07 December, 2012

“I am definitely going to take a course on time management... just as soon as I can work it into my schedule.”~ Louis. E. Boone


Holla people! How's your week? I'm quite sure for all the student like moi, it's been super crazy week, it's final exam week! I should study right now, tomorrow is the last day but I got two subject to beat ( yes to beat my friend ) one of them is biology,  got two books to remember and I'm not even go half of one book so I'm officially dead. 

It's so annoying when you have supposed to study everything else looks waaay more entertaining ( If you follow my twitter you possibly know I rambling about this all the time hahaha) even TV commercial looks like Cirque du Soleil, it looks so amazing, oh I'm so dead. Now here I am late at night and suddenly in super mood to make a new post, hahaha super random and crazy. 

Have you realize we just leaving sweet november behind and just saying hi to December, I always love December.... it also means it's almost end of year! and the thing I love about it is that also means new agenda everywhere! hahaha all bookstore is ready to catch your eyes with the cutest agenda they have. I have a soft spot for agenda, hahaha back then you can see me buying more than three agenda just because they are beyond cute ( and yes, none of them survive through the year ). But since last year I do really filled my agenda and can't leave home without it, or else I'll be losing track, it's impossible for me to remember all the crazy schedule, meeting with some people, with doctors, teachers, friends, clients... it's crazy. Oh the thing that I love is that in December many magazine start giving agenda for bonus! that's a brilliant idea isn't? ( and of course it's a plus that you now dont have to buy one, since I'm working and making my own money, I realize I appreciate money more than before, possibly because now I know how hard it is to make money, or yeah you can just call me cheap, I won't mind... hahaha) I love when magazine give you bonus that you can actually use, not just some unimportant thing that will end up in the bottom of somewhere or in the corner all dusty. 

One of magazine who always give bonus that I love is one of the most popular magazine in my country, Gogirl! I remember one of their bonus is a bag with a super cute design! and I use it almost everyday. In my opinion for teenage magazine Go girl! do have the best design for agenda, so I do always waiting for their agenda every year. Ok that and beside Go girl! is in my opinion on of the pioneer for teenage fashion magazine here in Indonesia, they bring a new color with fun and fancy design, well I can say Go girl! it's our Teen Vogue in here. And my predict is not wrong at all, I already hunting for Go girl! since I know it's already out in the bookstore, seriously they always running out and sold out, so you really need to be fast. yes like hunger games. hahaha. The design is soo cute! remind me of instagram, and the other one is a tribal design.. yes instagram and tribal they actually give two agenda as bonus! now I can put schedule on one and doodling with the other one! hahaha the minute I got it I immediately got inspired to make a photo shoot with it hehehe. So here it is!

PS : Yes you ain't gonna see my face in here, I just got back from my dentist and my cheek is still kindda swollen hahaha, sooo next post okay! 



 Let's Roll XD


Dress : ZARA
necklace : De Noir 
Clutch : Lanvin
gloves : Marks & Spencer
shoes : Popflats 




Shirt : GAP
watch : Levis
Pants : ZARA
Belt : Hermes
Shoes : PopFlats


Dress : MUJI
Bag : Anya Hindmarch
Shoes :  Popflats

 Photobucket Photobucket

Oversize Sweater : TOPMAN
Shirt : MUJI
Pants : ZARA
Bag : Anya Hindmarch
shoes : Popflats

And here's my newest cute agenda from Go Girl, which I already start to fill....



Ok right it's midnight already and like it or not I should go back to my biology book, or else in the next biology class it won't be frog that they dissect.. i would be ... well you know who... *knock on wood. Wish me luck, pray for me if you kind enough! *kisses! see you on next post!


hallo ibun said...

whooaaa, Cha I Love your shoes.. and you're outfits too, why your looks beautiful as always?? #jealous >,<

Halo Hasta said...

your Agenda is so cute Evita :*

SVTR said...

no face? but the outfit was really gorgeous and cute!!

Aisy KD said...

Me too, cha. I just bought an agenda 3 days ago,and all I can say now after see yours is...Im curious about what u wrote in your agenda :O

your legs look funny and cute :D
Great post like always.

JeJe said...

Hi, Cha! It's my first time commenting on your blog, hopefully I won't sound like a creepy stranger who acts like...creepy stranger. My name's JeJe, really nice to know you ^^.

The first thing(s) that catch my attention are the cutie cats on your knees and your agenda! It makes me laugh to see "SLEEP" on Saturday haha. By the way fighting for your exams! xoxo

F. Pratama said...

Guhreaaaaaaaaaat post cha <3

Btw, whoaaa your birthday is coming closer too XD

Innnayah said...

i have this agenda,,from gogirl :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Ah these shots are so cute <3 I love Gogirl!'s agenda book :D x

Mommy Ryva said...

Good luck for the exam, Dear... ;)

nuraa said...

awasome evita

AuL Howler said...

Good luck for your exams, cha!
I got the same here, anw ^^;

You're right.
That's a cool agenda.
Seems like it's filled by pics on tumblr or onstagram

Noni said...

ohooo...i see what you did there XD You're a fan of GoGirlMagz too,eh? XD

ghitaathalina said...

niceeee photos! :D

Bella Francisca said...

your red dress and red pants are match each other on the first photo :D so cute!

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Missing Bee

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

i love ur style .. you look so gorgeous :) :*

Febby Aurora♥ said...

I love the cat tattoos!!! :)) so cute. ah you're always stunning cha!

ALynaLavigne said...

two thumb to you cha. aku suka foto yg di kaki mu ada gambar kucingnya. pikiran ku melayag ke film alice in the wonderland. semoga examnya sukses ya.. :D

Nurullita Utami said...



Novarinna Tan said...

Love your quirky style <3

lavitaebella said...

Cool outfits! I soooo fall in love in everything you wear :)

Kindly visit our handmade shop :)

badut said...

wonderful casual fashion :p

eko said...

too funny,, beauty clothes and girl
,,bagus banget blognya....


it's nice to see your casual looks

Maura karina said...

What bookstore do you usualy go to buy cute agendas? I'm searching for a cute agenda so I can buy theem. Pls tell meee

Maria and Elizabeth said...

Cool set of pics ya got. Check out our fashion blog if you have some spare time :). We're twin bloggers from Jakarta, cheers!

Maria and Elizabeth said...

Cool set of pics ya got. Check out our fashion blog if you have some spare time :). We're twin bloggers from Jakarta, cheers!

Zahra said...

Oh this so good ..
please come to my blog

Zahra said...

This is so good.
Please come to my blog
Maybe, we to take a story. hhe :)

Unknown said...

you're the coolest young girl from indonesia
make me scream,cause you look a like ice cream hahahahahaha

dea khoirunnisa said...


Please visit my blog

Berita Terbaru said...

Nice to see your casual looks
Thanks for share:)

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