10 April, 2010

my first giveaway!


Yeah I know, finally right? hahaha... but hey, here we go now!
I love bracelet, love it so much! so I choose two for you all

I love love this summer charmbracelet, it's so cute!
I find this leaf bangle is so beautiful!
for this shoes, the size is about 35/36
so please only choose this shoes if it's fits your size
Love the shape and love the smell!
many people likes my bow belt on my previous post
so I decide to put this on giveaway, and it's the red one!
I love purple! and the leopard print are just so beautiful!
this scarf is even more beautiful in the real life!
cool necklace! I'm a necklaces collector myself
so I decide to choose this quirky necklace for you
hehehe, I even already put all the gift in a beautiful and cute box from lovely lace
so they will be ready to sent to your door :D

It's been like forever since I said that I want to make a giveaway, a 1 year birthday of my blog, check! more than 1000 followers ( still wooowwed about that till now) check! what else? hmm... I got to many things to celebrate and always want to make a giveaway to thank you all my readers, my followers, still here reading my blog, waiting my blog post ( which I know take a thousand years from one post to another post ) I know I'm such a bad bad blogger, a turtle blogger, but you still here anyhow. It's funny how some of your angry, dissapointed emails never fails to make me smile, yes, when you all angry and dissapointed when I'm not posting for a looooong time. But you know what? I already try my best to keep posting, so please bare my turtle side.

And oh, I'm a super newbie in this giveaway thing so not really sure how this thing is work, but I do some research about giveaway and what people do when they held a giveaway, so I think this is what you have to do to enter this giveaway :

1. choose, choose choose
this is a bad news, but you can only choose one. Choose which gift do you want the most, remember only one.

2. I want you to help me
here's the story, I have a facebook account and it blown me away that I have so much new friends that added me as a friend on facebook, so in kindda short time it's full. I've been planning to make second account, but you know me, I'm not really sure I can handle two account, and I also affraid that I will neglect the old one. And taking advice from many friends and readers I'm planning to make a group page ( hahaha, still feels weird, seriously I'm thinking like thousand times before I decide to write this ) so yeah, so many people advice me to do it. so help me decide, yes or no? yay or nay? and why?

2. tell the world about this giveaway
like all people said the more the merrier! please make a blogpost about this giveaway, don't forget to add the link of the post on your comment :) and oh you can tweet about this giveaway too! It will be wonderfull! (and don't forget to mention it on your comment)

3. No you do not have to follow me
but it will be awesome if you do! hehehe

that's all I guess. And oh, don't forget make sure you leave an email addres or a blog link so I know where I can find you if you turn out to be the winner. I will close this giveaway on 17 April 2010, and will announce the winner right after I read the comments and decide the winner, because no, I will not randomly choose, I will select and choose :) so please give me some time, but I promise I will be quick

and oh! I almost forgot! This giveaway it open to everyone worldwide!



mirramie said...

1. i choose summer bracelet

2. yeah i yhink fan page is better,since many people use facebook for fake profile or anything. so i guess fan page is the solution :)

2. off course! i'll post it on my blog and tweeting on my twitter account

3. yeah it awsome to follow u, so guys follow her.


Gilbert Ganda said...

happy 1st bday of your blog!
it will always be the awesome one!

your giveaway are just so lovely!
can I join to win it for my younger sister?

My best choice is the purple shoes!
they are totally adorable and the colour is PURPLE how lovely ♥

and I have retweeted your tweet about this giveaway

I have also add this giveaway on my blog :)

wish me luck


han said...

evitaa... i want tht purple scarf so bad :))

mm, i dnt think u should make a group or 2nd account, but how about a fanpage? it can hold more people rite? tht's my suggestion

blog url :

oxox, djhanq

Patricia B said...

totally agree for the group page, since its the facebook's rule for you to have limited number of friends for an account.. and also group page is more open to public.. everyone who is admiring you can directly see, write something on the 'walls'. basically could share more with you, i think its a very good idea :D

ive added this giveaway at my blog. if u have time pls do visit :

i would like to win the purple leopard scarf

i am a follower through googgle friend connect

Gilbert Ganda said...

Hello one more time evita ♥,

I almost forget to give you my opinion, I feel that a little famous girl like you should just make a fans club or group so that people can join it easily :) rather than you make two accounts and then you will neglect the old one :) so I think making a group or fans page is the BEST choice for you :D so that you won't neglect your account and a lot of people easily join your group..

sorry for the too-long comment evita! I have added this to my blogroll and also post a new post on my blog about this! wish me luck


Patricia B said...

had retweeted too dear :) thanks

akhira n. said...

i choose the purple shoes ! hmm gini aja evita, kalo kamu ga bisa handle 2 acc fb dan fb emang cuma buat orang2 tau kegiatan kamu, make your twitter as your second account. dan yang aku tau twitter ga ada limit follower so you dont have to make another third account. kalo di fb kan kamu bikin fb yang kedua dan fb yang kedua itu penuh lagi, kamu harus buat fb yang ketiga. tp kalo kamu mau tetap di fb, kamu bisa bikin fan page. itu jg gada limit fans dan ga perlu accept friend request. yang mana yang mau dipilih hayo ? ;) oh ya ini emailku : dan aku buat blog ttg giveaway mu ev :) check this out :) thank you :D

mirramie said...

i was tell the world with post on my blog :


Anonymous said...

hi, i'd like to join the giveaway
and i'm a follower :)
i really like the mango perfume

bout your facebook problem, i think u should make a group, so the friend limit will be bigger than a personal acc. then u could be selective in approving friend requests on your personal acc.

Clare Tea said...

Hello! Your blog is so cute, I'll be subscribing to your posts from now on~

Ah... I guess I'll choose the bow belt ;_; (b-but the charm bracelet was so cute too...)

Yes! You should definitely make a fanpage or a group page, and keep that separate from your own personal page. After all, there should be a line between your real, true friends and your acquaintances on facebook...

Blogpost will be here in the next half hour : and I retweeted this post of yours: I'm icitea!

arlene nadya nafarin said...

dear evita,i don't know what's your email.could you please tell me?

Shilla Annisa Mikaila said...

Yeaaaay, so happy that you finally held your giveaway :D

So, the prize that I want iiis the red bow belt :) I reaaaaaally loves it.

And here's what I think: You'd better make your own group/fan page rather than another account. It will make you even more difficult. Who knows that you'll have more than 2? [I know it sounds weird but it really CAN happen dear :)] It's actually up to you, but if I were you, I will prefer to make a group/fan page since it's more easier and not complicated :) So my answer No and nay for 2nd account, yes and yay for group page. I hope my advice works :)

my email:
twitter: shillaamikaila

thanks chaa :*

Anonymous said...

oh, i forgot to mentioned in the previous comment, i've posted bout the giveaway on my blog and twitter..

Gilbert Ganda said...

here is the post about your blog giveaway ♥


Becky Tjandera said...

Aww what a great giveaway ! We have to choose ?! They are so lovely , so hard to choose . Haha . But I think I like the summer charm bracelet . So lovely :) I've tweeted :

Unknown said...

i choose the summer bracelet one

agree with evitanuh group, so your fans (like me :D) can chit chat, give some advice and comment on your group account :D

posted it on my blog:
and also tweeted it:

following you dear :D
LOVE, beauty splashes

Veren Lee said...

i'm feeling so lucky because I have the same shoes size with it.. ;P
i've dreamed ankle boots for quite long time... most of it have a 'too mature' design... i'm sure it won't match with me because I don't want to look so old with that shoes...
Now... I've just founded an ankle boots with CUTE COLOR that won't make me look so old when I wear it...

many people choose trending things that don't match with them. we say it in bahasa : "Maksa". I won't do that! and I won't wear anything that on 'trend' that don't match with me! so it's just like you! you never wear trending things that don't match / too old with u right? :D

Everygirl needs a beautiful pair of shoes :)

about your facebook account.... u're the best blogger i've ever seen! u aprrove all of the friend requests... because many bloggers just approve their friends... :). (they make it private). I think u need to make a fan page. u're famous in this cyber world... U have many fans.... and you have more than 1000+ followers on your blog! u deserve it, Evita! I want you to make a fan page, but... u must update your photos on fan page as often as your facebook acount, okay?

You are the best! The photos on your blog are amazing and have a good quality! U're really nice give your readers LOTS of gifts!

I don't want people miss this giveaway...sooo... I tweeted : , and blogged

sorry I write thousands words here... hehehe... I'm crossing fingers now hope I can win this super giveaway :D


for me,
Fashion never sees how old are you... how young are you.... let them see our style :)

.a little princess.

Anonymous said...

Hi,Oh how excited you must beabout your first giveaway!

Facebook has a business page. I think you should list your blog liek a business and give it it's own page. People can become a fan of it and it's not etitrely a separate account so much easier to keep track of

+ I love the leaf bracelet so i would totally pick that.

Already following because you're style is rockin!

gita said...

Cacaaaa aku pengen bgt sepatunyaaa :D kebetulan kyny pas bgt di kaki aku, aku jg 35/36 bgt kakinyaa.
Sering diledekin ky anak TK pdhl :(
Pngn bgt bgt sepatunya.. Sama gelang2nya juga :D

Adani Ardhanareswari said...

aw aw aku suka semua hadiah kamu!hihi sayang cuma boleh pilih satu ya? itu cara ngelakuin itu semua lewat e-mail ya?jadi maksud aku aku kasi pendapat tentang fbnya,terus yg review giveaways kmu itu di e-mail? sama ngasi tau link blog kita hihi makasi ya chacha

essenchy's said...

Hey Evita, thanks for making a giveaway. Oh i really love all of your gift. But as you say, we can only choose one, so, i kindly ask you to give me the Peacock Necklace please.. :)

About the fan page, you know what? It's a yayness!! It is a really good idea. I mean you are a super inspiring blogger girl. I'm older than you but i have so much respect on you. Your thought, your story about life, and of course your style and passion for fashion and photography are stunning. And i must say, Yes you have a lot of fans and you should make a place for us to get on together.

One more thing, please visit my post about your giveaway at

Here is my email address :

Last.. Pick me please.. hehe

Adeline said...

hey, this is very kind of you to make this kind of give away :)
1. I love the peacock necklace, because just like you I'm also a necklaces lover.
2. Yeah I think it's a nice idea to make group page on fb, I think that's a cool thing and surely you'll get a lot fans there.
3. No worry I've followed you dear ;)
4.I'll let everybody know about your giveaway in twitter and blog
(@adeleline and and my email is

thanks chica.

