31 December, 2012

It's time to think about tutting....

Hollaaa! How are you people? Well well this is going to be my last post in 2012 and also the last post as 13 years old, hehehe... and it's also means.... Holiday mode is on everybody!!! Oh right! I’m back with my new post, well that’s a good thing that means my first attempt on doing finger breaking oh I mean tutting doesn't cost me my fingers. Fiuhhh…  what a relief right? Let me tell you it isn't easy at all, you need a very high IQ to do it (ok I just made that up, but I think it really is…) it really need a very high coordination between your motoric censor, that means it need for attention and creates maximum efficiency within the motoric and memory systems and then it will developed cognitive capacities to evolved…(oh yes I was trying hard to look smart and hope you’ll buy it that I have a super high IQ, am I convincing enough? No?… oh well…) hahahaha….

Even though it isn’t easy I need to at least good at it, because it’s been a hip thing around my friends and I notice it’s been a hip thing everywhere too, I think it’s cornetto who bring it here through their commercial tv for mini disc ice cream. Oh I just checked cornetto website in here and gosh it’s already have 573 video/gif of finger tutting…wait that also means there’s 571 people who better than me at finger tutting ( why not 572? Because I accidentally submit my gif twice, hahaha) arrrgh I can’t let this happen! Need more practice!

Oh wait like I promise in my twitter, I will make a giveaway! Hohoho, thank you for confusing me giving me the idea! So finally I choose to give you this! Tadaaaaa!!!! 

Oh yes it's because everyone giving me many ideas, I think why not all in one? so I giving you a cool vintage notebook, 2 necklaces, 2 bracelets, glasses, collar pin, and a ring. Awesome right? and yes there only going to be 1 winner, so basically the winner takes it all.

Let's make you drooling    go for the details...

 So tell me isn't the necklace is so pretty, and for the bracelet look the neon and the zipper one? that going to be your, as the other is a my early birthday gift ( will share it on my next post)


What's inside that cute paper package? 
Because some of you asked me for a notebook, I choose this one from you, it was made from a real old classic vinyl, so it make this note book one and only, it's one of a kind!  hehehe... 

 5 6 

 Isn't that flags necklace adorable? almost keep it for myself hehehe....


Because some of you asked me for a glasses, so here it is, and about the bracelet, I cannot decide which one for the giveaway, so instead of choosing one of them I decide to give them both....


 Collar pin, just to add a twist in your plain boring old shirt... hehehe

 8 9 
And this one right here! hahaha I'm so flattered that many of you asked me to give something that I made myself, seriously I'm not that crafty hehehe but because you are so sweet I'm made this for you, because I think what can be more personal other than a friendship bracelet? add a little blink on it :D 


Well turn out there's something that also quite personal, when I choose to buy a note book for this giveaway, the very nice lady from Red Oak said she love my blog and let me choose one for myself, hehehe... so I pick this one...


 So whoever the winner is, we share a look like notebook/diary, sweet right? we're diary's sister!


Ok, sorry for being careless, I almost forgot to take photos of the ring! hahaha so here it is, this little thunder will give a very nice lighting to your fingers! hehehe.... ( I'm start to think I need start a career in marketing or a quiz host ) 

and oh I also will add this to your giveaway box, this is a book by kak Indi, which is a collection of stories from different writers with their touching stories of their pets and yes I also contribute one story, so you can read my story and my cat Pacey there, ugh I miss my Pacey so much :'( . For you who want to have it you can get in most of bookstore. By the way all (yes all) the profit for this book will be donated to help animal especially animal victims of violence and abuse

Tempting right? Hohoho, *evil grin… now how do I pick the winner? Hmm..  let see… since I’m nice all I want you to do is :
1.   I’m planning to make another finger tutting dance and post it on cornetto website so tell me what is the best title you think I should use? Tell me in the comment box and oh please be creative! And yes you can do this as many as you want ;) every answers count
The format is : your name, your email and your answer ( + 1 points)

2.   You can tweet it to me @evitanuh and don’t forget to add #fingertutting as the hashtag you can do it as many as you can (+1 points)

3.   Submit your finger tutting video (oh yes you I challenge you my friend… on how to, you can check it on my last post) don’t forget to let me know by telling me your name / video title. (it will give you + 3 points nyum right?)

