti said...

dear, you won 5 pair of shoes ya from wondershoe?? hueee aku pengen bangeeeett.. mau dong satuuu! ahahaha ;D

Janice Nerissa said...

aaaaa evita you are so cute!! I hope that I had a lil sister your age.haha.and love those outfits!!! I saw your photo as the first winner of the wondershoe contest. Congrats dear!! the photo is lovely! is it your idea? I also joined the contest but I ended up being the lucky one. I'll also get a pair of shoes though I'm not even in the 3rd place. tehee I will be a faithful reader of your blog. heehee your blog is just too cool.. anyway, mind to exchange links?
I'll wait for your comments on my blog :D hehehehe


muchlove said...

Thank you for your sweet comment, Evita :)

Sorry to hear that you were sick, but nice to know you can sort of "enjoy" it, hehe... kesempatan buat bermanja-manja memang nggak boleh disia-siakan :)

LOVE your pics! That's such a cool camera necklace.

Take care ya :)


Hi from Paris sweet angel

thank's to my friend
i discovered no only your blog but your talent as well

thank you for being so fun and generous

can i had you to my blog Style and the City ?

cheers from Paris

life s as beautiful as we want to make it beautiful

Anonymous said...

I'm so agree with you, when we sick people around us are angels, but still being sick is awful. that's very cute bracelet :)

leJournaldeChrys said...

Ton blog est FABULEUX!!! BRAVO

Unknown said...

Love those pic :D

Fool said...

I love love love your yellow sneakers!!!!!

Nindy Hardjadinata said...

love the sneakers and THE PINS!!! Oh please, I WANT 'EM ALL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Evitaa, kamu super lucu ya :)
kecil2 udah modis hihihi
aku link blog kamu ya :)

b-chic said...

very creative outfit! you are a very talented girl!
I added your blog amoung my favorites! see you soon!

Anonymous said...

you are so adorable! keep up the amazing work! I love the tartain pants. Kara xo

tara said...

salam kenal evita ;) camera necklacenya bagus deh! Mitchy belle itu di mana ya lokasi tokonya? thxx ;)

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