15 February, 2013

All Eyes On You

It’s no secret I’m a quite a Tech freak, everything about technology always amazed me. I always curious to try many brands,  comparing them, making a list of the plus and the negative side on every products ( yeah, I already told you I’m freak like that hahaha) but no mater how adventurous I am on trying so many different brands, I do tend to stick to just 1 or 2 brands. And my friend, SONY is definitely one of them. I remember the very first time I fall in love is when they launch their Vaio P series, okay I’ll admit it my love at the first sight with it it’s because their choice of colors… but as true tech freaks it’s a taboo for me to buy anything without long research, so that what I do and then I bought the gold one 2 days after my research. And all I can say is, I’ve been in love since then.

So since then I keep following the news about Sony, their new products, updates and of course their promos! And as a tech freaks I have this obligation to share the news to my fellow tech freaks. So don’t make any noise listen to me carefully, Sony is making the best promo ever! It’s a Shoprize time darling! The date for this promo is start on 29th  January 2013 and will end at 28th February 2013, so basically if you buy any INTEL Vaio laptop ( any type !) between 29th January to 28th February 2013 you’ll get yourself a unique code and all you have to do is insert that code on their facebook page to join the games ( by the way it’s a easy breezy but fun puzzle games!)  , because I’m super nice I’ll give you the direct link so you can jump right away http://bit.ly/Y2RBaZ  oh one more thing, you better be fast, because there will only 140 people who will  lucky to get their awesome rewards.

I know… I know you probably waiting for me to tell you what prize you might win….get ready to drooling over, SONY will giving away 5 Laptop Vaio E14, 5 Kamera SONY Nex F3K, 10 TV SONY BRAVIA, 20 HP SONY Experia TIPO, dan 100 SONY Earphone *wipes my drool. So logically speaking if you and me fast enough it would be like buy one get one shop ( if you got the laptop ) how awesome is that? Or if you don’t get the laptop it would be like buying laptop with extra cool gift, not umbrella or hat or something like that but another cool gadget. Ughh I’m so excited!

And here’s me with lovely goldie Vaio… 
  their tagline is no lie, "All eyes on you"  

 photo 1-7_zpsecf64022.jpg
  photo IMG_5600_zps7b96c50e.jpg 
  photo IMG_5602_zps1f711818.jpg  photo IMG_5605_zps6c226563.jpg

and oh almost forgot to say, Happy valentine's day! 


Aisy KD said...

Hey Tech Freak, your hair-style is so gorgeous, you're already know that, aren't you? :)))

izzy eveux nguyen said...

Your style is so unique!! I wish I could be like you. Stay inspired and extraordinary!

lavita ebella said...

You're soooo cool and stylish overload! :)

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Rosalinda Tjioe said...

As always you are looking amazing evita :) xx


Mommy Ryva said...

Look at that shoulder paded Jacket... <3

Chintya Dewi said...

Your style is always inspiring Evita :)

Bali Hotels said...

Great post, i love it

Dawn Abbott said...

nice fashion and product collection...
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Irene Lily.k said...

too cool !
just love ! <3

Dinda Nayaredhanty said...

You look so mature here... All grown up Evita! :)

Natwest said...

you hair and your skin im jel visit my blog too please http://natwest-thatgirl.blogspot.co.uk/

Dea Khoirunnisa said...

Waw Cool :) Nive style


nadira arasya said...

i very love you style ..

Prisca Jolanda said...

soooo stylish!!!! cool evitaaa.. ;)


Adeayu Hadijah said...

cute cute cute! ^^
all eyes on you dear Evita!

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November Blue said...

wow, you are f*cking awesome not-so-little girl <3 forever fav *.* no, i'm not pokemon ? ;D you just get on my pokepoke mind. i have to go sleep. NOW. PS: do not be offend on me, please.

Levi (tlnique) said...

Well i think i'm going to stick with my apple, lol :P and wow what great photography, the pictures on this blog are stunning!! :)

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moustachic said...

suuuch interesting picturessss! im following you now :)


Nina Rachel said...

omg this is to die for! totally in love with this post:)
lots and lots of love

Charly said...

OMG love them, their looks, their laptos, just every single thing about those pictures!

Eka Theresia said...

You always look gorgeous=)

Eka Theresia♥

Jessie said...

You are a sweet little lady!
Wanna follow each other?

jessie xx

Mustika said...

loooooooooooooove your post !

Arina Nahya N Nafia said...

Love those photos! And love your style tho! xx


Mutiara Donna Visca said...

loooove the overall looks! <3


katie-style said...

great!! :)

Cella said...

Ya ampun chaa~~ Koq kamu jadi keliatan ganteng gitu sih di foto? hhehehe *cubitpipi*

Jafra Indonesia said...

Jafra love the overall look, Evita!
Agree, everybody should have unique personality and not afraid to show it :)

So, keep posting inspirational story & keep smile! Because there are 26 facial muscle exercised when you smile :)
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pika pikun said...

evita aku suka sma style kamu
tapi kalo boleh saran nih, kamu ka masih 14 th tapi kok aku ngeliatnya kamu terlihat lebih tua atau kadang keramean, mending pake yg simpel aja sesuain sama umur biar pas gitu ngeliatnya, soalnya km kan trensetter pasti byk yg iktin gaya kamu , itu aja saran dr aku
go ahead ya!

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