4.   Finish this line: “It’s only Cornetto Mini, which was created as a multifunctional ice
Not only it’s delicious, but it’s also ..................
( give me funny and catchy one! You can add as many as you can, the more you add the more points you get… ) (+2 points)

5.   You can also gain extra points by following my facebook page (Evita Nuh) or my instagram (@nuhevita)~ be careful there's a fake account of me out there hehehe or my twitter (@evitanuh),  or anything just don’t follow me to my school, because that will be creepy, hahahaha… just kidding…
Oh, just make sure you let me know by comment here teling me your account name 
( if you already follow me before this, please let me know too) every account you follow will give you 1 extra points.

That’s all I guess, give me your best shot! I’ll pick the winner based on who I see give a lot of efforts, trust me it will stands out… So I pick the winner not only by the number but also the creativity…. Hohoho

Well what are you waiting for? Let the game begin…. and may the best win!  *clapping hand 

PS : Sorry for the non outfit post, I've been busy preparing things for new year eve hehehe, but that pink dress and houndstooth blazer is a hint for next post.... 

18 December, 2012

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!

So if you follow my twitter you know what I’ve been screaming a lot about a week ago, well yeah not really screaming…  but talk about, tweet about! It’s finger tutting y’all! Well you know I’m quite dancer myself, hip hop mostly, jazz, itsy bitsy of tap too and break dancer. Oh yeah I’m a b’girl fella! But since I almost broke my neck over break dance routine and since then break dance is forbid for life for me, yeah talking about over protective dad huh? Hmmm… But my dad seems okay with finger tutting, well just hope I don’t break my fingers. Remind me to ask my dad do my health insurance policy is include broken finger over finger tutting.

PS : if I don’t post anything for couple month lets just say, yes I finally broke my fingers.

As youtube as my guidance, let’s start! 


For those who love challenge as much as me, I challenge you! Hahaha. It’s so cool that  in cornetto website they give you everything you need to join this finger tutting dance, it’s simple like counting 1 2 3 I promise all you have to do is : 
1.Get yourself to this cornetto website in here --> CLICK
2.You can login using your twitter or your facebook ( your choice!)
3. Click “Start finger tutting maker”
4.Sign on term and condition
5.You basically can choose between two ways, first with gif or with webcam
6.If you choose webcam, then right when the camera on  you can click ‘record’ and then you better 
 act quick, because the moment you click record the cam will start recording your moves for 10 
frames, but dont’ worry you can always start over if you think the first one not good enough. After 
you think you done all the right moves, you can no click ‘save now’
7. Give your dance a tittle, ( better go with catchy one, I’m thinking to named mine “cheating on tutting", since I do cheat hahahaha) when its all done click submit to gallery
8. If you think you look better in pictures than in video and choose to upload your pictures then you can catch yourself a 10 frames of pictures and upload it to 10 frames in the web, after it’s all done click save, and do just like number 7 … easy breezy  right?

Now if you take  my challenge let me know, you can tweet it to me, in my twitter @evitanuh add #fingertutting as hashtag or you can left your comment here, I can’t wait to see your moves! Like they said “bring it on!” hahaha, sooo here’s my first attempt for finger tutting… dont laugh! Hahaha… and show me yours I'll choose the best one! and will share it on my twitter or if you really good, probably will share it on my blog too!

maker animation

So I guess that’s all for now… hahaha no I’m just kidding, I’m pretty sure you all gonna kill me if I post something without outfit post right? Yeah I can read minds… so here it is me with my favorite
ice cream…   

