02 November, 2008


finally! my new lay out :D .. took some times for me to make it :( i never knew it kindda hard to do... so what do you think? i like my old one too. it's clean and simple, but I want something colorfull for this month!


Unknown said...

aww looks greaattt and fresh !

evita nuh said...

thankiez kak merzy :D glad ypu like it :)

Karina Saputri said...

so you dear :D

love the pattern :)

evita nuh said...

waaw thank you,,, i have the same tought :)

thank you.. i love the pattern too.. it a donnut actually ... :)

unee said...

aihh.... keren nih,Cha !. I love,LOve,LOVE the header !!. kalo kata orang medan, PATEN !!. haha.

evita nuh said...

makasiiih kak une :D

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