19 December, 2008

need a tight to make it just right

Hi ya'll!!! me back! first of all i want to say sorry to kak unee, for not keep my promise to make some update yesterday, blame my sis for that. she took me to do some shop shop :D and the second sorry is for not do the sneak peek thing, actually i wanna do some little black dress section or glasses attack time, but because my busyalwaysbusy sis dont have time to take my picture i cant do both. ( sure i can use the tripod, but the result may not be good ) and i know it's not wise to kidnap my sis from all of they work and seem to be crazy with their university task. :( soo i decide to do this tights time because it's way way more easy. all i have to do is give a command to my nanny, "click now!" "no, not there my leg, my leg!" so now you know why some pic is lop sided.. sorry for that :)

let the show begin!!!

for whoever that claimed herself as fashion lover must be falling in love with tights too... it's like the titanic movie for sad movie freaks!

okay, this one is my favorite!!! i have three of these ( use to be i have more than one only for plain tight )

another flowerry time.. it's blooming time!


do you play tekken? well I do, and this look reminds me of anna .. I have two type of black tight, the one that see trough and the one thats not... which one better? you decide...

look at the texture, i always love this kinnda thing.. look plain, but whoalah it got some surprise.. surprise,,,

must must must have item, i have like,, emm..5 of this white plain tight

i know i already use blackie, but i think its gonna be awesome, well i think i'm right.

this brown one has super awesome detail!

yeaah i know! this one is soo autumn right? lovely lovely... warmy

i love the tight, and i love this dress even more, my daddy bought this dress from isabel garreton for my piano recital, look at the detail! they uses only the finest fabrics and impeccable detailing and its handmade ( I always love something more, when i know someone put so much effort on it )

you think this is just white plain? no oh, look again.. this one is the reason why 'adorable' word is invented ♥

this little butterfly smell sweet honey scent from my dress

look another butterfly!

i love this one so much,, just jared!

brownie brownie...

this one remind me of choco vanilla and mocca ice cream! nyum2

red plain tight alert! * must have item. seriously. you can use it in so many way.. girlie, boyish, you name it... this red done it

and the bag! I love this bag on a first sight! its belong to my sis. when i'm asking for it ( okay okay,,, begging for it ) she said its too big for me, but i will show her it is not ( back me up on this,, please )

see it suite for boyish look too, and ahh look at my t-shirt! cool right???

this grey has some glittery touch on it, cool...

I know.. i know.. this dots is fun right?? back then i have tights dots in so many colors like black and white, pink and white, etc, but they just too "tight' for me now, ahh i grow so fast this day.

I love when the sky is so blue... that's why i love this blue...

this l♥vely brownie has some glittery touch on it, just like the grey one

strippey grey, yep i have many strippe tights, i'm a strippey sucker hohoho

I ♥ this one too, okay basically i love all my tights.. but i think this one is special :)

super strippey baby... got this from my cousin, kak uta *wet kisses for her :D ♥♥

neon pink + black = JUST PERFECT

i know this is not tights, but i can't help myself... I like this socks so much!


Anonymous said...

OMG! you look awesome :)
where do you get all those fab tights? :D

J.Yo said...

hi dear! you look uber cute, can i adopt u???

ya, i agree, u should write on where u get them too!

Anonymous said...

fab tights <3 it sucks that they don´t have as cute tights as those in adult sizes (at least not in here where I live) :''D I better go and buy the kids stuff :>

Anonymous said...


unee said...

Oh,dear Chacha.
You are just simply fabulous !!
I love,love,LOVE the tights.

My favorite are ; the choco vanilla one,the purple and the brownish flowery one ( I love the flowery boots too !!! My god,where did you get that ?? ).

Ah,kamu keren deh,Cha .


PS : don't need to apologize to me,darling. It's worth to wait :)

TheStepster said...

i wanna steal all those tights. but not like i can fit in them niways -_- but i still wanna steal them.

TheShoeGirl said...

You are SO cute!!!


TheShoeGirl said...

You are SO cute!!!


No said...

WOW your collection of tights is AMAZING!!!

Vanessa said...

I wish that I could look that good wearing those bold prints! You look so Harajuku! love it....(and that brown bag is adorably neutral for all those outfits)


ennui said...

that's a bunch of cute pictures, love the tights.

Alice said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog:)

You have lovely tights:)

Debra Raymond said...


What is Reality Anyway? said...

UBER impressive collection doll xx

petrushkabiel said...

Wah...Koleksi tight-nya banyak sekali dan bagus2...Huhu, aku mau banget kalo ada ukuran besarnya....Tapi kynya plg cocok emang di Evita d ;) TOP pokoknya ^,^

petrushkabiel said...
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ebby! said...

cha.. i love those daddy's tee!!

Morgan said...

I wish I was as chill as you are at your age.
I didn't even start properly dressing until Middle school ! (I blame my mother, who didn't let me buy my own clothes until then.)

I love your tights and dresses !
Those butterfly tights are precious : )

petrushkabiel said...

Happy New Year 2009 Evita...


Breanne said...

You're such a cute girl, I know people who can't even understand how to dress so well three times your age. ; )

You've really got an eye for things, You have a future ahead of you in design.

It's spunky and young, and you use different fabrics to show different moods and looks. It's also pretty courageous.

Glad I stumbled upon your blog, definitely.

Very cute tights, I you wore them well. ; )

Bella Harris said...

Oh, you're such a doll... I mean look at all these fantastic tights and dresses.

You're just uber adorbale!


evita nuh said...

@kak jude : thank you kak jude :D. believe it or not my tights only from 4 brands : 1. mostly zara
2. GAP
3. and some of mothercare
4. but there's some tights that get from a gift

@ kak j.yo : hehehe, i think you can. i wrote it down up there :D

@sist jasmina : ahh really? that's too bad? in my country there so many fabolous tights for adult size. :D

evita nuh said...

@ kak merzy : love yaaaaa!!!

@ kak unee : makasihh kak unee. love yoou! i love my flowery boot too!

@ stepster sist : hahahha. i'll have my eye on them then :D hehehe...

evita nuh said...

@ theshoegirl : you are so cute too sist!

@ charm : thankk youuu!!!

@ sist vani : ahh finally some one back me out for the brown bag! lovee yaa!!!

evita nuh said...

@ sist ennui : aww thank you! love youu!

@sist alice : i love your blog!

@ sist debra : ♥♥♥

evita nuh said...

@ sist krystal : thank you!

@ kak gita ( petrushkabiel ) : hehehe makasiih kakak! kakak pasti cocok kok pake tightsnya :D

@ kak ebby : me too! it's cool isn't!

evita nuh said...

@ sist morgan : love you sist!!

@ sist breanne : thank you sista!! i cross my finger!

@ bella : thank you sista! you are super adorable too!

Unknown said...

OMG..those tights are so amazing!!

muchlove said...

Cute tights!
If only they made these tights in my x-tall size...

nadita C F said...

hey there!!!
cute leggings you have!!!
and you are so cute too wearing those!!

andin said...

i love your tights. where do you get all those tights?

Kezia Charissa said...

geez. you must be a very lucky kid to have all those super duper cute tights

Gabriella said...

oh my! it's that your tights collections? i love your tights, btw!
keep on going yaa :D

Ajeng Dinar Yumita said...

Waahh, hello there Evita! Been a long time~
Aku merasa flashback baca postingan pertamak kamu hihihi
Great taste! <3

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