 Photobucket Photobucket 

black turtleneck shirt : ZARA
necklace and hairpiece : Gallery de noir 
skirt : self made  
shoes : Popflats




 Cardigan : forever21
white t-shirt : ZARA
skirt : self made
shoes : Popsicle

14 December, 2012

“Please read my diary, look through my things and figure me out.” ― Kurt Cobain

So it's almost end of year already! my gosh is it just me but isn't day is seems faster and faster each day? it's already in the middle of December! in two weeks we will say goodbye to 2012... whoaa.  That means whaaat ladies and gentleman? No no... not new year, well that's too... but it's also means.... my birthdaaay is around the corner!!!! and the most awesome thing is, my birthday present is already start coming, ahhh some people really know how to make this soon to be teenager girl happy... hehehe. 

Well other than great things there's also some things that I hate when end of year is come, well in my house it's also a time for big cleaning day! and not like two years ago when everyone is keep telling me just to stay in my room and helping with just not making any mess, since last year my sister said I'm already old enough to help on cleaning day... Well I can't complain. So my job desk is helping my sister organizing her book collection, her scraps, notes and other unimportant things like  super cheesy old love letters from her old friends. Gosh, I told her if being a hoarders is a sin them I'm sure there will special place in hell for you... trust me, she keeps everything! even a theater tickets from century ago! a candy wrapper...ughh.... 

But then i finally found a big beautiful box, she keep it in the deepest part of her clothes closet and I never even see it before. When we open it I'm so amazed, it's a stacks of cute diary, classic diary, there are 7 of them and some cutout pictures from magazine, old photos some fancy papers which is still smell so good. She told me this is her diary from she was 6 years old, I read some and can't help not to laugh of some silly story she wrote about her friends, there's also a story about her dying to have a shoes who looks like a Cinderella shoes, it's transparent with dust of sparkles, I ask her do she finally have it? she said no she doesn't and in more classic diary I read about her first love and her first boyfriend... I have to say, it's so sweet. She wrote how she cannot sleep, cannot eat which is I'm sure she's just exaggerating  hahaha...Then I asked her, can I have it? her diary? I love to have something that is so personal, so I asked her, "can you give it to me?" And then she said , you can ask for my most expensive bag, my most fine shoes, but not my diary. She said it might sound so melancholic, but she want to pass it on to her daughter, who someday will pass it on to her grand daughter, because maybe she might not around at that time and there's no other thing that can tell something about a person like her diary.

I asked her, can my blog considered as a diary? she said, well yes, but it's a bit different though and I agree there's always something special about letters, old writings and all. I do write a diary with pen and papers but mostly not finish a whole book, and start again with more cute diary, so there's nothing special about it. I think it's not too late to start a real one right? I really want one day my daughter or my son can read my diary, my grand daughters/son or even my great great great great grandchild... it's a beautiful things to think if someday years and years and years from now there will be a girl or a boy who in her blood running my blood and she or he might have my eyes or my nose? and that girl/boy knows exactly when her/his ancestor have her birthday or even her first love.Well mine will probably never be gonna be as precious as Anne Frank's diary, but I think it will means something for my kids or my grand kids or my great grand kids... hehehe

Other thing that I love is collecting inspiring words, motivation words and all. I don't know I just love it so much, it's also a warm thing to imagine, if one day my daughter read it, and thinking how I put all the words, cut it out, sticking it with a glue and everything hehehe I called it my inspiration book. So far I already got 4 books, and my last book is already out of paper two months ago and I haven't start a new one since then. So when Go girl! Magazine giving out 2 journals as their December bonus I know exactly that one of them is going to be my new inspiration books. I never share my inspiration book before to anyone, not even my sisters, but oh well there's nothing wrong to share it right? hehehe.... so here it is...please ignore how mess it looks.... I'm not really proud of my crafting skills hahahaha

PS : Yes sorry, no outfit post but tomorrow maybe? hehehe.... 

