18 August, 2008

hey you! its me

me, moi!
I'm a girl

9 years old!

stop asking is that really my age,,

YES i am 9! ( for now. and its 2008 by the way )
born when all the people in the world
busy cheering out
1st January 1999 and yes,
its not accidentaly happen,
my parent is planning it out
with all the doctors

I'm a smart kid

dont believe me?
ask my dad

by the way I looooove my dad so much!!! I'm a daddy little girl

my mom?

let we just skip that shall we ? long story...


my name is Evita Nuh,,

but you can call me chacha

( everyone did .. my dad only call me Evita
when i did something really really bad )

I hate school,

coz I'm not to good at school

I love to play,.. coz i'm good at that

I love jazz
( i dont know its jazz song until my sis tell me )

I love Nat King Cole and la bamba song

I love my piano
but i hate my piano lessons

I love to swim
but I hate my swimming lessons

did I mention i hate school ?

well I hate it
I'm a hygiene freak
I wear socks all the time
to keep my feet stay clean

I love chesse
but I hate it if its to much

I love cupcake
I still love it even it to much

I love to take picture
but being in the photos is more WOW

I have a big eyes

people love it
but I hate it

its to big I look dumb
well I'm not dumb

so I hate being look like one

I have facination with fashion ( soo much! )
I dress for express
not impress
I base most of my fashion taste on
what doesn't itch
I know the different between
the good and bad fabric very well
itchy come with the bad fabric
trust me, my skin dont lie

conclusion :
My dad and my sister tell
that I am

big money spender,

rules breaker ,

trouble maker

but after all what can i say

I'm a gift sent from heaven



evita nuh said...


Anonymous said...

i love cupcake too darl

Anonymous said...

you have superb personality

Karina Saputri said...



your an awesome little girl !!!

evita nuh said...

thank you kak karina :D you are awesome too...

Diana Rikasari said...

you are indeed, a gift from heaven...muahhhhhhh <3

maskarina said...


cool is ur mid name..:D

saya yakin banget kamu anak yang sangat pintar..
pintar ga harus sekolah kok.
di rumah saya banyak buku home schlng,
krn home schlg sempet masuk list saya buat masa dpn anak saya :))

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, fell in love with you at the first sight! You're such a very very gifted little girl, chacha <3

Mega Saffira

semuasayanganna said...

you're so adorable! ;)

meity said...

kamu pintar dg cara kamu sendiri.:)
great photos & fashions.

Liqa Nurazaliqa said...

you tell us you are smart kid .
and the truth is you are realy smartkid

Anonymous said...

very cool cute little girl!me like ur photo ur blog ur taste so much..go girl!

Stella Bella said...
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Stella Bella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You're sweet Evita, keep creative and be yourself girl! <3 *smooch*

Anonymous said...

you're smart in your own way cha ... you speak as smooth as silk, but you act as hard as brick ;)

Rara Monika Sangunwawai said...

really awsome personality dear :)

Anonymous said...

wow! so smart :)

Unknown said...

hampir sama kehidupannya ama gw cuma sayang gw ga pernah ketemu yg gw cari :D

Afi Yasmin said...

Evita, your blog is amazing (i can't english, so please be advised). Someday please write with bahasa indonesia in your blog. Forgive me if i'm wrong.

Unknown said...

Your blog make my English words more to save in my mind . Wkwkk. Thanks. Let me know you by your blog dear.

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