Adeline said...

hey this is very kind of you to make such this giveaway and happy belated birthday anyway.
1. I'd love the peacock necklace because just like you I'm a necklaces lover.
2. About the group in fb, yeah I think that's an awesome idea. You should make one, surely you'll get a lot of fans there.
3. I've followed you dear.
4. I'll let others know about your giveaway through my twitter @adeleline and my blog

bunch of thanks chica

-LilsTar- said...

hello there evita..

i'm trying my luck in your cute giveaway..:)

hmm,since you ask.. in my opinion, you should make the FB group page... why??
talking bout there're so many people out there lovessssss you and your writing.. you also give so many people out there inspiration with your fashion style and your mind... you've helped a lot of people so why dont you keep up that spirit?? (bet you never realize that you do help people..hehe)

honestly, (i'm not trying to flatter you. seriously.) you are the most talented little girl i know..
talented in fashion, talented to be a model/runway model, your contemplating-wise-mind... yet you are 11 (it's because i've never met or known 11-years-old girl like you).. so yeah, you amaze me:)

i twitted your blog (

"for those who loves fashion+photography+giveaways feel free to click this young girl is so talented!:)"

oh if i may, i choose mango delirium parfume..:p

thanks dear...
keep writing + do the mix-and-match-thing \(^.^)/

Audrey Juicy Tits said...

Hmmmm, the summer bracelet and leaf bangle are so gorgeous, I don't know which to choose! Any one of those two will do! XD Bah I've been following you for such a long time, I was just shy to say anything before this. *shy*

Here's the link to my blogpost on your giveaway! And yes, you should have your own fanpage on Facebook since you have thousands of people following you! I wanted to add you as a friend but I couldn't because you had too many friends!

I will soon post a link to your giveaway on Twitter! Thank you for being so awesome!

-LilsTar- said...

oops sorry dear..
i forget to leave my link..

Rimma Izzaty Putri said...

1. i choose summer bracelet.
2. you better make a Fan Page, because everyone can join the Fan Page you, I'm sure many would agree with the idea of making Fan Page.
3. i've been follow you.

my e-mail :

wanderer above the mist said...

I love your blog!

Lucia said...

it's up to you dear, it's okay if you have much time to make group page and of course I'll following your group page :)

oh I love that peacock necklace

sherlyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hana who? said...

heyheyhey :D

1.the purple leopard scarf would be awsome :D I heartt it yeah, you should make a group on facebook, so ur readers & fans will keep updated. ah, or if you want, you can make a fanpage on facebook. hihi but its all up to you darla.

(another 2) i'll spread the world. via twitter @hanahearts & also via my blog

3. followed!

so, wish me luck.
and this is my email: PS.iloatheyou at


Marissa Abigail said...

heyhey ! :D
what a cute giveaway :)

i love that leaf bangle so i think i choose that

about your facebook acc , i think making group page isn't weird 'cause i think it will be complicated for you to make two , right ? :)

hey i promote it on my tweet & followed tour tweet anw ! :D
here's the link where i promote your giveaway :D :

here's my blog anw :)

Hana who? said...

hope i can win. x

Melissa Tjioeputri said...

Heureux 1er anniversaire pour votre blog, Evita ! ♥ xoxo
finally, you making the giveaway..

I'm really excited with all of your gift, but as you want, that we only have to choose one, so, i choose the purple shoes because i fall in love at the first sight when i saw that shoes, and its really fit with me.. :)

and about the group page, i think you supposed to have one.
if you make 2nd account, i think it'll never end. after you get more and more friends, you must make another account again and again.. it would be troublesome, right ?
so, either group page or fan page would be compatible with you..
everybody can be a fan of you without you must accept all the friend request.
and you can make a discussion also, so that you can make a lot of topic with all of your fans..

and oh, I've already make a Blogpost about it, and tweet it too..
here's my link post :
and my tweeted link :
my email :

Merci Evita..
have a blast ! :D

Margareta Dana said...

Yesss, I think you gotta make a group! You've got tons of fans out there, it's not weird for you to make one. You wont be bothered with total members you can have and you don't have to spend your time for approving friend requests.

And you'd better create a group than a fan page. A group is also good for us, your fans, cause we can use the group to meet others sharing the same interests there with the discussions feature.

Hey I have tweeted this post , but sorry I'm not gonna post this on my blog since it's been inactive and nobody reads it.

And I'm sooo in love with your purple leopard scarf! You can contact me at :D

Hope I helped ;)

Unknown said...

I choose the summer bracelet one :)..Actually I want that purple shoes, but too bad my size is 38/39 :(

hmmm..a group page?hmm..honestly I don't think that's a great idea..people can still get connected to you by this blog and your twitter :)..but if you want to make a group it's totally up to you dear :)

I already posted this giveaways on my newest post :) the link is and I definitely will tweet about it too :)

I already become your follower :) *crossing my finger and hope that I'm lucky enough to win this giveaways!! :)*

Anonymous said...

yaaaay! finally your giveaway! so excited to hear that :D
1. I pick the leaf bangle. that's my favorite. so pretty!
2. about the group on fb, I think you should make it. there will be lots of people join that group, I think :)
3. I made a blogpost about your giveaway, you can see it here , already spread it on my twitter too :) and I'm your blog follower already.

my email :

have a nice day, Evita :D

Anonymous said...

hi evita :D
excited to join this giveaway
and happy belated your 1st blog anniversary.hehe:)

1.can i have all the gifts? hehe:)
but u was mention to choose 1,and i mostly in love with that cool necklace.

2.for me la,u better make a fanpages for fb than u make a 2nd account that need u to handle both of account then.:D
and i will click to become your fan even i had become your fb's friend.hehe.:)

3.for sure i had told everyone to join ur giveaway in my blog and tweet it~~~~~

4.i had follow u.hehe.


Kalyana said...

Wow, actually this is my first time read your blog, and guess whta ? it's so lovely !

1. That leaf bangle is nice, so i will choose that

2. For the fan page ? Ehm, actually all decision is up to you, right? but my suggestion is, if you really want to make it, make sure that it'll be organized well . You'll spare your time to manage that fan page . So, considered it wisely dear :)

3. I'll posted this lovely giveaway to my blog

I've tweeted it

4. of course i've followed you .

Anonymous said...

Dang! Can i be greedy?? pretty pleasee.. lol!

I wanted to choose the shoes, but the size doesn't fit me! *sigh*
So i choose the Mango Delirium Perfume.. I would love to smell it every single second a day! *so stoked!*

M gonna give u a way out!
Yes! Group/Fan page account sounds great, i know i know, we HATE to categorize our friends as a "fan".. But this is the best choice so far! your friends would understand it!
n theres no harm to get one!*wink*

Since i don't have a blog, i only can RT it.. =[
yeap! i already RT abt your 1st giveaway! no worries abt that cutie! =]
oh yea, i followed u as well!
and heres the link

Keep up your good works!
Make sure to post another giveaway! and you creativity forsho! =]

"When you think everything has failed you, but then turn a corner and find hope, that's when you realise patience pays"


Tiffany Wu said...

First Of all,
I choose Mango Delirium Parfume. You know Why? I choose it cause I love perfume and I'm a collector perfume! haha :)

I'm not sure if you make 2 accounts at facebook. You know why? many people love you and you have many fans at facebook. if you make a second account, many people or your fans will add you at your second account and your second account will be full of your friends, if it full must make third account.
I think, it's better if you make group page/fan page, cause many people/your fans to be join in your group/fan page. You also can share your photo and your story at group or fan page! :)

I already posted this Giveaways in my newest post:
and I also tweet you :

anyway, Your blog is my favorite. I love your photo, your style and your story on your blog and I already follow your blog...

Email me :

sorry If I write a long comment... :)

with LOVE

Bells said...

hello there! i'm bella from Malaysia :)

1.i wantttt that purple ankle boots. pleaseeee :)

2.YES YES! u should create a fan page. u do know that u have a lot of fansssss right? so yeah! go make one :)

3. here's my blog posts about your sweetest giveaway; and i did mention ur giveaway on my tweet(

lastly, have a nice day :)

MITCH said...

1. I want the purple leopard scarf, it's uber cute :-D

2. You better create a fan page, I like ur style and u're such a really humble girl, I would really love to be one of ur fans :D seriously :))

2. ofcourse I'll post bout this thing both on my blog and twitter :P no need to worry..

3. I've followed you btw. LOL

thank you chaaa...


Inan Nadya Junus said...

Happy 1st Birthday to your blog Evita! Your blog always makes my day :)

1. I choose the leaf bangel. Aww it has a beautiful color and shape, who doesn't love it

2. Yes, you supposed to make a fanpage. Fanpage has no limited friends/fans so you don't need to worry like now anymore. And it's exclusive to your fans, we'll love you more. Fanpage is easier to handle than a fb acc right? Don't feel weird, you have A LOT of fans :)

3. My blogpost link:
My tweets about you: (my twitter is protected, I'm not sure you can open that link, but you can try)

DUR. said...

1. I love The peacock necklace. cool!

2. what about remove friends that you don't know?

2. ookay I'll do. I will tweet about this giveaway, and I will post about this on my blog :)

3. I'm your follower. I ove your blog. your blog is sooo nice

thank you :)

hanny arianty gultom said...

Haii evitaa.. this is also my first giveaway contest.. :P..

Just as you me is the bracelet and necklaces junkie.. i love all the collections u have there, but since i have to chose one it will be : LEAFLET BRACELET.. hehe (actually i also love the summer one, but i guess it doesn't suit my wrist..:P)

YAY!.. ^^ since many people love you, as simple as it is. ^^, your 5000something friends on the 1st account can add your group page too (just tell them that u are moving). Dont feel weird dear, have fun! times will not coming back, just enjoy your time, your playful time.. and i surely gonna add you.. ^^

Im not tweeting sorry.. but i've done it on my blog. :P

Fyi, i followed u.. hehe..

it's so fun to have this kind of giveaway contest.. hoping.. ^^ (crossfinger)...

GBU dear

Gylda said...

i will choose the peacock necklace! :) cause i love accessorizes stuffs

i think you should do the fan page, you dont need to be afraid that it would be full cause as far as i know fan page doesnt have limited number of fans..
also, people who doesnt have time to open blogspot could write and see your updates on facebook cause many people open fb more often than blog (i guess)!

i told my friends through my twitter about the give away :) * * and i definitely following you!

and, luckily, if i won, my contact email would be or simply drop comment in!

thanks :D

Natasha Hadiwinata said...

cha, I want the purple shoes. my feet is sooo little, so I can use the purple hoes. Oh goossh! I really really want the purple shoess...please please gimme that!

