17 April, 2010

sorry we're closed!


Halloha! yayy! thank you so so much for the participate on my giveaway, so glad knowing that you all love the gift that picked for you, but now sadly I have to announce that my giveaway is officially close now, and I won't accept any new entry after this post. :)

And now please give me some times to read all your comment and pick the winner, hahaha yes I will spend my saturday night to read your comment. I'll try to make an announcement as fast as I can, and I promise you I will announce the winner not later than Tuesday. So it might be 3 days from now, or it might be sooner :). I'll contact the winner by email ( if you add your email on your comment) or your blog. That's all I guess, now I have to search my glasses and start reading now, this is gonna be a long long night! May the best win. so... I guess night everybody!

*kisses to you all!


mirramie said...

well haapy reading dear..
i hope i'll win


Lorine Kalista Noor said...

have a nice sat night and I hope I'm the winner of your first giveaway :)

Anonymous said...

cant wait to know the winner o_O

and good luck to reading all the's lots.hehe:D

hope i will win
**crossed fingers**


shatirah / tyra'station

Melati Kusuma Wardhani said...

icha aku salah peraturan yah? :( @melatitutetot

Rimma Izzaty Putri said...

i'll be waiting you :D

Bookworm Bitch said...

Ooh good luck everyone!!!
I just wanted to say that I really love your blog and you are a great inspiration for me

Adhisty Kiara said...

Happy reading Evita..
Enjoy your satnite with all the comments ;)

Gilbert Ganda said...

enjoy your reading evita!
wish me luck!
:x (crossing fingers)

MI said...

i wish ill be the WINNER...

Filicia said...

spending saturday night with reading comments is not bad. Hahah.

Happy reading cha! :D

p.s.:agree with you:'May the best win.' :)

wanderer above the mist said...

coolbeans =) very lovely blog

Mudrica Rusfiani said...

just take your time, chacha.
owh, i cant wait :p

Faustina Lim said...

Hello,nice to meet you,girl. :) I'm 12th. Never thought I could meet a girl who has the same passion as me.


Lhuri said...

Dear Chacha,
numpang ngiklan ya?
Mudah2an km juga tertarik dateng hehehe :)

Hi Guys,

Panitia PLD FKUI Internasional 2011 mau ngadain Garage Sale lagi nih.. Tentu nya dengan barang-barang yang lebih beragam dan harga yang lebih oke :D

Dateng yaaa... acaranya bakal diadain:

Hari: Sabtu, 24 April 2010
Waktu: 10.00-18.00
Tempat: Ruko Royal Spring Residence Jl.Raya Ragunan No. 29A, Jati Padang, Pasar Minggu

barang-barang yang bakal kita jual terdiri dari lots and lots of:
- T-shirts, shirts, dresses, pants, skirts, jeans, jackets
- Shoes and sandals
- Bags
- Books --> comics, novels, and medical books
- Electronics


so mark your calendar, bring your cash (except for electronics), and come to our Garage Sale because we have lots of great things to offer!

see you there guys :D

Thanks and have a wonderful day,

Lhuri said...

Info lebih lanjut ttg garage salenya bisa diliat di!/event.php?eid=114831985194225&ref=ts

Oh iya kalo bisa bawa shopping bags sendiri ya teman2, buat ngurang2in penggunaan kantong plastik hehe :)

Remember, you can't live without plastics but you can use them wisely :)


Darrell Erastania Felicita said...

I hope you like the blogs this one cha :):) :)

Atikah Amalia said...

Hey.. wanna exchange link?

btw, cute blog :D

Anonymous said...

happy reading ~~
can't wait lol hahaha

Veren Lee said...

*crossing fingers*
please God... i want those shoes! :P

Sofia Leo said...

Thank you for the comment on the 'fashion that shocks' post! :)

The items on the giveaway are beautiful! Lucky those who get them!

Sofia Leo x

Lee said...

gah! I just realized I forgot to write down my advice for the facebook page! oh no :[

opipnedcheese said...

oh so bad that i can't join the giveaway ;(
i just joined KEMAH for 3 days , and off to home on sunday --"
aaaaaa really wanna take a part in your first giveawaaaayyy lil pretty sistaaa
hmm can you tell me thongs i've to do to make your bracelet's mine ? hahaha
too much love on it hihihi
hope you read this comment and put your respons
wish i see the bracelet on my door :*


ChikitaRosemarie said...

my fingers are crossed!!
i want that butterfly scarf so badly!
but neways, happy reading dear! :D


Anonymous said...

Hiiii...fashioned girl....i have news for you...check this
i'm so crazzzzzz bout her items...

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