By the way, I've been into making and editing video lately, hehehe so to make it more fun I also make it into video, check it out,  I'll show you my inspiration book with a video...  

But oh well, here's some pictures.  And oh what do you do with your two journal? now it's your turn to show it to me!


07 December, 2012

“I am definitely going to take a course on time management... just as soon as I can work it into my schedule.”~ Louis. E. Boone


Holla people! How's your week? I'm quite sure for all the student like moi, it's been super crazy week, it's final exam week! I should study right now, tomorrow is the last day but I got two subject to beat ( yes to beat my friend ) one of them is biology,  got two books to remember and I'm not even go half of one book so I'm officially dead. 

It's so annoying when you have supposed to study everything else looks waaay more entertaining ( If you follow my twitter you possibly know I rambling about this all the time hahaha) even TV commercial looks like Cirque du Soleil, it looks so amazing, oh I'm so dead. Now here I am late at night and suddenly in super mood to make a new post, hahaha super random and crazy. 

Have you realize we just leaving sweet november behind and just saying hi to December, I always love December.... it also means it's almost end of year! and the thing I love about it is that also means new agenda everywhere! hahaha all bookstore is ready to catch your eyes with the cutest agenda they have. I have a soft spot for agenda, hahaha back then you can see me buying more than three agenda just because they are beyond cute ( and yes, none of them survive through the year ). But since last year I do really filled my agenda and can't leave home without it, or else I'll be losing track, it's impossible for me to remember all the crazy schedule, meeting with some people, with doctors, teachers, friends, clients... it's crazy. Oh the thing that I love is that in December many magazine start giving agenda for bonus! that's a brilliant idea isn't? ( and of course it's a plus that you now dont have to buy one, since I'm working and making my own money, I realize I appreciate money more than before, possibly because now I know how hard it is to make money, or yeah you can just call me cheap, I won't mind... hahaha) I love when magazine give you bonus that you can actually use, not just some unimportant thing that will end up in the bottom of somewhere or in the corner all dusty. 

One of magazine who always give bonus that I love is one of the most popular magazine in my country, Gogirl! I remember one of their bonus is a bag with a super cute design! and I use it almost everyday. In my opinion for teenage magazine Go girl! do have the best design for agenda, so I do always waiting for their agenda every year. Ok that and beside Go girl! is in my opinion on of the pioneer for teenage fashion magazine here in Indonesia, they bring a new color with fun and fancy design, well I can say Go girl! it's our Teen Vogue in here. And my predict is not wrong at all, I already hunting for Go girl! since I know it's already out in the bookstore, seriously they always running out and sold out, so you really need to be fast. yes like hunger games. hahaha. The design is soo cute! remind me of instagram, and the other one is a tribal design.. yes instagram and tribal they actually give two agenda as bonus! now I can put schedule on one and doodling with the other one! hahaha the minute I got it I immediately got inspired to make a photo shoot with it hehehe. So here it is!

PS : Yes you ain't gonna see my face in here, I just got back from my dentist and my cheek is still kindda swollen hahaha, sooo next post okay! 



 Let's Roll XD


Dress : ZARA
necklace : De Noir 
Clutch : Lanvin
gloves : Marks & Spencer
shoes : Popflats 




Shirt : GAP
watch : Levis
Pants : ZARA
Belt : Hermes
Shoes : PopFlats


Dress : MUJI
Bag : Anya Hindmarch
Shoes :  Popflats

 Photobucket Photobucket

Oversize Sweater : TOPMAN
Shirt : MUJI
Pants : ZARA
Bag : Anya Hindmarch
shoes : Popflats

And here's my newest cute agenda from Go Girl, which I already start to fill....



Ok right it's midnight already and like it or not I should go back to my biology book, or else in the next biology class it won't be frog that they dissect.. i would be ... well you know who... *knock on wood. Wish me luck, pray for me if you kind enough! *kisses! see you on next post!

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