12 November, 2008


Thanks for all the people that pray for my health :D I'm getting well now... and I'm happy :D.. why? I just got myself a new glasses today! yiippie!!! and I can eat pancake as much as I want! (I love pancious pncake so so so much ) and a vanilla milkshake too, fyi. )I only drink mineral water and milkshake or milk... not like a thousand kids out there, I dont like soda. coke, or anything similar .... ) ahh I love my new glasses! it looks cool, and the best part is, that glasses is really are for kids ( use to be i bought a tenage glasses ) its from gap for kids.
check this out, and tell me that I do look cool ... hehehhe.

actin' stupid * :D

and ahh this is my sick face.. I look so messy.. :(


unee said...

Cha, gak tau ya..tapi..aku kok lebih suka liat foto kamu yang terakhir. Yang lagi sakit ya ?. Lucuuu BANGET kamu disitu. hihihi.
But the ones with the shades aren't bad at all. You look cool wearing it. Like a really young roll and roll girl. :)

evita nuh said...

hehe thank you kak :)

Gogo Caroselle said...

awwww your sick face look so cute <3

Aya Tiara said...

ca,itu pas difoto baju yang kamu pake ada yg merk nya burberry bukan?

Aya Tiara said...

wah wah wah...salah ngoment!!!tadi itu yg pertama untuk blog yg another fashion time.
ini di pancious pacific place bukan?

Vie said...

kyaaaaaaaa, poto terakhirnya made me lought oul loud!!! ihihihihihi... nice nice anywayyy.. :D

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