I think it's BIG YAY for you to have a FAN PAGE in FB, so, you didn't have to create a new account in FB.!
FAN PAGE : YAY! I'll be your number one's fan! hahaa..LOL

yeah, i will post this giveaway to my blog!!

and also...

i already follow your blog!!

SMOOCHH chachaaa!!!
Thank you for this giveaway..

oh gosshh,,


Eka Dyana said...

hi evita
what a cute giveaway ♥
i want the summer bracelet so bad, the summer bracelet totally adorable. i can imagine, when i use it, my friends will say 'wow, your bracelet so cute' ♥ please make my dreams come true ehehe

about your facebook acount, i thinks it's a good idea to make a fan page. you know what, you're famous in this cyber world dear

and oh, i've already post a new post about this giveaway
here's the link

wish me luck, ---

Natasha Hadiwinata said...


Atika Amalina said...

dear Evita, i choose the peacock necklace (i'm in love with all kind of peacock stuffs :p)

i think you should make a fan page than a group one. you're famous in the cyber world, and you have a lot of fans. so just make a fan page, and update it. easier than make a 2nd facebook account dear :D and keep your facebook more private, only for your family and friends.

i already posted this giveaway -> and also spread this giveaway on Twitter so everybody wont miss it ->

hope that i will be the one who take home your peacock necklace


puput utami said...

whow..chacha your giveaway is so cool :) je les aime

1. untuk giveaway nya aku pilih purple shoes nya ya ;) hihi

2. menurut ku, mendingan buat account fan page aja soalnya itu mempermudah orang orang yang mau kenal sama kamu untuk lebih kenal kamu. dan kamu bisa share lewat fanpage kamu kalau ada postingan baru dari blog mu ini.. :)

3. yeaaah..pasti di follow :) ne t'inquietes pas ma cherie..

puput utami said...

whow..chacha your giveaway is so cool :) je les aime

1. untuk giveaway nya aku pilih purple shoes nya ya ;) hihi

2. menurut ku, mendingan buat account fan page aja soalnya itu mempermudah orang orang yang mau kenal sama kamu untuk lebih kenal kamu. dan kamu bisa share lewat fanpage kamu kalau ada postingan baru dari blog mu ini.. :)

3. yeaaah..pasti di follow :) ne t'inquietes pas ma cherie..

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

i choose the leaf bangle :D i think that's so gorgeous. i like the purple shoes too, but my feet don't fit in 35/36

may be you should make a fan page,not a group, but don't disable your old facebook account.
i really like your style.

i've tweet this giveaway on my twitter
and i'll post this giveaway on my blog as soon as possible
ps* mind exchange link?

nca said...

Hi chacha!
I think you should make a group page. Guess what, i've been waiting for you to make a group page since I added you on facebook which was a long long time ago. What is so wrong for you to making a group page dear? You're a sweet talented young girl and there are so many people who want to be your friend. It would be easy for us to share bout anythin if you make a group page. I'm not pushing you ;p but i'm sure that your lovers here also agreed with the group page thingy.

I'm so excited with this giveaway cha. There are so many cool stuffs and I'd love to get the butterfly scarf bcause I have a perfect blouse to match on it!

I've tweeted bout your giveaway here: Http://

And here my email:

Last, happy birthday to your awesome blog. Keep inspiring! Kisses*hugs

zharaawr♥ said...

hi chaca! :))
first of all, happy 1st bornday to your blog!

1. im so inlove with the peacock necklace :D i want it so bad :(

2. you should make a fanpage/ group so you can interract with your fans easier. but its up to you

3. im following you !

4. i already post this giveaway in my blog :)


email :
fb : / azharaya fawzia prasetio

zharaawr♥ said...

oops i forgot to post my blog link

nca said...

Hi chacha!
I think you should make a group page . Guess what, I've been waiting for you to make a group page since I added you on facebook which was a long long time ago. What is so wrong for you to making a group page dear? You're a sweet talented young girl and there are so many people who want to be your friend. It would be easy for us to share bout anything if you make a group page.
I'm not pushing you ;p but i'm sure that your lovers here also agreed with the group page thingy.

I'd love to get the butterfly scarf because i have a perfect blouse match on it!

I've tweeted bout your giveaway here:

And here my email:

Last, happy birthday for your awesome blog!
Keep inspiring!

Hanifa said...

I really love the bracelets .. It's kindda unique bracelet :)

A N A S T A S Y A said...

hello honeybee!

your giveaway stuff are very pretty, it, love it, gotta have it hahaa..

the summer bracelet has stolen my brittle heart!! I choose that for sure!

and about group page, I don't know, fan page might be better but I think facebook is a private networking page. I am afraid your fan page would be filled with tons of online-shop who continuously sent advertising. I am sorry for writing this but this happens to my friend also, and in a short time she closed hers.
Agreed to Fika, blog is the best way, I guess and let your facebook be a private space for you and your closest friends and family. Everybody needs a privacy, right? Believe me honey, by the time you are more grown up than now, privacy is all you need :). Again, it's all up to you.

I've blog about you here

A loyal follower from the very beginning and I will keep it that way :D

have a great life!!

much xx

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your blog :D
Since I'm one of your 1000 followers I want to join this giveaway (of course)

I choose peacok neklace ,cause Same like you I'm neklaces collector it's so cool...

Fanpage? it's a good idea. It's more easy to make your readers comment without open your blog or share anything with quickly and easy. Cause there's discuss room in fanpage.
But, i think your blog is enough. Looking your blog is more complete and exclaimed.. :D

I'm so happy to know this giveaway and hope I can get my peacock neklace and I'll post about this giveaway in my blog.. XD XD

MutiaraF said...

1. I do love that red bow belt :D I choose that one

2. I've posted your giveaways at

3. I've followed you

Owen said...

the peacock necklace is jussst meeee! i surely join your giveaway :)

i wrote this on my blog too,

about your 2nd facebook account, i think you shouldnt make it if you're not able to control both. you should make your fan page as seeing the amount of your followers. if you're not sure about it, let your fans know you from your twitter, it'll be easier for you than having 2 facebook accounts. at least that's what i thought.


tikahanan said...

trying my luck here..hehehe

1. I choose your summer bracelet
2. it's good to make a fan page on fb. you'll get so many advantages from that. you can connect to all your fans 'officially' and your fans can connect each other too.
3. i've posted your giveaway, on, and retweeted on arthics

goodluck for the giveaway, and ofcourse, Happy Birthday to your blog! it's such a big achievement for kid at you age :)

Henny said...

Hi dear..

1. I want the purple shoes.. :)

2. Create a group page is better. Your own account deserves own privacy that you want to keep.. Honestly, facebook is a tool to get in touch with others.. But, if there are too many friends in your own account (read: especially unknown one), it'd be a bit irritating. I mean, you would find it hard to get in touch with your real friends' activities, since there are too many news feed from unknown ppl. On the other side, it's good to hv many many friends from all over the world. So, there you go.. create a group page which would help you to connect with your readers.. it's not weird at all.. :)

3. Frankly speaking.. I did not have blog yesterday.. BUt, because I saw this awesome giveaway today, I have decided to create a blog. I'll post about this although my blog is a new blog, which means there will be very few readers.. :) (I apologise for not being able to share to all over the world.. but, it's better to shout it out on my MSN and facebook account oso about my blog and this giveaway.. so ppl can acknowledge my blog and your give away.. :D )

I will tweet about this giveaway obviously.. :)

4. I hv been your follower.. So, there is nothing wrong to follow you.. since I hv a blog.. =)

ylliuend said...

Heylo dear, here I dare myself to join your giveaway : )

1. I chose the perfume because I'm madly in love with the shape..

2. For having a group page, in my opinion, I'd say it could be yes and no, both with condition.

Yes, if you could maintain the page with having interaction with those people who would join it (and I believe there's ton of people willing to join it :p).

No, if you feel like having too much accounts to be handled (fb,twitter,lookbook,and the blog itself)

I guess you should rethink what your goal is to have another site, then you can decide whether you'd create it or not.

twitter helps if you wanna spread the new post and the comment box in blog also helps if you wanna know your readers more..

3. my post about your giveaway:

Happy choosing!
May the best wins!

: )

Asri Fitri Louisiana said...

evitaaaa nuh you're so cutee :)
read my answers on my blog ok?
link :

Rizka Maharani said...

Hi, Evita!
Well, I DO like all those stuffs, but for sure I really love the purple shoes. Lucky me, my feet is 35/36 in size.

1. I choose the purple shoes.
2. You should make a fan page. You don't need to make another account. Or, use your Twitter!
3. I already spread the news on my Twitter (@RizkaMaharani) and my blog:

Well, your style is fab. Rizka. (

stylefrontier said...

this is a wonderful giveaway dear ! :)
i fell in love with the butterfly scarf i adore how colourful and pretty it is. it can be mix and matched with different kind of outfits since me and my style is ecletic and i love to try different style. this one is a hit!

i think you can make a group page or a fan page dear because it can gives update and can accept lotsa people since i believe a lot of people want to connect with you and the blog.
making 2 account is not effective since it is harder to maintain

i posted this on my blog
and i have followed you dear
oh of course will tweet about this too :)

sorry for the long post

Nadhifa Irmadilla said...

finally your giveaway! im so excited
1. I pick the peacock necklace. so pretty cool!
2. about the group on facebook, i think you should make it that group. there will be lots of your fans to join that group
3. I made a blogpost about your giveaway, you can see it here, and btw i'm your blogs follower.

my email :

Nora said...

1. I choose the leaf bangle. =))
The reason i choose the leaf bangle is simple. That's because i feel that the leaf bangle can represent my commitment to care more about the mother earth. Its green, its leaf and its cute. We can go green and stay fashionable, can't we?

