20 April, 2010

and the winner are....


Hello everybody!! yes yes the result is out, and I've got the list of the winners in my hand. But first, I've got a little story to tell, in my entire 11 years of life this is the first time my brain got so dizzy, and work super hard. fuuhh, let me tell you, making giveaway is not as easy as it looks, the most hard part is when I have to choose the winner, Oh Good God, it's hard! I want you all to win, really do! but what can I do? this is all I can do with my pocket money. hope you all understand. It's super hard decision, when I knew picking someone will dissapointing the other one, and believe me dissapointing people is really not my field. And thank you so so so much for your participate, I love you guys sooo much!

But yeah, every game has a winner, and our winner are..... ( read it with oscar winner way)

Bow belt
Silmi Sabila

Butterfly scarf

leopard scarf
Crémeuse aux fraises

Leaf bangle

summer charm bracelet
Sii meimi

peacock necklace

purple shoes
Gilbert Ganda

mango delirium parfume

Congratulation for all the winners! hope you as excited as I am! Please send me your name and full addres (with zip code) to my email and write the subject of your email "I'm the winner" please send me the email as soon as possible, so I can send the package right away.And for those who does not win yet, I promise I will make another giveaway, pinky promise!

kisses and hugs guys!!


Aurelia Lyana said...

congrats for the winners :)
wish i can be a winner for the next giveaway hehe

ItoMaki said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR PICKING ME AS A WINNER!! I've never won any contests before!! You made my day Evita!!

I've already sent you the email! I can't wait!!



hey evita!
I am really really happy to win your giveaway!!!

will send you email soon!


elok langita said...

congratulation for the winner ^______^

kristieeiskristie said...

yours is the sweetest giveaway i've ever spotted. i think i've never seen a giveaway giving sooo many cute things.

Durra Zaahira said...

congratulation for the winners.
I'm so jealous you guys know haha :)

MI said...

Congrats guys..

SassyGirl143 said...

congrats to the dead lucky winners...:(
promise u'll make another giveaway evita!!! :DD

thank you!

Lorine Kalista Noor said...

oh I'm not a winner :'(
but your welcome and I love you too little cute girl :)
Hope I can be a winner in the next your giveaway..
and ssstttt..
I have a plan to making that lolz

Sherlyn Lavenia said...

sad i can't win the butterfly scarf :(
i hope i can win the next giveaway ><
can you please make a giveaway with something butterflyish? ehehe


BlackentheRed said...

Dear Miss Evita
BIG Thanks for choosing me as one of the winner, i'm so so so happy :)


Silmi Sabila said...

GOSH I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH MUCH AND MUCH! You make me so happy Evita! Once again, thank you for make me jump and shout after reading this post.

I'll send an email ASAP!


Author in the making: said...

congratulations to everyone!!!!!! sorry to not win one, but love your blog so much xxxxxxx

Aisha Sioux said...

I didn't win. :(

but congrats to the winner.

hanny arianty gultom said...

congratulations to the winner and to Fhen too.. ^0^

essenchy's said...

Thank you so much Evita!! I've sent you email. Please chech it.


fhen said...

thank you so much for choosing me as one of the giveaway winners
i am excited and this is really made my day
i have just send you my email
and congratulations for other winner too
thank youuu ;)


crémeuse aux fraises said...

i'm the winner of your leopard scarf
thank you so much evita


evita, I have seen the email to you already!

really thanks dear!

sii miemi said...

i've send u the email already
since 2day later

and thanks dear...

Ninot said...

evita! your blog is sooo cool! i luv ur blog... i misss the giveaway comp... but send my congrats for the winner! pls check out my blog:

Dolly otherwise known as Jasmine. said...

Congrats at the winners!

From Dolly

Amira Putri said...

hi dear evita :) I'm 12 years old going to 13 this august :D and I really" in love with your blog ;) so, visit mine ok? how about exchange link? thank you cutie :)

the curious and marvelous

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we love your style very much!
please visit our blog
thankyou :)

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