20 January, 2017

Never Underestimate The Power of A Good Outfit On A Bad Day. Never.


Nisrina said...

Hi, Evita.
Been visiting your blog since a while and yes, I do always like the way you dress up. It's simple and show that you may look cool without being "too much". Also, you show that to look cool, you don't always have to buy new clothes

Rica Rica said...

Halo Evita, suka deh sama gaya mu. udah tau aplikasi Qute? ngebantu banget loh buat kalau lagi bingung pilih gaya. bisa cek di

Dhea Charisma said...

you so cute, i love it. you know what you wear and looks very comfort. YOU MA BEST!!

Aphro.yt_ said...

Cute, funny but amazing :D ... will be better with this fashionista!

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