2. Fans page would be nice. so your fans will know more about your activity and so on.

But you should also keep your facebook account in private. People do need some privacy, so do you. Not all information can be shared to public, right? =))

3. Already created a new blog post about the giveaways! Spread the news. =)) who can't resist the cute stuffs and those cute packages? you can check it out

4. definitely will follow you. you do have a great sense of style, nice photograph and full of talents.

email address :


Adriana Dian said...

hi evita!
giveawaynya kerenn !

kalo boleh aku pilih mango delirium perfume :)

fanpage and new account, aku lebih saranin fanpage aja buat kemudahan kamu, soalnya, mengurus 2 account emang super ribet. Lagian diliat dari followers blognya kamu yang banyak banget, fanpage emang pas buat kamu. :)
so, aku setuju fanpage ! :D

pasti aku kabarin d blog aku deh ttg giveaway ini :)

dan pasti aku follow jugaaa :D

thanks evita cantik
warm regards♥,
adriana dian

*oia evita,
itu no 2 nya ada dua di syarat dapetin giveawaynya

nadiraa natasyaa said...

dear evita,

1. it's a bad news that i can only choose one thing. because all your things are awesome! honestly i'm not a fashion blogger or a fashion person, but i'm a necklace collector, just like you! so i would like to choose the peacock necklace. i just can't resist the necklace charm!

2. about the facebook, if i have to choose, i would suggest you to make a fan page because it has no fans limit. but honestly i would like you to not make a second facebook or a fan page. people are leaving facebook. it's not as popular as it was. twitter is much better. people who do not have blog can follow your blog by their twitter. you just need to promote your twitter more and update your tweet frequently. and make a formspring! it's way better for your fans to ask anything to you :)

3. this is my post:
this is my tweet:
(i protet my tweet so you may have to follow it first :)

4. i already follow your blog! and i'm your 1111st follower! maybe that is a sign from god hehe

happy choosing evita! take a look on my blog
and my email

Anonymous said...

I think I am going to choose the leaf bangle it has to be my favourite there! I am looking forward to seeing who wins!
From Dolly

putri soe said...

okay i won't be bothering you with all those unimportant chitchats, except the fact that i like your blog and your sense of style. Oh, and your nonchalance.

1. I'd like to have the summer charm bracelet, if you may
2. you should create a group page on facebook. BY ALL MEANS.
3. I've made a post about this giveaway of yours. Here's the link; will be glad if you check it out.

The Spoof

4. i've followed you long ago, dear :)

thanks for the opportunity. always look up to your blog!

Anonymous said...

I left you an award via my blog!
From Dolly

Shanen A. Kurniawan said...

1. I choose.. butterfly scarf! ;D

2. Personally, I agree with you creating a group page. In other words, you can keep those people whom you know in your personal FB account, while people who aren't your friends in real would be joining your group page ;) that way your privacy would not be.. you know,kinda public consumption? hahah :P the bottom line is : YES YOU SHOULD CREATE GROUP PAGE ~!! <3

3. my blog link : you're always welcome to visit me ;)

4. and my email address :

Shanen A. Kurniawan said...

annndd, I have tweeted this entry ! ;D

Michelle said...

hey dear :]

1. I'll answer your question, i think you should make the fan page, there's gonna be a lots of people than wanna join your fan page. (p.s. i ever saw someone's facebook and there's one album full of your photos, she said that you're her number one fan) :]

2. i choose the peacock necklace, i love necklaces, i love the leaf bangle too but i already have tons of bangles so i choose the necklace :]

3. your giveaway featured on my blog:

4. you can contact me via email: or twitter: @littleredribbon

thank you dear, this is a great giveaway :]

anya said...

hi evita! i surely wanna join ur giveaway! :)
i choose mango perfume.
and i think it's good to make a fanpage on fb cos if u make a new fb account yeah i think it'll be complicating.


Anonymous said...

1. Peacock Necklace
2. No, just stick with your blog and twitter. Why you have to bother with something that you think you will cannot hold on.
3. I have published it via FB and Twitter pages of mine
4. On Following, Be aware! lol

Anonymous said...

1. Peacock Necklace
2. No, just stick with your blog and twitter. Why you have to bother with something that you think you will cannot hold on.
3. I have published it via FB and Twitter pages of mine
4. On Following, Be aware! lol

Liku Layuk Allo said...

hey Evita darling.. I'd love to join in your giveaway since I knew you are a very talented and stylish little girl. Me, in my 19 years old, think you are more than better than those of college girls and friends of mine.. hahah :D

1. If I may choose, I want the mango delirium perfume
2. I think you dont have to make a fanpage.. Just keep it with your blog and a facebook acount. The more people know you, the more complicated your life's gonna be. I said this because; however, you r still a little girl that needed to grow up naturally :)
And both of them (blog and a fb account)made you busy enough, right? :D
2. I'll mention you and follow you on Twitter. my name is @dewianaliku

3. Yes, I have followed u! ;)

Ari Suci Rahayu said...

1. Mango Delirium Parfume. I really love parfume
2. yes, you should created fan pages if you're not able to control 2 fb. And you can use your twitter to connect with your readers around the world.
3. I've published about this giveaway on my blog
4. Followed


Maxie said...

1. Purple leopard scarf please ;)
2. Just keep it simple with only a few accounts.
3. It's on my blog ;)
4. I was already a follower :)

Risya! said...

Hiii Evita. Pls ENTER ME~~
I can't believe your 11 yet soo chic!
lucuu & keren banget!! <3 <3
I adore your style & your spirit^^
& I checked your profile details & cannot believe you're Indonesian! your English is perfect~~

Short story, I just found your blog 5 minutes ago through some links & followed you straight away until then I noticed that you have a current giveaway going on.
so here I am posting my entry now^^

1. Hard to choose!! I'm so tempt to get every single one of them LOL. but since I can't be greedy I'd definitely choose the Purple Shoes caz it's too adorable!!^^ the size is perfect for me too, I'm 35/36^^
2. I'd say go for it. why not? you can have your personal friends in your real facebook & have the new friends/fans on your pages^^ Facebook Pages should be easy to manage~~
3. I spread the words^^ posted this giveaway on my blog with the pic & the link back (
4. I tweeted here too (

thanks for the giveaway, Evita!
my fingers are crossed^^

<3 Risya
My Email: Risya271(at)yahoo(dot)com

Iqaaa said...

I can't believe your blog is actually 1 year old already! It's so cool! Time flies. My blog is one year old too, but of course, not so many followers as yours! :D

1. I want everything cause it's so pretty! You really know how to choose gifts girl! but I really, really want the purple ankle boots cause I wanted to buy it for sooo long already, but haven't got the chance!

2. You MUST definitely do a fan page. You're like soooo popular, I mean, 1000++ followers? GOD, that's soooo much for a 10 years old girl, no? You're one in a million darling. I mean, you don't have to check the account regularly to approve people right, they will become fan on their on, just keep updating the status, and that's enough :) Like, We know Evita Nuh's page :D

3. I will! On my tumblr and my blog! And i'll spread it using my email. I have like 500 contacts so yeahhh!

4. Baby, I followed you since forever. Because you inspire me. I hate to admit this but I am 14, and I'm inspired by a 10 years old girl. But hey, that's a good thing!

I looove you :)

oh and here's the link about the giveaway darling, oh! and my email too. Love yoouuu :D


Rena said...


WOWZERS! You are soo young but sooo cute too! I wished I was more into fashion/had more fashion sense when I was younger! I'm so jealous!

1) I like the quirky Peacock necklace. I need to inquire more necklaces in my jewelry collection! I only have 3 right now! AHHH!
2) I think that you SHOULD definitely make a group page! WHOO-HOO! I don't have facebook though. But I'd follow you there too if I did!
3)I've linked your giveaway on my blog sidebar here:


<33 Rena
4)I'm most definitely a follower!

fisiwoman said...

Enter me please! I choose butterfly scarf ^^
I think that you should make a fans club or group so that people can join it easily!

Ana Belén R.M

Unknown said...

1- I'd like to win the butterfly scarf. it's too adorable !:)

2- it'll be pretty confusing if you have 2 accounts. If it makes it easier, you could make a fan page and tell fans to join. Delete them on your friends list and only leave your friends that you really do know

3-i have blogged about this giveaway.

4-i'm following you :) as london's beauty.

my email address is
thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my.. so hard to choose one. Everything is just so pretty. I'm going to try for the summer bracelet. I love the charms.

For your facebook problem, I think the easiest thing for you is to create a fan page.

Unknown said...

enter mee im new follower :)
nice blog btw ^^

and i re-post here

email me : ipehishere[at]gmail[dot]com
thank you :)

i pick perfume :)
and i think u should make group. hehe
fb account only for ppl u know well, and group for all ppl :D

Anonymous said...

1. i choose purple shoes

2. i think its better if you make a your blog,your followers is over 1000

3. i promote your giveaway on twitter and facebook and my blog post :)

4. contact me evita :

thankieeee evita :)

Vanessa said...

1. I choose the Mango Delirium Perfume. I love perfume <333

2. I think it would be great to have a group page. So I suggest you to make one LOL. If you are too busy you can ask your friends to manage it. You can have more than one admins :)

2. I blogged

3. I follow your blog. You have a great blog :D

dsy said...

hello girl.. oh, how late I am to find your lovely blog.. you really have "it" you know what I mean ;)

1. I'd like to choose Mango Delirium

2. For FB, I don't recommend a 2nd account.
Maybe you can create fan page.. which can cope with large number of fans, and ur friends/fans can still interact with you.
FB account is actually meant to be private - something you want to share only to close friends and families, while Fanpage is less private and a place where you promote your ideas/blogposts/etc
If you want even broader open network, Twitter account is the answer. The nature of Twitter is a bit different from FB, but the interactivity is not that different.

3. Of course I promote your giveaway in my blog

4. can't resist to follow you.. :D

Wahy said...

1. I love summer charmbracelet. so I choose that one :)

2. I think it's better if you make fan page rather than 2nd account, cz if you make 2nd account and 5.000 people add you again, you should make the 3rd and probably you need to make the 4th. because all people adore you. if you make fan page, no need for the 2nd or 3rd account. and you just take care of 2 account. your 1st account and your fan page. :)

3. I already followed you since the 1st time I made my own blog ;)

4. I already promoted your blog and your 1st give away on my blog.
you can check

btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY for your blog .xx

ElyZa said...

Everything in this giveaway is so cute! But I really like the leaf bangle!
Anyhow I think it's a good idea to make a fan page of your blog instead of accepting millions of "supposed to be" friends... It's also safer for your privacy ;)

Dianaurora said...

love ur bangles ! :)
terutama yang 'bangles daun' itu lohh ...

please visit my blog too


sibebo said...

1. red bow belt (wantitsobad)
2. you already such a nice blog, no need fan page on facebook..just concentrate on this blog, you'll go far :-), twitter might do you good .
3. will post this giveaway on my blog;
4.i checked out this blog everyday..i dont realise i 'm not a follower...yet! a follower by now :">

agnirachelia said...

hello Evita! i'm very shocked that you are younger than me, but your english waaaaaay much better than me. ha ha shame on me :$
and i really love your blog! fyi, i'm following you :P

anyway.. i want to join #evitanuhgiveaway!
1. i'd like to choose Mango Delirium

2. about facebook, i think you'd better make a fan page. not a 2nd facebook account. beside facebook account is limited for numbers of friends, i think facebook account is meant to be private. so, my advice; yes, you have to make a fanpage!

3. yes, i already followed you from the first time i make blog! believe it or not :P

4. i already promote your giveaway on my twitter (@agniandjani) and my blog

thanks before..

Agnia ;)

SisyOctav said...

hellow dear :)

i think you look like an enermously young girl and i love it! where did you get all of your bracelet, parfume, dress, ect?? its so cute,hunny!

1. may i have your purple shoe? i love that one because it so cute! and if i have that shoe from you, i wanna give it to my little sister, because she wanna be a desainer, so if you wanna give that shoe. please give it to me and i wanna give it to my lil sister, ( psst..she also eleven years old, like youu :P )

2. i think you must make a fanpage one, its more better i think :)

3. yeaah, i follow your blog and twitter, and i also published about your #jellyjellybeans :) and your #giveawayny, just look on my tweet :)

thanks EvitaNuh, make a beauty life :)
ganbate and HAPPY FIRSTLY BIRTHDAY for your JellyBLOG ;D

twitter :SisyOctav
Facebook: Sissy Octaviani Rachman
email :


Marlita Angkoso said...

1. I choose purple leopard scarf

2. I think, a group page it's better than second account. It's just wasting your time heheh. You must confirm everyone who added you as friend, right?

3. Nice to follow you


- t h a m i a - said...

YIHAAA finallyyy :DDD

1)i really love the leaf bangle, i choose that! :D the leaf bangle is uniquely awesome and makes me utterly going crazy bout the cute shape and color! i've never seen a bangle like thattt, surely :)

2)i think you should make a fan page better than account. yeah i know it feels sort of weird if i were you to make a fan page, but thats totally much better than making an account again. it will just make you dizzy and confused, really :)

3)im going to do a blogpost about this awesome giveawayy! yihaaa :D

4)and im a follower of you now, totally yayness :))

riyan purnama sari said...

hi evita..
its so nice to read your blog..amazing :)

1. i would like to choose purple leopard scarf (i fall in love with your quirky scarf,at the first sight)

2. well,i think you better make a fan page,rather than 2nd account..soalnya ntar malah jadi ga efektif aja ngurus 2 account gt
trus ntar dipikirnya account yg kedua itu fake..orang" jg ga perlu nunggu di confirm dulu, tinggal langsung become a fan aja.. :)

3. i've already followed you sugar :)

4. i've promoted your first giveaway, not only on my blog but also on my twitter :)

here is the link


hope you like my post, and choose me as the winner..(hihihi :D)
have a nice day

sherlyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Congrats Evita...
I can see you with a bright future down there, you little talented girl. ;)

I'd love to have the red bow belt because it's really cute and it can go with lots of kind of outfits.

About the fbook thing, I think you should make a fbook fan page.. That way you won't have to worry about your personal things that you put in your normal account. No offense, but cyberworld could be really harsh sometimes. Beside, LOTS and LOTS of people likes your blog and you're popular already so I think you should ;)

ps. you kinda messed up with the numbering on your post.

I put this giveaway on my blog already and I've followed you (of course..)

love your blog a lot Evita :)

Roza Rosman said...

1) The peacock necklace, 'cause i'm also into quirky necklaces, and that one of yours is soo cutee, i fell in love with it

2) i think 2 fb accounts are a hassle, it would be better if you can like join the two accounts but unfortunately you can't. I think instead of a group you should make a fan page if you want to keep in touch with us readers :)
and I reckon the fb account should be for close friends/people you know, easier to keep track. I would personally do that.

3) already a follower and just click on my name to check the blog post :)

acintya hapsari said...

Evita.. :D
love your blog. yay !

Aku jatuh cinta pada pandangan pertama sama purple shoes nya.. tapi nggak muat. hihi. :p
jadi aku milih summer bracelet nya .. yang bikin jatuh cinta juga.

Kalo bikin 2 account facebook ribet banget, ya mendingan bikin group page. Kayaknya banyak yang pengin berinteraksi sama kamu..(okay, bukan kayaknya tapi pastinya. hihi)
But, it's up to you..Evita :D

Okay, mulai menulis tentang giveaway ini di blog..

Udah follow kok.. hehe :)

Gita said...

happy 1st ann. for ur blog dear.. :D
btw which camera u used to take a picture ussual ? if i might to knw :D


Filicia said...

Hi cha! :D First of all, congratulation for...for everything! :D For your blog's first birthday, for the 'unexpectable' amount of followers, and everything! Hahah.

Here is my answers. :)

1. I choose the peacock necklace. It;s just so unique! :D

2. Hmm, I agree with some people's thought about making a group page. I think it will be a lot better than making a new account. I think, if you make a new account, and you neglect the old one, people may add your new account again. What do you think? Haha. Well, maybe it's kinda weird to make a grou page at first (I think like that too. :p). But you will get usual after that. :)

3. Yippie, I will tell the world as soon as I make a new post in my blog. :)

4. I do follow you! :D

*hug and kiss back*
Filicia. :)

Adhisty Kiara said...

Hi there, cutie Evita! Wow, finally you held a giveaway <3 YAY, I've been wait it for (not so) long time ;D btw Happy birtday to your blog Evita!

1. wow, kinda hard for me to choose only one of these cool stuffs! So, I'd prefer the butterfly scarf!

2. Yeah, that's true! You should make a fanpage on twitter, don't be shy. I think you're now already become a public figure ;)

Oh yeah, I've already made a post for your giveaway on my blog, check it out,

and I've tweet it on my twitter too, but I don't have the link of my twitter' status hehe :D

3. Oooh, don't worry, I've already followed you, Evita :D

Oh yeah, this is my email and my blog

Shaishalala said...

1. Hi Evita, first and foremost... I'd like to thank you for sparing few minutes of your life commenting on my page bout DIANA LOMO. and yes, I'd love to have the peacock necklace.

2. YES! you should make a fan page on facebook rather than making a second account. It's very tedious to keep couple of profiles. So, keep one profile and one fan page for US, EVITA-LOVERS!

I posted a blog bout your giveaway already. read it here:

3. I do follow you and you know it, senorita! hahaha

my blog:

plus... my birthday is coming up on April 21st.. (Hari kartini)
pick aisha. pick aisha.. :]

Beth B said...

I absolutely love the summer bracelet! Super adorable. :)

I think doing a fan page would be the easiest thing to maintain - and you can just ask all of your current friends to become a fan. That way you can update everyone all at once!

I love your blog, and I'm happy to follow it. I adore the fact that someone so young can be so ridiculously fashionable!

Mia J. said...

I really like the summer bracelet.

I think that you should make either a group page or a fan page on facebook.

Winda Natalia Wuisan said...

hey chaa..
im ur new follower.
hopefullly i can win it.

1. i choose the mango perfume. :)

2. n for ur problem,
kyax ga perlu bikin 2nd account
deh de.coz ngerepotin. bikin pan
fage is better. lagian km kan
dah ada formspring and twitter.
kekx cukup buat bikin km teteup
keep contact sm follower km.

3. i already put it on my blog.
visit yahh.. ^^and im already follow youu..

tengkyuu cha..

Winda Natalia Wuisan said...

ohh yahh..
-winda natalia wuisan-

Keiju Chan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
izzati noris said...

1. The Purple shoes please!!! they're to die for!

2. I think you should start a group page because you have waaaayyyy too many followers. You definitely SHOULD start a group page instead of another account. It'll be too much to manage after awhile and more people will add you and maybe you'll reach the limit and need a third account? so better a group page than a new account.


4. :) I am a follower

Marshella Sanjaya said...

Waw you're so generous as a fashionista to give away tour cool stuff, dear ! Salute ! Of course I'd love to participate !

1. I choose the summer bracelet.. It's so pretty and it's so ME

2. I think you should make a fan page on Facebook, since you don't have to confirm the friend requests and you can connect your blog there too, right. I think it's okay for you whose already well-known as a young talented fashion blogger, remember, confidence is the most important :)

3. Followed already, girl :)

spreaded :

my blog :

amanda rismawaddah said...

hello evita :]
happy birthday to jellyjellybeans :]

A. I'm confused about what will I choose in this giveaway. but I think I will choose Mango delirium parfume. cause I love trying all the smells of perfume :]

B. Yes, I'm support you to make a fan group. I think having two facebook account will make you tired to handle. Better you have one facebook account, and one fan group

C. You can check on my blog to make you sure I've been tell the world about this giveaway.

and yes I've been followed your blog since I know your blog :]

heart ya ♥

crystal said...

Very nice blog! I am looking forward to visiting again. I love the Leaf Bracelet:)

cyclona66(at) aol dot com

Teo said...

Hello Evita!! (Writing this to you for the third time but with same amount of enthusiasm :)) I received your answer on facebook message in school and answer you, and so yesterday after school, I was on internet and hit you address in Safari and here it is, a new post... I want to say, again, how I really lovee your colorful blog full of pretty shininess :) I think your blog is like heart box filled with baby pink muffins with stars and hearts and flowers on it.. yummy yummy.. Uh, now Im craving for muffins! ^_^ I really like how you look on fashion, on world.. Love your style,.. Your first giveaway - so adorable photos!... And so... Well if you are reading this now then you should be able to decide if you should open a facebook fan book page.. You should, I found you as a new designer, new Coco Chanel (or any other designer that 'changed the world' with his/her ideas.I pick Coco cause shes my hero, my shiny star in fashion history.. :)) When I first saw your page, it was not long ago, Im your new new new follower (and need to add you when I makeover my blog:)) I was like OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG shocked (!on a good way!) I run to my lil' sisters room and yelled: "There's a girl your years having so pretty blog, you should see it!!" :) And she like it too :) Second day in school I told my bff's about you, but, you know, not everyone are in fashion and art so much, like we are :), so they were like: "Oh, cool...".. But I was like F*** them this girl rocks :)).. I really really believe in you, and think you gonna leave a trace in fashion world! So here you go, you got an answer for fcb fan page ;)...
weLL now for contest giveaway.. I gonna choose peacock necklace, i think boy can wear it too, right? :) I hope I didn't forgot something to write, in this version :P..
Oh yes when I open my blog again, can I online interview you? ^_^ That's gonna be first post! :) I gonna lunched it again soon, but I just don't have time now, because of school and driving school.. so much of things to do.. I didn't even wrote post about cro-a-porter (croatian fashion week).. Ohh, I gonna be so late with news, but I really can make it now.. I think you understand because you are student like me.. :)

Bye-bye Evita, kisses :)

PS. Omg I can't approach my blog account, blogger page wont open at all.. gmail too.. :( ahh way? .. Need to find answer for that too now..

BlackentheRed said...

Hola Miss Evita!

menurut g, Evita musti punya personal account dan page di fb.
soalnya setau g, bikin page musti punya personal account buat jadi admin yang manage page tsb.
tp kl udah punya page, ga perlu bikin account ke2
cuman, kl udah ada page, di personal account lebih baik friends approval-nya lebih disortir, jadi approved yang bener2 Evita kenal.

punya page ada enaknya ada gaknya, makanya mending personal account dipertahankan.
enaknya smua followers, admirers, fans ngumpul smua, kl mau update gampang.
ga enaknya, gerak admin di page terbatas, ga bisa komen di profile org, alias cuman bisa komen dan update status di page sendiri.
kl ada personal account kan enak, bisa leluasa main ke wall org heheheh.
mungkin Evita bisa pisahin kepentingannya, personal account emang buat temen2 dan keluarga (kl emang mau gini, jadilah kejam dan buanglah friends yg ga gitu kenal di personal account hheheheh), sedangkan sesama bloggers, followers dll masukin aja ke page.

mudah2an ngebantu :D

ini link g :

and i love the Mango Delirium

have a dark day!


Nadia Maharani Wahyuningrum said...

first, happy 1st birthday of your blog

1. i choose purple shoes please and i believe it's designed for me, because it's so cute

2. i think you should not make a second account, just make fan page in facebook (named: evita lovers), because i believe your fans are too much

3. I already promoted your 1st giveaway on my blog

4. I've followed you, even the only reason I made the blog is because I heard amazing stories about your blog from my friend and it made me inspired

please follow my bad blog

Riumni Ulya said...

A. I want all!!! hahaha but i must choose...i like the summer bracelet
B.yes,you such make a FAn's very important.
C.I've followed ur blog..but anonymously
link me back pleeeaasseee

Anonymous said...

hey evita! im joining this giveaway for sure

1. I will choose the Purple Shoes, am sooo glad the size is the same with me (kinda amazed to know that there are still ppl with small shoe size ;p)

2. No, you shouldnt make one. Why? 'Fan' it self has a meaning of 'admirer', 'supporter', or even 'stalker'. And what I learned from facebook, a person's facebook page should be private. With limited infos to give it a personality feel, an individual, a unique person behind the page. I'm not saying that you're not admired, well, I ADORE you soooo much. But a fan page made something (or in this case, someone) looks fake, and we know that you're a REAL person, unique individual, super talented girl, Evita. and we will support you with/without a fan page :D

3. Well, I alredy following you since..... well..... ever. keep awesome!!

my post for this giveaway:

selly octavia said...

Hey there!!
I'd like to win the mango delirium parfume.. :))
Well, I think you should make another account.. Why?? Because it's better to have more friends (the second account give you more friends).. Fans sometimes can't be your friend.. They only adore you but sometimes they don't see you as a Real people.. But in the contrary.. Your friends can be your true fan.. They deserve you for whoever you are.. Did I say to much?? Haha.. Well, the thing is it's better to be your friend than just a fan.. :))
Whatever choice you made I'll still love you.. :))
I'll spread the news about this giveaway on my twitter account @sellysly and my blog

Sarah D said...

Happy birthday The creme de la crop! lovely giveaway, please count me in :)

It's hard to choose but I've decided I want the Mango delirium perfume. You can see the reason why I chose it in my blog post.

Yay for facebook fan page, although 'fan' page seems kinda weird for me but it's better than making a secondary account. Psst, do you know that having more than one account is a serious violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use? If facebook determine that someone has more than one account, they reserve the right to terminate all of their accounts :)

Made a post about this here:
And I'm following with Google reader :)

Good luck myself!

riri.lariza said...

hey evita !. always been a silent reader of your 'LOVELY' blog. :)
i'd love to joining the giveaway.
so, here's my answers.

1. Well, you just let us choose one from the gifts, so i chooseeee...
PEACOCK NECKLACE !!.i already imagining, i'm going to the campus wearing that quirky yet cool necklace. :)

2. I think you should NOT make the second account or fan page. The reasons are, why i think you should NOT make the second account ? you already think you can't handle two accounts, why forcing yourself to make a new one ?.
And why i think you should NOT make fan page too ? fan page's just like making 'wall' between you and your fans.
well, you already have twitter, facebook, and blog. those accounts are more than enough to keep in touch with your fans. :)

3. I don't have twitter account (so not cool, huh ? :p ), so i post about this giveaway on my blog. it would be my pleasure if you go check the post. :)

4. Sorry, i'm not following you. But i linked you from the very first time i made my blog. :) And i always check your blog, everytime i check my blog.

that's all. i would be very happy to get the gift.

smooches and hugs for you.

riri lariza.


first of all, i wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your awesome blog. i really really love your blog :)

1. I'd like to choose the purple shoes. and thanks god, it in my size. yay!

2. about your problem, make a fan pages is better than make a second account. so, your fans will be able to relate to one another. and it's also hard to manage two accounts. but actually, I think with your twitter account, it was enough to get in touch with all your fans

3. I've been posted about the giveaway on my blog

4. I often check your blog, but never be a follower. but now I've become follower :)

that's it, Good luck for the giveaway. happy choosing, wish me luck :)

Unknown said...

Happy birthday for jellyjellybeans !! c: Evita .. I'm joining in your giveaway .. I heart all of your giveaways and wish i could choose all of them :p .. And finally I choose peacock necklace .. I share this giveaway on my twitter account @dinatriaf .. Thank you dear c:

Mi said...

Hi, actually i just read ur luvly blog 4 the irst time..

i really luv it..

so, i decided to join this giveaway..

1. I luv the purple shoes..

2. I think u shouldnt have to make a fan page nor 2nd account on facebook, but u should try KOPROL

3. My post about this giveaway on my FACEBOOK

and also on my KOPROL, but u should login irst to see this page

hope ill be the Winner..


retno andriani said...

hii Evita

nice to know you dear ♥
happy 1st bday of your blog!

ohhh its hard to choose one of your giveaway
but if i had to choose my best choice is the leaf bagle. i think thats so adorable
and of course cause i like bagles so much:)
I have long thought of making a few posts about style, but I think my stylist was not enough .. haha
but who care :p
I will try to make a fashion post soon
and if I win that leaf bangle
it will become the first item in my fashion post:)

since you had many fans, i think you Should have a fan page on facebook.
because there is no limit to the number of fans you are, you do not need all friend requests confim, I think this will not make you hard to manage your account

i've added this giveaway at my blog.http: / /

sure dear, i want to follow you in twitter and make a Tweet about it:)

Aisya der Räuberin said...

1. I choose that Cute Peacock Necklace!

2. It's a very good idea if you make a Group page of you on Facebook. since more than a Million people worldwide have Faceebook. but it's Better you make a Fan page of you than a Group page. Fan page is more editable and worldwide able.

3. I make this post, about your giveaway on my Tumblr.

4. and I already your Follower.

here is my Email:

3. No you do not have to follow me
but it will be awesome if you do! hehehe

Anonymous said...

i post your giveaway in 3 post check it out !!

hope you are read and like it :)

thank you

Marj B said...

One bright sun shiny day, the sky was milky – beribboned with fuchsia twirls. Et j’ai pensait, comme un belle jour! Busy twiddling my thumbs while waiting for the strawberry jam to boil over (toast, beurre, confiture aux fraises je t’attends), lo and behold I heard a knock-a –knockin’ at my door. Qui est-ce? Who’s there I wonder, and oh no they didn’t, did they just? My two long lost purple booties had come-a-knockin’ back through my door, across the strawberry bread crumbs strewn on the turquoise floor (they do match parfaitement), headin’ straight to my feet – bienvenue mes cheries…. At long last you found your way back home. Now would you like some tartines aux fraises?
On and on then they chattered about their voyage across the emerald ocean, how they visited une fille si mignonne called evita, how she gave them home away from home, building them sand castles, feeding them pain au chocolat, painting their world with red, blue, and yellow polka dots. How she was planning to recount stories after stories through a facebook group page and how they had agreed vehemently to this bonne idée, car après tout, how else would everyone taste her pain au chocolat si miam? Purple shoes whispered (and I think she fed them crepe aux bananes as well), twitter was a splendid idea too! Sprinkle your hundreds-and-thousands fairy dust all over the n’erland!
Follow her from afar they will while cradling my feet safe and sound. Muffled yelled did they give her from afar… hold us close to your heart ma Cherie…….
‘til we meet again.

EMA ERVITA said...

1. like your bow belt very much!

2. yay! because you are soo inspiring child, on fashion and another. I appreciated for all your work! and i think that other people like you have the same opinion with me

3. followed

i wish i got the belt!
thank you dear!


Ladinia DalinTasya said...

You has such an amazing blog ! just saw it in a minute and i'm already become your biggest fan wow..

well, check my blog too
i know it's not good as yours


Silmi Sabila said...

Finally! Woohoo I'm so exited to enter this giveaway!

You know whaaat, I'm so happy to know that you're now giving us the chance to win those pretty things but I'm crazily confuse to choose. All of them are sooo marvelous and my eyes are too attracted to them but finally my brain tell me to choose that red-bow-belt. Yessy, THE RED BOW BELT

And about that facebook thingy, it's definitely a YAY! I'd be totally happy if you create a group page of yours cause I've added your account but now it's too full I couldn't be your friend. I think facebook doesn't understand that there are a million of people who want to be your friend on that popular site hahah, but if you create a group or a fan page, everybody can join and everyone can be your friend without limit. Doesn't it sound greatt?

But, but, you don't have to create a second account cause it'll be hard to handle two accounts. You're a young girl with so many greater things to do than handling two facebook accounts so, I think a group or fan page is enough.

And don't worry honey, I'm definitely a follower

Here's the link of the post I've made about this giveaway;

I hope I had sufficient luck and love to win this giveaway cause I haven't won any.

Well, sorry for too much babling (my hands are so full of 'yayness' and they can't stop typing and typing)

And thank you for creating this uber cool giveaway! I'm keeping my fingers crossed ;)


shortwidenails said...

Hi, My name is Li Lian and I would love to entered in your contest

I am following you through my blog under google friend connect:
li lian

My email is

I have posted about your contest in my blog here:

I would love the purple leopard scarf
Group facebook yes!!! That would be awesome. We could fan you

Thally said...

hey, Evita. I knew this giveaway from my best friend and I've read your blogpost about your first giveaway! Glad to know it, sis :) I love those fabulous prizes, so joined this. hehee. I've created a blogpost about this giveaway, here, check it out

and about your facebook problem, I think making an FB Group is the best way, there's no need to make double account :)

Anyway, I've mention you on a tweet, go check it out, my username is thalitamarillis :)

*thanks for reading my comment*

Thally said...

and uh, my choice fell to the summer charm bracelet, I really really love it a lot :)

nisa said...

1. I choose Mango delirium perfume cz i love the cute bottle and pink is my favorite color^^

2. I think u should try to make fan pages on facebook!! because u have a lot of fans and i'm ur big fans too =)

3. I'm already ur followers ;)

ENTER ME ^____^

Dhea Qiasita said...

hi evitaaa happy birthday to ur lovely blog :)

1. i choose the Mango delirium perfume XD

2a. fanpage..

- people could think ur 2nd account is fake or sth..

- if you make another facebook account you could get busier because it means you have to be 100% in both account i mean treat both account in the same amount of everything. (if you do it 50& and 50% it will be pretty disappointing when ur friends dont get ur update so often)

but.. if you make a fan page there could be another administrators besides you to help you with pretty much everything.

- you could choose a fan to be the administrator. you could be closer to them and trust me they'd be THRILLED!

- you do not have to reply every comment on the page (people will get it), even though it'd be amazing if you do :)
the point is they can talk about you without actually disturb you and make you even busier.

2b. i don't have a blog sorry -.-"

4.followed ^_^

PS said...

Hi! Please enter me! Amazing blog and giveaway! Congrats as well. I would love to win the perfume. Thanks again!

nyoman ayuningtias aprilianti said...

1.i choose the purple shoes

2.i think you should make a fan page than a group one. you're famous in and you have a lot of fans. so just make a fan page, and update it. it'll be easier than make a 2nd facebook account :)

2.i have post it on my blog and tweeting on my twitter account

3.i already following you :)

Chiaki in here said...

we are friend now..eventho Im 26 n u r 10 :)
but still...I dont see u as lil kid coz I love the way ur thinking, dressing , and see these world..
How lucky ur parents to have ya..

U need to know..U gimme the inspiration of life


Sabila Anata said...

what to choose what to choose. the purple booties? hmm love it buuut won't fit me , i can squish them but still won't work. and how about the green leaf bangle ? YES! I want that.

About the facebook account , it will be way hard controlling 2 accounts. if you have 24hours free time you can waste it in front of the computer and handle both of your fb acc. but that's quite impossible 'cos you have school and other important things right? you already have this blog , why not be more active here? you already have this amazing blog but too bad you don't update it oftenly. if you update this blog oftenly i bet you will be one of indonesia's toppest blogger or even international. so i suggest you to be more active here rather than making a second facebook account. but it all comes back to you , 'cos your the one who makes the decisions :)

i guess that's all i can say dear :)hope it helps

email :
blog :

Made Ayuningtias Apriliani said...

1. I can’t miss that lovely tones, currently the only all purple ankle shoes. So, I choose it as my giveaway

2. i think you should definitely make a fan page. it'll be easier than make a 2nd facebook account. so that people can join it easily. I say NO for 2nd account. YES for Fan Page :)

3. i've post you 1st giveaway on my blog and may twitter :)

4. i've already followed you

Sabila Anata said...

oh yaa , i've already posted about this giveaway in my blog

rizky maretha said...

1. summer bracelet is awesome :)

2. big yes! 2nd account is not enough baby,there will be the 3rd,4th and bla bla bla hohoho so it's a must!

3. please check out my twitter and blog :)

4. already following yours, long long long time ago :*

and oh yeah,happy birthday jellyjellybeans :) and keep on writing dear chacha

PS: cha! main hotel city jg ya? hohohohohohoh

Lorine Kalista Noor said...

Great! I want those bracelet so much but I think I'm too late T.T
nice blog! :)
happy birthday for your blog :)

Unknown said...

Hi lil Evita! I'd like to say Happy Birthday for your lovely blog!! <3 <3 wohooo!! (i'm so excited)


1. i actually love the purple shoes, but it dont fit my size so i'll choose the summer bracelet!! yeahh!

2. i think you need to make a group page. you know.. for your huge fans like me. lol. really. so your account will be more personal! i believe you can handle both! :)

3. i've already followed you,dear. And i've also made a post about ur giveaway on my little blog :

I actually have a twitter account but i forgot my password so i'm sorry dear i can't tweet it :(

Okay that's all. Hope u'll enjoy reading my post! :D

*Arigatoo gozaimasu!*

Tamara Alasdair said...

At last! ive been a fan of your blog and i truly love your blog! and you must know how happy i am cause youre opening a giveawaay!! yippiee! so here it is:

1. i would choose the leaf bangle!!

2. i think you should make a group page. so you could keep in contact with the ones who wants to know you better and know the latest news from you. but still, if you make a group page, you must know that there are consequences that you must face. like a fake profile, haters and sorts. and also, you too must keep balanced between your facebook account and your facebook group page. so people wont get disappointed by you. but it depends on how you can maintain those two. and it also depends on how you think about it. you should always listen to what others say, but you must also listen to what you think. cause everyone has different opinions right?

3. yes, yes, yes, i already did post about your giveaway!! you could check it out here:

oooh i hope i do win this giveaway! *crossing fingers*

Vina said...

i want that mango parfume! i'm a big fan of fragrances. :)

oh yes you should make a group on facebook. or a fan page would be nice too. you don't need to take care of two accounts cause it'll be complicated.

and yes i'll post it on my blog and twitter. :D

Vina said...

i've post about your giveaway on my blog! :D

Unknown said...


1. mango delirium parfume.........hahaha

2. It's a brilliant idea if you make a Group page on facebook.....

3. absolutely i will make about this post on my blog.....^_^ and follow you on twitter^^

4. from my deepest heart i will follow you.....he2

Fahrani Nisrina said...

woah most of my following blogger was talking about you !
your very damn cool girl. i like it!

Orchid Beatrix said...

i want peacock necklace
second it would be better if u make a fan page(group)because that way u can know many peoples and a group can be joined by much more people than another account so just make it :D

and i love ur blog :D
keep moving on.ciayoooo

here's my blog

Nuraini Diah Noviati said...

1. I decide to choose mango delirium parfume's useless when you make second facebook we know your fans is added everyday, everyhour or everyminutes maybe. you cant update two facebook account everyday because of wasting your time. if you make facebook fanpage , you can update everyday when you have a spare time and all of your fans know about whatever that you've just updated. it's better when you make facebook account that accept limited friend

3.I've followed yet

my email ;

Unknown said...

i like everything so if i win id like you to choose for me :)
my birthday is coming up and i got ditched my friends and i were suppose to go but they all left me there like an idiot :* but i hope your blog goes well


Unknown said...


i thought that you should make a fan page on facebook or keep update on your twitter, karena fan page gak terbatas temennya, apalagi sekarang banyak banget orang yg 'adore' kamu :) ,dan menurut aku twitter juga lebih enak dan lebih better karena followers di twitter gak terbatas dan kita bisa terus liat update an kamu, juga mgkn kamu bisa balesin org2 yg mention kamu pas kamu lagi senggang, jadinya kamu bisa terus terhubung sama kita :)


Anonymous said...

1. I decided to choose the purple ankle boots! I really like them very much and they fit me! I also like the color very much, purple is one of my favorite colors =)

2. I recommend making a fanpage! It is public and everyone can add. I think you shouldn't make a second facebook account because it costs a lot of time to update it. There is also limited friend add. Therefore, a fanpage would be much better and you can make general annoucements on it. You should update often, but don't make the fan page too personal. And your first facebook account.. I think you shouldn't add fans to friends, because they're fans and you have a fanpage for them. Fans are no friends. If fans are friends, how many friends does Madonna have? And Lady Gaga? (But if fans turn into friends because you exchange a lot of messages and stuff, add to friends) If you want to exchange (personal) messages to your fans, just use twitter! I think thats more direct and faster.

However, with a fanpage stalkers, fakers, haters etc. might appear because it's your fanpage public. But even with or without fanpage, there will always be people who like to do that kind of stuff and you don't always have to have a fanpage to be envied, faked and hated. My brother isn't famous at all (just your normal, regular guy), but he had a faker and people envied him and I'm sure some people hated him, just because he was just being himself.

3. I follow you via Google connect! Yaay ^^!

The link to my blogpost: Click!
My e-mail:

Agnes said...

1.The mango delirium parfume please:) I love cute scents and pretty bottles!

2.I’d go for a fanpage, although I’m not sure you really need one because people can follow you on twitter and get to know you through your blog :) But for the people without twitter it would be a nice option to become a fan on facebook. A fanpage would definitely be better than a second account, because eventually you'd need a third one, a fourth one etc. so it wouldn't solve the problem.

3. I blogged about it over here: Hopefully lots of girls will see it and enter!

4. I’m a new follower! Not to make a good impression, but because I think that it's awesome that you have a blog like this with a great amount of friends/followers at such a young age. Very inspirational for other young girls out there! :)


Tillie said...

Oh my goodness! What an amazing blog I have stumbled upon and just in time for a giveaway. I hope lady luck is on my side! Goodness. I would like to win it all! hahah but! I would like to choose the perfume! My goodness! How lovely. xoxo

ChikitaRosemarie said...

1. i'm feeling the love at the first sight on the BUTTERFLY SCARF! a crazy love indeed, believe me ;)

2. the group or fanpage page on facebook is actually a great idea. it wont clutter your personal account, and at the same time still be very useful both for you and your readers to share many things. i'm yay for the group/fanpage thingy :D

2. i've posted your giveaway on my blog. please do check out! :D

3. ive followed you on twitter too :D

best redards,

Prasidya Darmayu Atina said...

Ayu said ..

~ Yuppp you must create a fan page, because you have a wonderful sense of fashion, let alone you're still 11 years old. when I was 11 years old I never thought about fashion. so, certainly many people who like your style, so make it a fan page yaa :D
If you can not so agree, I know there are limits ga twitter follower so you dont have to make another account. easy right? okay hope you like my answer and you chose me as the winner :D

~ ohya, I was very happy when you respond to my Mentions on twitter, which I want to borrow the book The sartorialist and The Teen Vogue Handbook wehehe:)

~ I like the ankle it :D because I like the color and it looks very fashionable for me :) and I was one ankle lovers :D hehe

Blog Url:
E-mail: prasidyad.atina @

Thanks Evita ♥

Lely Prawesti said...

hehehe bingung..semua make bahasa inggris..aku udah follow se..tapi baru kali ni komen.. (enggak bs bhs inggris)
adek manissss...buka account baru aja di fb jgn takut gak bisa mengelola kan belom dicoba..(temen2 blogger kan yg udah add?)
aku suka parfumenya...

ladymishel said...

I choose Mango Delirium Parfume

I think you should create a separate facebook account for your followers


I put the photo and link of this giveaway on the sidebar of my blog

Katjamaria said...

1. I love the red bow belt! I actually owned similar looking when I was a kid.. now I miss it and truly would love to wear it again! Ah, memories.

2. I think a group page is an easy solution for it can also be erased rightaway if it does not work (it's nasty to "erase" friends if they do not work:D). People who join there are absolutely interested and you can post there as often you want. You can kind of keep your personal life in your account if you wish to!

2. Here's link to my blog post:

email: haltiapolku (at) gmail (dot) com

Eveanand said...

i want purple shoes :D
so cute evita

cluelessbaby said...

I would love it if I could have the purple shoes! :D
And I think you should have a fan page. It's much easier that way and all of us can go there to discuss fashion and so much more! I can't wait for it...
I have already spread the words about your giveaway. And I also put in a few words about why I wanted the purple shoes ;)

Hehe, I didn't need to follow you just to win this giveaway coz I've been following you ages ago! Keep up the good work!
p/s : I hope I'm not too late. I really want to join sooner but I cant :(

babalisme said...

1. the red bow belt! Hello Kitty-ish!

2. You should! You're epic, sister! If you're a brand of something, I think I'll buy you :D But for safety and privacy reason, I think you should create another account for your personal life and keep it to yourself and real life friends.

3. Tweeted, dear

4. I haven't followed you yet! DANG! I'm following you like a baby duck now!

Malinda! said...

1. aku pilih parfume mango!

2. well menurutku kamu gausah buat fanpage, mendingan akun facebook kamu buat temen2 deket aja. terus buat fans nya di twitter aja hehehe

3. oke aku udah nge promote di twitter dan nulis di blog aku

4. aku akan follow kamu abis asik sih foto2nya hehehe aku mau buat juga ah kalo udah liburan

Malinda (:

Desti P. Rizki said...

1. I want the perfume sooo bad! haha it happen to be I kinda running out of the perfume I currently have right now :p (I wrote it on my blog titled #Aprilwish)

2. I agree with most of the comments said you should make a fan page instead of a new account of facebook. Since there is no limited friend members for fan page, you can also keep your privacy in your personal account but share all your (and our) interests in the fan page. So, make one! X)

here is the link to my blog post about the giveaway:

my email: desembertiga (at) gmail (dot) com

Pilvi said...

1. Love the leaf bangle!

2. One profile for "real friends" and another account for people who you know from your work or something like that?

3. Link to my blog:
(At the way from Finland) :)

My email: kesa_usva(at)

WCA Yash Travel said...

1, i like the perfume
2. about your facebook account- turn your account into Fan page
2. blogpost
3. follower

-Namakuaku- said...

try creating a facebook fanpage dear..

i think it's easier to handle..
just my 2 cent though...

happy anniversary dear!

Dovile said...

1. I choose the perfume.

2. I'm sorry, but I don't have a Facebook account myself, so I have no idea how to advise you, only that you can always close the second account if you feel overhelmed.

spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

Natassya said...

Hey Evita :)
First of all i'd like to say Happy 1st B'day of your blog and congratulation for your first giveaway :)
and here my answers,

1. I choose Peacock necklace. I really like it it's unique and ethnic. You have a good taste Evita :)

2. about your Facebook thing. hmmm i agree with the others that you should make a fan page 'cause you can hold more people and there's no limits for fan page. and i think make a second account it's not a good idea 'cause, ya, temen2 ato fans2 kamu bakal bingung mau hubungin kamu lewat account yang mana (account yang pertama ato yang kedua)lagi pula kalo bikin account lagi mungkin isinya relatif sama seperti account kamu yang sebelumnya cuma mungkin bedanya friends-nya aja. So i think make a Fan Page is the great idea. But it's up to you..i just give my opinion :D

3. and i already tell the people about this super Giveaway :)and here's my link

4. Already follow you (although you said 'u don't have to follow me' but i think i have to follow you! you're so cool!!!:D)


Anonymous said...

summer charmbracelet and leaf bangle are absolutly amazing in my opinion :) I just rediscovered your blog, we used to comment a lot on eachothers blog, so that's how I found your blog back. I adore your blog! do you normally speak French? Anyway keep up the good work, you're such an inspiration, I wish I was as talented as you when I was 11.. I'm sure you'll get very famous in your future ;).

love, laura.

Anonymous said...

i want the purple shoes
i think just make a fanpage bcause it will make you easier to handle your facebook

jc said...

Congratulations on a job really well done!!
I love bracelets, thank you.
I follow.

Ricka Puspita Atmadja said...

Mm, I choose choose choose MANGO DELIRIUM PERFUME :D

And, the answer number 2 is abso-freaking-lutely NO for Facebook group and SUPER YES for Facebook fan page.
Seriously, I'm admin of some fan page on Facebook, and in my opinion, a fan page has more simplicity and convenience benefits than a group page.
If you have a problem when creating fan page, feel free to ask :) Maybe I can help you!

Next, post about this stunning giveaway:

And I have already mentioned you on Twitter.

Wish me tons of luck, xx ♥

kisieltruskawkowy said...

1. I choose perfume! I think they are smelling awesome!

2. Yes, why not. It's cool idea!

3. I've put giveaways on my sidebar :) here


Anonymous said...

Hi evita :D

1. I choose: peacock necklace :D I love necklaces.

2. I think its better a Facebook Fan Page, So I think more people can be your friend and i would be easier for you :D better don't you?

2. tell the world about this giveaway I also follow you on twitter!

3. I follow you :D

THanks :D
PD: Awesome music!

Huguette En said...

My choice would be the leaf bangle.

I think the group page on facebook is a great idea!

Shared on twitter:

Thanks for the chance♥

Grace Valentina said...

Hy,there! Happy 1st birthday for your amazing b'day :)

i'm dying about that red belt,want that so bad...

well,ummm...a fanpage??
first of all,i know that you have a gazillion fans out there (including me,of course)
but,is it better for you to gather all of ur fans in another fb acc/fanpage while your self do not have any time to control it?
your fans ask you to make fanpage because they want to be closer with you,as their idol.
but,you said that you have to take a long time to update your own blog,so,i think it's way too hard..
buut,it's all up to you dear,i just hope that you can blog regularly or even more often so that you could make ur fans happy and satisfied

Amber said...

I would love the leaf bangle or the summer charm bracelet. They are both absolutely beautiful!

I think you should definitely make a face book Fan page! It's a great way for people to keep up with you on facebook and then you can keep your actual facebook page just to your closets friends, family and followers :) I think you'll be able to manage a fan page just fine since you keep up such an awesome blog! It's kind of just like an extension of your blog where we can all tell you how wonderful you are and share with all our friends :D

I'm tweeting and following :)

Victoria said...

Enter me! I love butterfly scarf and I'm a follower :)

I think that you have to do this group on FB!! It's a great idea and I'd become a fan! haha

I tweeted

Bookworm Bitch said...

wow you have a fab blog!!!!!!! thnank u very much for your comment- i will post about it on sunday- which is when I get back from holiday :) I LOVE those purple shoes- i think they r my favourite. I am afraid I can be of no help as I am awful with computers, lol. I am becoming a follower, here is the link to my blog:

Lots of love xxx

Daya, muito prazer... said...

Daiane Negretti
follower: Daya, muito prazer...

1. The shoes

2. No, lot of a work and the second count can became like the first one

3.Blogged here:

Ria said...

1.I choose the summer bracelet
2.How about a fan page?'re on my sidebar

Ria(I'm also a follower)

Lily said...

I would love the red bow belt!
and i tweeted:

Ezzy said...

1. I would choose the mango delirium perfume.

2. i think the more accounts and pages and stuff like that you have the more difficult it becomes to update them on a regular basis. and since i dont really use facebook much i wouldn't keep a track of ur page !! so i would say no :)


DIANA said...

Gosh Darling this is the most amazing giveaway ever!!! Not only is it extremely cute the way your feature it makes me smile♥ I really love perfumes I love them, I don’t feel like my-self if am not wearing perfume, like Audrey Tautou the spoke person for chanel and fantastic actress would say “when we wear perfume we carry a secret!”…..I really Hope I win I am a follower but it’s really nice that you mention that you didn’t find that necessary it just shows your kindness and your bright personality.

Ok about facebook I have a facebook and let me tell you its hard enough to handle one account imagine two or a group, yes a group does have many benefits but also think about the simplicity of just having to update one account? It’s all up to you darling I wish you the best in anything you do you are incredibly brilliant and stylish ♥

I really Hope I win that amazing “Mango delirium Perfume”♥♥ please pick me hahahaha!

Marice said...

- id love to have that mango parfum :)

- having group page rocks :)


Katie said...

i am a blog follower as well!

Katie said...

i choose the shoes! super cute purple :)

mahaderangusyosera said...

hello evita!!!

first of all, i totally love you for the fact that u have made one amazing blog in such a very young age!

and i LOVE the background song!what's the title?

i would love to have the peacock necklace!

anyways, im really impressed with ur blog! im already 21, but still haven't had the courage to have my own fashion/beauty blog ive been thinking about for a long time!

cheers! ---- if im lucky enough! :)
... and if u want to give me some advice on how to be more decisive to create a blog like urs!lol!


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